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  1. Received the same email. 38SC, 9Major, and 40 with IPSC compliant extra magwells and 40 so can shoot either USPSA or IPSC if want to play in Limited.
  2. Exactly what I did. Not accepting new business at this time so guess I wait.
  3. I didnt imply anything negative, just that he said he is not accepting orders and I wanted to know if he was or when as would like to be on the short list. Thats all.
  4. I contacted them last week via FB and was told they are not accepting new inquiries......I then asked when would be a good time to discuss a future project and received ZERO response. So.......lots of doubts.......
  5. Love to see some live fire videos. Did it come with a 170 mag?
  6. Is this photo the pistol in the case it came in? I don't believe they are shipping in the custom foam cut cases any longer.
  7. Shes a beauty! Congrats!! Doubly eager to receive mine now....hopefully over the next couple of weeks.
  8. Great news. I have been holding off shooting for 4 months and ready to go so this is good timing as mine is at 27 1/2 weeks ...
  9. Sorry, meant to state was the physical part of the barrel that the link connects to that cracked.
  10. RGC

    New CZ Open/CM Design

    Yes it would......almost tempted to dump my 2011/Honchos then.....
  11. Actually, its not a bad situation....considering. I am going to inquire about getting a couple made and kept in my tool box. As the stresses are on the linkage and this is the point where its a head on collision with a bus and a semi every shot, its good to know where most of the stress of the gun is going. I am saying, I have shot with a friend that had a barrel link on a S_I break on stage 2 at USPSA Nats. That is the stress point of conventional 1911 designs. So he jumped to his backup. I would rather be in a position that I swap out a locking block. Just spinning a positive as I have had guns go down (and these are 9K+ guns mind you) with cracks etc. I work in the steel world and understand the variations....... Just need the pistol in my hand so I can pound out 100K and test them.......
  12. RGC

    New CZ Open/CM Design

    Just wondering if there are any new design offerings forthcoming for the CMate or open pistols from CZ. As the Shadow 2 has been out for awhile now and the original SP01 based on CZ75B frames and subsequently the larger platforms, just curious as to whether there has been any news on pending design changes for their larger framed platforms (large as in caliber).
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