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  1. Heat and Hydration I have not asked this question in a few years. Summer is here and you can imagine the conditions in South Florida. It is hot year round, but Summer is special. Last weekend I shot an 8 stage outlaw Action Steel match. It was physically easy without a lot of resetting. On Monday my body was shaking with chills etc. It is time to revise my approach. My favorite range has no shade, unless you leave your squad and don’t contribute. No one would say anything, but I wouldn’t want to shoot with that kind of person. My present hydration: Day before, drink as much as feasible and add melon or grapefruit. Day of match: cut back one cup of coffee from 3 to 2 or 4 to 3 on the 90 mile drive up. In the car eat 2 bananas. Before the match dig into a bag of cut up melon.or cut up grapefruit. A pint of water or Gatorade Zero per stage. It still is not enough. I am dragging on the 2nd half of an event. It is turning into a physical and mental endurance challenge and not a shooting comp. Suggestions and other options.?
  2. I get what you are asking. I am 72 and accuracy is getting pretty bad. I bought a pair of Wilson Combat EDC X9s last year. This is what I found. Every match someone has to come up and tell me what I am doing wrong. I think I am finally narrowing it down. It is my grip. The double stack doesn’t quite fit. So the gun is wiggly slightly after each shot, hence both right and left. I believe it is a grip issue, not a shooting issue. I shot my single stacks and suddenly I was accurate again. “Grip” Hope this helps.
  3. When I started in the 90s it wasn't watching the great shooters I was with. My issue was listening. Their rhythm and speed was much faster than I could manage and threw me off my plan and abilities.
  4. I had 2k in my cart, was filling out an updated form...... and gone. Bummer, but thx for posting this.
  5. I ordered 9mm dies from Dillon in October 2020. Every month I call to follow up and get a different answer. While Dillon CS reps have been great about everything else I've come to believe they are clearly being dishonest about the issue with dies.
  6. Definitely shoot your Staccato. We are here to compete and enjoy ourselves. I bought two Wilson Combat EDC x9s a short while back and carry one of them every day. So, I want to shoot them and challenge the COFs with them. Advice is 1. At the end of the day. Don't look at the scores. You will know generally how you shot. and 2. Ignore your classification average as it is going to go down. I look forward to shooting the 9s in Limited but force myself to follow advice 1. and 2.
  7. Until recently shooting PCC I've been able to get away with a 511 messenger bag. Holds everything I need for a full match plus drink holders on the side. I like being spartan and leaving all tools and parts in the car. There is also plenty of room also for emergency med supplies. When I finally wore out my first bag, 511 even repaired all the worn sections.
  8. Renting a bay at OKC is very pricey. Can't remember the specific costs but they either want EVERY one on the range to pay for a safety class. Or they want you to pay for their safety officer etc. But it is a great facility. There is another range right next door to OKC that we used to use rent bays from. OKEECHOBEE SHOOTING SPORTS, LLC 863 357 3006 www.okshooting.com.
  9. Re On Line: Great idea ! Sure it can be done remote. I took the class in the 90s and the CRO class in 2002. But, have watched the 2nd day on the range a bunch of times over the years as it goes on during a regular match. The actual shooting part is of very limited importance and managing the shooter with proper commands being the key. Good thinking !.
  10. We have a local Outlaw Steel Challenge type match going on for the past 25 years. It started as a practice session for USPSA shooters and has been a general shooters event for the last 15. The county let us re open 2 months ago, ONLY, if everyone but the shooters wore masks and the squads maxed out at 10. Normal turnout is about 60. The past 2 months have been 7 and 8 shooters. It has to be cost and access to ammo. The "match" has been a great competition for years and my favorite social shooting event. I've switched from pistols to 22 ARs. I definitely miss the pistol practice. I hope we survive until 2022.
  11. I shoot a full size at SC. Got to handle one of these yesterday and it is a winner. All my rifles are 10 1/2 to 11 1/2 SBRs and M-16s so this is a great fit in with my others. If my horrid DIL wasn't so anti-gun I would be definitely be buying this for my grandsons today.
  12. I am ammo good training and competing thru 2021, but, we are talking about gouging not planning. I don't have enough gas in my Jeep to last thru next weekend.
  13. I am in South Florida. If a seller raised the price of gas or water 300 or 400% after or during a Hurricane.... it would be price gouging. There are laws in place. But, if a person has a 38 and needs ammo for personal defense with Covid going on. That becomes Supply and Demand? Not in my view.
  14. I love this thread ! Every business lunch or meeting new people I ask about their hobbies. I also want more to do. Before kids, wife and mortgage I used to fly down to San Antonio and canoe with friends. Kayaking has been mentioned but it was, back in time, more of a canoe area. A day or two in New Braunfels and we would drive to the Upper and Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande. Magnificent country!! If the water was up, the water was fast and fun. And if water was low it was tricky just manuvering around rocks. Definitely Canoes not Kayaks. Spent the last 30_+ years in S. Florida. Work out 6 days and week and shoot on the 7th, but there is still spare time …. So I continue to look and ask. I am a half mile from the ocean. But I don’t see any small 2 or one person sail boats. At the beach I see guys Parasailing and WOW that looks cool, but I have not tried it. The big one is road and off road biking. Have to admit that I am terrified of biking with the planet X drivers down here. I am NOT going to share a road with people who never check left when turning right. One son talked me into buying a quality camera. Nice for family events, but I don’t get it? I’ve even Googled “Hobbies”. Will continue to follow for active and outdoor events. thx jon
  15. Call this Part II to my original question. I park the wagon, muzzle to the berm. When it is my turn to PCC, I just lift the stock up by the butt and carry to the starting position muzzle Down. I continue with muzzle down for scoring and bagging. Is there another rule I am missing for muzzle Up or Down? jon
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