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  1. gino_aki

    Getting Old

    There have probably been a lot of threads started like this one, so sorry if this is "old hat" but I'm feeling a bit put out at Old Man Time. Oboy, I'm doing it aren't I? Throwing in all the lame "old" references. Anyway, age related physical issues have contributed to my not really shooting a match since last year's state match and I sucked at that one, too. I mean, REALLY sucked. And the old bod just hasn't recovered since then and seems unlikely to on account of the issues actually getting worse no matter what I try to do to remedy them. I never thought I'd have to give up active competition this early. Waiting on summer to get here and if I can't even go surfing anymore on Maui's south shore I may just give up and pack it in already. Had to give up winter surf because I just didn't feel confident enough to charge anymore...nevermind not being able to get down the cliff at Honolua. What I wouldn't give to be able to be transplanted into a twenty-three year old clone body. Oh, well. Stay in the present, guys, the future will arrive to kick you in the butt soon enough. A hui hou, Skye
  2. gino_aki

    Fun with guns

    I have that cheat!
  3. It's perfectly legal, to answer the original question and several members of my local club do it. I am still waiting for the time the gun goes "bang" when they do it while I'm holding the timer, and the odds are on my side. Granted it hasn't happened in my 34 years with this game but there's always that first time.... As for "Make Ready" procedure, I just load up and holster. If after this long, I don't know what my sights/dot look like superimposed over a target at whatever distance I'd pull a sight picture on, I should probably just get out.
  4. Troy sent back our stages for the State Match we have coming up noting I had to re-word all the WSB's (I'd submitted the stages before the 2019 Rules went into effect) to state that "safety applied" had to be added by rule, amongst other things. I couldn't find the rule he meant either under 3.2 or 8.1. I queried him after I made the changes about what rule he meant, seeing how "safety on" is the default ready condition for all single action firearms including PCC's. My question concerned why it would be necessary to include such wording in a WSB for PCC's when it doesn't have to be for handguns. The only reason I could parse out (since he didn't answer my question) was that it was a safety precaution since PCC is the only Division in handgun competition where the firearm starts in hand. Not sure what this adds to the thread except that perhaps it bolsters the "false start" interpretation and not the DQ.
  5. Totally off topic, but the only restriction I want to see lifted in Production is allowing slides and frames with Accu-rails.
  6. I also found out Area 6 is going to be on or near the weekend of our match? We're getting a lot of requests to withdraw. Oh, well. There's always two years from now, since we host on Maui for odd-numbered years. For those who are still attending...mahalo.
  7. I'm surprised there was only one mention of the "other" Jerry. Barnhart won a bunch of WS's and Nationals too. And his battles with Rob were legendary.
  8. I took the OP's question as asking what to recommend to a NEW shooter...of which I see some every month in my IPSC 101 class who really ARE novices at anything to do with guns, let alone USPSA-type shooting. Being in a restricted state myself, I have started to recommend L-10 to them. It starts them out in a division that they can use pretty much any stock as well as customized gun they may own or acquire, they can modify their gun to make it easier to handle, and they can use whatever rig and equipment placement they want that meets the distance from belt rules. This helps to remove or allay some of the sensory overload they will experience at their first few matches...where I'm sure being competitive is not one of their priorities since I hammer into them the importance of safety, and the crawl-walk-run method of advancement. Anything that contributes to easier gun-handling while they're concentrating on safely negotiating the stages is a plus in my book...they're more likely to have a successful day and return. I actually tell them that Production division as it has evolved is an expert's division, given the level of accuracy and speed one needs to attain to be "competitive." I also stress the importance of training at home; if they only touch their guns at the range (like I do) they will only BE average like I am. If they want to proceed with other divisions anyway, I just tell them it will take even more practice at home. As they progress and become better at shooting and running stages they can always challenge themselves by moving to Production. Or Revolver.
  9. We're getting a bunch of drops...some because apparently Area 6 is going to be held the same weekend, and others because folks say they can't afford it. Oh, well.
  10. My Taurus .38 Super was unramped, unsure if the 9mm is also, but it would seem likely.
  11. After shooting with the beveled profiles that come on Novak Lo-Mounts both fixed and adjustable, I find that going back to the big blade on my Bo-Mars just felt like I was hiding too much of the target...so I beveled the corners on all my Bo-Mars and LPA's. I don't know if I shoot any better but I like seeing as much of the target as I do with them set up like this.
  12. Nope, I'm still using the OEM that came with the gun...traditional style but tuned like it's supposed to be as far as the hook, polishing and tension.
  13. No. Both the allen head and torx head ones strip out the holes under any normal type torque when tightening. Aluminum will fail at the threads, either welding themselves to the bushings, or worse bushings to frame. Get quality steel ones and save yourself the headaches.
  14. Depending upon how you set up your extractor and ejector, .38 Super and Super Comp will run the same, at least they do in my gun. Unloading mags is a bit harder with Super than SC, but that's the only discernable difference I've run across.
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