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Found 26 results

  1. Just left a local gun range and was able to handle the new Walther Steel Frame Q5. After reading all the hype about this gun, I was ready to be disappointed with it. To my surprise, it looks and feels like one of the nicest factory pistols I’ve ever seen. It’s competitive right out of the box, no need to change sights, triggers or add grip tape, it’s great as is. Similar in weight to a CZ Shadow 2, the trigger is so much better that there is no comparison between the 2 pistols. It seems to be a natural pointer, and to be honest, if I didn’t have so much invested in my 2 Glock 34 Carry Optics pistols, I’d buy one in a heartbeat!
  2. Building stages for an ICORE match in Practiscore, the functionality is there to manage the required number of hits on paper targets, but the steel targets can only be scored as A or M. If I build two steel targets into the stage, I only get to score two shots, one on each. What about stages that require multiple shots on non-falling steel? Would be nice to have the same functionality for steel as for paper: being able to designate the number of shots required for each target. The work-around, I suppose for now, is to count the multiple hit steel targets in with the paper targets, and ignore the B and C zones. It's either A or M. Any other ideas? --j
  3. Hi Everyone, Just sharing the 2018 Michigan steel challenge information being hosted at South Kent Sportsmans Club, Dorr, Michigan from June 1, 2018 thru June 3, 2018. https://www.facebook.com/events/1614296285316410/ Here's a copy/paste from the link. Details: Match starts: June 01, 2018 @ 9:00 AM · Match ends: June 03, 2018 @ 1:00 PM Location: Southkent Sportsmans Club Dorr, Michigan Sign-ups: https://practiscore.com/michigan-championship/register Level II Steel Challenge, all 8 stages. Cash payout for division winners. $75 for first gun, $30 each additional. Juniors: $50 for first gun, $25 each additional. You may shoot two guns per flight. Staff shoot Friday morning starting at 9am with competitors shooting Friday afternoon, around 2pm, Saturday morning at 9am and around 2pm in he afternoon, and again at 9am Sunday morning. Lunch is included in match fee.... First gun for staff is free, but must pay for additional guns. You may only shoot a division once but may shoot the same gun in multiple divisions. Divisions Supported: Carry Optics (CO) Iron Sight Revolver (ISR) Limited (LTD) Open (OPN) Optical Sight Revolver (OSR) Pistol Caliber Carbine Iron (PCCI) Pistol Caliber Carbine Optics(PCCO) Production (PROD) Rimfire Pistol Iron (RFPI) Rimfire Pistol Open (RFRO) Rimfire Rifle Iron (RFRI) Rimfire Rifle Open (RFPO) Single Stack (SS) You must be a USPSA/SCSA member to participate. Please fill out a separate application for each division. No refunds for withdrawals after June 1st. A $10 fee will be charged for refunds. Once you've registered all of your entries we will set the match fee for payment. Hotel Rooms Blocked for Match Quality Inn in Hudsonville (616) 662-4000 https://www.choicehotels.com/michigan/hudsonville/quality-inn-hotels/mi309?source=gyxt
  4. * I am posting this here since it covers several topics and I don't want to get booted from one forum to another because of the breadth of topics * A little background first - I started shooting USPSA production about 8 years ago after I turned 18, and fell in love. I shot as many matches as I could fit into a busy college schedule. I switched over to 3 gun during grad school, and had been enjoying that since graduation. However, last July, my apartment was broken into and my 3 gun rifle and shotgun were both stolen (luckily they didn't notice my 3 week old STI DVC Limited 9mm in the range bag they rifled through), and I have only replaced the AR so far. So since then, I haven't been able to shoot 3 gun since funds have been a little tight and I was down a shotgun. Since late last year and all of this year, I have been shooting exclusively PCC in UML and falling steel matches, and have fallen in love with a gun with a red dot and only having to worry about hitting my targets, and not dealing with as much stage planning as typical 3 gun requires. I have really felt like my speeds and splits have improved dramatically, and I won my first overall match just a month ago shooting PCC. So now I have a new itch (well, not new, but reinvigorated itch) to get into USPSA Open. So here in-lies the dilemma - I miss shooting 3 gun, but I am really enjoying the red dot and fast paced world of PCC and potentially Open... So my question, and what I want to hear your opinions and thoughts on - Do I sell my DVC Limited to go towards a new 9mm Open gun, potentially the new Freedom Gunworks/CK Arms "Solution" and only shoot USPSA Open and UML PCC, or do I keep the DVC, and put a little money into a new shotgun to start shooting 3 gun again? I know the typical answer may be to do both, but that really isn't in the cards right now unfortunately, so I feel like I need help making a decision. I would love to hear any opinions, insight, or experiences you may have in this situation or something similar you have gone through. *I do reload my own ammo, so making major in Open won't be an issue. I am close to a range that has 3 gun, UML, USPSA, and steel matches once a month*
