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  1. Found this in the mark up version of new IPSC rule book........so guess its a go in IPSC.... Addition.... 16 7.1 end of which states.... Changing the original color and/or finish of a handgun, and/or adding stripes or other embellishments is permitted.
  2. For both IPSC and USPSA, is coating the barrel not production legal? IE Titanium Nitride, etc?
  3. Well, just received mine with the blue/black profiled grips with screws. Great looking and quality pieces. Problem is, my Tripp frame is wider than typical 1911s so the magwell will not fit without machining. Shame,...guess it's available if any interest.
  4. And that the insert version was IPSC compliant....
  5. I am looking for a production gun for occasion fun use....considering the XFive or XCalibur....lots of X's apparently. Have shot both sparingly. Liked the recoil of the GP, liked the trigger of the Sig...shot both similarly. Particular preferences or notes on wear or tear issues?
  6. I have been running the USPSA and IPSC version of the Dawson and am have the Techwell XT incoming to sample. Ran SVI's for years before that ... I like a deep angle (the Dawson IPSC is a tad more shallow) that is IPSC compliant.
  7. So I have contacted a contributor here....to fit the aforementioned.... Question is, if it were you, what combo would you buy? Musts: Barrel bushing required.. USPSA/IPSC compliant
  8. RGC

    Lube for 1911?

    I use ELF two stroke racing oil...same as one of the high end custom builders use bottled up...
  9. RGC

    Wilson ETM-V Mags

    Yes, read that one awhile back. I have run Tripps and DP's for the past 5yrs with MOSTLY success...the ETM-V's intrigued me as a possible solution to dirt entering the mags in sandy practice runs.
  10. RGC

    Wilson ETM-V Mags

    Well, seeing as I am looking for potential 10round 9mm Tripp replacements, your comment that their 10 rnd ETM being a disaster is a little disconcerting...
  11. RGC

    Dan Wesson PM7 Or Trophy Match?

    So then looks like the decision is easy...DW. BTW, I competed in Level 3's, internationally, and IPSC World shoot....dragged 2 pistols along but NEVER had to resort to using the back up, ...not even once. Rebuilt a few items on occasion though, but not moving to back up entirely. My back up was 'similar'in fire control parts, etc....enough so that I could move to it...but it was not identical, if that is of any use.
  12. And found the magwell portion too short.... IF the EB is shorter, definitely won't work. Did not want to stick with the DP ICE, but looks like last resolution.
  13. RGC

    Wilson ETM-V Mags

    Which is why I was asking of course...
  14. RGC

    Dan Wesson PM7 Or Trophy Match?

    Of the 2, DW...saving a few hundred dollars on the initial investment is quickly absorbed by the costs of the game....