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  1. jkrispies

    Modular Driven Technologies Experience?

    I like a 14.5” LOP.
  2. One SWPL match I shot we started with about 75 shooters and only a handful, I think 8, of us finished the entire match because the wind was gusting so hard it kept blowing over the barricades so that each stage had to be reset after every shooter. On one stage I had to go prone, and luckily I was shooting a Glock because when I cleaned the gun that night, pebbles literally fell out of the lower from being blown into the gun when it was cycling. The majority of the guys quit early because they couldn’t keep thier 2011’s running in the dust. It’s the one match where I can say that I beat Taran Butler... because he’d already earned enough points to earn his SWPL cup for the year so he called it quits after the first stage and went back to his warm and comfortable home, LOL.
  3. I’d say no in terms of bullet flight (at that range) but I’ve been in situations where the wind is strong enough to push ME around, which gets in the way of my being able to aim with stability.
  4. Hi all! I'd like to hear if folks have input on Modular Driven Technologies chassis? I'm looking in particular at their ESS chassis, but overall impressions across their product line are appreciated. I sent them an email question about compatibility with my rifle but haven't heard back yet. I'm hoping I can get make things work with this gun if they build a quality product. Thanks, J
  5. jkrispies

    Drones or no drones?

    I recently had this discussion about using drones to record game film at high school football games. I didn’t verify it, but I was told that they’ve been banned at college games for safety reasons. That’s why cameras on cables are still so prevalent on televised sporting events.
  6. jkrispies

    Drones or no drones?

    Two no’s for me under the following conditions: 1. If the noise is loud enough to mess with electonic muffs, as in it permanently shuts them off turning them into passives. I see this as a safety issue. 2. If it’s in an anti 2A state. The last thing I need is to be even more paranoid about who the big brother is that is tracking me and my equipment. Even if it’s a fellow competitor with totally noble intentions, depending on the day I will pack my bags and go home. Many of my fellow shooters will do the same. If this seems too paranoid to the reader, then I say congratulations to you for living in a place where gun ownership and use is tantamount to civil disobedience. If the above two criteria are non-issues, then go for it.
  7. jkrispies

    New PAR times for 2019

    Ironically, I’ve been building up my revolver rig. Good timing for me, lol.
  8. jkrispies

    PRS: Lowest Viable Magnification Range?

    So what’s the magnification range you would recommend?
  9. jkrispies

    PRS: Lowest Viable Magnification Range?

    Now that's an answer! ??
  10. jkrispies

    New PAR times for 2019

    Glad to see the increase in competition!
  11. jkrispies

    PRS: Lowest Viable Magnification Range?

    So that begs the question of what folks are actually using for magnification on the very bottom end? Or maybe the more appropriate question might be: what are the closer targets looking like in terms of distance and size? I could more easily guesstimate my low end magnification with that info than far targets.
  12. jkrispies

    Muffs for fat head

    My noggin’ is on the larger side too. Don’t get Ear Pros: Their plastic bands are garbage. 3M products (including Peltor) do use metal bands. I’ve used a Peltor Tactical Sport which you might find for $100 on sale) for many years and highly recommend them. My current muffs are Sordins which are way more expensive but the Peltors are nearly as good in all respects.
  13. jkrispies

    PRS: Lowest Viable Magnification Range?

    So based on these couple of responses, something in theb16-18x range such as a Leupold VX-6 3-18x or Razor HD 3-18x might be ideal?
  14. Sorry to leave topic a bit, but +1 at Level 1 matches allowing a brand new centerfire pistol shooter to do it without a draw. It's safer and lets the shooter get a feel for the sport before investing in a proper rig. Just don't let the shooter submit the times for classification (they never have a number at that point anyway) and don't worry about it-- these shooters always come in last place or thereabouts regardless, so in the end it's not like they're cheating. Advise them to buy a holster (and mags-- they never have enough mags!!!!) for next month and chances are you'll have recruited a new shooter into the sport rather than turning them away because they unknowingly didn't come prepared.
  15. My learning curve for PRS is in its infancy, but I'm gathering that folks are gravitating towards higher magnification variable scopes. I've always been one to preach that the average shooter tends to "over-scope" their rifles when it comes to choosing their variable power range, as higher magnification means a smaller field of view. Personally, I'd love all of my scopes to start at 1x and go up from there... but I'm not shooting PRS yet!!! So, my question to those who are actually shooting it: what''s the lowest viable power range of scope that will work in PRS? 4.5-30x? 1-8x? Somewhere in between? I know that this is extremely variable depending on individual shooter preferences as well as various match designs, weather conditions, etc., etc., but I'm also curious if there's a preponderance of folks who have 25x scopes and never dial them up higher than 15x in competition because the narrowed field of view hurts them too much when transitioning from one target to the next... or maybe there's a bunch of shooters with 14x scopes who really wish they had a 25x because there's so many little targets waaaaay out there. Or maybe there's one crazy dude at everybody's club who shows up with a 1-8x on a .308 bolt, and he inexplicably kicks everybody's butt with it month in and month out. THAT is the data/advice I'm looking to gather. Thanks, J