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  1. As Jim says, the fired primers are the problem. I solved it (mostly) by putting a 2" x 2" post it note on the front part of the press, extending to the left of the opening.
  2. When I loaded N320 it was:- 180gr Frontier Plated CMJ 4.6gr/N320 PF 168 I was down loading the round.
  3. The dilution rate is on the web site. As a Cleaner Use in ultrasonic cleaners Dilution rate - Ready to use Temperature range - Ambient / Room temperature to 180°F (up to 71°C) Ultrasonic cycles: 5-15 minutes depending on machine, parts and lubricant used Rinse, wipe down or blow off and apply a Slip 2000 Gun Lubricant
  4. I've had a 686-3 since 1990, and yes the ejector rod is shorter. I shoot PF's of 130+ and haven't had to be brutal on the rod, even with .357's. Use a Hoppes 38 cal Tornado brush through the cylinder after each use to prevent the 38Sp buildup. I love this revolver, it was a wedding/Chrismas prezzie from my late Wife.
  5. According to IDPA's web site, he's no longer a member.
  6. What happens when you slingshot the slide? If it is still sticking it's more than likely the recoil spring as previously stated.
  7. It's a real bugger when work interferes with shooting (pleasure).
  8. They must be converted to a csv file. Go to IDPA.com, then your log in page, then scroll down to downloads where you will find 2 files (pdf) Uploading results to IDPA Results Upload Template Hope this helps.
  9. I'm running 60/40 mix of corn blast and Lyman Treated Corn Cob in a Lyman 2500 magnum Tumbler. 4 used Bounce dryer sheets and a squirt of Nu Finish/mineral spirits mix. Run the machine for 2 or so hours and the brass is clean enough for me.
  10. RePete

    Your club

    Then they wonder why no one goes to their matches. They also use unqualified people to SO too and they don't know what they are doing.
  11. Get yourself the Lyman Shotshell Reloading Manual and that should help.
  12. RePete

    Your club

    One club I used to shoot at made the stages that the designer and MD could shoot. You needed to be a contortionist to complete some of the stages. That was the last time I shot there. Follow the rules? They did when it was a non club member but not for their club members.
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