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    Open gun help

    Asked and answered...Thanks......got a few RN to go through first

    Delta Point Pro ??

    My second DPP will not automatically turn off even after 30 minutes .....Shot a match Saturday and it went blank after the second stage..slapped it hard and came back on....frustrating....and I’ve got 3 of them. I’ll see how Leupolds repair system works when and if I get the first one back. They kindly sent me an address label to return the second unit. Never had any of the problems with AR style red dots...my Eotechs have been magic....I’m sure it’s apples and oranges though.

    New Atlas Open 2011

    My bad......big fingers..small keys...my Mate is just fine.....

    Open gun help

    I just reordered 124 RMR RN...what’s the advantage of using the Match flat nose Bullets? ....Thanks

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Finished my Chrono work and shot my first mate with new Chaos. Found 2 Best loads...using 124 RMR RN set to 1.165 mixed sorted brass. solid 7.1 grns. of WAC averaged 1362 on 4 tests, 8.2 grns. Of HS-6 averaged 1392 on 4 tests....seemed to shoot OK Am going to retest 8.1 grns. of HS-6 and 7.2 grns of WAC for my final loads......does this sound about right from others experiences? This is my first Major 9 adventure.....Thanks!

    How clean is your bench?

    10...lol.....but I separate my 9 mm by headstamp, so I’m a little OCD....bad example......

    Delta Point Pro ??

    Anyone else having problems with the DPP red dot. I’m now the proud owner of 3 of theses jewels. One is at Leupold for repair...just received the shipping label to return the second one. Units have trouble turning on....then only 3 brightness levels ..scroll through and then turn off. I know I’m old but the instructions are pretty clear about the simple operation???......didn’t think I would need a backup sight.....Operator error ?? Thanks...

    Open gun help

    I’m on the Open pistol learning curve as well..Atlas Chaos. Have read the posts about various Major loads and am going to Chrono about 5 different set ups with 124 RMR RN today as a matter of fact. Was hesitant about the whole Major 9 thing until I started actual shooting them....it’s a whole new world from 9 Minor to say the least.....but man it’s exciting!! If anyone’s interested I can posts results of this testing....should be interesting for a first try!!

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Great video.....ahhhh to be young and fast. Just started on my Chaos loads as well.....Autocomp and HS-6 with RMR 124 RM.should be interesting...loaded some 7.2 AutoComp after reading this thread...a place to start........

    Steel matches ?

    Do any of you use your open for standard matches and steel matches?....is there an advantage to running Minor loads for steel , then Major for regular matches? Im contemplating using my Chaos for Major setting up my old Trubor for a large upcoming Steel match with Minor loads. Any advantage/disadvantage to running Major at a Steel match......does this make any senses ? Finally ran a pretty test of my new Chaos yesterday....maybe 700 rounds....very impressed....now for the Chrono work.....Thanks in advance.

    What got you into Open?

    Old age vision problems....first shot through a Leupold on an open gun ...I was a goner.....new Atlas Open arrived last night...excited. its fun to be able to see the sight and target at the same time......imagine that!!

    New Atlas Open 2011

    New Chaos arrived last night...beyond excited. Initial impressions: damn nice!!....fit and finish are excellent, slide tight and smooth as silk...got the short blue trigger..seems crisp. Side note ...The Leupold Delta Point Point Pro on my old Trubor is definitely not working properly...it's a pain to remove this and return for repair......excellent timing I guess. It;s a sad state when you have test ammo loaded months before your pistol arrives....lol.....

    Powder charge changes??

    So at this point the .556 case in the case feeding arm and the zip tie on the primer arm is my best bet ??
  14. I’m recently doing considerable powder charge changes on my 650. I know there has to be a simpler way than blocking of the case chute, disabling the primer assembly and feeding a case at a time to weigh the charge . Im sure someone way smarter than me has figured this out.....my way is a PITA.......Thanks!!

    9mm Lee U die

    Thanks Sarge....makes sense....any way to solve this problem??.....the primer re-install brings things to a screeching halt....lol.