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  1. We had about a dozen on stage 1. Moving backwards and to the right around a wall while doing a reload. If you were not paying attention it was pretty easy to break the 180 at the corner. Jon
  2. It is the primers. They do not function as they should in the cold. Please send all the leftovers to me.
  3. Amen
  4. Thanks. Appreciate the info
  5. How long has Nitro 100 NF been around? Is the old stuff still available?
  6. All he needs is a good bacon sandwich.

    Hope you are doing well.




    1. laz2011


      All is well Jon . Taking it easy for now . 

      How is life on your end ? 

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . 

    2. JON


      Nancy and I are doing well.  Hoping the winter goes by fast so we can get back to shooting and golfing.

      Merry Christmas to you.



  7. Original post almost a year old
  8. SNS works well too!
  9. Does it work now?
  10. If you are plinking all mags seem to work. The problem comes to the forefront when reloading in a match with rounds still in the mag. My experience has been regardless of which ones I have tried will not drop free during a reload with rounds remaining in the mag. Top round slides forward not allowing it to drop free. End up pulling the mag out. Very frustrating.
  11. Turbopower18 He has worked there now for 6 years and they have been running 24/7 the whole time.
  12. From a friend who works at Federal "We are running at capacity right now and just keeping up with loaded round demand for the most part. We have got an expansion plan in the works right now to increase supply" Jon
  13. I worked stage 1 and all of the DQ's were because of the door. Everyone of them opened the door but it did not go as planned, hand slipped off the door, opened it too hard and it bounced back at them or the timing was off and in and attempt to avoid the door they broke the 180 bringing the gun back to the right. One way to help eliminate the problem would have been a bigger shooting box at the start position.
  14. Powder Valley has HS6 in both 1 & 8's