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  1. Akai now makes a right side thumb assist it’s the best I have found
  2. Clean it up and send it to Doug Jones and have him accurail it. Best option for $215! http://acc-u-rail.com/
  3. aluminum or steel grip????? I have a Honcho that’s three weeks out (hopefully) and just grabbed a 365xl couple weeks back so I like your style!
  4. I just took an ETS mag I couldn’t get to run and filled it with epoxy to strengthen it up, has worked great.
  5. Yeah a guy on the FB Optics Buy Sell Trade page went into full clown mode and posted a screen shot of the release email from Vortex with pricing structure. dealer $1600 MAP $2000 MSRP $2800 (I think this is the correct msrp can’t remember this number as vivid as the first two and the post has disappeared)
  6. Woah before anyone goes jumping ship I think this thread may need some clarification.... So both myself and the OP were requesting work be done on a fully functioning pistol, which received the sorry it’s past five years response. What we don’t know is if that would have been the same response on a request to repair a non functioning factory pistol. To me those are two completely different scenarios. The more I thought about this after reading Traces comment with the $1,000 barrel fit quote the more I realized they are in a tough spot....... Respond to my caliber change slide build out with a $3000 + parts price and just piss me off or simply say sorry sir we can’t accommodate that request and leave me only slightly frustrated......No good answer for them (besides hiring more help). Another wrinkle in the mix may be that they work on the pistol for an original owner till the end of time but not once it’s changed hands.
  7. That list has little if anything to do with this post..... you are stating “Warranty” times, which would mean the gun would be repaired/replaced for no cost to the end user. Both the OP and I were attempting to “Pay” for gunsmith services on one of their factory pistols, no warranty claims involved. They won’t even touch their guns after five years. I can say this with 100% confidence Shay, Adam, or Johnny would take someone’s money till the end of time to perform work on a gun they completely built. I get they are swamped with banging out new orders but surely they could park one guy at a bench and at least attempt to quote the work. I and am sure others would be willing to pay a super premium shop hour to keep an original SVI in factory order.
  8. great news maybe they will bring one down to the 2020 LimCat Custom and Precision Delta Mississippi Classic in May!
  9. Yes I was told the same “five year window” for gunsmith work on a full factory infinity pistol. Bought a used super clean ten year old SVI 2011 in 45 with intention of a simple breach face/barrel/etc. change out for conversion to 40. As soon as I got the pistol in hand I eagerly emailed them for a quote on the work. Response was confirmation of the build date and some specs but stated it was out of warranty and did not qualify for gunsmith work due to being older than five years. No doubt they build hands down the sexiest pistols on the planet and are fit even better than they look.... but if I cant get work done on the gun by the original builder I’m out. Since they hold their value so well guess the play is just buy used guns inside the window and dump them before they turn five
  10. In all your conversations did Johnny give any reasons why they chose to build on a Colt platform vs Glock? Would be interested to hear their reasoning.
  11. I have never seen polymer parts require gas out time so if you stick it in the oven and don’t see any oil bleeding against the matte blasted look in about 30 min I’d rock and roll with coating after it cooled down. For polymer parts I acetone wash then blast at 90-100psi and bake at 180degrees for 2 hours and let them fully cool down before handling Be sure when you hang polymer parts you aren’t putting much pressure is any direction (i.e. dont loop hanger thru Glock base pad track and then once it’s cured it’s dimensions are opened up causing it to be loose) good luck
  12. To me the solution is more important than the machine. Lucas extreme duty bore solvent & ultrasonic gun cleaner works wonders To fill up my hornady hot tub the cleaner cost more than the machine it’s worth every penny though
  13. TTI pads work great with my Limcat magwell when Dawsons wouldn't. I am pretty sure the Akai has very similar inner contours to Limcat.
  14. where do you purchase the cyclone at? Brazos 1911store.com
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