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  1. Shooters World Major Pistol.....Open...exact same problem with “ oatmeal “. PF 172....124 DP HP. i sent this formula to the manufacturer and have had no response...... It’s just a hassle for me , but would be interested in eliminating it completely!!
  2. I am a member in a small non affiliated club in North Carolina. Can we register the club on Practiscore to raise awareness of our monthly matches? We are a small group but always looking to encourage more shooters to join a friendly bunch. Any other suggestions welcomed!! Thanks in advance.....
  3. Anyone getting “ cornmeal” residue left on your pistol with Major Pistol ? Apparently it’s unburned Powder adhering to all the oiled area ? Contacted manufacturing and they asked for my loading data....no response yet............
  4. I have one of the new Tevo hard covers and the soft cover as well....The Tevo is hard and fits really well..as far as any padding factor..it's lacking ..but fits well.
  5. Yep...all mags were re tuned to Adam's specs with my old Dawsons tuning kit..........
  6. I have been running multiple MBX mags in my 9mm open pistol. Have 140 and 170's. As of late I have been experiencing a plague of mag problems. Essentially the rounds are dipping in the mag at various points and causing mag jams. All the mags in question were serviced with MBX folowers and springs and were tuned to the best of my ability. I had been running various STI mags for years. Constantly clean and inspect all my mags. Any thoughts on whats causing the feed problems out on the tube?? Secondly......any experiences with replacing the MBX guts with Grams parts?.......I'm assumiong I would use the appropriate 140/170 Grams STI parts set? Any guidence greatly appreciated. Is there a possibility that this is an extractor or ejector problem rather than magazines??......Thanks in advance!

    Racker ?


    Racker ?

    Silly question perhaps.....what up with the radically angled racker design vs the traditional flat version......looks awkward to the unknowing eye!
  9. Received the extension from DAA......EXCELLENT.....works perfectly....hope it stays put!!? Get one .............
  10. My contact plate slid back exactly like this....turn around 3 1/2 weeks....cool huh? My fifth DPP repair......over and out!!
  11. Currently running an EGW U - die on my 650 for 9 Major. Is there any further advantage to trying the Mighty Armory recapping and sizing die as opposed to the EGW ? Attempting to maximize case processing as opposed to a roller- sizer.........Thanks!
  12. I’m 65 and was shooting Limited. Tried several sets of reverse prescription lenses with correction on top. Worked pretty well....front fiber optic was crystal clear...distance another matter. As my near vision was getting worse with Father Times cruel effect, I made the horrible mistake of shooting a friends Atlas Open Pistol.Well....that was that!!! I switched to open and the optics have changed everything. No longer use any prescription glasses at all. Yea, getting accustomed to the red dot has been a task.....but a damn fun one. I considered Carry Optics....but Open is a whole new world....very interesting....to say the least. last advantage is I can use the same glasses for rifle optics as well. No more having to look below the prescription. Optics are the future of our sport!!!!......because the majority of shooters are aging rapidly. Just my opinions!!!! Thnaks.
  13. Excellent....mine shipped today....THANKS guys!!
  14. Just ordered the extension rod.....thanks !!!!!
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