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  1. PM sent. Pictures to large. Tom
  2. Try Smith also you never know. I have one that is cut down to use the stock mag bumper pad on a .40 PC tactical. Tom
  3. PPC 9 mag wells should fit. Pretty sure Briely made them for Smith. Tom
  4. N330 is one of the best powders I have found ...but charge seems to have a small window it likes...5.0 gr The faster you run Autocomp in minor loads the better and cleaner it gets. Tom
  5. Projectile: HAP or Zero conical ...barrel... barrel twist. My 1911 9mm with a KKM 1x32 twist will shoot 1 1/2" at 50 out of a ramsom rest all day long. Same load 929 will put 24 rounds in 2 1/2" at 50 yards in a ransom rest. I have shot many of AHI's loads out of a rest. I know of no one else that has put the effort into verifying his Glock and 9mm PCC loads!! Tom
  6. I test all of my ammo at 50 Yards. Then I have confidence to shoot anything closer. Tom
  7. With some bullet profiles like HAP I have found it best to twist after the Plunk to assure that you are not touching the rifling. This is a must in most PSA 9mm PCC chambers. Tom
  8. Old style RCBS and just machine a new plunger 0.010" longer. Tom
  9. Some new vehicles are made to suck the oil out from the top. Tom
  10. 5.7 g of AC with a zero 115 loaded at 1.09" fixed unburnt powder in revolver and semi auto. AC in .38 special always leaves a lot of unburnt powder but is accurate. Tom
  11. What revolver are you shooting in Production? Tom
  12. 115 Zero conical or 115 HAP with Auto Comp or N330 will shoot under 2" at 50 yds . Tom
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