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  1. make sure your measure doesn't have static in it that can sometimes make the powder bridge up wipe it with a bounce sheet to help get rid of it and check your powder make sure its not collecting moisture that to will cause powder to bridge up
  2. do they make a little plug kit that fills the hole to keep dust and dirt out be nice to plug the hole up
  3. 4" or 5" bbl I haven't checked my loads yet but my friend has the same gun and with the load I have is getting a 130 pf
  4. here's an interesting site I was shown a wile back that seams to be full of information on 9mm loads http://www.natoreloading.com/9mm/ if its not ok to post this you may remove it Ron
  5. I just started out with a short colt the load I have been using that works well for me is 2.9 grs. of TightGroup with a 160 gr. Bayou set at 1.160 that's in my 627 PC I'm sure there are other loads that will work well also
  6. i will take all the 55gr. sp bullets for 160 I can do PayPal or postal money order


  7. MRBerg

    bigger rods

    I just enjoy doing little projects like this I'm sure Bob would have been happy to fix me up
  8. when I ordered my North Mountain I got the wrong size rods 1/2" so I made some new ones out of some 5/8" al. round stock I'm not much of a lathe operator but I did ok my brother has a metal shop so its nice to have a mill and lathe and all the cool toys that I can use
  9. I went with a north mountain it was highly recommended to me by a guy that I have great respect for that shoots revolver but don't tell Mike that lol
  10. just ordered a Speed Beez for my 627 PC $73 to the door
  11. I just ordered a Speedbees holster for my 627 5" think it was around $84 shipped to the door it was recommended by several shooter's
  12. When you guys talk about the Apex hammer are you referring to the evolution and what do you thing about the TK skeletonized hammer this will be for my 627 pc Ron
  13. I think I saw that most are using a lee crimp die along with a good set of 9mm dies you going to have that going for the next indoor match ? Ron
  14. here's a few more pictures  





  15. MRBerg

    TK custom

    Great news Zac you going to try and make one of the indoor matches Skip is shooting his Revolver good way to get some shooting in with out freezing Ron
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