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  1. I have a seperate factory crimp die, but normally just do a crimp/seat at the same time. I normally do reset the die for each different bullet. I have tried numerous things, but for some reason there are issues with just those 2 particular bullets. Its just really odd
  2. I am having some trouble with some 45 shells not chambering. They have a very small and barely noticable buckle in the case where the bullet is seated that is preventing it seating fulling into the barrel. The puzzling thing is its not all bullets? I have provided a picture of the bullets i am using and the diameter and length of each. The round nose, (2nd from left ), and the hollow point (far right) i have no issues and drop perfect in the barrel everytime. The other 2 will not at all. Any help or insight will be very appreciated. Thanks, Troy
  3. Just an update. I just shot 250 rounds through my m&p after the adjustment on the trigger bar loop with no light primer strikes. Amazing how something off 3 thousands of an inch can make that big of a difference. Thanks again for all the insight and advice!!
  4. Ok i just got finished closing the gap on the "candy cane" i will go shoot tomorrow to see what happens. I didnt close it much. It was at .010 and i took it to .007. When dry firing, it seems good and sounds good. Not sure? Will give it a try.
  5. The slide has graphite black cerakote as well.
  6. I will definitely take a look at that and try this. Thanks
  7. Ok what i installed was an APEX Competition enhancement kit. I am running reloads as always, these are 155gr rainer bullets with hp-38 powder and winchester primers.
  8. I installed an APEX competition trigger on my M&P Pro 40. Now i am getting light primer strikes. Not all the time, but more then it ever should. I might run 20 or 30 with no issue then have 4 or 5 in a row. I went back and installed the factory striker spring thinking that might help but still the same issue. Any insight on this would be great. Thanks.
  9. I also had my M&P Pro work done at DP Customs. They did side cuts and top and side serrations. They did a phenomenal job and were great to deal with.
  10. I just aquired a spike tactical 300 blackout. As i have it now it has a 7.5" barrel and a Sig SB15 Tactical brace. I dont want to deal with the SBR stuff so i ordered a 16" barrel. I like the SB15 and wanted to leave it installed and use it as a stock. I am trying to figure out what would be the best buffer to use with this and how the short stock will work with the longer barrel. Any and all input would be great! Thanks
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