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  1. I am thinking the mount is defective. My FTP nor Sig fit.
  2. Does anyone know what the actual screw hold opening sizes are on these? The FTP Alpha 3 is 4mm. Need to know the others?
  3. I liked it. But couldtn't use it. The journals on the Akai mounts are raised. The 4mm holes in the FTP won't work with the 4.28mm wide journals....so need to move to another dot.
  4. Use proper punches......invest in your tools....will save you an incredible amount of grief.
  5. How does one get added to an order waiting list?
  6. I actually emailed them tonight. What is included on the internals.
  7. Actually they built me a 38SC and a 9Major top end back in 2015 when I landed in the US...
  8. Todd, Would really like to be on the 9mm Major list if anything comes up again.
  9. Be interesting if they offered it in 40.
  10. UPDATE: Okay, so even the OEM FP would not install. I have DP extended for 9mm and a Limcat extended. All no go. I did have a couple of old SV's. I tried to insert all in reverse, just to see what the hang up was (inserting tip into breach face). EVERY one would only insert 3/16 or so. Leading me to believe there was a burr (and when I took it down for first time, the factory obviously got the FP installed but there may have been an issue pending but I never fired it). SO, I then installed the older SV, and tapped it in. The FP protruded from the FP hole now, but it was stuck. Tapped it back out. Suddenly all FP's are working again....So a burr it must have been (air blasted it so wasn't another foreign object i believe). First for me....
  11. The FPbis just floating... I had it insert once by trial and error. Utterly ridiculous. I believe CZ missed a complete machining station with this one.
  12. Did all of that...
  13. Funny, but cannot install it....drop spring in, then FP. Cannot get it to seat in the last 1/4”. I have done this literally thousands of times. Believe no chamfering and the FP hole in slide is flat based so inserting the FP is all luck.
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