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  1. Hawk21


    I would say they are supposed to be consumable to prevent damage or accelerated wear to the expensive part of the equation. I picked up mine off amazon no clue the brand but they started to show wear pretty quick and I don’t dry fire that often. About that time I got another 2011 and was having feeding issues. Figuring it was magazine related I needed to load up my own dummy rounds with my actual oal and projectile. Took an razorblade and trimmed some rubber to snuggly fit primer hole, pretty easy to make your own. Main thing is keeping them well marked as dummy rounds and in a separate place in range bag from live ammo.
  2. Great video. That barrel doesn’t look a day old, incredibly precise fit for it to be spotless 50k in. When you talk about trigger jobs being something that needs addressing every 25k or so, what it is you look for to know when it’s time?
  3. This was my go to early on when switching calibers out, its great: https://youtu.be/Bvr7AcUFipY
  4. Hawk21

    What size moa

    I liked that setup for Steel, but found it to be way too busy for partial and tuxedo shots forcing a slower pace
  5. Hawk21

    What size moa

    Started with slideride 6 moa then went to the 510c with 2.5 moa and felt the trade off of glass size vs dot size wasn’t worth it. Jumped to the SRO 5 moa and it’s been great but after seeing the Romeo 3 XL 6 moa that’s where I’m headed next, should be best of both worlds. Hoping it ships in the next couple weeks!
  6. Akai makes both single and double sided SRO mounts
  7. So they drop fine but fall over when they reach the seater station ? If so you may need a little more bell
  8. I believe they set the end mill to cut deeper. I selected extra aggressive on my build that should be in shortly and will report back.
  9. I know the feeling I hit up the vets sale you described and then Black Friday came along but I kept thinking well at least I’m ahead of the rush I wouldn’t have delayed mine a day as PT has been awesome to work with, give us a range report when you get a hold of it. Judging by your dates I shouldn’t be too far out now.
  10. Great info.....so clearly the felt recoil will be different, which do you prefer on your setups ?
  11. That’s gorgeous, really like the double undercut haven’t seen that on many evos. Did you get additional barrels ?
  12. Akai now makes a right side thumb assist it’s the best I have found
  13. Clean it up and send it to Doug Jones and have him accurail it. Best option for $215! http://acc-u-rail.com/
  14. aluminum or steel grip????? I have a Honcho that’s three weeks out (hopefully) and just grabbed a 365xl couple weeks back so I like your style!
  15. I just took an ETS mag I couldn’t get to run and filled it with epoxy to strengthen it up, has worked great.
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