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  1. Mine are loaded to 1.15"
  2. Better ignition and combustion.
  3. It appears, to me, that the case had a wobble when it was entering the sizing die. I have had that when I used a Lee Progressive 1000.
  4. I have used HS6 in 9mm and 124/125 bullets and it fills the case, a compressed charge. Accurate enough.
  5. I quit using WW primers, too many misfires. I use CCI and Remington and Federal. My 1911 has a 19# hammer spring.
  6. The rule says penetrate the target and backer. My old club used aspenite for the backers and a number of people's ammo could go through the backer, they soon learned to use a bigger shovel for the powder.
  7. What is the headstamp?
  8. Go with the CED. Better made that the 511.
  9. Isn't that the same jig that Jerry Keefer used?
  10. https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/mag-promag-1911-.45-acp-40-round-drum-mag-sturdy-polymer-and-steel-construction/FC-708279007354.html
  11. Could you post a link to the fitting of the grip safety? I could find the video of the thumb safety.
  12. I have the KISS Bulletfeeder, the forerunner of the Mr Bulletfeeder, from 2007, and still have the original motor and no issues. It's a great piece of kit - STILL.
  13. Austin Behlert died in 2005.
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