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  1. I've given up on shooting 45s. I simply cannot get enough practice in before my hands hurt. My 11 year old STI single stack is a cupcake and I can shoot much more and put the time and effort in. But, if I were given a choice, there is just something about shooting a 1911 in USPSA that just feels right
  2. I understand that STI is announcing its new line next week. Anyone spot a Glock 19 sized one in the wild? Pretty sure I would be a buyer even tho I know better than to purchase a just released gun.
  3. I definitely respect classifications, in context. Got hooked on attending high end classes with name instructors a while back. I don't go to major matches, just spend my money on the classes. For years weather it is pistol or rifle, out of the 25 people in class I would come in 1st to 3rd anytime a clock came out. I am also the eternal B shooter, If I go to a USPSA match I'll finish dead center, class and overall. What does this mean....I am not sure Reminds me a lot of being in the martial arts for 25 years. Yes, belts and ranks can mean a lot, but only in the specific school within the world of the specific GM you are training under.
  4. My heated L&R is over 20 years old, still running great and the actual designer always picked up when I have had any questions. http://www.lrultrasonics.com/ Only regret is not buying a rifle sized one. Also, the cost of the solutions can be pricey.
  5. Other than RangerTrace does anyone daily carry the STI double stacks... Any issues?
  6. I am going to purchase one of the new STIs. Not new to STI, I have an 11 year old single stack and have owned other STI single stacks. I’ve never owned a double stack STI. At USPSA matches I see shooters treat their magazines with extreme care: loading at the match, cleaning after each stage, playing with springs. This will be a carry and outlaw match gun. I am use to abusing magazines, P7s, Colt McCormicks, Glocks etc. Does anyone have positive or negative experiences with recent STI factory double stacks and how they hold up to being kept loaded etc. Can I trust them? Thx jon
  7. I came back into USPSA when Production was introduced. It has changed a lot. I don't see why we can't review/change the magazine capacity for a year and see where it leads. The world will not end if we can shoot 17 round magazines in 2020 and then look at the issue again going forward.
  8. Jack how far are you from OKC? The hold a monthly 2 gun match that is pretty well run. Generally six stages. Two pistol, two rifle and two combined.
  9. The answer is 2 Gun. The people who love shotguns are the same ones who like reloading revolvers. As mentioned above, shottys are about reloading not shooting fast. All our local matches have gone 2 gun. Everyone has a rifle etc. Setting up paper for 223 or pcc and either / or for pistols has brought in the regular shooters. Dedicated outlaw shotgun matches would be an option.
  10. I had a small firm on Wall St and lived in Manhattan. The only pistol i saw in 25 years was carried by a jeweler who had been mugged a few years before.
  11. p7fl

    EDC x9

    "I thought it was very accurate mechanically but somewhat hard to shoot accurately". TIA
  12. A plus 2 OEM extension on a 17 would help, BUT, I've never me an extension I could rely on.
  13. Got it. thanks again. jon
  14. Going to run a Glock 19 in an outlaw Action Steel match this weekend. I can't do math. Would the 24 round mag fit in The Box for Ltd Minor? Yes, it is Outlaw, but they follow most of the USPSA book to avoid chaos. DVC jon
  15. Taccom does not make an extension for a Colt, and looking for other than Taylor Freelance. thx
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