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  1. 6 or 8 moa are probably the most commonly used sizes. At least amongst the C-more users.
  2. What size moa dot did you end up going with?
  3. CR Speed pouches are pretty much indestructible and have stood the test of time. No gimmicky gizmos or moving parts per se like all the new flashy pouches. K.I.S.S.
  4. It was the Sigsaueroptics IG page that had the price.
  5. Dawson Posi Lock extended mag release.
  6. Max posted they are shipping in July.
  7. Luxottica owns both Oakley and LensCrafters. I get my prescription from my own optometrist and take it to LensCrafters and have them order the OakleyRx lenses from Oakley.
  8. I have a couple sets of prescription Oakley lenses. They’re actual prescription lenses from Oakley. Not inserts. Prizm trail lenses for shooting outdoors and clear for indoors. I run the Flak Jacket frames.
  9. You can get CR Speed pouches pretty low if you flip the hanger over on the belt so the pouch attachmennt insert is at the bottom.
  10. Max commented that it’s the same as the current Romeo 3/RTS footprint.
  11. They posted a short video on Insta and one on Fakebook
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