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  1. Don Fredenhagen at Venom Custom did this to a buddies DVC open and it’s eats anything he throws at it. Easiest to find him on Facebook if you are on there.
  2. Thanks for the lead....order placed!
  3. Saw this one listed on GB and had been drooling over it, Johnny build some sexy firearms
  4. SRO 5moa showed up today and I would like to stay with a double sided mount. Anyone know of a builder making these that hasn't hit the market? Only option I have found to date is single sided Cheely.
  5. Phoenix Trinity has the EVO 7075AL for $525 and they stand behind their products
  6. Got the Kimber EVO in hand finally.... plan to make a range trip mid week and report back with results.
  7. Full photo uploaded.... Glock mags run like a champ zero issues (3) ETS mags all fail to feed
  8. ETS is garbage I have thrown all of mine in the trash.
  9. Well guys thanks all for the advice. My current mags have the follower modification but after having some FTF issues I’m changing springs and followers.....figured it easier to modify the slide stop than over half dozen followers. I’ll check out Brazos site and then decide what makes most sense.
  10. Super Clean look...which safeties are those?
  11. Need Advice on where to File / Dremel / Hacksaw on the Slide Stop to prevent lock back with 1 round in the magazine. Thanks in Advance!
  12. Got a deal to good to pass up on an EVO SP CDP.......should be in mid week. Anyone in the BEnos Universe have range time with one that could give a report while I anxiously await receipt?
  13. Does anyone know if the Dawson basepads fit these mags out the box or will modifications be needed?
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