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  1. The throats on my new 625 PC are a very tight .451. A slug run through the bore won’t make it through the throats. Not a good setup for shooting cast. The cylinder is off getting its throats honed to .4525.
  2. I’d rather see a 6-shot 10mm L-frame. On an N-frame, might as well go .41/.44/.45.
  3. Instead, how about you show the LNL how to feed Winchester SPP, because that’s where the problem lies.
  4. Update: my primer feed woes have been isolated to Winchester SPPs. CCI 500, Federal SPSs, and CCI 400s all feed without a hiccup. Hornady says they’re unaware of any issues with Winchester primers but are sending a new slide & tube. Hope this fixes it, or there may be several thousand WSPPs appearing in the classifieds soon.
  5. Time & money are my barriers. Right now the nearest ICORE matches are 3 hours away. I can’t justify spending $1500 plus on a 929 & all the trimmings when the only thing I could use it for is USPSA once a month.
  6. I can’t see the clunky-assed Redhawk ever posing a threat to S&W for action shooting. There’s just not much that can be done with a Redhawk DA trigger to improve it.
  7. That thing looks like you could toss the clip in the air and stick it without looking.
  8. Why is that? The Brownells kit I rented with the piloted cutters is pretty much idiot proof. The only thing you could do wrong is remove too little or too much metal.
  9. Is it OK to go deeper than the plug gauge?
  10. After reading this post, I rented a .357 chamfering kit with 11-degree forcing cone cutter. It’s been a real eye-opener. The pictures are from a 66-6 I shoot in IDPA. It’s accurate enough for IDPA but not much more. Note how much more steel was cut from about 9:00 to 1:00 vs the opposite side of the barrel. It can’t be good for a bullet to go rattling through that thing on it’s way to the rifling. After looking at these pictures, I’m wondering if I need to go back cut a little more. A 45-degree chamfer and pilots are due from Brownells this week, so we’ll see if the crown is similarly off-center.
  11. Well, polishing up the primer slide and adjacent bearing surfaces just like I would an S&W revolver seems to have cured it for now. Never thought I’d have to do an action job on a reloaded.
  12. I'm going to approach from a marketing vs skills perspective: Would it be possible to purchase a mailing list of IDPA/USPSA revolver competitors? Like, people who shot revolver in Tier II matches? Then identify areas that contains more than average revolver shooters but no nearby club or match. Reach out to those people to try and get interest in at least an ICORE match. I've looked in to starting a club as the nearest is three hours from me. Currently it requires some very dedicated individuals who are willing to volunteer their time, effort and some money to try and get things going. I just don't have it to give. So breaking down the barriers to creating a club would be a good start. Assign an ambassador to help get things going in a particular area. Honestly, I keep vacillating about USPSA revolver, trying to justify a $2k expenditure on equipment for something I'm going to shoot maybe 15 times a year. I can see that being a barrier to people going in to ICore as well.
  13. I wouldn't use a Dremel for anything but bobbing a hammer. I bit the bullet and ordered the Brownells with an extra 10mm pilot. I figure other revolvers will come along I'll want to use it for.
  14. When you have to remove the primer tube housing because it's full of primers jamming the carrier, that's how. I've actually gotten pretty good at it. I take the cardboard from a primer box and slip it under the housing as I slowly lift it up. Sometimes I pull it off with no spillage. Know a better way? Yes, it's setup for the right primers. I've beveled/deburred the cup and edges of the carrier, there's a 300-grain bullet glued to the top of the feed rod. The OP mentioned he'd like to get 2,000-3,000 rounds without issue. I'd be happy to get 200-300. A couple more things to try and I'm done with it.
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