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  1. finding some good info. here im lucky there's a great rev. shooter at the club I started shooting at watching him shoot makes me want to try a wheel gun Ron
  2. same here in my Shadow 2 11.5 hammer spring and 10 pound recoil spring I tried a 12 and 11 pound 10 worked the best for me I did put the light firing pin spring and longer firing pin thing will eat anything and spit it out
  3. try this lots of info. on here it was back about 5 pages
  4. it can be safely done I talked to a guy at STI about it springs are a big part of it just remember the comp. is smaller and the bbl is shorter so be very careful when working up loads always start low and slowly work up
  5. starting out with minor to get used to the gun and red dot then will switch to major I will shoot it in USPSA maybe some steel
  6. I have one I just got it a little to late in the year it was used needed to work up loads and get it shooting for me you shooting steel or open I'm going to shoot open with mine right now the weather in Iowa isn't very friendly to be outside Ron
  7. MRBerg


    there are two things that make a bullet tumble twist rate and how long the bullet is you need to know what your bbl. twist rate is check and see how long your bullet is the way it sounds to me is your bullets are longer then what you have used in the past hope this helps Ron
  8. I run a 11.5 in my Shadow 2 no problems I did put the longer firing pin and spring kit in mine works great Ron
  9. CZ has a smaller ID /OD not sure how much but my 1911 and 2011 are much bigger
  10. kind of what I figured Thanks for the heads up Ron
  11. anyone tried one of the imported ( clone ) Cmore scopes you see on eBay from China/Hongkong I know chances are there cheep like the price Ron
  12. got it they work fine now Thanks
  13. 2 new mag's have gram guts in them the slide lock is staying open with one round still in the mag can I just cut off the tab from the follower
  14. how long your bullet is will make them tumble and the twist rate look up your set up on the Berger bullet website to make sure your bullets will stabilize in the twist rate your gun has hope this will help Ron
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