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  1. Blue Bullets 147gr 9mm ordered 10/14/20 delivered 2/9/21.
  2. Match is still on and has over 160 participants registered. Registration will close 9/1.
  3. He's 4', 2" and 58 lbs, so he's pretty good size for his age. For pistol he is shooting a Victory with CMORE on it. Is there a lightweight stock for the 10/22 that folks recommend? I happen to have a used carbon fiber barrel for a 10/22 that I bought a while back so I have one piece of the puzzle if I go that route. Those of you with the 15-22, are there recommended upgrades or is it ready to go right out of the box? Thanks for all the replies.
  4. My 6.5 year old son has been doing a lot of shooting with me lately and I think he is about ready to shoot his first rimfire challenge match. Unfortunately he has been shooting AR pistol with brace which would not be legal in Steel Challenge. While I am experienced in USPSA and IDPA I do not have much experience with steel challenge. Is there a good rifle or stock recommendation that would work well for a growing shooter? Thanks, Mike
  5. Has anyone used one these? https://shootingsportsinnovations.com/alpha-dropper-powder-funnel/?mc_cid=dcfa967c34&mc_eid=a0b32af1aa
  6. The pearce grip extensions make the gun too big to fit in the box. I have seen several folks take a belt sander to them to make them fit.
  7. May 1, 2020Location: 21374 Sanner's Lane Lexington Park, MD 20653https://practiscore.com/2020-maryland-idpa-championship/registerThe 2020 Maryland IDPA Championship is a Tier 4 match. 12 stages, about 175 rounds. Full day format, Friday or Saturday (staff shoots Friday).Once you register,you will receive an email about where to send match fee.Feel free to ask me any questions.Thanks,Mike
  8. Sanner's Lake is hosting the 2020 Chesapeake Cup on Saturday, Feb 8, 2020. Planning a Tier 3 match with 10 stages, round count of about 150. Match is open to CCP, CDP and BUG only. Match fee is $50 (waived for staff). Trophy only match (no shirts, limited prize table) All shooters must be IDPA members with current classification. Registration is open at https://www.practiscore.com/2020-chesapeake-cup/register
  9. Another happy A+ Brass customer here. I have reloaded and shot over 40K from him. It comes sorted and all of the unusable brass has already been removed. I have bought brass from a dozen different places over the years and Todd's is the best!
  10. I just spray Hornady One Shot right in the case feeder. Works well and is quicker than doing it in another box or bag.
  11. Excellent feedback all, thanks! I can't believe the cost of these things, was not expecting a $130 safety. I found a couple single sided shielded safeties for less but non are in stock Oh well I guess it's a small price to pay not to bleed all over your gun.
  12. I started shooting my single stack STI HEX 19111 yesterday after letting it sit in the safe for two years. I like the gun but I grip it so high that it rubs my right thumb and it eventually started bleeding. I was doing a few searches on here and found a few people mention the Ed Brown Grip Safety or shielded thumb safeties as a solution. If you have any experience with this issue please let me know what you did to fix the problem. Thanks!
  13. Trying to help out a couple of buddies figure out how many points they would need to get into next years nationals based on this years. If you got in please post up how many points you had and when you get to squad. For me it was on 7/18 with 19 points.
  14. Thanks all for the replies. Time to go shopping.
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