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  1. I don’t like WSP due to the way they go through my Vibra prime and sometimes give me problems on my Dillon 750. That said, I sure would like to buy about 50k Winchester primers right now!
  2. I have an xl750 and am using a Lee resizing die without problems. Adjust the case feeding ram as described in the manual, it is probably traveling too far when pushing the case into the shell plate. Then when you raise the handle the brass tips back away from the shell plate and there is a slight gap from being seated firmly in the holder. I had this problem and once adjusted, it works perfect.
  3. Well if you are going to upgrade go to a Mark 7 so you can run a powder check. The Dillons, 1050 and 1100, just don’t have enough stations.
  4. Cheby, did you get the system to work properly?
  5. Check the overall installed height of the primer cup on in the primer bar. I believe it is 1.385” +/- .005 If it is too low the primers will flip out of the cup or if too high be knocked out of the plastic fingers. The manual gives a good picture and text of the procedure.
  6. I have been running a Lee auto drum on my 750 with very accurate results. Lee Auto Drum $40.00, what a deal.
  7. Thanks guys, appreciate the input.
  8. HOGRIDER, A good friend of mine has just set up his Mark 7 and is very happy with it. He is running his powder check, bullet feeder and separate seat and crimp dies. All of that while swaging and still has one more station left over. Yes the price is more, but that’s what money gets you! Good video btw.
  9. Yes, that’s the one. It looked like an option to swage without another dedicated press at a reasonable cost. I can’t find any feedback from someone that has used one.
  10. Can anyone give some feedback on the swage it tool on a Dillon 650 or 750? Yes, I am aware that it would void Dillons warranty and am ok with that. My thought was to run a separate tool head with a universal decapping die and the Swage It for a bulk of brass before reloading instead of picking out the crimped cases prior to reloading.
  11. Could someone please answer the question, on the new 1100 can you run a powder check die with the bullet feeder and use separate seat and crimp dies? Looks like a Mark 7 is the machine to order.
  12. I removed my Dillon powder measure on my 750 and using a Lee auto drum with no problems and excellent powder drop accuracy.
  13. I have a 750 and loaded about 3000 rounds of 9mm so far. Press works perfect, but wish I would have bought a 1050/1100 because I would like to have swaging capability.
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