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  1. Going 3n37 as I didn’t want to be spilling powder out of every case
  2. Need a starting point for 3n37 under PD 124 JHP out an Infinity AET 5” .....thanks in advance!
  3. Find a commercial address on the receiving end and cost will be cut in half for UPS. Shipped one several months ago and it was $80 halfway across the country.
  4. Yep that’s what I figured thanks for confirmation
  5. Doesn’t look to be built for the competition crowd more of a duty piece. Much like Wilson Combats PCC I’d bet they will be tough as a diamond, priced higher than giraffe ears, but not useful for the serious PCC shooter.
  6. Pacakage contained (4) of these so I assume it uses the existing bolt thru the case feeder support, if not then I’m of need also
  7. I have a new one sitting at my office will send info over in the AM if no one is able to help you out sooner
  8. Bling bling! Looks great, what do you plan to finish the grip and small parts with? Were the parts in the white when you sent them in, or can they take previously coated parts and refresh?
  9. Thanks for the info. I just left a message, will wait and see what he says.
  10. Has anyone fit a Mitchell Right Side Mag release in a PT Evo ? The release binds once the left side of it (where the screw installs) clears the magwell of the grip and reaches the interior left side of the grip. I have reduced the diameter with countless spins in 180 then 320 sandpaper but before i continue down that road I figured it would wise to check in and see if anyone else has installed this set-up to date?
  11. Paranoia warranted avoid the “S” word at all cost If it turns out you don’t like seating and crimping all in one, a WiFi endoscope looking into the case as it exits the powder measure station is the most common way to verify charge has been dropped. I original ordered the wired version but couldn’t get it to connect to an old kindle fire I had laying around and returned it for the WiFi version I simply connect to my phone now. Several threads on how some guys are using the wired endoscope connected to a simple vehicle back up monitor on here as well.
  12. Tacomandood today is your chance if you wanna go for the real thing DAA has it discounted plus Presidents’ Day sale coupon code !!!!
  13. I have never been on the other end of a Razor but will put in a vote for the Burris xtrii 1-8x24. I have been very pleased with its clarity and it’s built like a tank (34mm main tube). They are worth a close look at that price point.
  14. Tacomandood give us a R&D update when possible. I am about to rough something out and wanted to see which components you decided and how they are working out first. Thanks
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