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  1. Wellllllllllll......Technically only a STI can be a 2011 these days, all others are referred to as high capacity double stack 1911s (or whatever play on words that builder comes up with) to avoid legal drama Honcho an amazingly engineered variation for sure
  2. KKM , Bar Sto, Kart all capable of better accuracy than my skill level Plenty of options...only thing I’ll stay away from are barrels made in Korea
  3. What’s the application ......Glock or 1911?
  4. UPS rates differ greatly depending on whether the destination address is residential or commercial by sometimes 100% Get the recipient to give you a commercial address and your local UPS store should be much cheaper than $60
  5. Bought a used Akai then reached out to Shay and within minutes he responded with "send it in we will check it out, if everything is in order we will have it back to you in less than two weeks" Bought a used SV then reached out to info@sviguns.com and two days later was emailed "this pistol is out of warranty and due to our current back log, we are not offering gunsmithing work at this time"
  6. Awesome news now that you have sandblasting down might as well order a Cerakote starter kit and coat some parts!!!
  7. https://www.dillonprecision.com/reloading-cost-calculator.html http://dillondealers.com/break-even-calculator/ play around with with these and then its up to you to decide.... (A.) large cash outlay now for future savings (B.) short term minimal expense with higher long run outlay
  8. Hawk21

    Racker ?

    Which manufactures are you referring to? I know infinity just came out with a new one that has a high rise to it.
  9. Yes garnet would produce an identical look to the photo above. If you crank up the psi yes it would eventually take the chrome off..... regulate the pressure down and make quick passes to start in an effort to not completely remove the original coating. I am a lefty so not familiar enough with nitro fins to know their coating. Good luck
  10. If you can’t find any 120 AO local I’m sure you have a tractor supply nearby they stock 90 grit garnet sand that will work well also.
  11. 120 grit Aluminum Oxide, but if you don’t think you’d ever use the blast setup again just mail the part to me and I’ll gladly blast it and send it back.
  12. If you already have a compressor you could grab a hopper feed blast gun from Harbor Freight for under $20 and knock it out in no time. What is your grip coated with? I ask because here is blasted vs hard chrome....
  13. You can buy an American Spirit Arms side charging upper for $60 more.....which is an awesome unit.
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