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  1. RePete

    Comp-iii Modification

  2. RePete

    Comp-iii Modification

    You don't happen to have a part number for that?
  3. RePete


    It seems to be like the STI Recoil Master only adjustable. I ditched the RM, didn't like the feel of the recoil impulse.
  4. RePete

    Rem 870 rusts super fast

    Either or. It depends how much you want to spend. I use oil.
  5. RePete

    IDPA Revolver Stock vs Enhanced

    I have seen it a couple of times with correctly calibrated poppers. All in all, it's not a problem. IMHO I think that they should have gone to 115PF on the drop, not 105. I still load to 125PF anyway. I didn't see the need to change.
  6. RePete

    UH-OH.... leftover part

    I have seen those hang up on the spring, just dump it.
  7. Also try Matt Cheely, http://ccgunworks.com/
  8. RePete

    Sig 320 mag

    Seeing as the original question was never answered, here is the weight. 2.9oz or 84 grams.
  9. RePete

    Newbie Questions

    Jon: Where does it sat, in the rulebook, that the UM holster is not allowed. I think that you are thinking of a range rule.
  10. I heard this a couple weeks ago, but not confirmed.
  11. RePete

    Mini boom

    That's the load I've been using for 4 years and never a problem. All fired from 2 gen 3 G34's.
  12. RePete

    Return to IDPA

    Comp Tac here, but nothing wrong with the Hellweg. Why not run what you have and just get a double or 2 single mag pouches.
  13. RePete

    Round count question

    Flicking the wrist to close the cylinder ala Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney.
  14. RePete

    static cling

    You can also cut them into a 2" wide strip and, after you have wiped the inside of the measure, hang the strip in then fill with powder. Used so that you get double duty from the film. I just found the new didn't work that well. Bounce, IMO, are the best.
  15. RePete

    static cling

    Make sure the dryer sheet is used and not new.