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  1. I had an original style race master body and purchased a PT block for it when they first became available a few years ago. Block worked fine in that body. At the beginning of last season I upgraded to the Alpha X body and was experiencing random binding on the draw. I picked up the new PT block a couple months ago and haven’t experienced it since. Very smooth now and a lot more forgiving if the holster angle is slightly off. Old style on left.
  2. I think Akai has a double sided Trijicon mount available.
  3. I can get 29 in my STI gen 2 170’s with a tiny bit more room than my old style SV big stick. Grams spring/follower and Taran 3mm pad
  4. The EGW is a Colt spring.
  5. Use a Loctite primer for anaerobic threadlockers.
  6. I was actually very disappointed in this powder in my 38SC. Very dirty and left cornmeal looking stuff inside the gun and comp. Dot movement was erratic.
  7. The description from Shooters World says it’s similar to Autocomp.
  8. robb315

    CMore contact

    I always call. I literally just got off the phone with them about a repair I need to send in.
  9. We had this exact conversation 3 years ago. You said you tried them and they sucked. I’ve been using them since then and love them. They don’t offer Tr45 as a prescription lens so I went with the Prizm Trail.
  10. STI used to warranty that.
  11. But...opposable grip science.
  12. 6 or 8 moa are probably the most commonly used sizes. At least amongst the C-more users.
  13. What size moa dot did you end up going with?
  14. CR Speed pouches are pretty much indestructible and have stood the test of time. No gimmicky gizmos or moving parts per se like all the new flashy pouches. K.I.S.S.
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