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  1. There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for cast bullets. They need to be sized to fit your chamber throats. Every Smith .357 I’ve ever owned had VERY tight .357 throats that a .358 bullet wouldn’t slip through without a lot of effort.
  2. If you’re gonna go N-frame, May as well make it a .45. Loads faster with moons, too.
  3. What’s a good holster & pouch for the G35? Thanks.
  4. I run a Safariland 568 or Garrett Industries Silent Thunder OWB.
  5. What combination of sight & mount put the dot nearest the axis of the bore on an S&W, i.e. what would have the lowest profile?
  6. I guess techcically this question belongs in a gunsmithing forum but since it's revolver-specific, I'll post it here: Does anyone use a bench-mounted buffer to polish S&W action parts? If so: What RPM are you running? What kind of wheel (soft, hard, stiched, etc)? What's your compund? Thanks.
  7. What load are you 625 shooters running?
  8. Do TKs require a mooning tool, and are they persnickety about what kind of brass? I've run their .40s for a GP100 and almost had to stand on em to get them in wo a tool.
  9. What's the best moon clips to run in a 625?
  10. I don't know how you guys carry strong-side reloads. They get in the way of my draw.
  11. I run a Model 66 with Toolguys .10" FO front in a Safariland 568 paddle. Comp 3 SLs and pouches I think are Ready Tactical. Been a while since I bought them. Since the 625 is a bit big for my stubby fingers, and 646s are too damned expensive, I'm contemplating a switch to my GP100 MC 10mm in a Garret Industries Silent Thunder. I really dig this holster. Thus far, I havent seen that my reloads from moons are significantly faster.
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