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  1. IMO the 5x5 classifier is not a good representation of how good you are. It's nothing more than a stand and deliver and it can place you in a class that you will never (or more than likely not) get anywhere but the bottom. A better one is the standard 72 round classifier.
  2. While I only have experience with the CasePro, The only problem (?) with the Roll Sizer is that it doesn't condition the case rim like the CasePro. Probably not a problem with cases ejected into sand, but potentially a problem with cases ejected onto gravel.
  3. Some people would have a problem when you disagree with them. I ain't one of them. Seen it too often.
  4. I don't have a problem with you disagreeing with me.. It works for you but didn't for me. Each to his own opinion.
  5. I used one for 2 years and ended up giving it away. I could sort everything quicker by han. The problem was 380 fit 9mm, 9 fits 40 and 40 fits 45. You still have to sort through it again. IMO it's waste of coin.
  6. My wife and I have 3 CompTacs, 2 for Glocks and 1 for a P320. All IDPA legal. https://comp-tac.com/international-holster-belt-paddle-drop-offset-holster-comp-tac/ The drop offset adaptor is legal for a woman but not a man in IDPA. It can be used in USPSA.
  7. I've had a few, hence conditioning the first.
  8. Making sure that the ammo enters the cylinder without binding. If it binds or offers resistance, then the moonclip is more than likely bent.
  9. My round counter is very simple, I fill factory trays and boxes, then count the boxes. Cheap and simple and costs nothing.
  10. It does in a 650/1050 but on a 550 not too much, just saves getting the finger/thumb cramp on the left hand. I'm running the KISS bullet feeder, the fore runner the MBF, on a 1050. Had that for over 11 years.
  11. They can be converted by drilling a hole in the appropriate location and installing a pop rivet. Done many. That is what we had to do in Canada.
  12. I used the cylinder from the revolver. First I conditioned the 'clips, then loaded them, checked them in the cylinder and placed them in my fishing tackle carry box.
  13. My noise reduction is once the tube is full of cases, I turn off the feeder and when it's almost empty, turn it back on.
  14. There are people that need a rail for their work. Personally I think they are fugly and detract for the iconic gun.
  15. Not much of a gentleman if you're not helping them!
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