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  1. I would too if it’s a 1470...and I am just down the road....
  2. Yes. 2 hole openings....I always pass (not to shun lefties).
  3. RGC

    PT Honcho Questions

    Thanks...slapped a deposit down on a Race shop.......
  4. A few questions for those in the know....emailed them today but maybe a few can help here. 1) do any mags come with the Race Ready or Shop? 2) can any custom (even just leaving slide and frame bare steel with a clear coating) work be done? 3) if I would purchase a Race Shop in 38SC and 40 only, then decide later I wanted a 9mm Major barrel, this be done? 4) if I would purchased a Race Shop, able to buy 2 38SC barrels and a 40? Thanks all, appreciate it. Rob
  5. She is a beaut! What load and pf are you running through it? Heard good things about Venom...turnaround time?
  6. I have owned a few varieties of 38 super comp pistols. My preferred open round. I started out in single stack, played in Open a bit (florida open, euro xtreme, etc.). Completely fell out of the sport for personal and health reasons 4 years ago. Now back...to 50yr old eyes....so decided to get into open again. I have an older SV and a banged up Akai. In the past I have owned STIs, SV's, Brazo STI, Millenium Custom STI, etc. Now considering my next build. I am looking for something that will be more comfortable with IPSC power factor loads (171pf with a 1.240 Zero on 9.8gr of 3N38 was my load). If you had $6-7K to put into an open build, what would you buy? Custom shop (SV) or the custom/assembly shops (Akai/Atlas). Or a more private builder (McLearn, etc)? I really want a metal grip (but lower weight), stroked pistol). Recommendations and why (from owners)?
  7. Nevermind...needs to be flush with front edge. Ordered a mount but unsure I want to go that route as well.
  8. Setting up a 1050 in a few days. I am building a heavy duty bench, but am wondering where to place some supports under the top platforms. How far from the front edge should the 1050 be mounted (or does it matter)? More of a handle striking the table top question....
  9. Anyone recommend a good machinist that can coat a slide. It does not have to be in Georgia, can ship the slide. The ejector port was "ground" by a previous owner. Simply need the outside of port machined smooth and the entire slide refinish coated. thanks!!
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