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  1. maybe this is a solution https://www.smallcaliberpropellants.com/en/our-products this is the manufacturer of most ramshot powders (Belgium, Europe)
  2. 6.1gr power pistol, good 115gr JHP... accurate with gas to work the comp (but loud and flashy) or a factory +P load with 115gr bullets
  3. I like them both with a STI sear (with a true radius)
  4. I train some new PPC shooters, a good tip is to start with a load that is known for acuracy and don't try to invent the wheel again. new shooters think it is the gun, the ammo and invest to much time on testing ammo to find out that cheap components and fast powders ( to load as much and as cheap as possible) will not work for accuracy. the info is al online, search on the WWW for Bob Marvel, Joe Chambers, David sams, top shooters like Thomas Svenson... and you see it is all about Powder pistol, N330, federal, and good JHP bullets (hap, xtp), and for 50yards new or x reloaded brass...
  5. BT is a brand from Italy I believe RV custom uses BT parts (I talked some years ago with the owner) I don't like HPS (Hans Peter Schafer) pistols... his pistols work... but the fit is of the parts is not optiumum while the price is for optimum performance products
  6. try to post your question in the Bianchi cup topic... Bianchi pistols can have different setups, Bruce Piatt, Kevin Angstadt, Adam Sokolowski etc use the basic 1911 with shroud. Koenig has an other setup (I belive commander slide, fixt bushing to the frame and a shroud with comp.
  7. can't give more info on the BT extractor... just noticed that the SPS slide has a crack in the breacgface/extractor tunnel.... less than 1 year old, les than 5000rnds...
  8. I have the Geppert triggers, they are good but need fitting. firtst fit the bow, then the bow wit trigger for a good fit
  9. since you are in Europe... best parts for a good price https://cesar-shop.com/product/egw-ignition-kit-w-lightened-hammer-1911-2011 , they do need adjustments for optimum performance change the extractor (SPS will break) look that the mag isn't touching the ejector while inserting, ejector will break if they touch I have now a BT extractor and ejector (also from the CESAR WEBSHOP), parts look good but need some adjustments
  10. loads from bullseye/PPC/BIANCHI shooters for 50y accuracy 115gr XTP/HAP 6.1gr Power Pistol 115gr XTP/HAP 5gr N330 115gr +- 1050 FT/Sec 124 +- 1020 ft/sec 147gr +- 900ft/sec new or 1x reloaded brass (same stamp), Federal gold primer, no crimp atlanta arms, Stan Chen factory ammo federal hydrashock 147gr factory these are accuracy loads, not the best for IPSC, IDPA, USPSA...
  11. load and springs are fine... try to adjust the ejecor for a more horizontal ejection
  12. bump up your load a little. cases are not ejected at all and are pushed back forward. (maybe a lighter recoilspring) remove some material on the inside (tip) of the ejector so it hits the case more to the outside. and as JPL above mentioned remove some material so the ejector hits the case as high as possible. this way the brass will eject more horizontal
  13. take a look at Chambers custom pistols, Joe builds first class bullseye pistols that shoot sub 1" @50y... he also builds open pistols Accuracy X is the same than you have an accurate and correct build pistol you can spent a lot on special engravings/milling/laser cuts and still have a 3" or more gun @ 50yards if you look at the new Bull sasII balasteros you pay a few thousand dollars/euro's and the piringpin stopplate isn't even cut to the correct hight of the slide... SVI is nice and looks cool but they don't won the bianchi cup, PPC nationals or bullseye...
  14. N330 is THE powder for accurate (50yards) 9mm loads (and power pistol and N320)
  15. get yourself a STI or a custom... I see a lot faults in SPS pistols... they use a long link for lock up, link will wear and the berrel seems to "torque" itself in the slide/frame remove barrel and guide rod and than you can check slide-frame tollerance there is most of the time something wrong in the trigger mechanism (most shooters don't know enough about the mechanism to recognise the problems) al cheap MIM parts (had 1 with a 3.5lbs trigger with hammerfollow, bad hammer) saw 1 that shot when you release the trigger, not whe you pull the trigger there is no pin for the mainspringcap (safe money where you can...) my experience with SPS...
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