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  1. Fantom919

    New CZC Gun

    Probably a ring shape but I highly doubt it's cut and functions like a factory ring hammer. I would expect this thing to have all the bells and whistles straight out of the box
  2. No, it's all preference. Over time I've changed how I grip my gun so grip panels have changed as well. I think you should ensure the grips allow for correct function first and then go with comfort. By function I mean do they allow your trigger finger to contact the trigger in the exact spot you want with out having to shift your hand around a lot? Off the draw, does your hand position consistently and again contact the trigger exactly like you want? Can you hit the mag release, slide release and safeties easily? I recently changed my trigger finger placement so the trigger is in the joint area and not the pad. To accommodate this I needed a thinner grip on the right side. If you like the current grips but want more texture, try adding jb weld and silicon carbide.
  3. Very nice! How do you like them? It appear that your thumb. Rests much higher than the stock cz extended
  4. He had a previous post on it and bought it from here: http://www.luckydelta.com/shop/CZ-Teile-Tuning/Sicherungen-Safety/CZ75-SP-01-SHADOW-ORANGE-WIDE-SAFETY-SET-RECHTSHAND.html
  5. awesome! Thanks for those pictures
  6. Hello, I've been messing around with my grip and have been thinking of moving away from my thin Rami safeties I currently have on my accushadows. The extended safeties that come with the gun however, are very low (as in where my thumb rests) and force my left hand grip placement to be lower than I'd like. Does anyone have a comparison of the Shadow 1 extended safeties vs the shadow 2 extended safeties and some feedback on the height and feel between the two? A recent post showed that the new shadow orange safeties are like the shadow 2 but fit a cz75 frame. The feel of the current new style sp01 safeties isn't bad and puts my thumb higher, but the profile is just a big hump and not a ledge. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks
  7. Great I'll have to go through my reject pile and pull out some of the xtreme and give it a try. Haven't really seen much stepped brass lately except the few FM and IMT.
  8. The FM I've been checked are still stepped but the x-tremes don't seem to be. I'll make a separate batch and see what happens. Thanks for the input!
  9. I sort though all of my brass and have been chucking the xtreme and perfecta brass as I recall there being some issue with it. I've been searching the net for the article where people had issues with it but can't seem to find it. Anyone have any issues with reloading this brass? I use a dillon 550 right now. Thanks for the help!
  10. Bought a ton of Prima SV when Prima V was hard to come by. Actually prefer it since I can use it in 9mm and .40. Here is my 9mm load data with Prima SV: Dillon 550 Blue Bullet 147FP OAL 1.14" 3.2gr (looked to be throwing +/- .06) Average of 20 shots out of a CZ Accushadow Ave: 905 SD: 7.3 PF: 133.035 Dillon 550 Blue Bullet 147FP OAL 1.14" 3.06gr (looked to be throwing +/- .06) Average of 20 shots out of a CZ Accushadow Ave: 886.7 SD: 5.7 PF: 130.34
  11. Thanks Stuart! I'll try the czc 13lb spring and swe how it goes.
  12. Has anyone had issues with light strikes? I had quite a few using CCI primers and a 11.5lb main spring on my accushadow 1. This was with the CZC kit and not the CGW. I swapped everything back for reliability but have some down time between my next big match and want to mess around with it again. Any differences between the CZC and CGW kits? Options would be federal primers or maybe a 13lb mainspring if I really wanted the reach kit.
  13. I shoot 147's JHP's for a match load but load them to like 139 pf. Slide cycles a bit faster, seem to knock down steel pretty well, and I am never ever worried about making PF at a match.
  14. Yeah I definitely agree. Interesting that the price would go up without actually selling any or having any be used yet. (Full frame camera and a few good lenses doesn't make a $3k press seem that expensive anymore hahah)
  15. Anyone still having a hard time keeping consistent throws over longer runs? I find with prima V I have to check a powder drop every 100 or so just in case. From throw to throw it's pretty consistent but over say 500 rounds if I don't check, I can see a change of .4gr. I do also see very low SD when I chrono but those rounds aren't spread over a long run. Also adding some of my own data I put in a different thread: Tried 3.2 of prima SV at 1.14 with blue bullets 147gr FP out of CZ SP01 Accushadow.  20 shot avg was 905 with std dev of 7.3.
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