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  1. Well I contacted STI to get their opinion after my Trojan failed the test you mentioned. They immediately requested I send the gun in so they can "look at it" they sent the shipping label and a note to send inside the gun box that says "inspect and re link" I guess they think a new link will fix it. : (
  2. Just got some grips I took a chance on from amazon and am really happy. The brand is called Coolhand. I got the golfball pattern G10s... They are just as good as the VZs ive had and they only cost $35 bucks. Comes with new screws and O rings as well and the packaging was impressive. will buy these over VZs from now on
  3. I just installed the EGW koenig trigger kit and SVI trigger on my Trojan 1911... Everything appears to be functioning fine except I'm now getting 2 clicks on reset. First click happens as soon as I begin to rack the slide and I can feel it in the trigger. And second click is the normal reset as I let the trigger out. Any ideas what's going on? I'm thinking its the disconnect?
  4. Nice. See you out there hopefully!
  5. haha It took me a minute to get it... Yea Ive seen them shooting rifles at those little steel animal shapes a couple times. Sucks cause they closed the pistol range while they were doing it, even though the two areas are completely separated. No disrespect to those that enjoy it though, just not my thing. Do you plan on shooting at the big country 3 gun Matches?
  6. Oh man I Would love to attend the match at big country 3 gun... Ill be in FL on vacation that weekend though unfortunately. Im praying its a huge success and the matches continue on because driving to Abilene on a regular basis would be so much more convenient for me. I really wish the gun club in Sweetwater was interested in USPSA.... We actually have a surprisingly large range with lots of potential and supposedly 260 members but somehow Im always the only guy out there LOL
  7. I almost ordered that one after reading all the good reviews but was concerned about the lower portion rubbing on pants, which some claim is an issue for them. the hanger from Berger precision was recommended and at $35 bucks shipped I figure its worth a chance!
  8. Nowhere yet LOL I have yet to shoot a single match but I trained all year last year with intent to shoot matches at the club in San Angelo this year (closest thing to Sweetwater that I know of) Im in the process of getting all my gear situated so I can finally have some fun! Stamford is near Angelo if im correct?
  9. LOL yeaaa that would have been the wise thing to do. I got in a rush due to very low stock on the holster hanger I wanted, and first thing I thought was to ask you guys. Thanks for the info! hanger ordered.
  10. So, im shopping for a single stack holster mount and one manufacturer has told me that the rules were changed this year for single stack and a drop is now allowed. Just wanted to verify this with you guys before i make this purchase. I tried searching for this info and didnt come up with anything, so i apologize if its already been discussed here. thanks
  11. So having a new barrel fit should eliminate this problem if done correctly?
  12. I just checked both of my 1911s... My RRA has zero resistance when following your instructions but my Trojan definitely has some. thanks for ruining my views on what I thought was a great pistol LOL
  13. I would send it to STI. Maybe they'll look the gun over while its there and address any other potential issues
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