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  1. i am trying to figure out how to attach forks or any type of mount to the mag
  2. i put my order in and now am playing the very unpatient waiting game. I hate this part.
  3. I have heard that normally it has been around 5-6 weeks here as of late because of the holidays and workers on vacation.
  4. I love my race ready one. They decided to release one that you can select the barrels that you want which is nice for the people that don't have the need for the 4 barrels.
  5. I love mine, its so nice to be able to shoot multiple classes and calibers with the same grip. They now offer a way to get a single barrel set up instead of having to buy the one with 4 barrels if you have no want to shoot other classes or calibers.
  6. i agree with most everyone here. The mbx mags seem to work great in them. But i also have had good luck with my sti mags as well.
  7. My match kit usually includes some spare recoil springs, a hammer spring. I usually always have spare parts to fix holsters and mag pouches with. I have used them more to fix squad members stuff than anything. I also always bring a couple of various size screw drivers and a rod that is used to clear a squib if that were to happen. I also carry a cleaning kit and some oil and cleaner.
  8. i'm curious if the mags are decent quality and don't have to be messed with all the time to get them to run. My 1919 mags were a pain to keep running.
  9. I love the apa on my big stuff, Just they have a sticker shock on their products.
  10. I have a little bastard on my long gun and it’s great but it’s damn loud.
  11. Hey everyone, i got a new upper ready to go and i am looking for a new muzzle brake. I shoot all factory loaded 55 and 75 grain ammo so not light loads. Anyways, on my current upper i have the m4-72 brake and it has been a good one but looking for something different for the new one. The ones that i have been looking at are the Rise 701, the Coda ti brake, or the APA answer. Looking for real world thoughts and opinions. I am not set on one of those 3 just the 3 i have been looking at.
  12. another vote for Weber here. Great guy, great quality of product and great support for the shooting sports.
  13. hell ya man, congrats getting the feet wet. Its just a downhill spiral from here..... Fast is smooth and smooth is fast
  14. hell ya man, congrats on the good finish, just remember slow if smooth and smooth is fast.
  15. Mine hopefully is supposed to ship tomorrow i think,....... been a long 9 or 10 week wait.... But i hear it is worth it,
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