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  1. Well USPSA is successful and ICORE seems to be dying. I bring these conversations up because I think there is something worth saving here. IMHO if we continue as we have been the sport is dead.
  2. New CZ P-07/09 Comp

    Moved here.
  3. Stepped brass

    It seems that the company that makes Maxxtech ammo also makes blanks and other non-lethal 9mm ammo. Perhaps that is the reason for the step, at least in their case, they can use one case for multiple purposes? http://www.pobjeda-technology.com/ammunition/pistol/335-9mmlugerbrass
  4. Here's the Dillon video on lubrication of the XL 650. The relevant content is at about 1:45
  5. Yeah don't get me started on how silly some of the classifiers are
  6. The bottom of the page at this link has 3 videos on cleaning the 550.
  7. Clubs that dont submit Classifiers

    Locked because you didn't hate within the guidelines.
  8. I was involved in the initial adoption of Heavy Metal at Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun and I can attest to the veracity of kellyn's statement.
  9. I don't think they knew you were using the Lee seating die when they gave you those numbers. The Dillon dies have a flared lead that guides the case/projectile in without crushing the edge of the case. That pic of the .0015 flare with the bullet leaning a bit to one side is usually not a problem with Dillon dies. The flare is there to facilitate progressive reloading. With the Lee dies you'll have to make sure the flare is just enough to hold the projectile in, keep it straight, all while making sure there isn't so little flare that you end up shaving the coating off of the bullet. IIRC Sarge, who has commented in this thread, is a fan of the Lee dies. Perhaps he has some insight into the correct amount of case flare for their seater?
  10. Dan Wesson revolver, any good?

    So what are the advantages of the DW over say, a S&W L Frame in Bianchi? I only ask because I have a 6" 686 that I've considered shooting at a Bianchi style match we have at my local club.
  11. Top 3 pistol powders

    I think TG is way too snappy and loud. One of the guys I shoot with loves it. YMMV as they say.
  12. Extra shots on a stop plate in ICORE

    They might be "steel challenge type" stages but they are ICORE stages and bound by the rules of ICORE. No where in the rules does it state that the clock should be rolled back for an extra hit on a stop plate. I would be more likely to interpret an extra hit on a stop plate as a penalty for firing a shot after the course of fire had ended (which is a dumb idea, I'm just making an extreme example). Why make up silly rules? If Bubba shoots the stop place twice he gets a longer time. How about we just stop writing bad stage descriptions and say that the COF ends with the last shot fired and you get a procedural if you hit the stop plate and then shoot ANY other plate? Just because somebody wrote a bad stage description we don't need to reinvent the sport.
  13. Extra shots on a stop plate in ICORE

    There are no rules that support this interpretation in any way whatsoever.
  14. If you want to shoot minor revo (105 power factor) in IDPA it's 6 shot guns with speed loaders only. I've shot it, and ICORE too, both are fun.
  15. Extra shots on a stop plate in ICORE

    I'm not sure that post was very clear or that the conclusion you reach is correct. Icore Rules Chapter 2 reads: Rule 4.3, which you mention, reads: Neither of those mention using the written description of the course to change or alter any other rules. The idea of rolling the clock back for an extra hit on a stop plate seems contrary to 6.5: I did not add the quotation marks around "total time", that emphasis is part of the rules. How can you roll back the clock, which removes time, and call that "total time"?