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  1. Might pose a problem with bathroom breaks as well.
  2. Even early on reviews of the 929 reported horrible results of sticking brass upon extraction just using +p ammunition.
  3. So, the consensus is that, be it indoors or out, dry fire matters?
  4. Puts me in mind of an old cartoon that showed a plane with three engines on one wing and only one on the other. Two mechanics are scratching their heads while looking at the blueprints and the tagline below the cartoon reads, 'Do It Right The First Time'.
  5. As Jack has alluded to, there are people in all walks of life, professions, schools who exhibit these behaviors. While I won't say they fill our society they are a presence. To me their behaviors stand out more because they are outside of the norm from my experience.
  6. Pretty cheeky thing to say, don't ya think?
  7. A good attorney could possibly make the case for temporary insanity ... or not.
  8. I believe Dawson Precision makes base pads for the Chip McCormick 8 round Power Mags. You can check at dawsonprecision.com to see if they have what you need.
  9. Quick update. From the information at Practiscore it appears the match has indeed been rescheduled to September 19th. Hopefully by then things will have begun getting back to some semblance of normal ... for us shooters anyway.
  10. Is it against forum policy to say (type), "Well crap!"
  11. Working the opposing muscle groups isn't so much to prevent tendonitis, but to keep the range of motion and joint stabilization. If you've ever seen someone who only does bench presses and/or push-ups without doing rowing type exercises you may notice them having a rounded shoulder posture. Have you seen some of the football or basketball players on "Dancing With The Stars" try to assume a proper posture in hold? It's funny to see, but they're so used to being in a crouched position it's hard for them to stand fully upright with their shoulders and head back because, to them, it just isn't natural. Believe me, we worked folks pretty diligently on this in Physical Therapy.
  12. This. Anytime you work a muscle group you need to also work the opposing muscle group. It can also help cut down the chances of tendonitis and muscle soreness to use an ice water bath for the hand/wrist/forearm after such exercises. Alternate cold immersion for twenty minutes and then out of the cold for twenty minutes.
  13. Just make sure there's NO ammo anywhere around, otherwise an AD would probably stand for Accidental Dismemberment.
  14. I am hopeful that if the match cannot be held as scheduled that it may perhaps (if safety permits) be postponed to later in the year and not canceled outright. It would be nice to be back at PASA shooting a 1911 in competition with people of like minds.
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