  5. I am curious why I don't see more Man vs Man tournaments. The old American Handgunner match in Montrose, CO and the MGM Grand Nationals in Parma, ID were well attended and the absolute funnest matches I have ever shot. With all the bullets you get to shoot, the number of times you get to shoot a stage, and all the adrenaline that comes from having to beat the guy or gal next to you; Why are these matches not more popular? Ok go!
  6. I apologize in advance if this horse has died several times in the past ... or if it doesn't even belong here. Having come up dry using "search" I just have to ask ... USPSA rules state clearly that metal targets should not be engaged closer than 23 feet (2.1.3 / 10.5.17) ... it's a DQ. I know "Steel Challenge" is under USPSA's wing ... (it is on it's website anyhow!!) ... and that it has it's own rulebook ... but ... There are three (Steel Challenge) courses of fire that employ targets closer than 23 feet. 5 to Go has one at 21' Roundabout has two at 21' Smoke and Hope has two at 21' I am a pretty new shooter but have seen at least one matche (level 1 USPSA) where starting was delayed to correct a stage employing a piece of steel at 7 yards. I was just getting ready to shoot a Steel Challenge match and the 21' steel just popped out at me ... I wonder if anyone ever requested bringing the USPSA rule to 21' for a little consistency ... (easy to remember too)???
  7. One of our local clubs sponsor a steel shoot that limits revolvers to Six shots with iron sights, my 67 year old eyes prefer a longer sight radius than my 5" 625. My current options are purchasing a model 25-2 with 6" barrel or converting my model 25 classic for moonclips as reloads are on the clock and most stages require a minimum of 10 shots. A 610 6" would be ideal however their costs are prohibitive the minimum power factor for this match is 140, are there any other options I should be considering?
  8. After a 30 year break from shooting, a friend took me out and I shot pistols, and rifles for the first time ever. All my previous experience was Shotguns (local trap matches). Had a blast, bought a Sig and started punching holes in paper. Then I wadded up my Motorcycle, separated shoulder, lots of bruising. Long story boring, it hurt to shoot the Sig. Met a guy at the range shooting a Ruger 10/22, after talking for a bit, he tells me "You should shoot this.." well I did, and next thing ya know I bought a 10/22. Put a cheap scope on it and went back to punching holes in Paper. That got boring, too easy with the scope, even at 100 yds. There are some steel swinging targets at 100 yds at our range, so started plinking them... well that was fun, the little plink a second or so after ya pull the trigger makes me giggle for some reason. a few months later and I put a reflex on the Ruger, and bought a Buckmark Pistol, and I'm gonna shoot Steel. First match was our local Rimfire, shot it with a buddy, had a blast and didn't finish dead last. I am totally hooked. Realize there are lot's of areas I can improve, but decide the most obvious is time from Low Ready to the first Plate. Worked on that a lot, then signed up and shot the open rimfire rifle and pistol divisions at our steel challenge match. Had just as much fun, though not sure I was completely satisfied with my performance, "pressed" too much and had misses. Between the first rimfire and the steel match, I built a rifle just for steel. Needed something lighter (and let's face it, just cooler) for my bad shoulder. Rifle came out better than I hoped, and runs very well, no issues, except the guy pulling the trigger. Lots, and lots of practice the last 3 weeks and shot my second rimfire match yesterday! 9th in open, 10th overall. outta 40 shooters... Very pleased considering the names above me would be known to most people. I'm still no threat to them, but just breathing the same air is pretty cool, and seeing my name in the same neighborhood as theirs is fuel to practice on. Besides continuing to work on time to first plate, I need to work on stopping the swing, I keep over swinging past the next target. If you can't tell, I'm HOOKED!
