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  1. Nc1911

    Spring Tester

    Excellent idea, had a scale sitting on my bench, works great!
  2. Well there is 12% price discount to commit to buy 6 cases over 6 months. The first month, 6/21, shipped within days but now the dry spell.
  3. I am on a 6 month subscription for 125 grain 9mm. My second case should have shipped on 7/21 but they said it might be end of Sept before shipping. . I think they should first ship to the people that committed to buy a case a month for 6 months but that’s my biased opinion!
  4. Your barrel is the ultimate case gauge, do a plunk test.
  5. I agree that the hardness will effect how much energy is transferred into the steel, but mass x velocity produces the same amount of energy.
  6. I have some 115gr ammo that runs ~130PF, and it sometimes fails to knock down steel. The power factor is power factor regardless of bullet weight. 115 grain at 130 power factor will knock down steel just as good as a 147 grain with the same power factor.
  7. You can run a bulletfeeder on a 750 with a powder check die, but you must seat and crimp at one station. Not the best setup for coated bullets. This is true for all Dillon presses, they don’t have enough stations past the powder drop stations to run a powder level check and bullet feeder with proper separate seating and crimping dies.
  8. I don’t like WSP due to the way they go through my Vibra prime and sometimes give me problems on my Dillon 750. That said, I sure would like to buy about 50k Winchester primers right now!
  9. I have an xl750 and am using a Lee resizing die without problems. Adjust the case feeding ram as described in the manual, it is probably traveling too far when pushing the case into the shell plate. Then when you raise the handle the brass tips back away from the shell plate and there is a slight gap from being seated firmly in the holder. I had this problem and once adjusted, it works perfect.
  10. Well if you are going to upgrade go to a Mark 7 so you can run a powder check. The Dillons, 1050 and 1100, just don’t have enough stations.
  11. Cheby, did you get the system to work properly?
  12. Check the overall installed height of the primer cup on in the primer bar. I believe it is 1.385” +/- .005 If it is too low the primers will flip out of the cup or if too high be knocked out of the plastic fingers. The manual gives a good picture and text of the procedure.
  13. I have been running a Lee auto drum on my 750 with very accurate results. Lee Auto Drum $40.00, what a deal.
  14. Thanks guys, appreciate the input.
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