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  1. Good stuff! Hoping for mine in a couple weeks. Lots of time on my hands and could burn a few hours a day at the range.....
  2. I was told by Tiffany my 14 week period was March 9th...so thats pretty definitive.
  3. Week 14 for me was March 9th. Tiffany promptly replied saying the 3 week delay was in effect, and she was being hopeful at that. Hope to hear something from them soon....
  4. Yes. Josco has them...but similar dimensions to IPSC Alex's.
  5. Thanks for the input. It was mostly a "nice to do" project. I run open 2011's and have a Honcho arriving in a couple weeks but this was going to be a side project. Want a home pistol that will run on my 38 SC ammo.... I may look for another top end then...likely more economical. In the meantime I will upgrade the internals and do some polishing. Be a fun open carry piece ....
  6. I see EGW (rail mount...not for me) and Alex's RTS2 option (that fits the Sig but with an overhang) has mixed reviews based on height and location....so aside from those, what are viable options?
  7. Ordered mine Black Friday sales as well. They affirmed in Feb due date was March 9.....was told then they had their fingers crossed for 3 more weeks. So puts me 10 more days to go.
  8. Made up some 8.4gr as well....will be measuring success based on fireball and recoil on a non comped Tanfo soon....not really caring about PF as this is non competitor.
  9. I had a CZ frame done by them. Missed coating on front of frame...they took it back and redid it with an apology. Final product though was perfect.
  10. Hmm. Zinc coating issue? Did you contact them?
  11. Loaded up some at 7.2 and will give it a go later in the week....failing that just gonna run my 170pf ammo through it...
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