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  1. Thanks zzt, I have removed the buffs from the other guns and am going to the range to shoot both of them. I shoot 130 of in minor and 170 of in major so the loads are far from maximum. The shock buffs were put in the guns because someone suggested trying them. So much for range advice.
  2. Ok, I have been shooting a Springfield loaded 9mm and a loaded 45 acp in single stack USPSA for the past few years. Both guns have an aluminum shock buff installed and has never caused a single problem in either gun. So, I bought a Dan Wesson PM9 and after a 250 round break in, I did a total tear down cleaning and installed a aluminum shock buff just because....... Today at the range total failure. The first magazine had 2 failure to feed and once the slide locked back with 2 rounds left in the mag. The second magazine was worse and I stopped and field stripped t
  3. Tripp Cobra mags https://www.trippresearchinc.com/ sorry for the duplicate!
  4. Tripp Cobra mags https://www.trippresearchinc.com/
  5. Get a Dan Wesson PM 9. I have a Springfield loaded also, but the DW is a superior gun.
  6. So it seems you need to get a divorce and keep the press.
  7. So why not go back to your previous press? Good market for the 750.
  8. Yes, Springfield. If your retaining plug can pass all the way through the slide opening you are good to go, but my target model has the shoulder in the slide.
  9. Yes, a Dan Wesson Pm9. Easy take down vs the 2 piece guide rod on my Springfield.
  10. The pm9 doesn’t have a shoulder in the slide to limit the retaining plug, my Springfield does have this shoulder. Some people have removed the shoulder in the slide but I am not going there yet.
  11. My pm9 with Dawson tool-less guide rod, Lok grips, Dawson magwell and Dawson magazine weighs 42.8 oz. I was over weight with Techwell grips and magwell due to the stock steel pm9 mainspring housing, that is very heavy. I am sorry to say I never weighed the gun stock, but I was told it was more than my Springfield loaded.
  12. I just installed a Dawson tool-less guide rod in my PM9. Take down is super easy. Make sure you order the one for bushing barrels, the Bull barrel model will not work.
  13. What didn’t you like about the Dawson Ice? I’m trying to decide between Techwell and the Dawson.
  14. Well I thought I really wanted one for USPSA single stack because I love my sti Edge, but when I finally got my hands on one last week i didn't like the way it fit my hand with no way to change the grip easily as well as the weight.
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