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  1. I have never seen polymer parts require gas out time so if you stick it in the oven and don’t see any oil bleeding against the matte blasted look in about 30 min I’d rock and roll with coating after it cooled down. For polymer parts I acetone wash then blast at 90-100psi and bake at 180degrees for 2 hours and let them fully cool down before handling Be sure when you hang polymer parts you aren’t putting much pressure is any direction (i.e. dont loop hanger thru Glock base pad track and then once it’s cured it’s dimensions are opened up causing it to be loose) good luck
  2. To me the solution is more important than the machine. Lucas extreme duty bore solvent & ultrasonic gun cleaner works wonders To fill up my hornady hot tub the cleaner cost more than the machine it’s worth every penny though
  3. TTI pads work great with my Limcat magwell when Dawsons wouldn't. I am pretty sure the Akai has very similar inner contours to Limcat.
  4. where do you purchase the cyclone at? Brazos 1911store.com
  5. Wish you would have been on my squad haaa I leave every match learning a new lesson but I believe this one hurt (-133) the most
  6. Cerakoting a 2011 frame and need to remove ejector as there is oil bleeding out after several gas out attempts I believe it has red loctite so I plan to hit it with the heat gun first but need advice on what tools/methods work well for removal
  7. Hawk21

    SS EVO grip

    They now include a tapped 17-4 SS mag release for the same price, so that’s a $50 savings.
  8. Picked up a carry optics package few weeks back off the forum with a vortex venom. Made a few range trips and was ready for my first IDPA match yesterday. Didn’t think anything about the dot battery as my range bag contains half a dozen 20232s and a couple 1/3n (even though I no longer own a slide ride). So when my dot went out midway thru the match I headed over to the safe table for a quick fix, but immediately knew I was in trouble with how small the cover was. To my surprise under there stood a 1632 staring back at me I had no replacement for nor did anyone else in the squad. finished the match down 133 lesson learned!
  9. Trace (asking this respectfully) can you explain why a LE agency would use taxpayer funds to pay 5 maybe 6 times the cost per unit when compared to a glock?
  10. Wellllllllllll......Technically only a STI can be a 2011 these days, all others are referred to as high capacity double stack 1911s (or whatever play on words that builder comes up with) to avoid legal drama Honcho an amazingly engineered variation for sure
  11. KKM , Bar Sto, Kart all capable of better accuracy than my skill level Plenty of options...only thing I’ll stay away from are barrels made in Korea
  12. What’s the application ......Glock or 1911?
  13. UPS rates differ greatly depending on whether the destination address is residential or commercial by sometimes 100% Get the recipient to give you a commercial address and your local UPS store should be much cheaper than $60
  14. Bought a used Akai then reached out to Shay and within minutes he responded with "send it in we will check it out, if everything is in order we will have it back to you in less than two weeks" Bought a used SV then reached out to info@sviguns.com and two days later was emailed "this pistol is out of warranty and due to our current back log, we are not offering gunsmithing work at this time"
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