  9. I have a P320 X-Five coming my way and I was wondering if anyone here may already have some recipes. Looking for any load recipes for use in Production, Carry Optics, Steel and 3-Gun. I will be loading in 9mm using 124gr JHP/CMJ projectiles with either CFE Pistol or Titegroup powders. I'd appreciate any help or recommendations. Thanks!
  10. Howdy shooters! The WildGats are now up in full swing at the University of Arizona! We're a student run organization and a sub-sect of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation with our sights trained on firearms education and local/national competition. If you're a student in the region or if you're interested in supporting firearm education, culture and 2A sports please check us out at our website: http://wildgatswebsite.wixsite.com/wildgats Hit me with any questions or comments you might have, I'm happy to answer. We'll take all the support we can get! Shoot well, Tyler Browne (President and Co-Founder of the WildGats)
  11. Time Again for Linea de Fuego's Fifth Saturday of DECEMBER ALL STEEL MATCH! Pistol shooters, shotgun shooters, .22 shooters - come join us this Fifth Saturday, December 31st 2016, for an all steel USPSA-style match. This is a great match for shooters in any of the competitive disciplines - USPSA, IDPA, Police, Cowboy, etc. We allow .22s (pistol and rifle) for this match so bring the kids or a new shooter along. The match consists of a minimum of seven USPSA style stages using only steel targets and the usual USPSA props (barricades, barrels, ports, etc.). If it's made of steel we shoot it - pepper poppers, round and square plates, movers, swingers, plate racks, Texas stars, and more. Round count is typically around 150, but bring lots of ammo as steel is unforgiving. We recognize all USPSA pistol divisions, as well as both .22 pistol or rifle and shotgun (sorry, no magnums or .223). Pistol Caliber Carbines are Welcome! The round count will be between 20-24 per stage. Get there early and sign up in your favorite squad. Squadding is mandatory! Because of the large turnout we will start registration and mandatory squadding at 7:15 AM. Shooter's Meeting at 7:45 and First Shots Down Range at 8 AM. Match fee is $35 for the non-members and $25 for LdF members. We have a vendor who will have food and drink available for purchase at the range. Your support of the food vendor will help ensure that they continue to return for future matches.:grilling: If you're not planning to purchase food or drink you should bring something to drink as there is no running water at the range. Match info: http://lineadefuego.info/matches/index.php Directions to the range: ://lineadefuego.info/matches/ncsa.php[/url] New shooter info: ://lineadefuego.info/matches/new_shooters.php[/url] Bring at least 4-5 magazines, & holster if you have them, if not you may be able to use one of the other shooters magazines, or someone in your squad can reload the empty ones and hand them back to you while you’re shooting. Please NO Shotgun Slugs (Birdshot only) NO Magnum Pistol Calibers NO Rifle Caliber Pistols (.223 etc.) PISTOL Caliber CARBINES are WELCOME!! Ring Out the Old Year with a Fun Day of Shooting!
  12. On the pistol side of things, we have the 23 foot requirement for steel. On the rifle side of things, we have the 147 foot requirement. Even tho PCC uses pistol rounds, the velocities are closer rifle speeds which will cause much more dangerous splatter when struck on steel. There is a reason why rifle steel must be placed so much farther away. Why is PCC not going to have to adhere to this safety issue?
