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  1. I have been running the one from Odin Works for many years and love it. I also run ultra light carrier, taccom buffer, adjustable gas block and Atlas break. No issues with many thousands of rounds.
  2. I think I will wait and see if they come out with a wide version
  3. I am disappointed that they didn't retain the JM-1 reticle with this 1x10
  4. I really like the Speedcross wide so may have to give these a try all of their standard (non-wide) models have been way to narrow for me.
  5. I have been very happy with Pro Ears Gold as well. I have had the CR123 battery version for four years now and they have been great.
  6. I have not looked. I will check it out next time i do some cleaning. Their customer service and warranty are excellent. The fact that it is set at 2lbs instead of the 3lbs that usually come from the factory sounds like someone may have adjusted it to far. Although they say that their triggers are adjustable I have always left them at the factory setting.
  7. Taccom Extreme has worked well for me.
  8. Great looking PCC. I have been running nothing but their AR bolt carrier groups for a number of years now. So reliable I have not been on their website for sometime so I did not know they were doing complete rifles. I run 6moa Cmore Railway on all of my PCC's without issue.
  9. I have been running Blue Bullets for everything for a number of years now but had issues running them in the PCC. Went with a plated round nose instead of the coated TC and the feeding issues went away. This barrel just does not seem to like them. Still run Blue for everything else though.
  10. I have had the best results with the Timney AR PCC trigger. The little anvil seems to make a difference in reliability. Went through a few other such as Elfman, ect but nothing has been as reliable and consistent as the Timney. Not the lightest pull weight but just keeps running without issue.
  11. This should be IDPA legal but not sure that you would want to use IWB holster for competition. I only shoot USPSA and 3 Gun so you probably would want more clarification.
  12. I run the Nightforce NXS 1-4 and the illumination is not daylight visible so mine is always off. For the price of this scope it would be nice if it was a usable feature.
  13. I have the MOA +8 and have no complaints. Actually everything on my M3K is from MOA.
  14. Does look to me allot like an Ebay Lantac knock off. Holes up or 1:00 if right handed.
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