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  1. This is exactly what I did. I was in the LGS and they had an electronic fingerprinter that they used for extra money from their CCW class. Picture was from cell phone. Once I figured out CLEO was not me (duh ) everything was easy. FYI: their system runs slow. Like two hours for the form to update correctly and move to the next screen. It is not like BE.com etc. Patience was the hardest part.
  2. On stages requiring reloads do you use standard length mags OR shorter ones? I use Colt type mags, 20s 32s and the longer ones with TF extensions. Is there are logic for speed and smoother reloads using the 20s over the 32s with mandated reloads. TIA
  3. George 16: CLEO question on Efile Form 1. I just finished the form and will send copy to CLEO. Do i do that now, or when it comes back approved. Can the CLEO block it? I've got a lot of NFA but this is my first run with the new rules. TIA jon
  4. I am about to Efile a 16 down to a 10 1/2. All my ARs are 10 1/2 to 11 1/2. The 9 is the only 16 and it is heavy compared to my others. So far the only negative I've read is stability. Heavier gun=easier fup shots. Any other negatives I should reflect on before the papers go in ? DVC jon
  5. I bought an heated L&R 20 years ago when I was shooting HK P7s. It is a tank, has been great. Wish I had a rifle sized one but they were priced in the stratosphere. I continue to use their cleaning solution which I get from Brownells. Not to steal this topic but what do you guys use for a lubricating solution? The price of the L&R is has gone way up? TIA jon
  6. Good choice. After 25 years of USPSA I've gone to Glock 19s. Tired of chasing smiths and sorting issues. Glocks are like Legos, just show up and shoot. Bullets go where you point the gun and the amount of options for each part is amazing. And did I mention no smiths
  7. Coaching rules 8.6.2Any person providing interference or unauthorized assistance to a competitor during a course of fire (and the competitor receiving such assistance) may, at the discretion of a Range Officer, incur a procedural penalty for that stage and/or be subject to Section When approved by the Range Officer, competitors at Level I matches may, without penalty, receive whatever coaching or assistance they request. Range Officials may safety coach competitors as needed, unless a safety violation occurs. I am confused by this. Took the RO class 1997 and CRO in 2002. Coaching was not allowed. Period End. At some point Coaching has been allowed. But when is the question? I was in a Squad of friends at a Level 1 match Saturday and the ROs+peanut gallery were pointing out missed targets. I have helped newer shooters with things over the years, such as if they started drifting past the 180, or passed a few targets or had their finger in the trigger guard. I cannot imagine that this rule was intended to allow ROS to help experienced shooters. How should the rule on coaching be applied? How is it being applied? TIA jon
  8. No one has mentioned the Gunsite Colt, only comes in 45. You have to buy them from Gunsite directly. I have 3 and all have run perfectly out of the box. One went from FFL to an 1800 round class without a hiccup. Price is reasonable for a series 70 that is a major step up from any Colt. For extra mags mine all love McCormick.
  9. I've never been in your position of being a big guy wanting to losing a large amount of weight. Just average with average issues. Everyone is right about calories and everyone is right about eating healthy foods. Food is fuel not entertainment. Excercise IS important for many obvious reasons but if the work outs your are doing are not something you enjoy or or not challenged by they will not work. Personal experience is training in the martial arts for 30 years before I ever picked up a gun, still training and still enjoy training. It is not an effort at 70 to put an 1/2 hour in each day. You have to find excercise that you like to do. Also, is that you have a family so make being healthy a family goal, it is something you can share with the six of you and support each other. Being on BE is cool. Having someone with you every night is cooler.
  10. Every June 1 I go thru the house and replace the batteries on all my lights. I always feel like I am throwing good money away. Rifles, HGs, car, bedroom, it is endless
  11. After a Hurricane I want two flashlights. One on a pistol in a dedicated holster, and one hand held. Pointing a weapon at someone to see what is going on would not make me a popular neighbor.
  12. I like my Gunsite CCOs, but I loved my P7s. sigh.
  13. I am going out of my lane in this. Last year I took a 4th class with Kyle Lamb that was green lights, flashlights, muzzle brakes.. etc. Showed up with 10 year old flashlights and was “that guy” for the class. Firing at distance was difficult and if you put your rifle under a car the 2nd shot was all dust. He did a recent blog or video on lights, I just tried…if someone with better skills tries they may be able to find the link. jon
  14. I picked up a Colt 9mm 1911 Comp last year. Put some oil on and ran 200 rounds without issue. Can't say it is much of a test but the gun seems really solid. Just decided to go all in with Glocks after a decade of 1911s because there was no SS shooters at my local matches. I have a STI 9mm single stack that was a short run about 10 years ago. It is at 17k and was my Steel and high volumn class gun. Guys like Kyle Lamb would pick it up during a class and not give it back for an afternoon. 9mm and 1911 is just fun. Buy the Colt, you won't loose money if you ever sell it.
  15. Grumpy: OP here, I have to disagree with you. ALL sports are inherently unfair. I have never had any eye hand co-ordination. It takes me a half day to line up a shot and then tell myself to pull the trigger. Just the way it is. On the other hand I am 70 and miss the physical challenges stage designers used to use as I am in shape and they gave me an big advantage. Competition is never fair or equal. DVC jon
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