  13. The Buffalo Target Shooters Association (BTSA) is pleased to welcome you to: Canadian National Steel Challenge 2016 ! Match Sponsor Grand Power Canada This is a three day event being held on 19, 20 and 21 Aug 2016 by BTSA at the Homestead range on the edge of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains, just west of Calgary, AB Canada. We will be shooting the standard 8 Steel Challenge stages in the Main and Rimfire events, while also recognizing Steel Master. There is a maximum of 2 main guns and 2 rimfire guns. EACH GUN MUST BE REGISTERED SEPARATELY. Up to 2 guns will be shot per day. If you are shooting 1 or 2 guns you may request a preferred shooting day on the registration form. If you are shooting 3 or 4 guns you will be shooting 2 or 3 days. First gun is $70, additional guns are $30 each. Please submit payment by EMT to match@btsa.ca for the full match fee. Please use the Question "Steel Password" and Password "BTSA2016". Registration is not complete until BTSA has received payment. To pay by check or money order, print out and send a completed online registration form and check to: Buffalo Target Shooters Association PO Box 394 300, 8120 Beddington Blvd NW Calgary Alberta T3K 2A8 No refund of match fees after 11 Aug 2016. For more information please see www.SteelChallenge.ca Registration: practiscore.com/canadian-national-steel-challenge-2016/register Questions: md@SteelChallenge.ca Last Edit: 29 Mar 2016 08:20 by Winchester3030. Report to moderator QUICK REPLY REPLY QUOTE THANK YOU REPLY TOPIC SUBSCRIBE FAVORITE Board Categories Public - General Information - Classifieds - For Sale - Classifieds - Wanted - Commercial - Dealers - Reviews: Product & services - Training Courses - Black Badge Courses - Range & Club Information Members Only - General Discussion - Rules - Technical - Match Registration - The Stats Office - Match Pictures & Video - Reloading - Projects - Match Director Q&A - Suggestion Box Old Forums - Archived - Public Forums - - General Information (OLD) - Private Forums - - General Discussion (OLD) - - The Rules (OLD) - - Match Director Q&A (OLD) - - Match Pictures & Video (OLD) - - Projects (OLD) Forum Public General Information Canadian National Steel Challenge 2016 Powered by K
  14. Tri-State Region BIG Money Match Where: Miami Valley Shooting Grounds When: Aug 29-30 Cost: $30 Shooting activity type: Outlaw Steel See attachment for details.
  15. Sorry to bring up an age old, and ongoing debate.. BUT ..I have gotten myself very confused and muddled = ConFudDLED big time. I have been shooting local club IDPA matches with a new S&W M&P 9MM Pro (love it) … Now I want to start playing in the steel world, and though not indigent, don’t want to go into the dollar race (aka race gun) competition. Thus I am looking at Limited (Yes I know I can use the M&P for Production). I Currently own a bevey of pistols include a Springfield 1911 .45., Glocks (17, 19) and assorted revolvers. I am looking to purchase something for Steel, Limited division. In all the reading, forum trolling and listening (You Tube) I am very confused at what I should use for both Limited and Production Steel events. Pistols range from 1911, 2011, Striker/Safe action and the calibers range from 9mm & .40 cal, blah blah blah. I give up guessing, thus I want to reach out to knowledgeable, experienced sources - soooooo, thanks for volunteering! {smiles} So, if you had $800 to $1,000 to spend and want to pick a gun (style and caliber – not necessarily manufacturer) to shoot competitively in Steel, Limited division, what would you choose? As to the Steel, Production division, the same range and question – (hmmm would the S&W M&P in 9mm work well or something else?) I am an experienced pistol shooter (over 40 years), handloader, and dreamer. Did a lot of old time police combat competition (30 years ago) .. but its been a while since I have been shooting competitively with a pistol other than the recent foray into IDPA. Your guidance/thoughts/discussions are gratefully welcome. Thanks.
