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  1. Broncman

    Made my own Offset C More Mount

    I like the bigger window of the slide ride and the first major match I attended shooting CO I watched 2 of the RTS2's die midmatch. Too expensive for the reliability issues o have saw. I would run my Vortex before an RTS
  2. Broncman

    9mm Extractor tuning ??

    Two matches now and one stove pipe and one mag issue. Better but not 100%. So I have a brand new MBX 170 and a tuned Brazos ejector. MBX loaded to 29rds has zero gaps between bullets and the Brazos extended ejector looks really good . Had an Ed Brown ejector that was supposed to be extended but is actually pretty short. Going to range today.
  3. Broncman

    .200 slide stops

    Ordered slide stops for 2011 labled as .200 pin. Measured .198. Two reputable brands from different places. They both are making them good, but is still frustrating. Wonder how many are brand labled vs actually made by them?
  4. Broncman

    Open Gun Pictures

    Sweet! I want to try one of the new CK ergo grips. Nice pistol, jealous.
  5. Broncman

    2011 slide/frame fitting

    I would think that since the slide is the "disposable" item, I had rather take it from the slide? .010 would not bother me. Where do you need to take .113 from???
  6. Broncman

    Made my own Offset C More Mount

    Thumbrest is from the old Dawson.
  7. Broncman

    Made my own Offset C More Mount

    The Blast sheild is the angle piece in front of the CMore to sheild the lens from the muzzle blast and gasses from the ports. Right above the thumbrest, you will see the edge of the mount sticks out a little all the way down the length of the scope base. Radiused that so it would be easier on my thumb. When shooting 9 Major, they are infamous for ejection issues and setting the sight over to the side gives you more room for ejection so cases do not hit the bottom of the mount.
  8. Got a hold of them by email. Hopefully it does not rain it out. Sucks that the falling steel got cancelled.
  9. Falling steel match was cancelled. Anyone know if Richmond is still on? Willing to show up in case someone drops out since I withdrew... The steel match was closer, but now that it is cancelled, I would be willing to show up in the chance a spot opens up.
  10. Broncman

    New Atlas Open 2011

    What you do with your big fingers .... Sorry, couldn't resist. I build my own pistols, but really considering an Atlas.
  11. Broncman

    Open 9mm ejection problem

    Try an offset mount like a Cheelie. Does not block your view like a sideways mount.. got to keep my slideracker as well.
  12. Thanks! Was wondering about the PF as I have heard some places limit power factor on steel. I registered, sounds like fun.
  13. Broncman

    Open gun help

    I went to almost 180 pf... Drilled 2 popple holes and it is a different animal. Should have done it much sooner.
  14. Never shot a Falling steel match. What are the rules?
  15. Broncman

    Too popple...or not to popple.

    I did it myself in my mill. Not hard to do, could be done in a drill press.