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  1. Acer: I never heard that. Do you mean Colt magazines specifically or colt style magazines? And yes it does take more effort to reload a 9 than a 223. I use Magpul base pads to get a better grip and not slam my hand locking the mags in place
  2. Magazine release spring I’ve replaced magazine release springs with lighter weight ones on all my 1911s. But I cannot find a lighter spring for my Colt 9mm PCC. Can someone point me in the right direction. All my other Colt AR-s are fine, not sure why the PCC is heavier than a 6933 or 6530 etc. ? TIA jon
  3. 2nd or 3rd Florida open, circa 2002 or 03 Frank put up a stage that was All steel, All behind closed windows that had to be opened with one hand and the steel then engaged with one hand. I was shooting an HKP7 M13 and the ROs and the on deck shooter saw the way I was heading. Two of them grabbed some of my empty mags, reloaded them while I was finishing my last mag so I was able to finish the stage. Not exactly in the rule book, but finished :-).
  4. Why hasn't anyone brought up exploring eye surgery? Cost is the about the same as a Ltd or Open gun and you have a hassle free life. Had Lasik 25 years ago, then as my eyes aged did PRK on dominant eye only. Net is 20/20. Perfect iron sight vision and a very slight bloom on my Aimpoints.
  5. USPSA v local range rules. I know this has been reviewed before. Can’t find it. Can a local Level 1 Match Director come up with range specific rules that are not in the “Book”? Generally, I look at local range rules with courtesy and respect them. Can someone call a DQ for something local and not in the book? (Local club, no official DQ given, no shooters were injured during the discussion.) Answer is NO. Correct?
  6. iflyskyhigh: thank you, that was info I was looking for.
  7. I've got a itch to try optics. While not loving Glocks I now have 5 19s going all the way back to a 1993. For optics if I purchase a Brownells G19 slide and and just switch parts. (adding higher front and rear sights) it saves me $400.00 over buying a new G19 MOS. Is that a good way to go or am I being simplistic? Or are they issues with that? Or is there a better choice of slide in the same price range? (I would prefer not milling a slide in case I don't like optics.) sorry for all the questions...but thanks for the help DVC jon
  8. I hit 70 last month. Switching to PCC with a 40 round magazine, an Aimpoint and 3 points of contact has me really enthusiastic about USPSA again. My movement and foot speed have improved dramatically. After 25 years of USPSA I totally look forward to each match again as a competitor. Nope, I am competing against others.
  9. Shot a classifier on Sunday. Brain dead shot first 2 targets with 2 rounds instead of one. Stopped, UNSC, and then flagged. RO was caught unaware. I could hear in his voice I had caught him unaware, was confused, so I did it again, but, sllloowwly. I called the commands as I went the 2nd time. I was pissed at myself, but taking it out on nervous ROs is not what USPSA should be about.
  10. Also tried IDPA when it started. Designed a stage: Shooter made ready, then turned uprange, back to stage. Everyone except RO/SO then went out, scored the previous shooter and also moved targets and walls.Very simple lay out. On buzzer shooter turned. Nothing super special or fancy but it worked.
  11. Been an RO/CRO for 20+ years. Calling scores on Sunday, a USPSA target on a USPSA no shoot was a clear 2 Alphas and 1 NS. A paster called to me no the NS had not broken the line. WOW. The hit was definitely ¾ of a 9mm hit. No question. Also, no question it didn’t touch the NS line. With all the sports talk comments about how baseballs are tighter this year leading to more home runs….I wonder did the space become bigger when the B was removed. No one had a camera handy and we had to move on. Anyone else notice this?
  12. The OPs question is about movement not safety. I've taken about half dozen 3 day AR classes from top name guys and this question has never come up. But, I too have been watching videos trying to pick up on how good shooters move. Essentially I believe it comes down to the type of movement. Short steps around barriers if you can't keep the rifle mounted, lifting the rifle back and up, or to the strong side with muzzle angled down is effective. On longer runs when speed is need, it becomes a one handed carry that I manage with the barrel flat to the berm or very slightly elevated. Just opinions based on my strength and comfort. Also, running a 10 1/2 SBR probably gives me a different feel on in and out movement.
  13. Our local (90 miles) club sells out Action Steel every month. It is usually the prior weekends USPSA stages changed over to metal. It takes a lot of steel to have 8 stages ! Some falling, some standing and taking multiple shots. I guarantee you that Foley and friends are looking at AS for USPSA and NROI only has to change a few rules with non falling steel to get it up and testing.
  14. It is a 90 mile drive to the local match. At 10PM last night the prediction was 50% heavy thunderstorms at 10am and 11am. And 30% the rest of the day. My whole regular squad blew the match off. This morning the forecast had changed to only 10% rain. Bummed out. Rant should be aimed at me for listening instead of just driving. Sigh.
  15. Has anyone gotten their hands on one of these yet? The optic will fit a MOS and co witness with a standard front sight. Window looks small. Concept seems right. TIA jon
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