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  1. The 2021 Single Stack Classic at PASA Park in Barry, IL is scheduled for May 15th. Registration is at practiscore.com/pasa-il-09-2021-single-stack-classic/register with an entry fee of $20 for members and $40 for non-members. It is listed as a Level 1 match. At present there are 52 spots left.
  2. Have I done it? Sure ... and then I woke up.
  3. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this.
  4. I think everything they make is based on a 6 round cylinder regardless of caliber.
  5. Checked the Advanced Powder Products, Inc. website and they're saying their MIM has a theoretical density of just under 98% of wrought steel. Figured we were pretty close.
  6. My Range Officer needed only a polishing of the internals (including contact surfaces of the sear spring) while swapping the ILS mainspring housing to a polymer unit and a Techwell grip and magwell allowed me to use an EGW tungsten FLGR and still make weight. A Dawson fiber optic front sight and flat trigger were personal preferences. It works well.
  7. I'm trying to recall the exact MIM to forged comparison numbers, but I believe MIM was/is supposed to be around 95% the hardness of forged parts.
  8. Your S&W revolver (PC or otherwise) will be as good as you choose to make it.
  9. I have total confidence in TK. They've done work on a couple of my S&W carry revolvers and I couldn't be happier with them.
  10. This has been a pet peeve since it was instituted. Try to find a standard factory 40 S&W load that doesn't meet power factor ... easily. It made even less sense when the 10mm was excluded. With all the folks shooting Limited in USPSA wanting to use one setup to load for their guns I can see the 40 being popular (I'd go that route myself), but quite a few people still own just one caliber of 1911 and that is 45 ACP. Granted, CDP is not exclusively limited to the 1911, as previously noted, but that single action trigger is hard to beat.
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