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  1. Same here, own both, they are great guns but recently got a Bul Trophy Saw that I like the best.
  2. So I guess the answer is to buy a dozen regular base pads and a regular insert. Way to go Dawson, maybe a discount for previous customers that bought this discontinued junk.
  3. My wife has 12 Dawson magazines for the no gap insert on her 1911. I tried one in my Techwell on my DW pm9 and it definitely seems that it would cause a problem over time as there isn’t a shoulder to stop the magazine at the correct depth. Great news.
  4. Harrison Custom and Design
  5. How well did the gun shoot before all this?
  6. Exactly, I load BB 124 grain without problems. Every pull of the handle I scan the primer feed, powder drop and bullet drop. If you have a problem, say a crimped case that stops production, pay extra attention to the progress of each case.
  7. Yes, a case feeder and a Mr bullet feeder and you are good to go. I got rid of my powder check die because I seat and crimp in 2 separate stations so the original powder bar is fine. If you are loading coated bullets separate seating and crimping dies are the way to go.
  8. The Ed Brown grip safety is the highest “bump” I have found.
  9. I have used a FDC on well over 20k rounds of 9mm with coated Blue bullets and have had perfect results. Never compromised the coating.
  10. Does your Springfield have the ILS mainspring housing? If so, it has a very heavy mainspring, 23 or 28 lbs, and titanium firing pin. This alone with standard recoil spring and light loads could be a factor. The COAL of 1.169 sounds a bit long.
  11. Jammer1911. What does it weigh? My DW PM9 just makes weight now with a Techwell aluminum
  12. Thanks zzt, I have removed the buffs from the other guns and am going to the range to shoot both of them. I shoot 130 of in minor and 170 of in major so the loads are far from maximum. The shock buffs were put in the guns because someone suggested trying them. So much for range advice.
  13. Ok, I have been shooting a Springfield loaded 9mm and a loaded 45 acp in single stack USPSA for the past few years. Both guns have an aluminum shock buff installed and has never caused a single problem in either gun. So, I bought a Dan Wesson PM9 and after a 250 round break in, I did a total tear down cleaning and installed a aluminum shock buff just because....... Today at the range total failure. The first magazine had 2 failure to feed and once the slide locked back with 2 rounds left in the mag. The second magazine was worse and I stopped and field stripped the gun and removed the shock buff. After that, the gun was flawless, flat shooting, no slide dip or excessive mussel rise. Just a great gun. I haven’t measured the total slide travel between guns but I assume it is different. Lesson learned......if DW thought it needed a shock buff it probably would have been installed. I created a problem that wasn’t a problem in the first place.
  14. Tripp Cobra mags https://www.trippresearchinc.com/ sorry for the duplicate!
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