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  1. yesterdat the first test... first load was just the minimum load of N320 with a 115gr Fiocchi FMJ. gun worked fine and +- 2" group ofhand at 25m. the standard STI trigger is way to long for me so I have to fit something different (Geppert Vario trigger) I've cleand the comp and put a new barrelcrown on the barrel... there where some "cleaning marks" on the barrel... now I have some .357 127gr TC bullet for test 2 (plated H&N bullets from Germany)
  2. SPS... bad parts, bad fitted barrels, pinholes to big. overall I think the Bul is a better choise than the SPS If you are in Europe the STP is the best 1911/2011... or get a descent custum build... but I see a lot of bad fitted barrels from custom builders in Germany and the Netherlands. gr T
  3. SPS is even worse than BUL
  4. My 20y old les baer is HC... has some scratches from PPC schooting I have an 1911 in DLC, coating is worn out on the slide rails and worn from the "detent ball" from my gost holster My new PPC pistol is in Melonite/tenifer and is not as pretty as the DLC or Chrome but is not tested yet in competition DLC is a hard coating on "soft" metal, Melonite/tenifer makes a hard suface in the metal (surface) I would go for a chrome frame and melonite slide
  5. I just had one on my workbench... it was one of the more expensive models with the E² triggergroup frame slide fit was (verry) good triggerjob was (verry) good fit of the barrel... would be good for a 1000 euro pistol, not for a 4K pistol. barrel locks up on the link and the barrel had vertical play in the slide (comped barrel). just my 2 cents
  6. Hi I found the instructions on your website! thanks Tom
  7. I have the gun... barrel looks OK but the hoodfit is not tight (not as tight like I build them) is there an online manual for the moversight?
  8. I bought an older bianchi shroud with movermount and an Aimpoint comp. the good thing there is an older SVI bolted on to it It is chambered for 38super, I have not seen it in real life so I don't know how the barrel is. If the barrel is good I would keep it in .38. I have no brass so should I go for super or super comp brass? if the barrel is not capable of descent groups I can fit a new barrel and I can go 9x19 (or 9x23)
  9. maybe this is a solution https://www.smallcaliberpropellants.com/en/our-products this is the manufacturer of most ramshot powders (Belgium, Europe)
  10. 6.1gr power pistol, good 115gr JHP... accurate with gas to work the comp (but loud and flashy) or a factory +P load with 115gr bullets
  11. I like them both with a STI sear (with a true radius)
  12. I train some new PPC shooters, a good tip is to start with a load that is known for acuracy and don't try to invent the wheel again. new shooters think it is the gun, the ammo and invest to much time on testing ammo to find out that cheap components and fast powders ( to load as much and as cheap as possible) will not work for accuracy. the info is al online, search on the WWW for Bob Marvel, Joe Chambers, David sams, top shooters like Thomas Svenson... and you see it is all about Powder pistol, N330, federal, and good JHP bullets (hap, xtp), and for 50yards new or x reloaded brass...
  13. BT is a brand from Italy I believe RV custom uses BT parts (I talked some years ago with the owner) I don't like HPS (Hans Peter Schafer) pistols... his pistols work... but the fit is of the parts is not optiumum while the price is for optimum performance products
  14. try to post your question in the Bianchi cup topic... Bianchi pistols can have different setups, Bruce Piatt, Kevin Angstadt, Adam Sokolowski etc use the basic 1911 with shroud. Koenig has an other setup (I belive commander slide, fixt bushing to the frame and a shroud with comp.
  15. can't give more info on the BT extractor... just noticed that the SPS slide has a crack in the breacgface/extractor tunnel.... less than 1 year old, les than 5000rnds...
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