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  1. I was wondering if this magwell https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/2011-competition-magwell/ works with the stock 126mm STI magazines? Anyone have experience with this combo and can confirm they work before I order the magwell?
  2. I have a stock STI Hawk I’ve been shooting for 9-10 months and enjoy the fun a lot with one possible thing. I think the grip feels a little larger in diameter than I want. Again I really have no issue and I shoot it well, but just feels a little thick. I’ve looked at and considered switching to one of the DVC or Costa grips as I would think the stippling would take off a little material and make it a little thinner. Additionally I won’t turn down more grip texture. I only shoot IDPA currently and can’t add much more weight so one of the metal grips is out. I’ve seen a few used DVC/Costa grips sell used for around $75-$100 and wondering if swapping might help me enjoy the gun more. Anyone have experience with both grips and have thoughts about the feel of each? or have measurements to compare the two? Or I’m open to other potential options. Thank you you very kindly in advance -Phillip
  3. I’ve been wanting to pick up a good EDC flashlight under $100 to carry daily. I was thinking maybe the Streamlight 2L-X, but open to other recommendations. It must have a back toggle button and fit it a back pocket. I would like a few light modes. Minimum of 500 lumins. Thank you in advance
  4. Very neat idea!!! I might have to do this to on if mine, I like the idea of leaving room for a snap cap
  5. I’m not a reloaded ether and always interested in a good way to buy more ammo
  6. I’m in Florida and was thinking about picking up some earbuds cause in the summer muffs are blah. I’m going to looking into these Walkers
  7. I do inspirational quote on Instagram daily for my other hobby of fountain pens. If anyone is interested feel free to give me a follow: @PensAndGaming If anyone would like their favorite quote written out let me know. I’ll also mail them to you if you want a copy
  8. Sometimes the best is ours minds worst enemy. It can make us go too fast when we know when should pace ourselves for those long shots or skip targets we know are there. My buddy I shoot with is always getting onto me for going to fast. He made me shoot his Beretta 92 DAO for two matches to force me to slow down. I can say that it did help my trigger control with that long heavy trigger
  9. I have yet to be DQ’ed but I could see it happening due to rushing or something outside my control. The point is to learn and move on. We try to be understanding with our matches and we are lucky we don’t have to DQ many people but we have a few that can be unsafe and have to watch them like a hawk
  10. There is a lot of great information in this thread and I think I need to work more in grip and dryfire drills.... maybe I should setup a time to do them. How much time per day do you guys spend? Is there an optimal amount? I could squeeze in 15mins a day without much trouble
  11. I’ve only ever shot IDPA due to the only USPSA match near me is 2 ½ hours away. I’m used to only having slide lock reloads.m, I wonder how hard it’s going to break that habit when I go to a USPSA match. ??
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