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  1. N320......quest over!!
  2. I’ve been running a well used 650 for 9 mm for quite awhile......running my last batch of 9 mm the powder drop assembly seems to be dropping down with a “ thud”......it’s not a smooth action up and down as usual! Any thoughts.....putting off Calling Dillon because they are still swamped Thanks in advance......
  3. I went from Limited to Open a couple of years ago.....Old eyes were my driving force...really glad I did..optics will extend my ability to shoot for a longer period of time and the bonus I no longer wear corrective lenses to shoot pistol and optic rifle...Other than mechanical problems ...Open is a blast....
  4. Agree with above...my only wish is an option of a larger dot on the 510c....I never use the ring on my pistols.....
  5. Been running 2 510c on 9 Major Chaos Open......the only ones that have held up. Highly recommend! Hope this doesn’t curse me !!!
  6. My experience......used exclusively CCI small pistol primers.....RF level and plumb on a mouse pad , reostat perfectly adjusted and Dillon sent me several of the blue drop cups..replaced original. 99.5% success rate. Decided to use up my remaining stash of Winchester small pistol......Went south fast...I’m convinced it’s the rough finish on the Winchester primers that hate the RF!..... I know everyone has good and bad experiences with all brands ...but I’ll be happy to return to CCI.
  7. HI-50.....whatever the standard yellowish color is.....they are self darken lenses....in Hawaii they should be excellent!
  8. Had them cut a pair of lenses for my Rudy Radon frames....very satisfied so far..only one match under clouds. These do take some getting used to as the color schemes seem a little odd....time will tell. Finally...what a great company to deal with !!!!!!....sent the frames in as requested , got a note that the lenses were good to go , returned as promised. It is so pleasant to deal with people that actually care about the products and their customers...highly reccommend trying a set if you can.
  9. See if you can find a school or company that has used Astroturf. It really heavy but you will only do it once.....
  10. Thank you all....questions answered.....I suspected as much.......using a Hornady puller in a single stage....slow work!
  11. I am pulling a large quantity of loaded 9mm rounds and am wondering if I can put these primed cases in my corn tumbler to clean prior to reloadiing...times are tough! Thanks in advance.......
  12. Same here....have some 147 Blue Bullets shot the collet will not grab....but the others do fine....tedious but worth recycling all those primed cases!
  13. Received my 9 mm Hornady collet yesterday and set it up on my single stage Lee press. It did take some fine tuning....watched a couple of Youboob videos..helped. Overall very happy...worked on 90% of my rounds....beats the hell out of Mr Plastic Hammer for volume. thanks to all .........
  14. My previous question.....what different spacers are needed for STI mags ?....I run really long COL for Major in my mags and have had an occasional hang up....just curious.
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