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  1. I like four divisions, Open, RFPO. RFFO & PCCO. It would be hard to shoot the four divisions at a one day local match so what I am going to do in 2019 is shoot Open & RFPO at a local match on the 2nd. Saturday that does not allow long guns (all of you know where that is) and RFRO & PCCO on the 3rd. Saturday at a club that allows all divisions.
  2. I sold all my shot shell reloading equipment about 3 years ago. The biggest reason was because of shot going up so much. I can remember buying shot for $16.00 per 25 lbs bag. (BTW, I have loaded and shot a ton of shot, that's 80 bag). Sorry for the long story but Ponsness/Warren is the way to go. Can't remember which model I had but it was a great machine.
  3. Here is what I have chronoed lately, out of my 32" 425 Browning at about 16" from the chrono. Rio Target Load, 1 oz. 7.5 @ 1280 fps on the box I got, 1390 fps. 5 shot avg. Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics, 1 oz. 7.5 @ 1250 fps on the box I got, 1313 fps. 5 shot avg. Fiocchi Shooting Dyamics, 1 1/18 oz. 7.5 @ 1165 fps on the box I got, 1265 fps, 5 shot avg.
  4. Keep us posted. At about what distanced does the wad separate on the 1300's? BTW,,,,, have you chronoed those loads to come up with 1145 & 1300 or this that what is on the box?
  5. I'm running a C-More Railway with an 8 moa dot on my 10/22
  6. Not in the Atlanta area, just up the road in Simpsonville SC. Cox Gunsmithing 864-288-3238. They do top shelf work.
  7. Where can I get some info on the Southeast Pro-Am Regional that is going to will be held on April 27 – 29, 2018 (so I have heard) at the same range?
  8. Where can you find info on what days the practice bays are open and how much does it cost?
  9. Ill take the mag mpx pouches.


    robert mullan

    4321 sheep springs rd.

    las cruces, nm 88011




  10. Did anyone count the number of prizes on the Amateur Prizes Table?
  11. Young Manufacturing Super Light. http://youngmanufacturing.net/ym-slc-super-light-carrier-complete-bolt-carrier-group.html
  12. NDZ Performance has the OEM connectors http://www.ndzperformance.com/category-s/2472.htm
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