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  1. Sorry in advance about the lengthy. Enjoy!
  2. alma

    Romeo 1 Pro

    That would not be a problem as long as your not dropping your gun onto the optic with regularity. The R1Pro by itself is going to be a be stronger than the R1 since it's an aluminum housing instead of magnesium.
  3. alma

    P320 X5 Thread

    The Springer Precision extended magazine releases are slicker than the stock magazine release. This seems to especially help on the tungsten grips which seem to want to grab metal, I assume because of the embedded tungsten. I have also tried some light polishing inside the magazine release area.
  4. I found a R3XL local for a good price and slapped it on my PCC to replace my R3 for a match today. It's definitely a step up. I Brighter, much wider, somewhat taller. It's a 6MOA versus the 3. Not as long as the R3. No locking screw for adjustments. Turns on and off like the R1. No real complaints. It's just have to decide if I need that width on my PCC. But if an overkill right now. Would be great on an Open gun, I think.
  5. Springer has one almost done
  6. alma

    Carry optics dot

    Except for Max. On the SIG P320s the 6MOA Romeo1 that's compatible out of the box is pretty hard to beat, but Max never liked the shape of the lens and wanted something taller. He pretty much used the R3 for the past few years while working with SIG on the back end to tailor a sight to be exactly what he wanted. I was surprised that he wouldn't have built it off of an R1 but the result looks great, albeit awkwardly not directly compatible with the Legion. It will be interesting to see whether it ends up being widely used given that it was specifically made for USPSA type shooting. I know a couple of guys who had already moved to using the original R3s on their Open guns already (they were sick of RTS2s breaking), but there's so much more to like now with the huge, bright dot on the R3Max.
  7. Safly and Sons (Todd Safly) had half a dozen last week.
  8. I don't think this is correct. I have an email from the SIG Optics team from two weeks ago where they were expecting the R1Pro to begin shipping mid to late August. If someone has another source that contradicts then I'll reach out again for confirmation.
  9. Regarding Optics Planet, it's also possible that they expect a certain number at a certain time and when they fill those preorders they move to a less specific date for restock. For example, they are saying that the Romeo3Max sights are still months off, but other dealers have been shipping them already.
  10. Are you thinking of the Romeo2, or was the R1Pro pushed out as well? Two weeks ago I heard from SIG Optics that they would ship around the end of August.
  11. CO, yes. Because of the weight rules technically you would need a Legion X5 to run a Legion X5 grip in Production. Not sure how you practically tell the difference.
  12. A former Red Hill Tactical shooter basically took his RHT holster to Zeus and had them copy it directly. Not cool. If your going to buy a RHT style holster then might as well get it from RHT. Otherwise, are there any particular features you are looking for in a holster or things from other holsters that you like or dislike?
  13. Speaking of tungsten, I shot my X5 yesterday. A tungsten guide rod is still a very nice option to have and produces a noticeable difference.
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