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  1. I was on the fence, leaning towards NOT getting any sort of eye surgery, when my coworker had her eyes done. After watching her sit at her desk crying because her eyes itched and the bright lights, they were just normal florescent lights, hurt her eyes and gave her a pounding headache; I decided that I'm not letting anyone touch my eyes. She went to a well respected local doctor that had come highly recommended. I'm sure there are people who had great results, hooray for them, but I do not feel it is worth the risk. Maybe your eyes are worse than mine. Maybe not. Just read up on the risks and don't blow off the idea that you could be one of those who are adversely affected.
  2. NAS cases for 9 major

    Do you lube the cases? If not you might try lubing just to make cycling the press easier.
  3. Simple 223 loading

    Do you have a 223 conversion for the press? If not you'll need that. With the prepped brass you won't have to resize but, assuming you'll want to reload that brass, you will eventually want a size die as well. As stick mentioned there are other setups that people run for long term brass processing and reloading.
  4. Carry optics?

    This is the IDPA forum, there is no open, the gun would be Carry Optics legal.
  5. Carry optics?

    IDPA is allowing single action guns and magwells. The funny thing about the magwell is that there are, in true IDPA fashion, two rules that contradict one another: CO Permitted Modifications (Inclusive list): B. Replacement grip panels are allowed provided they do not extend below the butt of the gun to form a make-shift magwell. Grip modifications such as, but not limited to, undercutting/smoothing the trigger guard, adding or removing finger grooves, or adding Seems to run contrary to this rule: CO Permitted Modifications (Inclusive list): S. Magazine wells. So I can have a magwell but those "makeshift magwells" are out of the question... weird. I think the inclusion of single action guns makes a 9mm 1911 with a dot sight and a magwell a pretty attractive gun for this sport.
  6. Just call Dillon and ask for a new one.
  7. I think it was Jeff Foxworthy who said "Skunk isn't the worst smell but it is THE MOST smell." Even so you shouldn't demean skunks and possums by bringing Rosie O'Donnell into this. That's just nasty.
  8. It's $469, depending on caliber, here https://www.dillonprecision.com/mr-bulletfeeder-by-double-alpha_8_131_26506.html
  9. 617 -Recommend sights and speed loaders

    I do believe I said that you should pm me if you had a problem. Topic Closed
  10. 617 -Recommend sights and speed loaders

    And who did Dave steal the design from? Before you answer I'll say he didn't invent that design and I don't care that he sells it. I do care about people calling someone a thief, especially when it isn't warranted. I won't tolerate it on these forums. Any further discussion that involves calling anyone a thief will result in this thread being closed and the involved parties will hear more from me. If anyone has a problem with this please feel free to pm me. Do not post it here. Your friendly neighborhood moderator, Larry Drake
  11. Other games that help your USPSA game

    I took badminton in college as a PE credit... I am NOT good at racket sports and the Asian guy that I always got stuck playing against seemed to have learned some sort of weaponized badminton when he was growing up. I can still feel the bird hitting me, over and over and over again. Yeah that was fun!
  12. Failure to communicate--yet again with TSA

    Damnit, I am not going to say what I was going to say because I just realized this is in the What I Hate forum. Oh well.
  13. Have you tried strapping an aquarium air pump (the cheap kind that vibrates) to the powder measure?
  14. Do you pause during the powder drop? I'm not talking about a huge wait, just a pause for a second while the powder drops? The other thing I can think of is to see if there is powder falling out of the powder measure which would indicate that the case had left the powder funnel while some powder was still in the powder measure/funnel assembly.