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    Open Mags (9mm)- Need advice

    14 MBX mags for my Atlas Open....140/170.....FLAWLESS!!.....just rebuilt my 8 practice mags..followers were completely won out..replaced with MBX guts and off I go. Great products!

    Dillon Refurb Service

    Best $79 you’ll ever spend....I swore my 650 was brand new where it was returned......amazing!!!

    Roller handle comparison

    I installed in IF roller handle on my 650.....6 pulls took it off...just wasn’t comfortable for my use. If someone need a new one with the foam cover......make me a reasonable offer... just sitting under my bench.....as new....really!!
  4. I found a perfectly level front with exactly a 45 degree rear tilt solved mine bunching up....still have a rare on overload and drop on the floor. Check the Alpha Youboob videos ....very helpful. Install your rubber band yet?....another simple solution for 9mm.....good luck..a great machine !!!

    Strange Mishap on Dillon 650

    Back to the U-die situation.....I was having problems with the pin being gradually pushed up. Spoke with the mfg. and it was suggested to : A. Put a bevel on the end of the pin to eliminate sucking the primers back up. B: rough up the top of the pin where it’s clamped...course emery cloth.C. Make sure the pin is clamped as tight as possible after cleaning. A 3 ideas worked for me....just passing this along............

    Delta Point Pro ??

    Hopefully last DPP update. After third unit failed , I contacted Leupold for the umteenth time and talked with a very helpful technician Lloyd Jones.....explained my exasperated situation to him and in short order said “ send me 2 units back and I’ll check them out and replace them”.....and damn if he didn’t ....replaced 2 units on main and back up pistol... maybe 1000 rounds with no problems so far....knock on wood !!!!! Thank you Lloyd for trying to make this mess right!!

    Best Powder

    Limited my tests to HS-6 and WAC.....in my overall results the WAC preformed best for my needs . The case volume of HS-6 was a negative factor...spillage with my 650.

    Lead ??

    Hope this is the right place for this .....anyone have concerns about elevated lead levels when exposed to shooting ? Do the no lead wipes and soap help avoid any potential over exposure? Thoughts and experiences appreciated. Yea...I’m Old an starting to worry about crap I should have thought about 30 years ago!!
  9. This stage was a 180 situation......just a weird set up.....of course it was totally my error anyway.......
  10. First DQ at last Sunday’s Match . Was a pretty clever stage and the creator warned us not only in the the safety briefing , but right before we started the stage as well . I was first shooter......had a total brain fart..foot way over fault line to reach a target......STOP....DQ........I was flabbergasted....how could I be so stupid after specifically being warned!! Anyway..wound up running the rest of the squad through remaining stages and pasting ..picking up steel......wasn’t doing anything anyway!! Hopefully lesson learned........some comfort in knowing 8 shooters were DQ on this stage.....

    9mm issues

    Sean....depends on the condition of the Trubor and price. I made the transition to Open with a ragged out 9mm Trubor just to see if I liked it. Well, I did ...the optics have brought a whole new renewal of shooting to my old eyes....it’s a wonderful thing. Weeks after shooting the Trubor I ordered a Chaos from Adam and it’s beyond amazing. Other than my Limited Atlas Titan...best investment I’ve made in the sport. The conversion to Major Open was a very interesting experience. A lot of trial and error on loads....but I’m finally there. Best of luck....Open is fun for old guys!!!!!!!!!!

    9 major

    Interesting variation in charges of WAC for 6.8 - 7.4 for Major. Surprised that the deviation in these open pistols varies so much......I’m at 7.3 WAC as I speak.

    Atlas open load.....

    I’m sure the more experienced open shooters will find my revelation amusing...but here goes. Went to Open with a throughly worn out STI waiting for my Chaos to be delivered. Starting experimenting with Major loads of HS6 and WAC under 124 RMR RN in the Chaos .my initial loading plan was to shave the load as close to min. Major as possible. Well farted around with multiple loads and projectiles trying to chase the min. Load for major. i kept thinking this pistol has to run better than I have it now with much better dot control. After reading a thread here about this young buck tearing it up with his Chaos , I noticed the load he was running was 7.2 of WAC thinking of going to 7.4 grns. ..wow..I was at 7.0.grns. Anyway tested several hundred rounds this weekend loaded with 7.3 grns WAC, 124 RMR RM to 1.165. Rounds Chronographed avg 1390-1400. It was a true revelation.....the gun handled flawlessly....dot has never been more stable and recoil was mitigated perfectly. I am a slow study for sure......but glad I found this point in the process......sorry to droll on like this! Now I just have to solve my DPP problems.....

    Delta Point Pro ??

    And the hits just keep on coming...........2nd DPP back from factory...reinstall on Chaos....practice about 500 rounds seemed ok...next day match..first stage complete shut down...cost me the match. So my 3DPPmis at home waiting to be shipped back to Leupold for repair also, that makes all 3 will be sent back. So I’m over this s#!t completely......what red dot and mount do I need to purchase to make my pistol reliable???? thanks...

    Favorite coated 147gr?

    Blue Bullet 147 RN.....Shot multiplie thousands....good product..great company...