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  1. There are def those type of RO’s out there. Would be nice if we could get some fresh faces, and younger CRO’s that actually shoot to step up. I know here locally we have some new folks looking to get CRO certified before next years nats. It’s a slow process, but as long as we’re making progress I see that as a good thing. Hopefully we’ll have fixed some more of the issues by next year. Most of the folks that actually attended this year said that it was def better than previous years. Hopefully we can continue that.
  2. Stage 7 was the one i was referring to. I haven’t really looked at the other one to figure out if it was worth the risk.
  3. Most folks used carts in this match. You were allowed to take long guns off the carts where ever it was as long as the muzzle orientation stayed the same. For example, if you cart was muzzle down it needed to stay that way till you got to the preload table. Shannon worked with range masters to make sure this wasn’t an issue. But you are correct on the pistol thing but everyone was made well aware. The 3 ft rule shouldn’t come into play. I’m not sure who the genius was that started setting rifles on the ground, but what a dumb move. Keith was the only guy that was actually faster doing that. The next 3 finishers on that stage actually did it correctly.
  4. s#!thole? I don’t believe that to be the case. Everyone there loved the stages and seemed to have a great time with the exception of a few. It’s going to be there again in 2020
  5. You will def want a cart or a way to tote your gear easily.
  6. Is there a trick to keep it from snagging on the piece of brass above the one that it’s feeding? That’s where I’m having the issues. Mostly on 9mm. 40 and 223 work great. Unfortunately I load mostly 9mm tho.
  7. Yeah, the whole 3GN thing is kinda crazy. How they went from the most influential group, to all but gone is crazy. Kind of an end of an era. We’ll see if UML can continue to grow. In my opinion, it would be nice to get some type of point series, and national standings organized kind of like 3GN did. I guess we shall see.
  8. I shot the last western regional in UT a few years ago. Keep in mind this is before everyone was boycotting 3GN. There was only 100 shooters or so. I think that’s when Charles decided that was the last western match for them. I personally live in FL and I love traveling out west to different matches. It’s nice to get out of you current environment and meet some new folks.
  9. Should be right around 3.6 with the sns 125gr and tite group. Load a few then chrono them, but that should put ya just over minor.
  10. Over the last few years there’s been a bunch of drama (for some ppl) surrounding 3 Gun Nation. I’ve alwasy been a fan, and am a firm believer that 3GN has done more for 3 gun that any other brand or promotion. However 3GN is coming back. They threw on a killer Regional in FL earlier this year and there was a lot of good feed back going around. So hopefully folks will keep going and bringing their friends. They always put on a good match with decent competition showing up. Looking forward to the match. It’s really their first true natural terrain style match.
  11. I talked to the Match director about this match a few months ago. They’re going out to 500 at this match. Would def be a good one for a decent piece of glass.
  12. There is a bunch of units on property but I guess the staff will prob be staying there. You can check hotels in ft Pierce. Think it’s about 35 min away from the range.
  13. I heard good things leading to this match. Strategic match design is building this match so heard it’s gonna now be a good one. On a side note, TFD is back this year. First weekend of June at the Clinton house plantation.
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