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  1. I think their new warranty is better ? This is their old warranty.
  2. Do you know what exactly they’ve changed? Mine blinked out a couple times when new, turns out the battery cap needed to be tightened even more although it already felt extremely tight.
  3. https://nroi.org/miscellaneous/but-its-only-a-local-match/
  4. Ahh. Sounds like Chevro needs to make an adjustment. There’s no reason a .355 bullet should fall out of the case.
  5. I thought the FCD wasn’t recommended with lead or coated bullets because it swages the bullet and causes the problem you are seeing?
  6. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/CR-Speed-EDC-Belt-P3565.aspx
  7. Matt McLearn https://www.facebook.com/139198636179421/posts/2403754763057119?d=n&sfns=mo
  8. Try downloading your mags and see if the problem continues.
  9. I had an original style race master body and purchased a PT block for it when they first became available a few years ago. Block worked fine in that body. At the beginning of last season I upgraded to the Alpha X body and was experiencing random binding on the draw. I picked up the new PT block a couple months ago and haven’t experienced it since. Very smooth now and a lot more forgiving if the holster angle is slightly off. Old style on left.
  10. I think Akai has a double sided Trijicon mount available.
  11. I can get 29 in my STI gen 2 170’s with a tiny bit more room than my old style SV big stick. Grams spring/follower and Taran 3mm pad
  12. The EGW is a Colt spring.
  13. Use a Loctite primer for anaerobic threadlockers.
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