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  1. The 6MOA SIG Romeo1 is definitely an option that should go on the list as well. It's under 1oz and holds up well under normal use if you tighten down the battery compartment enough.
  2. alma

    P320 X5 Thread

    Legal for CO, not for Production. It wouldn't change the gun into a Legion by swapping the grip so X5 Production weight limits still apply. That said, you could start with a Legion lower and out an X5 slide on it without issue.
  3. No. Too heavy for a standard X5. Would be okay for CO
  4. RTS2 with slightly longer nose, but not as long as the R3
  5. Okay. That might be before they profiled the wings. Ditch those base pads and get some Springer Precision ones anyway with Grams Springs. 21 is good but 23 plus 1 is better.
  6. I didn't have any problems testing my 21 rounders. The dimensions on the grip seem identical to the existing X5 grips.
  7. I had been shooting a stock X5 for a three day course so I couldn't give a good comparison other than to say it's noticeably better than factor and seems to be good enough that you don't have to get an aftermarket right away. I need to do all true side by side to see how much better the GGI would be or if any GGI parts can further improve the Legion.
  8. What battery? I'm using the Duracells with great success
  9. I checked out the Legion that was on the wall at the SIG Pro Shop and was very impressed. The trigger was surprisingly good, and with the full length guide rod you really don't need to do anything to this gun to be competitive. I put one on back order while I was there.
  10. Regarding making weight for IDPA ESP, keep in mind that you could always remove the grip weight if you needed to find another 2oz somewhere.
  11. As stated, you notice slide movement more when there isn't a mag in the gun. Since it pretty much goes away when there is a mag in the gun and since the slights are connected to the slide, not the frame, it doesn't make a significant difference in accuracy.
  12. Any chance you have a full length guide rod instead of an X5 one?
  13. alma

    P320 X5 Thread

    Right place, right time? Unfortunately these slipped through my fingers, but I am seeing reports of the guns already arriving at distributors. SIG wanted to knock out 2k right up front, so we should start to see more out there.
  14. I got hands on some Legion grips. Just amazingly heavy. Didn't get a chance to shoot them yet, but I they will be a nice performance enhancement.
  15. X5 doesn't have a GG trigger from the factory, FYI. The heavy barrel on the X5 makes it worth it.
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