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  1. Here's mine from March of 2009. The ER had to pull the shrapnel fom my hand. I started a post on it in 2009.
  2. His name is on the list but it's looking like the reigning Production champ won't be there this year. His daughter's high school graduation is during the match.
  3. That's just SICK! His splits are always amazing.
  4. Got mine in the mail Saturday for the LPR Nationals but going to the Production Nationals might be tough for me to do since my wedding anniversary is on the 24th (the last day of the match). Family 1st!
  5. I agree we were lucky. I was squadded with Nils at the Nationals but he is also a friend so I have seen him shoot at Rio a gazillion times. We had a great squad with a few AZ guys and a bunch of our non-AZ shooting buddies like Outzen, Higdon and Ohlmann. Nils is always a nice guy and a real pleasure to shoot with. He had a squad of really good shooters to push him but not pressure him.
  6. I'm not building anything yet Tony. I'll probably sit on the frame a bit. Thanks for all the input everyone. This is the info I was hoping to find and consolidate.
  7. Thanks! Anyone also have any .40 mag info?
  8. Thanks Randy. What spring/follower/basepad setup are you using?
  9. I have been able to find a few threads on Caspian Hi-Cap magazines but nothing that is extremely detailed and consolidated. I have several questions about the Hi-Cap mags. My questions are primarily focused on .40/10mm mags for Limited/L10 and for .38SuperComp mags for Open. Which mags work in the Caspian frame? I have seen Caspian mags, EAA mags, and S_I mags mentioned also. What capacity can be reached with any of the mags? Just like most people, I am interested in the most capacity I can get with the most reliability. Which basepads give the most capacity and in either caliber and stay
  10. jasmap

    New iMac i5

    Oh yeah! I am loving the iMac. I did check out some tutorials but i haven't used them yet.
  11. I believe it's a 930 Field model. The ported barrel can be an issue, get a 28" and have it shortened beyond the ports and then recut for choke tubes. Thank you. This is added to my wish list. Jim I have a 930 SPX that you can shoot or borrow anytime. Just let me know.
  12. I can't say for sure. There are at least 3 or 4 on there and only one of them states it is ported. Take a look, I don't want to steer anyone wrong.
  13. Benny will be the best to work on the 930 but there are some 24" 930 barrels for sale on gunbroker.com.
  14. i was also squadded with Nils and he was insanely fast. He was even faster than he normally is at our weekend matches at Rio. He's a good kid and he deserves it. He may also be the youngest National Champ ever at 20 years old. I'm glad he is a friend of mine and was very glad to see him win.
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