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  1. Bump on this... After shooting a PT EVO gripped gun... My Tac Sport is suckin' on the gripiness department... I like the size.. just not the sharpness.
  2. Does CZ custom make extended basepads in anything other than black or silver? Added one mor eto the mix.. a TSO this time, I'd like to get orange ones..
  3. Sweet!! Well... At least that's one thing out of the way.
  4. I guess I need to circle back on this.. Safety.. Well... it looks as though the extended CZC safety needs some manner of fitting, I installed the magwell and put everything back together with the stock safety and all is well. One thing, and I may have this dorked up as well, the main spring plug, and the cross pin for it, when I use that cross pin, there doesn't seem to be any pressure on the magwell and it will *rattle* as in, it's a bit loose... where if I leave it out.. the mainspring is applying pressure and the magwell is tight.. What is the purpose of that cross pin? Do I have this crossed up? Is that pin needed with the czc magwell??
  5. I had my terminology jacked.. The spring is the main spring.. (The spring that's on the hammer) I really don't know what is going on.. maybe the safety does need fitting??
  6. So... Installing a CZC safety, and also magwell, and upon reassembly I'm not sure exactly where I'm derailing... I got the safety in.. ok.. test trigger.. still works.. engage safety, trigger doesn't work... check.. flip to fire.. trigger works again.. bingo!! Put the magwell on.. Push the pin in, and slide the magwell over.. safety will no longer engage.. Do I need a shaved down plug thingy in order to install the magwell? It looked like there was the same manner of dimple there to accommodate that dimple.. The trigger spring is stock, is that the issue here? Before getting too frustrated.. I thought I'd ask
  7. that's interesting... What base pads are you thinking of going with.. one of the guns came with springer precision ones.. and in looking, I bought CZ custom ones for the other mags.. the CZ customs ones are a WAY better design IMHO... You can get them on and off easily without special tools, and without kicking the hell out of the springs.. I'm sold.. worth the money in my book..
  8. Those dimples running the length of the mag must keep the smaller bullets in line.. OR lack thereof on the 40 will allow them to shift around and feed silly..
  9. I'm kind of retarded.. but thank you.. lol I have the 40.. USPSA limited w.. a back up I bought the 3rd in 9mm for 3 gun... Picked them all up 2nd hand.. so... it wasn't "that" bad.. I have a Tanfo limited elite custom in 9mm too that I want to sell... It's been all tricked out. I'll take a bath here... I bought that one new.. I got the CZ's.. I prefer the CZ!!
  10. If I must, I'll buy mags specific to each caliber gun. I have 5 mags that are 40 The 9mm gun has 3 mags, and I'll buy base pads for them.. IF it's don't mix them.. I'll buy a different color base pads for the different calibers.
  11. New to CZ's and really competitive shooting in general.. I got a CZ TS, and honestly love it.. Great gun... Shooting limited.. So.. got a 2nd in 40.. just ordered some base pads from CZ custom.. got those.. I REALLY like that design.. Anywho.. since I'm already traveling down the rabbit hole, I bought a 3rd.. this one in 9mm for 3 gun.. My question, are the 40 and 9mm mags interchangeable? I believe that to be the case with Tanfo's is it the case with the TS's?
  12. Has anyone here ever used these guys? https://www.armorycraft.com/ I was doing a search on Armslist on Czechmate and these guys popped up with triggers and mag wells.. They look decent, but curious for actual use..
  13. Thanks for all the replies! I haven't done anything yet.. zzt I think that sounds like a pretty good plan. I'm sure the gun in it's current state is a better shooter than I am, so it's run it until I guess.. lol Sure seems that these pistols don't need a whole lot anyway.. So that's good to hear.
  14. I've ended up with a couple CZ TS's that are stock.. Being new to the whole CZ thing whose parts are the bee's knees for these bad boys? Cagun? I think that's about all I know.. I mean of course CZC, are there others out there? I guess it then begs the question.. But way to further optimize the guns? There are both in 40. Thanks!
  15. 90lxracer

    Mag Question

    Will a mag from a TS work in a Shadow 2?
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