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  1. SVI conversion barrels

    No the cool thing is you send in a deposit and you get to keep your gun while you wait. then when it is your turn they have you send in the gun. Four to six weeks and its back. The total length of time de[ends on the Parts needed for the upper build. I'm my case I had a 9 major built on a 5 inch site tracker in 40. It has a RMR mounted on the slide so I think it took a little longer. They were great to work with. .
  2. Anyone have experience with the JPoint?

    I had a slide mounted j-point on my 38 super comp for over 10 years no problem. I went to 9 major I sold it to a friend it is still going strong...I wished I still had it.
  3. Grip Reduction

    Get the stipple ii is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. TTI or Dawson Precision

    With the TTI base pads there are no pins to lose. they work great. I have tried them all.
  5. Nordic 18" very tight chamber?

    Will your sized cases eject? if not that is where you need to start. Use a fl sizing die and get a jp cas gauge I have a steel one that is tighter than hell and if it gauges it shoots and extracts in my jp
  6. I have made my thoughts on this target clear locally; I don't think it is a target that is fair to every competitor. The casual shooter that shoots 3 or 4 matches a year are not going to be able to spin it with a hand gun. That means that you know going into a match you're going to be 30 to 60 seconds behind before you start. At our last 2 gun match by my calculations only around 25 percent of the shooters spun the target. Yeah I am not that good but I don't like giving up that many seconds. Human nature what it is most of us try anyway so that probably adds another 10 go 20 seconds. I see your position if you like it but for somebody who does not have access to a spinner to practice it kind of sucks. 10 years ago I would have purchased a spinner and practiced the hell out of it but at almost 69...... well if matches continue to use them who knows? just my .02
  7. are tuned 9mm mags necessary?

    They were for me.
  8. I ran a JPoint on a Sv tribrid for 10 years and never had a problem(slide mounted). My buddy has it now and it is still running. It is a 38 super comp I sold it because I went to 9 major.
  9. What is a custom gun?

    I started buying custom guns in the late 80's. They were true custom you chose what you wanted and they did it! A true custom gunsmith in my opinion will do what you request and it he thinks changes need to be made will contact you and give you options, but you make the final decision . STI sells you the gun they have take it or leave it which is not bad but is not custom. Having said that I have 3 STI's and love them they shoot well. When I was buying custom that was the only thing you could do. There are so many options out there that we now take for granted so I am not tempted to go custom now. I wanted a 9mm single stack and am happy with my Trojan. But to answer your question No you are not being difficult.
  10. Armalite 3-gunner

    My first 3gun rifle was an Eagle Arms purchased in '92or'93 It shot under a inch at 100 yards still have it (the lower) Then I found JP and all was lost (Money that is) I have always applied a hardware solution (guns) to a software problem(practice and ammo). My point is the Eagle arms would still be great rifle for 3gun but I like buying guns. And yes the reason I purchased the Eagle Arms was because of John Cook
  11. JP Silent Captured Spring Problem

    I would not buy it for spring noise. The spring could be as loud as a jet and I would not hear it. Why are people dealing with this problem when all it does is do away with the recoil spring noise? I would not buy it for noise control. I could not hear the spring if it sounded like a Jet!!!!!!!
  12. .22 conversion ?

    My .22 rifle looks and feels like my .223 it is my .223 rifle only in .22 rim fire. I can not help you on the availability
  13. .22 conversion ?

    I have a JP Nordic upper. Accurate and reliable.
  14. What he said. These types of targets are fun the first few times but then the reset sucks. I love long range stages where all the steel is self resetting and I can rest my old legs. Old legs??? When I was your age I used to run uphill both ways in the snow to set targets
  15. Converting an open 9mm major to minor

    I have a Sti Grandmaster,Edge and Trojan..I reload for all of them. My current load for my edge is 133 power factor and I have fired those round in all of my 9mms. The brass barely ejects from the Grandmaster and I would not shoot it in a match I just wanted to see if it would shoot. And it did. I load them long and use SVI mags in my hicaps and Tripp 10 rounds in the Trojan