  16. Quick question for you all. I'm trying to come up with a decent load for the Pro Am next month. I have about 1800 Nosler 135 grain JHP's just sitting on my shelf and I would like to make use of them. My current load for limited major is 4.45 grains WST under a 180 grain Black Bullet, mixed cases, 1.160 COAL (runs fine in my 2011) with an 11 pound spring. My previous steel/minor load was all of that, with 3.4 grains Tite Group as the powder. My question is, can I just put a 9 pound spring in, change the bullet to the 135 JHP, and expect it to work? I would test it first, of course, and probably need a 9 or 8 pound spring, but is that feasible? Starting load on Hodgdon's website is 5.5 grains at 1.125 COAL. Gun being used is a 6" 2011 in .40. Thoughts? Thanks. -John
  17. The Schultz/NISA Steel match is back this year at Schultz Rod & Gun Club in Muskego, Wisconsin (90 minutes from Chicago... if you speed). MAY 30, 31 - 10:00 am to 3:00 pm 8 stages, approx. 180 rounds Divisions: Open, Limited, Production, Rimfire Open, Rimfire Iron Sights (rimfire does not use a holster; start from low ready) $40 single division, either day: $60 two divisions, both days. Juniors $30/$45. Cash prizes. Preregistration is now available at Practiscore. Note that if you are registering for two divisions, i.e. both days, you need to do a separate registration for each day. https://clubs.practiscore.com/schultz-nisa-steel-match/register We have a hot dog vendor lined up for Sunday. Nobody yet for Saturday but we're working on it. We'll be using adapted Steel Challenge-style stages, rules, and scoring. Prize money will be won using a modified Lewis system such that the winners of each division will receive top prize, shooters closest to 75%, 50% and 25% will also receive awards so everyone has a decent chance to win something.
  18. Jabs Extreme Steel Targets and Dothan Gun Club are proud to announce the first annual JABS EXTREME STEEL TARGET CHALLENGE On April 24th – 25th 2015 Dothan Gun Club will host the newest concept of an all steel match. Come test your skills at this match, veteran shooters and new shooters alike. Try out some challenging stage designs and a new concept of bonus targets that has never tried before. This new concept will have some very challenging custom targets designed by Jabs Extreme Steel Targets set out in each stage that if engaged and hit will take seconds off your time. There will be 6 stages of knockdown steel and 2 stages of static steel. This will be a time/plus penalties scoring match, with stage cut off times built into the stage. Basically you will get to shoot’em till they all fall but not stand and go to war with the stage. There will be only two division: limited irons and open, both will have to follow all of the current USPSA limited and open rules as they pertain to the firearms used. Irons Division magazines will be limited to 10 rounds. Competitors will compete using their USPSA class or (IDPA equivalent class) and can register and shoot in both divisions. There will be cash payouts and trophies for top shooters in each class and also a prize table. The best part of this match will be on Saturday night during the announcements and prize table. All shooters, RO’s and vendors (sponsors) will be invited to a Whole Hog Cookin’ with all the fixings’ to go along with it for a nice after shoot party. Plan on joining us for a fun weekend of shooting and good eating, with good friends and fellow competitors. Registration will begin on December 15, 2014 at www.Jabssteeltargets.com Date: April 24-25 Location: Dothan Gun Club Entry Fee: $120, $90 for Juniors T-shirt, welcome bag, and Saturday night BBQ dinner included in entry fee. Your bag might include random prizes! You may sign up for and shoot both divisions if you want. 8 Stages Roughly 250 pieces of steel. For any questions (including sponsorships) contact: Jeremy Brannen Jeremy@Jabssteeltargets.com (334) 726-3171 The full info PDF is attached including the full sponsorship breakdown. Jabs match 2015 good.pdf
  19. Hi, there, I am new here can't wait to know all of you. I am working for Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co., Ltd, a firm engaged in metallurgical furnaces. I hope I can enjoy in this site.
