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  1. How were you able to communicate with Holosun?....I’ve emailed them 3 times with no response at all......Thanks.
  2. Chronographed rounds Saturday....55 degrees....9.8 grains MP at 1.175 124 PD HP....right at 172 power factor...I admit I was a bit surprised. Now I’m hoping the lower temperature is not a huge factor. Pistol was definitely cleaner........Damn. It’s always something. Im staying with his combination!!!!...my shooting partner has done rather extensive testing with various primers and he is sticking with magnum pistol....
  3. Update on my unburied powder on Open pistol. I have had multiple , very informative, discussions with the folks that make Major pistol. I explained the unburied residue on my pistol.. He suggested my barrel was actually cut for a longer length load than I was making. He suggested increasing my COL from 1.165 to 1.175 to seat the round better. Chronoed some of the longer rounds yesterday and the residue on the gun is definitely reduced and made 172 PF....so I’m happy. Thanks to Shooters World for taking such a serious interest in my problem!!!
  4. Don’t get the fanboy nonsense. Give Adam a chance to make it right......then get back to us. Yea, I’m a multi Atlas owner and throughly satisfied with the entire process.......
  5. As a follow up to my original post. I sent 4 MBX problem mags back to them to take a look at..... They seemed genuinely concerned about my nose dives and flips.. They ran all the mags through several different Open pistols , and did not appear to find any malfunctioning. Replace followers with current style and mailed them back. I guess at this point I am refocusing on extractor, ejector .... Anyway.....thank you to all at MBX for great service in helping me with my ghost problems!!!!!! John
  6. Whatever it’s worth......I’ve been in serious contact with the Product Development manager at Shooters World powder, Ken, in regards to the I burned powder residue I’m finding on my Chaos. He has been truly interested in trying to find the cause of this mess..... Great to see service like this today....will keep posted
  7. In my original inquiry I am referring to totally encapsulated bullets....Atals Chaos.....the feeding problems are just intermittent enough to be a PITA.....eliminated magazines......moving on. Using PD 124 HP at present. Thanks.
  8. Has anyone really noticed a substantial difference shooting these 2 bullet designs in Major 9 Open? Anyone have any particular loading/ feeding problems with one as opposed to the other design. Thinking about going back to RN 124........ Thanks in advance.
  9. Shooters World Major Pistol.....Open...exact same problem with “ oatmeal “. PF 172....124 DP HP. i sent this formula to the manufacturer and have had no response...... It’s just a hassle for me , but would be interested in eliminating it completely!!
  10. I am a member in a small non affiliated club in North Carolina. Can we register the club on Practiscore to raise awareness of our monthly matches? We are a small group but always looking to encourage more shooters to join a friendly bunch. Any other suggestions welcomed!! Thanks in advance.....
  11. Anyone getting “ cornmeal” residue left on your pistol with Major Pistol ? Apparently it’s unburned Powder adhering to all the oiled area ? Contacted manufacturing and they asked for my loading data....no response yet............
  12. I have one of the new Tevo hard covers and the soft cover as well....The Tevo is hard and fits really well..as far as any padding factor..it's lacking ..but fits well.
  13. Yep...all mags were re tuned to Adam's specs with my old Dawsons tuning kit..........
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