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  1. I ran both ALOT. For me, CR Speed with insert for single stack, DAA Racers for Double stack.
  2. Anyone run one or have any info on these? Decent price point but looking for real world experience....
  3. I put 150k min on one. Simply changed it because it was one of those things that just created doubt and kept me waking up at 2am screaming ... well not really that bad. I change springs on my birthday but keep it clean as buildup in the extractor chamber places stress in areas not intended when then tool the steel and grain direction.
  4. I have wide hands and ride high so always had upward pressure on the weak side safety and dragged the slide. So I run ambi but get the weak side machines down to 1/8”. Still gives me adequate perch when a stage demands weak hand. Have been doing this to all my 1911 variants.
  5. RGC

    .356 in 9 Major

    No popples, just comp (a PT Honcho).
  6. RGC

    .356 in 9 Major

    Thanks. I was thinking of running HAPs...and looking to get rid of 3500 .356 Zero 125's at the same time...but I may just dump them or reload some grinder weekend loads with them and move directly to the 115's for 9Major...
  7. Anyone using 356 diameters in 9 Major? Looking to standardize bullets w my 38SC.
  8. I had some left over Autocomp.... Just kidding,....thanks on the OD.
  9. Thanks. Yes the 125 HAP. The Zeros are also 125 but their seating depth is different due to profile. But in general my concern or inquiry was related to the bullet OD.
  10. I have a few thousand extra .356 Zero and HAP’s that I need to turn into something. Have plenty 38 SC so was looking to make some production friendly training rounds for a new to me Gen 5 Glock 34. Read that these Gen 5 barrels may be tighter, etc. Anyone had any experiences or qualms with .356 in these barrel? I come from a world of “shouldn’t be a problem”....and then. Looking for actual loads. I am going to fill with N320 with standard 130 pf load strength.
  11. What "bad things" were needed to be fixed? Manufacturing flaws I think would be rather rare...so was this a spring/trigger set up prob, etc?
  12. Great recommendations....I ordered a Honcho and am intrigued by the engineering...AND, I ordered a 38SC (already have 20k brass and am set up for it), 9mm Major (agree with chasing brass comments and just want a flat comparison) and a 40 iron sight block (because I could...). Will see in a few weeks I guess...
  13. Use both springs. Clean extractor hook from any build up. Clean extractor channel with Qtips. Ensure no firing pin housing fitment issues as the extractor needs to move. Chang springs every 120k From my part checklist.
  14. Going to set mine up over the weekend...if I have those issues, it'll be heading back and I will just stick to the pistol vibration devices.
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