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  1. Keep this information flowing !!.........
  2. I’m really hoping this 510c holds up to the strain !!...got one coming...
  3. I have had the same station 1 feed problems on my 650....what a major pain in the ass it is!! I'm using an EGW U-die which compounds the problem because of the design of the die face. My “solutions”....make sure the down rod that effects the block is exactly adjusted. Make sure your shellplate is “Perfectly “ adjusted..this is crucial on my machine. When setting up your depriming die have the shellplate full and an empty case in the die!!!.....this will help center the die to a small degree. Thats the best I’ve figured out...the shellplate adjustment is the key for me....I hate to take it off for cleaning and start all over....lol. Any other solutions are greatly welcomed!!!
  4. I’ve come to the painful conclusion that different brand primers work differently on different presses and brass. I use CCI small pistol on my 650 and have had great success...and they load perfectly on my new Dillon primer filler. Do love Federal match primers , but not feasible supply to use as my go to........
  5. I use Griots Garage fine glass polish....then old fashioned Glass Wax as a protectorate. Hoppes wouldn’t touch cleaning my glass. I use the Zeiss cleaning pads as maintenance. Jack...exactly where do you use Slide Glide on your pistol......has been to cold here to experiment Thanks!!!
  6. I love my 650 with case feeder and MBF..that being said...there should be some good factory deals on a 1050 with the new model being introduced......going.
  7. I received my Arredondo spill brush yesterday. Well the system seems to definitely help Major Powder spills. I had to trim a little off the leading corner to create a smooth entry but seems to work well so far. The only negative is inherent in design because it blocks off the seating stage on the 650. This is normally where I pull rounds to test, etc......but that’s minor. For the price I would recommend giving it a try. Excellent delivery time....thanks.
  8. After my various experiences with DPP’s and C-mores....I’ve come to the brilliant conclusion...if you are lucky enough to get a “ good “ Red Dot magic!!.....if you get a “bad” one tragedy. From my experiences and reading these various evaluations...everyone’s had problems with all of them along the way. Buyer beware???


    Funkymonkey.......sorry for the typo.....Dawsons has STI Edges listed...all models...sorry ..


    I could be mistaken , but Dave Dawson’s website is offered mag all the Edge models...some on sale ??
  11. Update on the spring design shellplate from Snoshoz.........never shipped, would not respond to multiple communications..money refunded.....avoid this guy. Oh well seemed like it was worth a try. Ordered the foam style case brush from Arrondo yesterday. WAC spillage for Major is a PITA.
  12. Update on the spring design shellplate. Ebay seller never shipped and would not respond to any form of communication. oh well...seemed like a good idea!..ordered the foam style add on spill buffers yesterday. WAC for Major spillage is a PITA. Thanks to all.....
  13. MBF.....you’ll find it as vital as your Casefeeder. i procrastinated on the RF-100 for years..finally received one for Xmas .....once again ..why did I wait so long?? a Little adjustment and some valuable Enos tips , it runs like a clock....anyone need 12 primer tubes? Just do it!!
  14. Ok my first dumb question for 2019 Do you tape the rear part of the red dot so you can still see the dot ? Doesnt make sense to me to tape the front.... thanks for your patience
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