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  1. I bought 12K Fiocchi's a wile back when I could not find anything else. They are softer than cci and seem to be inline with Winchester. I had no problem lighting them off in my tanfo with a 14lb hammer spring.
  2. May 3-4, 2019Location: 21374 Sanner's Lane Lexington Park, MD 20653https://practiscore.com/2019-maryland-idpa-championship/registerThe 2019 Maryland IDPA Championship is a Tier 4 match. 12 stages, about 175 rounds. Full day format, Friday or Saturday (staff shoots Friday).Once you register,you will receive an email about where to send match fee.Feel free to ask me any questions.Thanks,Mike
  3. Glad you liked it. I designed half of the stages.
  4. The 6 shots per position is no longer a rule, I think that disappeared in 2014. To be clear the parts of the article that discuss not giving penalties for not performing non shooting actions is not what I am referring to here. The first corner stone as quoted by jhgtyre is what I wanted to discuss. Over the years of having stages approved and interacting with IDPA it had always seemed that they wanted things easier but they sort of tip toed around it. Now they seem to not only want to encourage easier stages, but require it. I am curious if this is what the majority of shooters want or if like the 1 second per point down rule, this is just being forced upon us because IDPA.
  5. http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/idpa/Cornerstones2019.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0XtxLVBAIrcX6KPGCiL_baRUYs4rgluRaecYkvDB7H1AvDfoJFsW-ZYx8 It seems IDPA wants MDs to design simple short stages with a low difficulty level. This is not the trend that most MDs have taken at least in my area on the East Coast. I'm curious to what kind of stages shooters want to see. Complex stages would be ones with movers, multiple steel targets, tight shots, lots of shooting positions or large round counts Simple stages would be ones with less or little of the above Let me know what you think.
  6. My large frame fits in the box with ease.
  7. 2019 IDPA Chesapeake Cup Sanner's Lake is hosting the 2019 Chesapeake Cup on Saturday, Feb 9, 2019. Planning a Tier 3 match with 10 stages, round count of about 150. Match is open to CCP, CDP and BUG only. Match fee is $50 (waived for staff). Trophy only match (no shirts, limited prize table) All shooters must be IDPA members with current classification. Set up will be on Thursday, Feb 7, staff shoots on Friday, Feb 8. Main match on Saturday Feb 9 STAFF NEEDED: Safety Officers are needed for the match. If you can help, sign up as staff. You do not need to be certified to work as staff. Registration is open at https://practiscore.com/2019-chesapeake-cup/register
  8. Well I found the culprit, I have no one to blame but myself. Apparently the small plastic block became lodged in the powder drop and was causing all my issues for the last 15K rounds. Once I took it out and reinstalled it on the powder bar where it goes, everything works fine. Hopefully my stupidity helps someone in the future.
  9. Bench is extremely solid and flat 2.5" thick.
  10. There is an idea I have not tried. I will check it out tonight.
  11. I have, it was doing this before I installed the uniquetech powder bar. That was one of my many attempts to solve this problem.
  12. Titegroup 3.1grs, I will get a pick of the top of the tool head tonight.
  13. Not sure anyone can help but I am still having this problem. It does not seem to matter how fast I operate the press powder still falls from the powder drop. The funny thing is I have second 1050 now and it doesn't drop a single grain of powder. I can't figure out what is happening. Here is a pic of the press after only 100rnds, as you can see the powder spillage is centered around the powder drop. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  14. 126 fits fine. I don't think you can even seat a 120 with a full length grip.
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