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  1. RePete

    Rain Bags

    I just the cheapest clear garbage bags.
  2. I'm retired for 13 years. Enjoy your vacation.
  3. Didn't learn after the first one! LOL.
  4. Gottcha beat, mine's 13 years old and never been torn down. Guess I should do mine too!
  5. I have 3 friends with the BT buds (bought this year) and the batteries last so far.
  6. MecGar's work well EXCEPT in STI's. Says so on there web site and also from experience.
  7. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. Over the last 14 years I have shot 9mm (147 gr), 38 Sp (158), 40 S&W (180 gr) and 45ACP (230 gr). Never had a problem with them. I have shot the 9mm out to 35 yds in a match and have got my down zero's. They are the best that I have used. Sadly the are hard to find now.
  9. FWIW My Speed Timer 3000 isn't waterproof so I place in a plastic bag, opening at the bottom. You can still operate it and read the screen.
  10. You won't have any problems with them. I have a MecGar for my 45 that's 22 years old and still works perfectly.
  11. If you are running an STI in 9mm, the Mec Gar's do not work - I know from experience. It's also stated on their web site.
  12. I have gone through about a dozen over the last 13 years but, none in the last five. Just picked them from an auto parts shop.
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