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  1. Slot codes are given to the sections too. That’s what it sounded like he was asking for. Anyone can use those.
  2. Slide lightening. Not the barrel.
  3. False. Milled holes are allowed in both production and carry optics for USPSA.
  4. They stopped making them.
  5. Scott, the B class guy that won CO at A8 is a solid shooter. He’s part of the Marine Corp. shooting team. I think his main discipline is 3 gun. He just won Battle for the Northcoast match this weekend too in CO. He also shoots at a level above his classification in Open division as well.
  6. Shadow 2, Bayou 147 @1.135, 3.2grs of N320 makes about 132 pf for me.
  7. They definietly fit bigger than the Speedcross does in the same size. Ordered a pair of Supercross and Speedcross when they were on clearance a couple weeks ago and ended up returning the Supercross because they were too big.
  8. It’s hard to tell In the pic, are there locating bosses on that mount?
  9. I think these will get you pretty close. https://www.trijicon.com/products/details/ac32064
  10. He was using tungsten powder, the bb’s would probably be more of a gain.
  11. There’s probably a bigger weight gain just buying their brass palm swells they are starting to make. One of the local guys did just what you are trying to do and only gained 0.8oz. Went from 1.3 to 2.1 oz.
  12. I use a piece of flat stock 1/2 as wide as the atlas one. Can still pull the spring and follower out easily but still stops it when loaded to not accept more than 10.
  13. STI 10 round mags are only 126mm and the MBX 140mm 10 round mags are $130/ea. I’d rather spend $20-60 in parts vs $650 in mags. Additionally, the couple people I know locally that have the mbx’s are very disappointed in their performance.
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