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  1. My method.....Hornady One Shot....shake throughly spray inside of a gallon zip lock bag, add 3 handfuls of 9 mm, shake well and Let dry on paper towels. As mentioned above if you feel the need to clean after loading....your using to much lube....my lesson learned!!
  2. Well I tried the experiment.....minor with. Blue Bullets in my Chaos at an Outlaw Steel Match......well I got rid of 150 rounds anyway.....was a strange sensation....pistol was all over the place..Running cut 7 lb. spring...ran perfectly....however recoil reduction was major. Oh well back to Major loads.....
  3. I doubt this is the correct section for this but.....what are your thought on the current reloading supply crisis for Open shooters or competitive shooters in general?? i used to practice quite a bit , but even with what I consider semi-ample supply stores I see no light at the end of the tunnel. we have several shooters in our small club that have simply stopped shooting for recreation. No blame intended....just a concern about the future of the average Joe shooter! Thanks.
  4. Yep!!....and a Qtip for the corners.....
  5. I tried all this stuff on my Wrap Around glasses...nothing worked for me...Went to Rudy Open style...problem completely eliminated....lenses have to breath....
  6. Anyone have experience with Minor Loads for shooting Steel Matches ? I have several boxes filled with N320 Minor loads over 147 Blue Bullets and am considering re springing my back up gun to try using these rounds up. With the current component situation having all these rounds loaded is frustrating....saving Major components like crazy.....strange times and I see no relief in sight !
  7. The Duluth cooling shorts are excellent as well....3 pair...very satisfied in this miserable heat wave!!
  8. I had my older Rudy’s converted to reverse reading lenses.......front iron sight was crystal clear, targets blurred. Dicked around with this process for awhile....they were useless on rifle optics. Then someone shooting Open said “ here try this”....and it was all over....at 66 I’m hoping red doors have extended my ability to shoot a couple more years anyway........love Open and certainly get the Carry Optics phenomena!!!
  9. Duluth Trading Company......very satisfied with cooling shorts and Tee shirts!!
  10. Been there....had several interesting conversations with the Major Pistol folks about residue on my Chaos. After much educational back and forth.....he suggested it’s possibly my barrel was cut a little deeper than normal and to try to increase my COL to fit the barrel. I was dubious to say the least. Went from 1.165 to 1.175 COL with PD 124 and 9.8 MP........the debris problem was virtually eliminated. Pleasantly surprised. Was it a couple of bad jugs of powder??....will never know....but I respect the Shooters World folks for working with me to solve my problem...it’s good to
  11. Kid......apparently the barrels can be “ throated”??..to different depths and this was the case with me..actually running same rounds on both Chaos. I agree the logic seems counterintuitive at best!
  12. I had the same problems awhile back with unturned powder / debris on my Open pistol using MP. Had several long and informative discussions with the manufacturer. His suggestion was to increase the COL of my major rounds??....although I thought this was a stretch went from 1.165 to 1.175 COL in my Atlas. Lo and behold debris problem not totally eliminated but I would say 90% any way.....and more to my surprise PF numbers were marginally changed. Interesting lesson anyway....very happy with the powder .........
  13. Great topic and threads.......” The buzzer wipes your mind clean”......excellent!
  14. Very interesting thread!! I started USPSA at 60 years of age. I throughly enjoy every aspect of this sport except my old age limitations against 25 year old Bucks. Starting late was a major disadvantage from a mental and physical point of view....just in time for my eyes to start going. My wife and I have a rule we’ve lived by forever.....When it stops being fun...stop !!.... I believe it’s true...
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