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  1. Every June 1 I go thru the house and replace the batteries on all my lights. I always feel like I am throwing good money away. Rifles, HGs, car, bedroom, it is endless
  2. After a Hurricane I want two flashlights. One on a pistol in a dedicated holster, and one hand held. Pointing a weapon at someone to see what is going on would not make me a popular neighbor.
  3. p7fl

    HK P7M8 holster maker?

    I like my Gunsite CCOs, but I loved my P7s. sigh.
  4. I am going out of my lane in this. Last year I took a 4th class with Kyle Lamb that was green lights, flashlights, muzzle brakes.. etc. Showed up with 10 year old flashlights and was “that guy” for the class. Firing at distance was difficult and if you put your rifle under a car the 2nd shot was all dust. He did a recent blog or video on lights, I just tried…if someone with better skills tries they may be able to find the link. jon
  5. I picked up a Colt 9mm 1911 Comp last year. Put some oil on and ran 200 rounds without issue. Can't say it is much of a test but the gun seems really solid. Just decided to go all in with Glocks after a decade of 1911s because there was no SS shooters at my local matches. I have a STI 9mm single stack that was a short run about 10 years ago. It is at 17k and was my Steel and high volumn class gun. Guys like Kyle Lamb would pick it up during a class and not give it back for an afternoon. 9mm and 1911 is just fun. Buy the Colt, you won't loose money if you ever sell it.
  6. Grumpy: OP here, I have to disagree with you. ALL sports are inherently unfair. I have never had any eye hand co-ordination. It takes me a half day to line up a shot and then tell myself to pull the trigger. Just the way it is. On the other hand I am 70 and miss the physical challenges stage designers used to use as I am in shape and they gave me an big advantage. Competition is never fair or equal. DVC jon
  7. All real good suggestions and info. thx. jon
  8. Ex-Brother in Law (dumped the wife, kept the BIL and nephew) had shoulder surgery and cannot lift his shoulder above a certain level. Recently got him into USPSA. Mostly shooting Ltd Minor. Running a Glock 17 and needs a decent holster that sits low so he does not have to lift his shoulder too much on the draw stroke. I suggested he goes with his Glock 19, but he is a big guy with big hands and the 17 fits him much better. He shoulders can get thru a USPSA match but a Steel match is painful. Any specific suggestions? TIA jon
  9. p7fl


    Dropping Friend took a hard fall running a stage, he went down flat but with complete control of his pistol. He rested a moment then let the gun out of his hand to get up. Before I could stop him, he picked up the loaded gun. Was this a DQ when he released the gun to get up. Was it a DQ again when he picked it up instead of me, the RO on the stage. He had decided to stop on the stage. See definition of “dropped” and 10.5.14. I DQ’d him Was this the correct application of dropped?
  10. I run Glock 19s after a lot of different guns in 25 years. Don't tell any of the 17 and 34 fans, but, the bullets go where you point the gun. ?
  11. p7fl

    Limited Minor

    Could not figure a better place for this..call it a C. I’ve never paid much attention to Ltd Minor. I got back into USPSA when Production was announced and have shot either Production or SS since. Two weeks ago I shot a Monster Match with 55 round stages and a stage designer who was pure evil. He tossed in a lot of back to back to back 6 round views and running between. Some stages I went thru 9 mags. Looking at my Glock 19s I could just add some longer mags and see if I enjoy LM thinking and planning.. I can read the length in the rule book, my specific first question is: A is how many rounds does that translate into a Glock 17 mag total after adding an extension? B. Next is which brand extension is preferred and reliable out of the box? C. Last question is if I can could choose a pistol for LM, would it be the Shadow 2 or 2011 or is there another option? D. Is LM just a dumb idea? TIA jon
  12. p7fl

    USPSA production gun question

    I always enjoy checking to see if the Colt 2000 is still there ?
  13. p7fl

    Glock to CZ back to Glock!!!!!

    Yes. Denial and a Glock 19. I also cut back to 5 mags. It is a big gain after a .45 with 6 or 7 mags. After a few stages in the Florida sun you can really appreciate the difference.
  14. Probably too late but...empty the refrigerator and freezer before you leave. Not Jack's, yours.
  15. p7fl

    Gritty take up

    Went to a local gunshow this morning and the Glock table guy suggested a touch of oil on the connector. Worked perfectly. thank you.