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  1. Just picked up one of the EGW practicals... So far its been harder to get to work than the couple other brands Ive done myself. I cant seem to get enough tension on the case no matter how far its bent. thinking i might need to work on firing pin stop area to bring the extractor hook closer to the case rim. Edit: now I've figured it out. Had to file down the pad to get it working. Apparently this is standard procedure when fitting extractors and my statement about it being harder to fit is false... It was my lack of experience. Seems like a great extractor now!
  2. I ended up with Anderson's to start and although its a great book that I would recommend it doesn't really offer anything new for me that I wasn't already doing. Maybe stoegers will offer more since it was "the hopkins" drill that got me fired up to find new stuff to work on...That one continues to frustrate me
  3. Eventually I will have both, but the wife's birthdays next week so I've got to take it easy spending on myself. Order placed for Andersons.thanks for the input!
  4. Starting to get burned out on my regular Dry fire routines and looking for some fresh new ideas... Do you guys recommend one of these books over the other?
  5. I was just out organizing my reloading stuff, and had about 8,000 rounds of .45 in 4 cardboard shipping boxes that I decided to dump into one 5 gal bucket... this got me wondering.. how much weight is too much for these bullets before they deform? I would hate to get to the bottom of the bucket and find that the rounds have become damaged. I guess im looking at about 200 plus pounds in the bucket at the moment and no I dont plan on moving it lol anyone done this without any issues?
  6. I use both of them...have a few more cobras than ETMs but really don't prefer one over the other for any functional reason, though I am having problems with one of my cobra mags with rounds nose diving and hanging up on feed ramp
  7. Perfect! I didn't even think about the drill press and was probably headed for disaster without it.
  8. Well, I got the gun back today with a new barrel that seems to be properly fit this time and a new magazine included free of charge!! I will get the gun to the range ASAP to confirm function but so far I am extremely pleased. They were very helpful and polite along the way also which is a big deal to me. Above all id like to thank CHA-LEE... If it wasn't for your knowledge on the subject I would have never known my gun had problems until the worst possible time I'm sure
  9. So after speaking with numerous people including STI on this issue and Test fitting a standard guide rod out of another one of my 1911s, I went with the regular tungsten guide rod and it doesnt fit. The button is just a hair too big and allows the rod to rock up and down. Is there any way I can safely fit this thing myself?
  10. All I own are single stack 1911s in .45 and I'm in my late 20's (seems like the majority shooting 1911s are older guys). I love the platform and like the challenge of increased reloads and prefer the feel of .45 recoil to all others.
  11. Well I contacted STI to get their opinion after my Trojan failed the test you mentioned. They immediately requested I send the gun in so they can "look at it" they sent the shipping label and a note to send inside the gun box that says "inspect and re link" I guess they think a new link will fix it. : (
  12. Just got some grips I took a chance on from amazon and am really happy. The brand is called Coolhand. I got the golfball pattern G10s... They are just as good as the VZs ive had and they only cost $35 bucks. Comes with new screws and O rings as well and the packaging was impressive. will buy these over VZs from now on
  13. I just installed the EGW koenig trigger kit and SVI trigger on my Trojan 1911... Everything appears to be functioning fine except I'm now getting 2 clicks on reset. First click happens as soon as I begin to rack the slide and I can feel it in the trigger. And second click is the normal reset as I let the trigger out. Any ideas what's going on? I'm thinking its the disconnect?
  14. Nice. See you out there hopefully!
  15. haha It took me a minute to get it... Yea Ive seen them shooting rifles at those little steel animal shapes a couple times. Sucks cause they closed the pistol range while they were doing it, even though the two areas are completely separated. No disrespect to those that enjoy it though, just not my thing. Do you plan on shooting at the big country 3 gun Matches?
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