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  1. Paranoia warranted avoid the “S” word at all cost If it turns out you don’t like seating and crimping all in one, a WiFi endoscope looking into the case as it exits the powder measure station is the most common way to verify charge has been dropped. I original ordered the wired version but couldn’t get it to connect to an old kindle fire I had laying around and returned it for the WiFi version I simply connect to my phone now. Several threads on how some guys are using the wired endoscope connected to a simple vehicle back up monitor on here as well.
  2. Tacomandood today is your chance if you wanna go for the real thing DAA has it discounted plus Presidents’ Day sale coupon code !!!!
  3. I have never been on the other end of a Razor but will put in a vote for the Burris xtrii 1-8x24. I have been very pleased with its clarity and it’s built like a tank (34mm main tube). They are worth a close look at that price point.
  4. Tacomandood give us a R&D update when possible. I am about to rough something out and wanted to see which components you decided and how they are working out first. Thanks
  5. Now that makes sense! I’m not gonna lie... I goggled 90degree RTS2 Mount wondering if I was late to the party.
  6. What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is the fact only 17% of open shooters are still using a slide ride optic but the vertical / horizontal mount split is shown as 55%/45% How can that optic mount breakdown be correct?
  7. Golf nets have smaller mesh that may be a better starting point for you something like this ( https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Portable-Driving-Practice-Golf/dp/B07KR7DJCH ) problem is then you have to fabricate some type of pvc base to lift the unit off the ground so it can gravity feed into a catch bucket. Since your going to be fabricating the base anyway I’d start from scratch with something like this mesh ( https://www.amazon.com/Tricam-TRP-8X16M-WG-Weather-Extreme-Multi-Use/dp/B00I3J4N7G ) and build the top end of the frame with some aluminum tent rods for easy breakdown ( https://www.amazon.com/Weanas-Aluminum-Tent-Replacement-Accessories/dp/B07BW183Z8 ) All that’s gonna take some time so it really depends what your time is worth to you and how big of a rush you are in. If you have time I’d wait for the next DAA 15% off sale and just grab theirs. This has me thinking after spending time this AM hunting in the grass and sand for my brass.
  8. I can’t wait to see it in action! I need to stop drafting up slide cuts in my head and get something on paper so my clock can start counting down.
  9. Nice explanation and something positive looks to have come out of an unfortunate situation.
  10. Properly applied cerakote (shot with an Iwata, not a paasche/harbor frieght gun) goes on at .5 - 1 mil and will not affect the texture. It’s durable but will wear at the holster contact points, so if you want it coated stainless I would save the cash and stick to cerakote since the wear won’t be noticeable. If you want something darker and are going to be upset when you can see the steel showing at your holster wear then save up and spring for the DLC.
  11. On the Larue website: https://www.larue.com/products/lt204/
  12. True true went back and they were discussing 5.4” sorry for the confusion, guess b_rad will have to wait for the new KKM hybrids to come out
  13. thanks for the offer but I’m gonna stick with it hit up infinity....worst case 6 weeks but there was another thread someone stated theirs showed up in only a couple weeks!!
  14. Good eye yes it is My current open pistol has ambi SV safety, so this will be my first set of shielded safeties. I'm a lefty so not sure if ill have the same issues or not but what did you go with... double tap? Thanks for the heads up
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