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  1. The Springfield Range Officer has served me well.
  2. I mean, I wouldn't really characterize it as an addiction. We could quit whenever we wanted to. We just don't want to. That's all.
  3. His first name wouldn't happen to have been Vito would it?
  4. My first match ... A. I came back home alive B. I counted no extra holes in my body C. I came away looking forward to the next match
  5. The OP may want to consider using a primer pocket reamer on his brass to get a consistent seating depth as well.
  6. All the 38 Super brass you could ever hope to need is only a few clicks away at starlinebrass.com.
  7. So, just to clarify, are we talking about something as subtle as a Mona Lisa smirk or does it have to be a full on, ear-to-ear maniacal grin?
  8. Gamers! You people are ruining 'Merica with your gaming ways!
  9. The attitude that sells millions of lottery tickets!
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