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  1. jkrispies

    USPSA 1911 legality Question

    I apologize if I misinterpreted your statement—and I certainly wasn’t making fun of it—and had a knee jerk reaction due to my having this exact discussion way too many times with other competitors who would drop the hammer on a shooter like this and then say “oh, well, he didn’t want it enough” when he never came back. I see your point about putting him in Open to come in last place there as easily as last place in Single Stack. It’s a smart choice that follows the rules, and ultimately this theoretical shooter probably wouldn’t care. Having said that, I frankly think it’s a punitive solution when it’s so easily solved by keeping the laser non-operational (no harm, no foul) and getting an okay by the Range Master (also justified by the rules per as quoted above) and having him compete in the division he intended. If he shows up next month after getting warned and instructed on how to fix the problem as well as where to find the rulebook then by all means, he’s an open shooter. Anyway, now that my apology is over, I’m actually done and willing to let someone else have the last word.
  2. jkrispies

    NFA Enhanced or Ambi Mag Release?

    WOW. Nice! I just bought the Odin lever and will see how it goes. I may eventually use this current PCC exclusively for Steel Challenge and build a second for USPSA. If I go that route then the as yet built USPSA setup will be fully ambidextrous.
  3. jkrispies

    USPSA 1911 legality Question

  4. jkrispies

    USPSA 1911 legality Question

    This topic has been beat to death in a hundred threads. If you send a first timer home on a minor technical issue then he’s ONLY going to kearn that USPSA doesn't want him and never come back. Let him shoot for fun, and he’ll come in last place and learn that it’s okay to return next month with the proper equipment. Others are welcome to pitch in with thier opinions but I’m done.
  5. jkrispies

    USPSA 1911 legality Question

    I'm not saying that the rules should be completely ignored at a Level 1, but a blind eye can more understandably be turned at the local level with a new shooter in their first match until they can get their equipment in line. And, let's face it, when they're so new that they don't have or even know if they have the correct equipment, they aren't going to be beating anybody that month due to an equipment advantage or for any other reason. Let's get 'em in the game so they stay. Worst case scenario, let them shoot without score. At a Level 2+, then definitely the rules are enforced 100%.
  6. jkrispies

    USPSA 1911 legality Question

    I would recommend getting a different set of grips and swapping them out for competitions. Having said that, until you are able to get new grips and if it's a Level 1 match, get permission from the Match Director to run them turned off or with the batteries removed, then it will be a no harm, no foul situation... especially if you're not winning the division, LOL. Years ago I had a similar situation where I wanted to try shooting my rifle in an iron sight division but it had a dot co-witnessed, and I didn't want to take off the optic because it would have required me to re-zero it after the match. I discussed it with the director and he said I could shoot it as-is in irons if I removed the batteries in his presence prior to the start of the match. In the end I didn't take him up on the offer, but it's possible... at a Level 1.
  7. jkrispies

    ELS Belt Cut Down / Ratchet Systems?

    As an update, I conversed briefly with the ratchingbuckles.com folks, and based on my personal requirements and description of the system they recommended their "All Black Aluminum Buckle. There are two versions. Normal, flush release (security, but a little more difficult to open) or the HIGH, Raised Release easier for adjustment."
  8. jkrispies

    Am I too old?

    I always recommend starting with Steel Challenge for a year and then moving to USPSA after you get your fundamentals down and used to match pressure. You only have to move on one SCSA stage, if it’s even offered. It is very easy on the body. To give a personal example, I was in an accident where I compound fractured my arm and herniated a disk in my back requiring an arm surgery and back surgery. I competed (well, shot in) an SC match three weeks after the back surgery. Five months after the surgery I finished 8 out of 70 in rimfire rifle at the Area 2 Championships. Even with a less than perfect body you can compete in SCSA at a high level, or just shoot it and have fun.
  9. jkrispies

    Words in posts now appearing as links

    It's not the reading, it's the typing with the you-know-whats auto-inserting and putting the cursor in front of the word I just typed instead of behind it. If it was just a hyperlink insert going in smoothly I wouldn't care at all. To use the example from above, if I'm doing a post on then it will push it to the end of the line. reloading Or if I talk about the hen it does this with the "t" after the because I can type faster than the hyperlink shows up sometimes if I'm on my computer. When it is super annoying is when I'm on my iphone and it does it while I'm on the road. Having to constantly go back and correct my correctly typed posts is what is getting in the way of me doing the posts. links links t What's bizarre is that in one post it will hyperlink words like Glock, slide, oil, barrel, and grease (see the thread "Are all lubricants created equal" if you don't believe me) but they aren't doing it here. Other times it won't hyperlink it when I'm typing, but after it posts it will show the hyperlink. I'm curious to see what will happen to the list in the previous sentence when I hit Submit Reply right... now...
  10. jkrispies

    NFA Enhanced or Ambi Mag Release?

    Can I borrow $600? (Just kidding. But not really.) Actually, the more I'm playing around with it and practicing my lefty-handicapped (lefticapped?) reloads, I think I can make it work well with the Odin release. At least well enough that I won't have to build a new gun. If not... that G9 looks pretty sweet.
  11. As a lefty, I've shot my PCC with a New Frontier Arms lower a ton in Steel Challenge where I didn't need to reload on the clock. I'm gearing up for USPSA now, though, and an enhanced (read: bigger button) or ambidextrous magazine release sure would be nice. Can anybody recommend an aftermarket part out there for a bigger button? I really like the looks of the Odin Works design (https://www.odinworks.com/XMGR1_p/acc-xgmr1.htm?1=1&CartID=1) and am really tempted to pull the trigger on it right now, but I guess I should research a little first. I'm pretty sure I can make it work with a bigger button, especially since the ambi release looks kinda impossible to me... but maybe somebody knows something ambi releases too? Thanks, J
  12. jkrispies

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    I gotta saybthat G96 cleaning spray is a miracle product. I’m guessing thier oil is a separate product but if it’s anything like the spray I’ll try it.
  13. jkrispies

    ELS Belt Cut Down / Ratchet Systems?

    I was wondering if the ends could be melted like a nylon rope?
  14. jkrispies

    Mini mr Bulletfeeder

    Maybe give us a long term report in a few months?
  15. jkrispies

    Words in posts now appearing as links

    Is there a way I can turn this off on my end? It is beyond annoying and getting in the way of my being able to provide quality posts.