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  1. What combination of sight & mount put the dot nearest the axis of the bore on an S&W, i.e. what would have the lowest profile?
  2. I guess techcically this question belongs in a gunsmithing forum but since it's revolver-specific, I'll post it here: Does anyone use a bench-mounted buffer to polish S&W action parts? If so: What RPM are you running? What kind of wheel (soft, hard, stiched, etc)? What's your compund? Thanks.
  3. What load are you 625 shooters running?
  4. Do TKs require a mooning tool, and are they persnickety about what kind of brass? I've run their .40s for a GP100 and almost had to stand on em to get them in wo a tool.
  5. What's the best moon clips to run in a 625?
  6. I don't know how you guys carry strong-side reloads. They get in the way of my draw.
  7. Out of curiosity, who is that guy?
  8. I run a Model 66 with Toolguys .10" FO front in a Safariland 568 paddle. Comp 3 SLs and pouches I think are Ready Tactical. Been a while since I bought them. Since the 625 is a bit big for my stubby fingers, and 646s are too damned expensive, I'm contemplating a switch to my GP100 MC 10mm in a Garret Industries Silent Thunder. I really dig this holster. Thus far, I havent seen that my reloads from moons are significantly faster.
  9. 3.1 Clays with either the Bayou 160 or Brazos Precision 158.
  10. Does Blade Tech even make revolver holsters anymore? I looked & looked for one for my GP 100 and finally bought a Garret Industries Silent Thunder. A little pricey but a very nice holster.
  11. You think you bought one??? I run a Garrett Industries holster, I think they call it Silent Thunder OWB.
  12. Interesting thread. I’m contemplating the switch to moons from my M-66. My problem with the 625 is size matters to my stubby fingers, plus the weight. I swapped for a GP100 MC 10mm a couple years back and it’s likely to get the nod once I find a suitable load and shoot enough to get used to the trigger. And chamfer the chamber mouths. S&W could solve this by brining back the 646. That’d be the IDPA to version the 986. One advantage of the 625 I don’t see mentioned is the bigger bullet turning a one-down to a zero-down. Then the other downside is weight. It’ll slow down your draw.
  13. Cool. The main reason I want a feeder is so I don’t have to do it with my fingers and try to keep them from tipping.
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