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  1. another vote for Weber here. Great guy, great quality of product and great support for the shooting sports.
  2. hell ya man, congrats getting the feet wet. Its just a downhill spiral from here..... Fast is smooth and smooth is fast
  3. hell ya man, congrats on the good finish, just remember slow if smooth and smooth is fast.
  4. Mine hopefully is supposed to ship tomorrow i think,....... been a long 9 or 10 week wait.... But i hear it is worth it,
  5. If i read it correctly but cant find it now they weight somewhere in the neighborhood of 59 ounces? for some reason that number sticks in my mind.
  6. ya the weight of the gun is crazy from what i have read which my guess is helping with the recoil impluse. I am getting anxious for it to get here......
  7. I have been wearing the boombah trail style shoes. They are great, in sand, dirt, gravel, and grass, I really like them https://www.boombah.com/us/mens/footwear/mens-trail-running-shoes.html
  8. I would get in touch with Adam at weber tactical, He does a ton of 2011 stuff and can get you all taken care of. Webertactical.com
  9. I have had great luck with the angelfire ammo that i have been shooting for the past 6 months or so. I have shot both the 115gr and the 147gr subsonic stuff and both run well for me and shoot well.
  10. They need To hurry on mine
  11. i am waiting on mine. I was told it went to Coating last week so should have it back to them by the end of this week i hope.....
  12. the blocks that mount on the belt don't line up with the holes in the hard plastic liner in the belt so i am have to drill through it to get the screws in.
  13. I need to start going to the bullethole matches just haven't got my belt all put together yet from adam. With his qd mounts
  14. Hi Dr. ya i know you have one just havent got around to coming to see you, i need to get an adjustment done so maybe i can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  15. i know a couple guys that have them but i haven't been able to run one yet. I think i have about 1 week left from the latest i heard. It just needs to hurry up.
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