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    RF 100 vs. Mr. Bullet Feeder?

    MBF.....you’ll find it as vital as your Casefeeder. i procrastinated on the RF-100 for years..finally received one for Xmas .....once again ..why did I wait so long?? a Little adjustment and some valuable Enos tips , it runs like a clock....anyone need 12 primer tubes? Just do it!!
  2. Ok my first dumb question for 2019 Do you tape the rear part of the red dot so you can still see the dot ? Doesnt make sense to me to tape the front.... thanks for your patience

    Am I too old?

    BadShot..I started competitive shooting at 60....production to Limited and now Open. Skip everything else...go Optic, go Open, spend a fortune and have fun...it’s working for my bad eyes.....

    Atlas gunwork CS Shout out

    Ditto....all my experiences have been excellent...waiting patiently for my second 9mm Chaos....

    RF-100 !!

    This is a spring sandwich designed shell plate for 650 / 1050 .Theory is it traps the case into the shell plate eliminating all movement while turning. Supposedly it will do away with plate pins???...I find this doubtful. A long time accessory guy on Ebay Snowshooze is his name is producing these as well as a bunch of other upgrades for Dillon products. It made me curious for loading Major rounds and powder spillage...we will see.....report to follow ...Happy New Year to al !!!

    RF-100 !!

    I’m using CCI small pistol , just opened my 115K box, and a MBF.......god I love this 650 !! New spring design shellplate due tomorrow.......really excited!!

    RF-100 !!

    Got so excited I forgot to ask my question: any suggestions on transferring the primers from the RF-100 tube to my existing 12 standard primer tubes?.....and is it worth the time? Thank again.
  8. This is a follow up from an earlier inquiry about the RF-100. ...well Santa left one under the tree this morning...surprise!! I read all the helpful suggestions posted on previous threads about this product.....all helpful...my results : - Firstly....I’m never lucky enough to get a mechanical doo dad that works out of the box....this is an amazing exception!! - made sure unit was level and plumb - installed the rubber band on the spring loaded lower adapter. - Played with the reostat adjustment through 4-500 primers...found the sweet spot. - after adjustment did not notice any flipped primers....CCI small pistol. - The proper reostat adjustment seems crucial! I’m sold...works like a champ so far ......thanks to everyone who’s helpful guidance made this a cool tool!!

    Open matches vs Steel

    Warpspeed......2 different pistols......I’m assuming the main difference is recoil springs ?

    Open matches vs Steel

    Do folks that shoot traditional USPSA matches and Super or Outlaw steel use the same loads?? Im considering setting up one open for steel with Minor loads and other Major. Anyone shoot strictly Minor for steel matches.... can’t see any advantage of Major. Straighten me out.....

    Alpha-x mag pouch.....

    Just received a new Alpha x mag holder to replace a broken one....swivel plate broke off. This new “ball” unit is really impressive. ......total adjustment and firm setting. As Per DAA I will put a little blue Lock tite on the main screw. I will eventually replace all my holders as needed....a little pricey!

    Round nose bs hollow point?

    Thanks to all ....winter projects!

    Round nose bs hollow point?

    My last foolish question to end the year! Im considering trying RMR HP 124’s as opposed to the round nose I’ve loaded in quantity. How do I set up my COL for HP Bullets? Am I using the real overall length of the round or adjust it to compensate for the difference in Bullet design? Im currently loading Major 9 to 1.165.......thanks for your continued patience!!
  14. Spent primer adapter with hose. Gallon plastic jug under the bench ...works great...amazing when it fills up...that’s a ton o’ spent s!primer