  20. We are happy to announce that we now have a Registration website for our Steel Scoring iPad app. It can be used for Steel Challenge events, Custom Steel (your own divisions, stages, runs and more) or Knockdown Steel events! If you are a Club admin, please use the Contact Us link if you are interested in trying it out. Website: http://steelscoring.com The Steel Scoring iOS app is very flexible and easy to use. Best of all it’s free, thanks to our sponsors! It is also the first app to work directly with the Double-Alpha Shotmaxx Timer (iPad 2 or newer required), so times can be transmitted directly into the app. We've had a few requests for custom penalty time and it is now in the latest version of this app. You want 5 seconds per missed plate? You can now do that! https://itunes.apple...91767?ls=1&mt=8 We’d like to hear your feedback? Thanks. Cheers, Adam.
  21. I have a Glock G20 will I will soom sell and will use the procedes to buy either the XDM or the PPQ M2. It's main use would be for USPSA limited and other stuff like IDPA and Steel challenge. I like both of them but would like some opinions as to which would be better for USPSA. I wish I could rent both for comparison but where I live that is not an option. I like the Walther because it is unique and have heard nothing but good things about the trigger but the Springfield has better sights, higher capacity and is more customizable plus has a proved track record. But I have read about people liking the Walther so well they have sold their Springfields. On the other hand......
  22. I have a Glock G20 will I will soom sell and will use the procedes to buy either the XDM or the PPQ M2. It's main use would be for USPSA limited and other stuff like IDPA and Steel challenge. I like both of them but would like some opinions as to which would be better for USPSA. I wish I could rent both for comparison but where I live that is not an option. I like the Walther because it is unique and have heard nothing but good things about the trigger but the Springfield has better sights, higher capacity and is more customizable plus has a proved track record. But I have read about people liking the Walther so well they have sold their Springfields. On the other hand......
  23. The last major match of the year in Texas, the Texas Pro Am Steel Championship will be held in Corpus Christi on December 14, 2013. 9 stages, 30+ steel per stage, 18 seconds par time per stage. For out of town shooters, you can drive down early Saturday morning, start shooting by 10:00AM. Open squadding (shoot stages whenever you're ready). Awards ceremony with gold, silver, and bronze medals at 5:00PM. Party starts at 6:00! Non-profit (every penny goes back into the match). One day match, just $58. It includes an awesome shrimp boil, live band, and ice cold beer. It's going to be a BLAST! Go to www.texasproamsteel.com for more info.
  24. COMING...MARCH 2, 2014 COWTOWN STEEL - One Day ALL STEEL Match - 8 Stages - 200+ rounds. Centerfire pistol, rimfire pistol & rifle, and shotgun (limit 2 entries per person). 3 stages of all falling steel, 3 stages of falling & static steel, 2 stages of static steel.
  25. The South Florida Pistol Club will be hosting the 1st Annual Steel Challenge Match at Markham Park on November 30 December 1, 2013. This local two day match, limited to 120 shooters, AM/PM format, will be open to all shooting disciplines, USPSA, SCSA, IPDA, SASS, Law Enforcement, and Military. Rules, Divisions, and Categories’ governing this event will be the USPSA/SCSA current edition. Minimal handgun requirements will be any centerfire handgun 9mm to 45ACP, with an exterior holster that covers the trigger completely. Holsters must be positioned according to USPSA or IDPA rules. No shoulder or cross-draw holsters allowed, exception SCSA rule. Rimfire .22lr. handguns will shot from the low ready position and must be presented bagged to the firing line. Stages will be posted on the SFPC form and will be the 8 SCSA sanctioned stages and 2 outlaw stages. Visit SFPC web site at http://www.sfpc.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5717 for more details. Registration will be done using Match Sign Up http://www.matchsignup.org/match/chooseamatch.php for online registration and squadding, $65.00 First Gun, Second Gun Rimfire $30.00. Lunch is included in your registration and be provided each day. Questions can be posted or e-mailed to Rick Rick@ACGuns.com or Bill Novotny wnovotny@comcast.net Thanks….Rick
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