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  1. Yeah I’m not sure what happened on the most recent batch, but it is slow af and leaves a ton of unburnt powder in the gun
  2. I live in FL and did load development in the mid 80’s. I need 10.5 to hit 170 pf with a 124gr. This issue is, most folks use around 9.8. There was a slower lot that went out. How much powder are you using in what temp?
  3. I’m running it on an auto drive, and it meters perfectly with the 1050 powder drop.
  4. It should be slower in the colder weather. That’s what ive heard. I’m not sure what’s up, but this lot of powder is way slower than others. That’s the load I’ve heard most are using. 9.7-9.8 @1.170. I’m @10.5 and I’m barely @170.
  5. That’s a good idea. I have a ton of srp. I’ll give em a shot before I buy a bunch of magnum primers. Thnx dude.
  6. Thnx. I’m gonna see if the magnums will help at all.
  7. Dang it, I’m already @1.175. What’s you load data? Are you up in the 10’s? I’m thinking about using a magnum primer as well.
  8. I ran auto comp for a long time. And the gun handled very similar to the way it does now with the major pistol. I may try the auto pistol also just to see what it’s like
  9. That’s more of what i was expecting. That’s in the cold also. I’m at about 10.5gr with the same lot # you have. When I get more, I guess I’ll have to do load development again (which kinda blows)
  10. I’m running at 1050 with Ammo bot. I run them about 1800 with about 10.4 grains of shooters world. I use that little brush for sale at Ben Stoeger’s website. It’s only about $20 and it solved the issue. I didn’t have to put any bearings or any of those items on the press. I recommend checking it out for sure. It snapped on the press, it goes after the powder drop, before the bullet feeder. It works great
  11. I also am having some unburnt powder in my Akai. It’s still shooting very accurate and consistent. I’m curious what comes of this.
  12. That more of what i was expecting. I was shocked to find out that I was going to need 10.5 to make major @ around 170pf. And this gun is the same speed as my last gun in which I used 7.3 of autocomp to make 170. I may shoot them an email or something.
  13. I’m having the same results. Running 10.4-10.5 for 124’s to make major. Did you contact them? I was also wondering if something was wrong. This just didn’t seem right. I’ve heard 9.8 is kind of the magic number for a full size gun running 124’s. I only have 2 1/8” popel holes.
  14. This is what I heard that a 124gr bullet would be around 170pf. I have an Akai with an island barrel with 2, .125 popels. I went up to 10.3 and tried again. I ended up right at 165pf. I’m going to have to go up to 10.5 which I thought was crazy. It shot great and it’s clean, but dayumm that’s a lot of powder. Anyone else having results like this. Oal is 1.170
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