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  1. Happy B-day

  2. Roy, The match and stages were developed and are being setup and run by USPSA, they are renting the facility but that is the limit of our involvement. But i can't imagine Stages being exactly the same as any before. Time will tell! See you on the range! Manny
  3. Howdy folks! just to clarify things, all the orders that have went thru me for multiple cases are in their system, Montana Gold was sending out 1 or 2 cases here and there on those orders, and they are trickling around the community, but not in multiple case shipments all at once, they just opened up their website in the last week for single case orders, because shooting season is starting and they want to make sure everyone has access to some bb's!! so I would recommend grabbing one if you are almost out! My guess is that they are trying to put out all the little fires now (1 case orders), then they will start back on the big ones (multiple Case orders). If you have prepaid me for any bullets from me, and want to cancel them just contact me, its no problem for a refund, multiple case orders are in a pecking order though, so they will get shipped hopefully sooner then later!!! email or call me if you have any questions. mannybraggusa@yahoo.com 660-216-4826 see ya on the range!! Manny
  4. Thanks to everyone involved that put the time in to make the match a success, very nice stages, lots of walls and props, I always love going to that match. Manny
  5. I remember starting in "C" class myself!! I finished 4th from last in my 1st area championship, awwwww, the memories!!! kewl part was I got to shoot with Jethro "da Jet" Dianesio, and watched Jerry Barnhart mow thru some plate racks, and me telling myself... I can do that... of course it actually took 10 more years before I could do it at that speed, but It seems like only yesterday!!
  6. Can't wait to shoot the match!! I got the approval to hold a class after the double tap, Here are the details: 2 day "Taking yourself to the next level" class, Instructor Manny Bragg Class dates: March 22-23 after the double tap match Place: Double Tap Ranch Fee: $450 Round Count 1500+- * we'll discuss how to practice live and dryfire, * setting and achieving practical goals, * Cover the basics up to the advanced techniques of the fundamentals, * How to successfully shoot moving targets * We will shoot some of the dtc stages both days. * Have Our own lil' competitions with a few awards. Only 8 people will be in the class, For more details contact Manny at ashooter@cableone.net or call him at 660-216-4826
  7. Hey don't sweat it, If it don't work, or breaks, I'll fix it or replace it or give you your money back, can't beat that!! I've yet to have one cause any major problems that I cannot fix. other then one getting wore out after 20k rounds, but thats to be expected! cheaper then 20k bullets. Manny
  8. Its difficult to say how many rounds we will use, it depends on how much I talk, I would say 7-800 a day+- rounds will get the class done, better to have too many as not enough Merry Christmas to all!! manny
  9. Hey folks, Look forward to the class and shooting the match! The class will involve me assessing each person's individual skill set, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, correcting flaws in order to improve overall efficiency. We will equip each attendee with the knowledge and mechanics to improve their fundamentals, providing a solid foundation. We will also work on some of the mental mind set before, during, and after a match. If you have any questions feel free to email me at ashooter@cableone.net Thanks, Manny
  10. sorry for the delay, but thanks for putting on a great match!!! It was a great match! that one stage with all the hard cover, ties for the hardest stage I think I have ever seen ranking with the area 2 trolley stage!!! I love it!! great match, thanks for all of your hard work!! Manny
  11. Awesome match, Thanks to all of the fine folks that made this match take place, I didn't get to enjoy it like I wanted, shooting all 13 stages in about 2.5 hours, but they were awesome stages, I got a quick story that will be sure to get some laughs from you all!!! on the way back to the airport, I stop at the corner convenience store, and casually drop my rental car keys into lets just say into a place that is wet and you DO not want to stick your hands, and then on top of that I had left my lights on my car on so my battery was dead on my car!!! let alone the flight cancellation and 11 hour delay getting there in the first place. and the most awesome part is this all took place from wednesday morning until Thursday afternoon time frame!! Thanks for a great time and congrats to the stud man Travis on his victory. Manny
  12. it is one piece, but... you can have it milled out, thats what I did and added my own front sight!
  13. Chad, I seen the Newest MGM items at the shot show, good luck with the activator!!
  14. Holy Cow, I am so excited about getting to shoot the steel challenge that I'm beside myself, It was my first one and I can't believe I never went before now!!! I had no idea it was so much fun to shoot 3 guns over 3 days and 7+ side matches, I shipped ammo, brought ammo and shot 1000 rounds wednesday afternoon when I got there in about 3 hours, and was disappointed that I didn't send out another 2000. I went to Wal-Mart and bought all the ammo they had and was still wanting more, my hands hadn't hurt that much for a long time, which is my excuse for not finishing well!!!!!! I didn't finish well, but I had the most fun at that match then any other in a long time, I didn't have to think about how to shoot the stage, where to do a reload, which foot to lead or trail with etc. you just stand and shoot and don't miss!! It had a awesome prize table, the side matches gave a gun a day away and then one just for entering a side match. I counted probably 50+ guns, on top of 1000's of $$$ at the prize table. Something for everyone, rifle side match, shotgun side match, pistol side match with a revolver, rimfire, centerfire, compact about anything you could imagine. Can't wait to go back next year, and if you haven't shot one you better go also, you won't regret it!! Manny
  15. Odie... U Da Man!! Way to set the goals and do what it takes to meet them! Keep it up, I know your goal! Manny
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