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  1. Taccom does not make an extension for a Colt, and looking for other than Taylor Freelance. thx
  2. Other than TF anyone using Colt PCC extensions? Suggestions and experiences. TIA jon
  3. Is the Steel test another ANNUAL exam ?
  4. p7fl

    EDC x9

    That is a nice looking pistol and I have STIs. Buuut.... Rules say Single Stack must have a metal frame. Eliminates Single Stack minor in USPSA.
  5. p7fl

    EDC x9

    Handled another one yesterday. Perfect fit for EDC and 15 rounds. Now PLEASE talk me out of it. A. 3K and no division to shoot USPSA in. Limited Minor does not count. B. Hard to get practice motivated if I am not competing with the gun. C. Already have 55 guns that I can shoot Steel with. D. 3K plus + 2 holsters+ 6 mag holders + 4 more mags E. It is a lot of money when a Glock 19 also goes bang, just not hopefully as accuractely F. It is still 3K plus plus see D. thx jon
  6. Randy Cain teaches in Lakeland a few times a year. He has his a private range there. Randy was an instructor at Gunsite and is a protege of Louis Awerbuck. https://www.guntactics.com/
  7. I follow Colt. Their 6933 (SBR) is 11 1/2. And, their 9mm SBRs and subguns are 10 1/2. I have both. Just figure Colt has more time to experiment with lengths than I ever would.
  8. 15? Why 15.. why not 14, or 11. Who cares about IPSC, go 17, one reload, done and Production gets its shooters back.
  9. p7fl

    EDC x9

    Definitely want to hear also. I've been CCW ing Colt CCOs for a decade and would prefer a 9 1911 with Glock 19 capacity. Also, rail or no rail.
  10. In six months I've only seen one stage where a stationary shoulder change was required. The rest have been moving in and then out of a position with zero time lost.
  11. Definitely review it for us when it arrives. DVC
  12. Acer: I never heard that. Do you mean Colt magazines specifically or colt style magazines? And yes it does take more effort to reload a 9 than a 223. I use Magpul base pads to get a better grip and not slam my hand locking the mags in place
  13. Magazine release spring I’ve replaced magazine release springs with lighter weight ones on all my 1911s. But I cannot find a lighter spring for my Colt 9mm PCC. Can someone point me in the right direction. All my other Colt AR-s are fine, not sure why the PCC is heavier than a 6933 or 6530 etc. ? TIA jon
  14. 2nd or 3rd Florida open, circa 2002 or 03 Frank put up a stage that was All steel, All behind closed windows that had to be opened with one hand and the steel then engaged with one hand. I was shooting an HKP7 M13 and the ROs and the on deck shooter saw the way I was heading. Two of them grabbed some of my empty mags, reloaded them while I was finishing my last mag so I was able to finish the stage. Not exactly in the rule book, but finished :-).
  15. Why hasn't anyone brought up exploring eye surgery? Cost is the about the same as a Ltd or Open gun and you have a hassle free life. Had Lasik 25 years ago, then as my eyes aged did PRK on dominant eye only. Net is 20/20. Perfect iron sight vision and a very slight bloom on my Aimpoints.
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