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  1. See if you can find a school or company that has used Astroturf. It really heavy but you will only do it once.....
  2. Thank you all....questions answered.....I suspected as much.......using a Hornady puller in a single stage....slow work!
  3. I am pulling a large quantity of loaded 9mm rounds and am wondering if I can put these primed cases in my corn tumbler to clean prior to reloadiing...times are tough! Thanks in advance.......
  4. Same here....have some 147 Blue Bullets shot the collet will not grab....but the others do fine....tedious but worth recycling all those primed cases!
  5. Received my 9 mm Hornady collet yesterday and set it up on my single stage Lee press. It did take some fine tuning....watched a couple of Youboob videos..helped. Overall very happy...worked on 90% of my rounds....beats the hell out of Mr Plastic Hammer for volume. thanks to all .........
  6. My previous question.....what different spacers are needed for STI mags ?....I run really long COL for Major in my mags and have had an occasional hang up....just curious.
  7. I am considering pulling multiple loaded 9mm rounds and reloading on my trusty 650. What is the most efficent process to reload this brass?......concerned with primed brass interacting with priming station and resizing the brass itself before reloding, Desperate times are calling for desperate measures....have had these loads sitting around for some time. Thanks in advance.....
  8. Thank you to all.....the 9mm collet back ordered everywhere.....a little late with my brilliant concept..lol. will keep searching....got a lot to pull.
  9. I have a large quantity of 9 mm rounds that I need to pull. I also have 2 Lee single stage presses. is there any puller attachment available to speed up the process? I have a Hornady cam puller , but it says it’s for rifle rounds only? Thanks in advance......
  10. Anyone have any suggestions for a reduced load for a GLOCK 19 using Precision Delta 124 HP and N320 powder? Trying to reduce recoil for a small framed shooter without compromising effect for defensive rounds. Thanks!
  11. I’m confused......you need a special spacer for 9 Major in Gen 1 STI mags?? Wont the factory plastic spacers suffice? I use 4 Dawson tunes Gen 1 140’s for match mags....interesting!
  12. These comments are very encouraging!......if the eyes don’t give out I have a goal! Happy Holidays to all Super Seniors!!!!
  13. Long term follow up on our Red Stitch star....extremely satisfied.....had some bolts come loose but the magnet system has held up well. Ordered some spare magnets and haven’t used any......highly recommend! thanks......
  14. Anyone have any experience with temperature effects on MP........it’s definitely my choice for my Chaos! thanks in advance
  15. My method.....Hornady One Shot....shake throughly spray inside of a gallon zip lock bag, add 3 handfuls of 9 mm, shake well and Let dry on paper towels. As mentioned above if you feel the need to clean after loading....your using to much lube....my lesson learned!!
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