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  1. Running 1.14 oal and still using them and very happy. Also run their 180gn .40 in my major set up with very good results. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have been running the Iron City carrier and it has been great.
  3. I run the Nightforce NXS 1-4 and the illumination is not daylight visible so mine is always off. For the price of this scope it would be nice if it was a usable feature.
  4. I have the MOA +8 and have no complaints. Actually everything on my M3K is from MOA.
  5. Raptor's are what I run on all of my AR's
  6. I run the Atlas 5 from Odin Works and clocked the ports to 1:00 to eliminate the torque to the right since I am right handed. Also have lmos and buffer though.

    Glock 19--- 124 or 115?

    My stock barrel does really well with 135gn Blue Bullets at 970fps
  8. I noticed that Iron City Rifle Works is selling the Atibal now so you may be able to talk with them or one of their sponsored shooters.
  9. Does look to me allot like an Ebay Lantac knock off. Holes up or 1:00 if right handed.
  10. Have you tried other lubes with the same results. I personally use Wilson Combat Universal and mine runs great so far. Only have 1500-2000 shells through it but so far so good.
  11. Mrsilencer.com . Even has a kiosk for doing the forms and a trust if you go that way.
  12. I have decided that I really prefer week hand quad loading so the glove is a non issue now. Still practice strong hand just in case but 99% of the time I am using week hand. The PIG gloves are great though for everything else. I will always have a pair in my range bag.
  13. I use a 13lb. spring on a stainless guide rod with the FF3..No issues
  14. +1 , The stippling on the frame and undercut trigger guard also make it not legal for production.
  15. I haven't taken any pictures but I can say that after dozens of Steel Challenge, USPSA, and 3 Gun matches since I received my TTI G34 "RTS" the grip looks as good as the day I got it. I constantly get asked "Who did the stippling" at local matches, it really is that good.
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