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  1. I use to buy stuff from them here and there, but never again as this is BS. On par with the hand sanitizer hoarders...
  2. Check out their website, selling basic 55gr 556 for $1-$1.50 a round!!! A 1,000 round case $979!!! Wow 22LR ammo more expensive than what 9mm was a week ago! Will never buy anything from them ever again! Pure greed!
  3. Trying to mill out the slide on a P-09 so it accepts the same red dot plates that fit the P-10 slide. Wondering if anyone has the pattern/drawing of the plates that are sold by CZ Custom. Thanks!
  4. With the new rear sight in place the gun shoots low, even with the sight set at its highest position...I guess it is time to have the front sight machined.
  5. So I spent a better part of the Mother's Day morning fitting these Italian made sights (for the 'Old" CZ75 Brno 9mm dovetail base). They required some gentle sanding/filing and "going" back and forth, probably 10X. Then I used some cold Gun Blue to finish up the project. (also touched up the gun-sight vise marks) Have to go to the range this week to fine-tune the setup as is; before the Thursday night shoot. Will report back with the results/impressions and see what the next step is going to be.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions! I have some NOS target/adjustable sights that should work with the 9mm dovetail that's on this gun. This gun fits my hand so well and it is a pure pleasure to shoot. I just want to get it to the next "practical" level performance wise without breaking the bank. In case my USPSA skills outperform this gun, then I will look into something more advanced. For now, my intent is to eliminate as many "production level" gun shortfalls and perform all the upgrades myself; if possible.
  7. Have a standard 9mm Tanfoglio Witness made back in 2000 with maybe 500-600 rounds through it. What are the suggested modifications that would enhance this gun's potential for the USPSA shooting? I know this gun can't be as good as the new production Stock (I,II, III) or the Match; so what I'm looking for are some upgrades that would get the most out of this platform with some aftermarket/OEM parts that do not require gunsmithing. I plan on shooting factory ammo, therefore any firing pin modifications should be compatible with the WWB, Speer, or Remington green box in 115 gr. Thanks for any ideas!
  8. Here a little bit more info, that might help the owners' community. It appears there is a sight made by LPA - TPU75CZ07 (this one has no white dots, while the TPU75CZ30 has 2 dots). Dimensions for this sight are: " 0.3435 base thickness, .626 Width and .210 leaf / upper assembly thickness" - (per a listing on Gunbroker.com) Based on these specs this sight should work on the older CZ/EAAs. I will take a chance and order it; will report back once I hopefully get it installed.
  9. Thanks for the reply Johnbu. Here is a picture of my gun...it is a "standard" SA/DA full-size model, not a Match, so no additional marks are found on the pistol The serial number starts with AE if that helps any. Also, the existing dovetail is 9mm wide at the bottom base (That's approximate size as I did not remove the sight; I just put the caliper on one side what I could take a measurement). What other sights work with this gun?
  10. Hello, I just received a shipment from EAA with my new rear adjustable sight model #102007. Just by looking at the new site's dovetail, it appears it is larger than the stock fixed sight. As I have a shoot tomorrow I was not going to risk removing the original sight and then not be able to sight it in should the new sight not fit in. I have provided my gun's serial number when I ordered my sight (made by LPA) so I wonder if they shipped out the wrong one OR if my 2000 Witness has an oddball size dovetail slot. (It is a 9mm 4.5" barrel, blue, front sight is not removable, its machines as a part of the slide) Any ideas on any alternatively adjustable sights would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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