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  1. kind of what I figured Thanks for the heads up Ron
  2. anyone tried one of the imported ( clone ) Cmore scopes you see on eBay from China/Hongkong I know chances are there cheep like the price Ron
  3. got it they work fine now Thanks
  4. 2 new mag's have gram guts in them the slide lock is staying open with one round still in the mag can I just cut off the tab from the follower
  5. how long your bullet is will make them tumble and the twist rate look up your set up on the Berger bullet website to make sure your bullets will stabilize in the twist rate your gun has hope this will help Ron
  6. one more question I shoot 9X19 only does a gen 1 work better then a gen 2 ( 9mm / 38sc ) for 9mm only I'm just new to the 2011 and looking for some heads up info. as I get started Thanks Ron
  7. I have a Steel Master in 9mm what's your go to mag gen 1 or gen 2 or MBX and why like some input before I dump a pile of cash into mag's Ron
  8. MRBerg

    Racker ?

    hit your thumb one time and you will know why ( ps it hurts )
  9. amazon they have every size and power you want
  10. I was just told the same thing by STI change springs to a 9 or 10 pound you can tell witch spring to use by the one that lays the empty brass 6 to 8 feet from you
  11. got her all cleaned up bead blasted it looks brand new it was over an 1/8" thick in bottom Thanks for all the help and tips this is my first 2011 I haven't even got to shoot it yet Ron
  12. I'm getting it slow but sure man its thick Thanks for all the help Ron
  13. Wipe out bore cleaner not the foam
  14. I take it you plug the bore before blasting to keep it out do you tape off the outside so you don't mess up the finish Thanks in advance Ron
  15. trying to clean the carbon build up out of my comp. any slick way to do it the carbon is hard as a rock ! tried soaking it over night no luck any info. would be great Ron
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