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  1. 9146gt

    Shoes for competition

    I was always shooting high...so i now shoot without shoes. Problem fixed Tom
  2. 9146gt

    S&W 929 Load Data

    I will bet all non tox primers will look like that Tom
  3. 9146gt

    Sv optic mount screws

    Many of the ACE hardware stores now have some gun screws in stock that include many of these sizes. Tom
  4. 9146gt

    Need pet load data for KKM G34 barrel

    +1 on AHI load Tom
  5. 9146gt

    9mm major load free space

    Send your ammo here to have it pressure tested. http://www.hpwhite.com/ Tom
  6. 9146gt

    PCC AR9 load

    5.34 gr WAC Zero 115 conical JHP 1.09" very accurate in my 16" PSA. Tom
  7. 9146gt


    Dillon aero and helicopters is where it is at Tom
  8. 9146gt

    Dillon die wear

    I have seen the carbide inserts on Dillon dies come loose. Tom
  9. 9146gt

    How do you reload to chronograph new loads?

    I check all new loads for group size first. Then fine tune from there.Chrono last. Tom
  10. Where did Beretta move the serial number to on the current build guns. Tom
  11. 9146gt

    fully seated Federal primers

    Second the 1050 Tom
  12. 9146gt

    What is the most accurate 9mm round???

    This is the Zero copy of the HAP projectile. http://www.rozedist.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=RZD&Product_Code=R135-A&Category_Code=ZBJ-9MM Shoots well out in all of my 9mm guns...and 1" at 50 yards in my Bullseye 1911. Tom
  13. 9146gt

    Looking for a cleaner powder to try in my 929

    Solo 1000 is still available to commercial reloaders. Tom
  14. 9146gt

    Looking for a cleaner powder to try in my 929

    It seems Nammo Lapua is setting up there own distrubitions in the states next year. n330 is said to be on the list of powders that will be available. Tom