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  1. CHA-LEE: thank you, info right on target. Questioning the value of a big spend on electronic plugs v the value. At 71, coming to the end of taking 3 day classes it doesn't seem to be worthwhile. I guess the instructor is going to have to put up with an occasional "what". jon
  2. The link above was to the Peltor TEP 100 which is $160.00 on Amazon. Anyone have experience with the 200 which is $400.00? This would be a standalone item definitely not to be doubled up on. thx for the help. jon
  3. The espamerica are pricey I am in the cry once school so that could be acceptable if I was sure. Anyone have experience with the Peltor electronic plugs. They are $400.00 on Amazon, but, the reviews are all over the place.
  4. Been running ear plugs for 25 years in uspsa. No issues. I am at the age that hearing aids might help generally but are not critical. For those who have been down this road or understand...can one item do both life and shooting ( yes I know they are the same ) But, can I use a single pair for both ? thx jon
  5. At 71 and 25 years of USPSA I think of myself as an aggressive competitor. Two rules help me keeping going. A. I never look at scores B. I never watch the video's people post of their perfect runs. Reasons should be obvious and lend themselves to be able to compete another 10 or 15 years.
  6. FWIW I disagree. If a person acts or is acting in an unsafe manner, they must be removed. My son sent me this quote this morning regarding Covid and speedy trials. "The Constitution is not a suicide pact' Nor is the USPSA rule book.
  7. Sarge: Don't be offended if I don't shake your hand :-). 60 ? I can't remember that far back.
  8. Tomorrow will be weird. Not shaking hands? I’ve shot mostly with 4 different clubs for the past 25 years. Different clubs, different guys, friends, that I enjoy seeing every month. Its Florida so we don’t have a shooting season. Last weekend I tried not shaking hands, but it was automatic with 5 or 6 guys putting their hands out and I naturally responded. Tomorrow is a USPSA match with 130 shooters and I really enjoy the crowd at this club. No way I am elbow bumping, and fist bumps went out with Obama. Just going to be weird. jon
  9. Same thing happened to me last month. Bought a new 2011 and was stocking up etc, day after order email comes with 10% off. I was tempted to return the first order and start again. I get they want repeat business, but....
  10. One of my 2 favorite all time daily carries is a Colt Gunsite 1911 CCO. It is a 45 with an officers grip and commander slide. Lightweight. Link to Gunsite. https://www.gunsitestore.com/product/firearms/colt-gunsite-cco/ Looks like out of stock at the moment, but they are around.
  11. 12 year old SS STI that just runs. A new WC EDC x9 that is reliable so far at 2k rounds. Traded away over time a Colt 9mm, STI commander and Springfield that all were great guns. 9mm 1911s used to have issues but that seems to be history.
  12. I wanted a brighter sharper optic on my 9mm Colt. So took an Aimpoint off a back up 16 inch .223 and tried it on a 9mm. Without any changes it worked fine for the pistol distances. Later on I bought a dedicated Aimpoint for the 9 and used the same distance. I would guess that knowing your holdovers and unders is more important than the actual PCC zero.
  13. Been noticing EGW advertising in USPSA magazine. (Did they drop the name Front Sight?) Is anyone using a EGW optics mount on a Glock etc? Opinions? Are you happy with it. Goal is to try out optics on a Glock without getting too $ invested in to start Does the site mount extra high. How do you sight it in without a rear sight? Any other questions I should be asking? TIA jon
  14. Strictly an opinion...but adding magpuls gives me a better grip on Colt mags. The price is a big $3.00 each.
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