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  1. Call this Part II to my original question. I park the wagon, muzzle to the berm. When it is my turn to PCC, I just lift the stock up by the butt and carry to the starting position muzzle Down. I continue with muzzle down for scoring and bagging. Is there another rule I am missing for muzzle Up or Down? jon
  2. Thanks all for pointing out the rule. Was a CRO for 18 years before resigning this year. Not exactly a newbie to the rule book. To answer 71Commander, I was thinking of guys who lift the gun from their bags and start with adjustments. I know I also have done it , prepped the gun , optics and stock, on Stage 1 to keep things moving along. Mea Culpa.
  3. There was a question about Handling last week. I didn’t want to step on the thread with this. PCCs shooters often fiddle with their rifles on the sidelines, adjusting stocks, turning optics off and on and adjusting brightness. My comment to them is that I believe that is still handling and they either take the rifles to the Safe Area OR wait for a LMR command. Am I correct telling them that?
  4. 22 conversion kits I am not a big 22 shooter. Own a good SW AR 15- and a lousy Sig 1911 in 22. With 9mm and 45acp getting pricey I started an Outlaw Match of 22s and 12 Gauge. Looking at Advantage Arms conversions either for a 1911 or Glock 19. to replace my pistol. I don’t wish to spend a fortune on a conversion that won’t get much use either now and in the future. Any suggestions ?
  5. I am 71 and been shooting uspsa for 25 years. After buying and trying different guns i found the most fun was using my carry guns at matches. Not trying to be all Ninja, its just fun to see how you do going all out against the best shooting the best. Picked up a pair Wilson Combat EDC x9s. So I am shooting Ltd Minor, its just a practical and fun way to run a match.
  6. For a friendly competition I started a new 3 gun Match. Steel and 12 gauge. 22 rifles and pistols to hit .22 fall down steel and 12 gauge on bowling pins. It is surprisingly challenging to hit 2x3 inch steel with either pistol or rifle at speed. And there is nothing more fun than letting go with an old short HK Benelli. Locally all the outlaw matches have been fun with guys trying out new matches like Action Steel.
  7. Agree. 25 years.
  8. With apologies to Rowdy, I am really enjoying this thread. 1000 shooters and 1000 different opinions and approaches. I've been shooting USPSA for 25 years. My take is that Major and Minor had their day. But the shooting world has passed it by. It just doesn't make sense in 2020. To add one more thought, I never never ever ever understood why we have classifications? GM or Super Senior D, it does not matter. The scores are the scores. It isn't 1994 anymore. A 2 or 3 year transition to the future could work. Bottom line, just one old timers view: Refresh US
  9. I use VTAC suspenders for rifle classes and matches. Everything Kyle makes works well. I am a fanboy of his products https://www.vikingtactics.com/product-p/vtac-ss.htm
  10. Interesting. I was at th Match. Also running PCC. First three stages something was not right. Focus was not there. I've been shooting USPSA since 1996, never been DQ'd. After the 3rd stage I packed up my gear and left. Nothing wrong, not sure of the why...but yeah, better to call it a day.
  11. CHA-LEE: thank you, info right on target. Questioning the value of a big spend on electronic plugs v the value. At 71, coming to the end of taking 3 day classes it doesn't seem to be worthwhile. I guess the instructor is going to have to put up with an occasional "what". jon
  12. The link above was to the Peltor TEP 100 which is $160.00 on Amazon. Anyone have experience with the 200 which is $400.00? This would be a standalone item definitely not to be doubled up on. thx for the help. jon
  13. The espamerica are pricey I am in the cry once school so that could be acceptable if I was sure. Anyone have experience with the Peltor electronic plugs. They are $400.00 on Amazon, but, the reviews are all over the place.
  14. Been running ear plugs for 25 years in uspsa. No issues. I am at the age that hearing aids might help generally but are not critical. For those who have been down this road or understand...can one item do both life and shooting ( yes I know they are the same ) But, can I use a single pair for both ? thx jon
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