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  1. Watch some mike seeklander videos on the “Judi chop” he breaks down the draw and grip in amazing detail
  2. Wow congrats..... my wife asked what I wanted so I shot her a pic of a Limcat haaaa maybe I’ll get as lucky as you did tomorrow! You got some big shoes to fill come next May
  3. I’m at about 1% that fail the hundo using Unsorted range brass run with a U die. This is after a second drop in with the first few failures as my gauge has three holes that seem tighter than the others. When the three failed rounds are moved to another hole they almost always pass....anyone else run into this? Full disclosure I purchased a light blem direct but was under the impression the holes were fully in spec just cosmetic issues.
  4. Compete: Steel Grip 9major Open gun w/ 510c Carry (not nearly as much as I should): Glock 27 With as many 2011 issues as I have witnessed in the short time I have shot competitions no way I would trust my life with one. Nothing against the guys that do as they must certainly have specific magazine and ammo they feel confident in, I just don’t see the benefit.
  5. Option 2 is far and away best scenario since you aren’t in a rush..... you can patiently wait out the classifieds for a deal at that price point. Then after you have scratched the itch turn around and let it go for little to no money lost. All the other options end with significant losses if you ever wash your hands of open.
  6. How did I not find that first place I checked was their website thanks Greg
  7. Clint thanks for that info exactly what I was looking for to prevent furthering my useless ball bearing collection
  8. No I purchased used from a buddy he doesn’t have box or any spare parts
  9. Lost a ball out of the dropper assembly and took one of the others to local industrial equipment supplier to find some replacements. When attempting to install the new ones I lost the only remaining original ball.....which wouldn’t have been a problem except the replacements are too large and don’t fit into the die. Can someone confirm the ball size is 4mm? I failed to specify metric upfront so if anyone needs approx. 150 3/16 chrome alloy grade 25 balls send me your address!
  10. Hawk21


    What division do you shoot in 3g? Do you currently or plan to shoot any other disciplines like uspsa, steel, or idpa?
  11. I would call Dillon and see if they can send you a new slide spring and cap (13937, 14574) as they may be causing the guide to occasionally index out of position
  12. Do the majority of their workouts require you to be at a full gym or can they be completed from home with an assortment of free weights?
  13. Great advice so far regarding safety being your number one A+ priority. You need to set your expectations in line with that so you don’t get bummed if you are not in the top 1/3 of the results. First few matches your goal needs to be JUST finish all stages. It’s all new to you so don’t get bummed when you forget a hidden target or a lone piece of steel and end up with a couple failure to engage penalties. As said earlier main thing is slow and steady with focus on muzzle and trigger finger. If you end up first or in the early group of shooters just ask to go later so you can see others run the stage. Typically everyone will be eager to help you out and accommodate that request. Last thing that I have seen a few folks screw up that Rojo mentioned in his post was going cold at the end of a stage. The timer stops at your last shoot so there is absolutely no reason to rush this process. Keep your muzzle downrange and just talk through the process with the RO if his commands don’t make clear sense to you. Enjoy and Good Luck
  14. https://www.laser-ammo.com/laser-training This link may help some folks get a better idea of what I think the op was discussing. Several similar systems out there, most of the apps are not brand specific and can work with any laser cartridge. G-Sight is the only app I have found that’s free
  15. When used in conjunction with an app you have the ability to keep focus where it should be and view your hits after a dry fire string. Just ordered the sure strike cartridge and plan to use it with the free G-Sight app, but as jack pointed out with a 2011 I’ll have to cock the hammer each time. I’ll report back later this week with how the system works out.
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