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  1. Windshield was $300 and lots of shout saved the shorts
  2. I found the top strap 45 yds. away I never did find the rear sight or the rest of the cylinder so don't make a $1600 mistake like I did
  3. I killed my mint less then a 100 rounds shot in it 29-5 classic over charge I didn't see that my scale was set on 23.5 instead of 13.5 I was not hurt but it took the windshield out of my truck and destroyed my prized revolver I have learned that no matter how many years you have been reloading CHECK and CHECK again
  4. I went with a 627 pc and 38 short colt the nice thing about it is you can shoot 357-38 sp- 38 long colt
  5. The last posting was it's a go and there was a few shooting revo's
  6. This should get you going in my 38 short colt I use TG in my 38 spl. and 357 9mm and the 12ga. I use red dot
  7. Yes he is good but if you look he started with 4 full moons in his rack he shoots then he has none left in it never the less he is unbelievable
  8. I'm just starting so everyone's input is helpful and I'm sure glad you are your dressed in this video lol
  9. My 7 shot was a good deal I just like to shoot it the same goes for my 6 shot 4" 686 no dash pre-lock got it for a really great price if and when matches ever start back up I will shoot my 627
  10. I just shipped a handgun used the usps shipped and ins. for $ 2500 for $53 you must have a ffl send it with usps
  11. I have a 6 shot and a 7 shot 686 no difference just one more shot
  12. that's what I did just pop them off in an old towel just make sure you don't get it burning lol seat the bullets back in and bingo there you go use a black marker and mark the ends so there's no mistaking them
  13. make sure your measure doesn't have static in it that can sometimes make the powder bridge up wipe it with a bounce sheet to help get rid of it and check your powder make sure its not collecting moisture that to will cause powder to bridge up
  14. do they make a little plug kit that fills the hole to keep dust and dirt out be nice to plug the hole up
  15. 4" or 5" bbl I haven't checked my loads yet but my friend has the same gun and with the load I have is getting a 130 pf
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