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  1. You must be sorting your brass because the case heads are different thicknesses, and the thickness would be different with the flashhole punched. You also said that the lever arm bracket needs to be re engineered. As it's an aftermarket addition, then the maker of the primer hold down die should do it and not Dillon. I have never used the hold down die, never had a problem that would require it. I have had my 1050 for 14 years.
  2. CR pouches for me. My fix for the wobble.
  3. I made mine out of 3/4" webbing and snaps.
  4. I phoned their 800 number and their 905 number and they are both out of service. Shame.
  5. Their web site says under construction. www.shootingchrony.com
  6. Case Pro100 is the only rollsizer that cleans up the rim AFAIK, which is the one that I have. I have seen where a damaged rim will cause a problem, but mostly with bottomfeeders.
  7. I'm partial to Comp Tac holsters and pouches.
  8. My Trojan 40 was an 18# spring from the factory.
  9. Are you still running the 12# recoil spring with the factory loads? IIRC correctly the factory spring is 18#.
  10. I run my loads near max anyway, so I won't go higher. Just not using these bullets anymore. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. I have used them and wasn't impressed. Shot from multiple Glocks', a BHP, an STI Ranger II, and a CZ. I tended to get a lot of keyholing. I also had a plated HP that did the same but with fewer keyholes. FWIW I never had this problem with Xtreme bullets nor Berrys' RN.
  12. I can't because I can't find the jig. I haven't used it in 10 years and it may be gone.
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