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  1. They can do frames/receive pistols? Considering slide and frame work on my 1911.
  2. This is the set up I had when U lived in Canada and would travel south with my Open guns, a number of years ago. could rivets or use shaved down screw heads with the mag tube threaded.
  3. I ran 1.150's when reloading 9mm for my single stacks in the past. Ran Tripps and Dawsons and both ran fine with an STI frame (Trojan and Sentry) with an EGW mag release...was a few years back but ran thousands of rounds with no issues.
  4. So keep removing material off “wing” of Disco until the trigger bar drops on reset?
  5. Think this is the culprit. The Disco is hardened material so need to buy a much more resilient file....
  6. Anyone have a list of manufacturers that sell the undercut trigger guard frames separately? I know Virgil sells his (its an over-width frame though) and STI had some in the past (unobtanium it seems). I really do not care if they are square trigger guard or rounded. I simply do not feel likely taking a dremel or round stock to a trigger frame if they can be had already machined.
  7. Thanks. On the first hammer "reset" or slight pull "click and set", when slide off the trigger bar moves up a tiny bit ... at that point the double action works fine. So I will tear it down tomorrow night and see what I can come up with...thanks all.
  8. Anyone able to help with this? Reached out to CGW, they stated to reset the trigger adjustment screw but thats not it at all. Sent a video to them of the issue but no response....and I would like to get this resolved... Not sure if its internal (all internals replaced with CGW goods) or hammer issue...
  9. Looks great! ...I think you'll likely need to invest in a few polishing cloths!
  10. That'll blind the competition for sure....interested to see the final product.
  11. Great thread! I'm a 1911 guy, so feels like I am relearning the whole pistol rebuild process now that I am playing with CZ's. I picked up a Shadow 2. I dropped in all the recommended CGW parts. I know I need to tweak a lot more (too much business travel of late), but looking for an obvious answer. SA works fine, safeties function fine, but DA I need to slightly cock the hammer for it to work. Else there is no pull on the hammer when pulling the trigger and the hammer is down. First point to jump on?
  12. Heard a rumor Grand Power was creating an Xcal steelie...
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