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  1. Nor do I, but you can touch it when reloading, grabbing the cylinder which is also very hot.
  2. RePete

    PVC wall frames

    Was at the range and got into the seacan, after using the tractor to scoop away the snow. Here is the method of hanging the wall to the upright. The small eye is use to zip tie the bottom part of the wall to the upright. You can use the upright to hold 3 or 4 wall ends.
  3. Here is my fix. Take a Dillon pin (bent), cut off the pin and file smooth and square, drop in a Lyman decapping pin (7837786), then the Dillon bushing, and reassemble.
  4. No course for ICORE, the IDPA course I teach, in Canada, will cost $20.00 and there isn't a course in the US (just like USPSA), I also instruct PPC and it's only $25.00, but it's all but dead in the east. IDPA membership is $40.00/year, ICORE is, IIRC, $25.00/year and USPSA is $25.00, PPC? I don't know.
  5. IMO the black badge course is a money grab, and if you let your membership lapse for more than 3 years , you must take it again. The course costs $225.00'ish for Ontario. Membership is $70.00/year.
  6. Read page 5. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/270290-sti/page/5/
  7. RePete

    PVC wall frames

    I will have to take more pics once the snow goes and then I can post here.
  8. RePete

    PVC wall frames

    I know this is a necro post but, I made 52 walls for my club using 8' 2x2 (2 per wall),4" security netting for the walls and a ball bungee to hold the wall together when rolled up. The walls with a window opening are 2 strips of netting with the opening in the middle. In the ends of the top rail is a 1/8" x 4" eyes and in the ends of the bottom rail is an eye. The uprights are 2x2's with #10x3" screwed in one end. The upright support is dictated by the range floor. The bottom picture show 33 walls in the crib.
  9. Here is the MSDS sheet. https://ballistol.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/SDS-WTC-Ballistol-Multi-Purpose-Liquid-Revision-4.pdf Maybe you could add a deodouriser to it.
  10. RePete

    Sig X-ray-1 Sights

    I have all square notch sights but it's fine. I don't think that in competition you'll notice the difference.
  11. Is it because they want them? Supply and demand.
  12. RePete

    Sig X-ray-1 Sights

    I just received a set and installed on a P320. I've just received a set and installed, and while I haven't shot the gun yet, they are nice. They are made by HiViz for SIG. HiViz are not selling them due to the contract.
  13. The price is in the third paragraph. $969.00
  14. Look here. https://kleenbore.sellerscommerce.com/search?phrase=magazine&f=kleenbore&t=b&storeId=109
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