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  1. The OPs question is about movement not safety. I've taken about half dozen 3 day AR classes from top name guys and this question has never come up. But, I too have been watching videos trying to pick up on how good shooters move. Essentially I believe it comes down to the type of movement. Short steps around barriers if you can't keep the rifle mounted, lifting the rifle back and up, or to the strong side with muzzle angled down is effective. On longer runs when speed is need, it becomes a one handed carry that I manage with the barrel flat to the berm or very slightly elevated. Just opinions based on my strength and comfort. Also, running a 10 1/2 SBR probably gives me a different feel on in and out movement.
  2. Our local (90 miles) club sells out Action Steel every month. It is usually the prior weekends USPSA stages changed over to metal. It takes a lot of steel to have 8 stages ! Some falling, some standing and taking multiple shots. I guarantee you that Foley and friends are looking at AS for USPSA and NROI only has to change a few rules with non falling steel to get it up and testing.
  3. It is a 90 mile drive to the local match. At 10PM last night the prediction was 50% heavy thunderstorms at 10am and 11am. And 30% the rest of the day. My whole regular squad blew the match off. This morning the forecast had changed to only 10% rain. Bummed out. Rant should be aimed at me for listening instead of just driving. Sigh.
  4. Has anyone gotten their hands on one of these yet? The optic will fit a MOS and co witness with a standard front sight. Window looks small. Concept seems right. TIA jon
  5. I am an Oakley fan boy. Last I checked Oakley was not selling their darkest lenses in prism to replace standard polarized lenses. For Florida sun, I was NOT impressed with the prisms I tried.
  6. I have limited knowledge about lasers. Last month a stage started with 2 USPSA targets at a very sharp angle. It would have been nice to start the rifle on my off side, have the laser pointed at the first A zone and fire from the hip. Is anyone using a laser in PCC? And if so, which one would do you like? Do you also just use it for an occasional stage and remove it for other stages. TIA jon
  7. OP here. Good responses and insights. Unlike pistols responses clearly indicate more Situational than pistols. Still looking for ways to practice keeping the rifle up and ready to quickly shoot when i hit my spot. Finding the spot is harder than with a pistol (anyone agree?) and then I don't want to move the rifle up or down more than 2-3 inches. Emailed with Kyle Lamb: he likes the one hand and pumping arms to get the next position. I've done a few rifle classes with him but before PCC. Going to request he adds some PPC to a November class. I have never seen a 180 going weak side, but now clearly will be aware. Running back with one hand on the rifle looks smart and quick, will add that to toolbox. jon Met and chatted with a motion Dr. She indicates age is NOT a factor. I am 70 in excellent shape and she indicates that if i want the fast sprints of long ago, just practice them. There is no physical reason why 70 can't stay with 20 other than train :-).
  8. Been shooting Single Stack or Production since they were introduced. Step, step, reload. My home club also is space limited so the monthly match had limited movement. Just SBR’d my Colt for PCC and the first match was the most fun I’ve had in years, has me excited again about shooting. So much to learn. Shooting AR’s for long time but never under the clock and never with sprints. My natural instinct is to drop the rifle to my dominant hand and hip and then run. What I am seeing posted on videos is: Shooters keeping both hands on the rifle when moving. Lifting the buttstock above their shoulders when moving. Or last just lowering the stock and rifle 2 or 3 inches off their shoulder but still in front. I get that not having to raise the rifle from a low position gets you ready faster when you hit your spot, but after that is it situational? Or is their one definite faster place or way to hold a rifle and move? DVC jon
  9. 9mm Single Stacks are pure fun. I've lost count of how many Steel events, USPSA single stack and classes I've taken where the STI single stack was my primary gun. It is a go to for everything. I paid a lot for the gun, Derek, and Tripp mags, but it has never gone down in 12 years. For the price, go for the lesser bill and adjust sights and trigger and any repairs to your preference. Watch your 45s get dusty and then feel a bit guilty for not shooting them
  10. Got my Colt set up as an SBR and ran my first match with it last Saturday. Very simply it was the MOST FUN shooting I have ever had in USPSA. Been shooting Production or SS since their inception, 3 steps reload, plan, plan, plan. Always shooting carry guns. The SBR was total freedom, accuracy of a rifle, unlimited shots, ignoring reloads, confidence in the Aimpoint. It was like WOW. I feel like I am shooting a totally different sport. And, so much to learn. After 25 years of USPSA I am really excited about going to my next match. Just thoughts. jon
  11. Dumbed out and forgot to step into shooting area on beep. 2 Paper to the right and 2 to the left. The first step was just to move over the line...fired 8 shots, no advantage, but according to 10.2.1 etc--it is still 8 shots and I dinged myself for 8 procedurals. Correct?
  12. p7fl

    Going prone

    Used an inexpensive exercise matt last year on a stage. I miss the more physical stages we used to run so I set up a prone position on a stage last year. It was the last shot so getting up was off the clock. A lot of complaining and a few guys took procedurals.
  13. Left Single Stack for Production to get some competition. Then everyone left Production for PCC and CO. Is it me? Going back to SS.
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