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  1. I just purchased 5 Muller tubes for my F16 Blaser and I'm very pleased with them.
  2. 1 1/8 #9's is my sheet load
  3. I like four divisions, Open, RFPO. RFFO & PCCO. It would be hard to shoot the four divisions at a one day local match so what I am going to do in 2019 is shoot Open & RFPO at a local match on the 2nd. Saturday that does not allow long guns (all of you know where that is) and RFRO & PCCO on the 3rd. Saturday at a club that allows all divisions.
  4. I sold all my shot shell reloading equipment about 3 years ago. The biggest reason was because of shot going up so much. I can remember buying shot for $16.00 per 25 lbs bag. (BTW, I have loaded and shot a ton of shot, that's 80 bag). Sorry for the long story but Ponsness/Warren is the way to go. Can't remember which model I had but it was a great machine.
  5. I'm running a C-More Railway with an 8 moa dot on my 10/22
  6. Not in the Atlanta area, just up the road in Simpsonville SC. Cox Gunsmithing 864-288-3238. They do top shelf work.
  7. Ill take the mag mpx pouches.


    robert mullan

    4321 sheep springs rd.

    las cruces, nm 88011




  8. I have sent them two emails with questions, both are over 2 to 3 weeks old with not reply. I went 4 years in a row back in the 80's. Looks a little pricey to me even if you register before March 31st.
  9. Put a 24C in my PCC. That's what I use in my 223's and wanted the 9mm to be the same.
  10. About how many times has it been fired?

    1. Rowdy1111


      Most all of it is one ever fire with the exception of what is dirty now

  11. How many did you end up with in the PCC Division?



  12. i am using the same 124 gr. loads in my PCC that I use in my G34. They are running at 1050 out of the G34 and 1150 out of my 16" PCC. You might want to play around with you buffer and recoil spring.
  13. Got the Accelerator Stage set up at my place on Saturday. Started out shooting it 4-5-1-2-S and was in the low 3.00's. After shooting it about 15 runs I started getting under 3.00 sec. runs. Took a break and came back and was in the 2.80's all 5 runs. Tried some other shooting orders but went back to 4-5-1-2-S and was still in the 2.80's. As of right now, I think I would take a under 12.00 sec. score in the match and be pleased, but it is only the first of April and I am going to shoot allot more bullets on this stage and all the others stages before August 19th.
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