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  1. With three squads and (65) to (72) shooters each week at our club match we have to move shooters quickly and that means scoring quickly. Scoring can be done 20' away most times, when in doubt have to walk up and check. Slows scoring down. Clean holes help and yes, I score also.
  2. The main reason I originally looked at the HPs rather than the FPs was I noticed a slight difference in the contour of the bullet. The FPs have a straight taper to the side of the bullet and the HPs have a slight round to the sides similar to a Round Point. When I switched from the M&P Pro Core Carry Optic to the CZ Shadow2 I discovered the CZs are much more picky about bullet ogive and seating depth. My original loads would NOT go into battery as over all length was too long. Had to reduce my length by nearly .015 to pass plunk test. The ogive length on the HP is different than the FP so I have more tolerance for clearance at the same loading depth with the HP compared to the FP. Don't need a round hanging up and not going into battery while running against the clock. Any of my loads that don't pass the gage AND plunk test go into the range load box for practice.
  3. 9mm, 147g, Carry Optics, Minor.
  4. Did a search but didn't find anything relevant. I've been loading and shooting 147g FP bullets since beginning of last year for USPSA. The 147g are subsonic and have a nice recoil and the Flat Points make nicer holes. Came time to reorder bullets and decided to try 147g Hollow Points. Nice grouping, no issues yet. My question is, what are the advantages of HP bullets over others? Noticed it seems like quite a few of the other shooters are using HPs but haven't tested to see if cleaner holes or other advantages. Haven't run HPs in a match yet, still using what I've previously loaded with the Flat Points but now need to restock. Any opinions?
  5. Ordered the Redding Competition seating die with the micrometer plus the Redding Competition crimping die, also with micrometer. Received the dies and did the new set up process. Eliminated the powder check and moved the bullet feeder over a station. Good new is, after initial set-up and dummy load testing, the loads passed all the test (including plunk test) and no indent marks. Haven't run an actual batch yet, the wife and the ta-do list comes first. Interesting point regarding case belling. Watched a YouTube video I found for setting up the Redding dies and part of the setup was checking the case flare. Stated to flare the case mouth just enough so the case would lightly scrape the seating die when inserted. If it doesn't scrape, not enough flare. Worked. Eliminating the powder check: I did do an experiment using an endoscope I have and fit that to the hole in station #3 used with the powder check. Linked the scope to my iPad Pro and tried to set up a monitor to watch the powder levels without having to pear around the press and into the casing to confirm powder. Worked but didn't work. I could get an aligned view of the cases as they progressed but the glare from the lights wouldn't let the camera focus. Have the Inline Fabrication Skylight setup and lights on are too bright, no lights are too dark, get a reflection off the shell plate. Haven't given up yet.
  6. I've been loading Berry's 147gr FP bullets for about two years now and do like those bullets. Started loading on my Hornady LnL but switched to XL 650 and LnL is in a box. Still using my match grade Hornady seater and crimper combo die. The Berry's are a plated bullet and pretty soft and I get an indented ring from the seating stem. Not a big deal, I live with it. I'm starting to switch over to Berry's 147gr HP bullets for my USPSA load. With the same setting on the press, just switching to the HP bullets I now get a really strong indent on the bullets. I'm thinking because the bullet has a slightly different shape to the ogive and is hollow the bullet is even softer than the solid bullets. I'm now considering converting from the seat and crimp combo to a seat only and crimp only dies. I'm also using the Hornady bullet feeder and the Dillion powder check which means one of those have to go if I use two separate dies. Will using the seat only, crimp separate dies eliminate the indent ring on the soft bullets? I'm leaning towards the Redding competition seater die and Redding taper crimp die, any opinions for or against the Redding?
  7. When I chrono my loads (Labradar) I always do a minimum of ten rounds per string and a minimum of two strings per load. I then create a spread sheet of the chrono data and then include that data with my master load data spread sheet. I tried to attach a PDF copy of one of the sheets, we'll see if it works. Reloading Recipes-Pistol (CZ) 4-25-19.pdf
  8. I originally thought the deeper seating depth would make more of a difference in my load weight but was surprised it didn't. Same bullets seated at 1.068 using 4.5gr of Power Pistol are clocking at between 975 to 980 fps. Made up batches of new loads seated down to 1.055 and started at 4.1 and worked back up. Ended up even seated at 1.050 to 1.055 the same 4.5 charge gave me the same velocity.
  9. This question sort of crosses over in a couple categories but loading on a Dillon 650 so start here. Been challenged working up loads to run in my new CZ Shadow 2 as the gun is REALLY picky about COAL and CBTO. I've been loading Berry's 9mm 147gn FP bullets and running them through my M&P Pro Core for USPSA and NEVER had an issue. Switched to the CZ and discovered my previous loads will not chamber in the CZ. Learned about Europe and ball ammo and CZs and worked up new seating depths to work in the CZ. Here's what I'm running into. My previous loads were set at 1.068 COAL. I use Federal Am Eagle 147 FP as my alternate ammo which I love and that tends to spec at 1.065. The CZ will run factory Fed AE all day long and loves it but I have to seat the Berry's down to 1.050 to 1.055 in order for it to chamber. Side by side comparison of the Berrys 147 FP and the Federal 147 FP and the angle of the bevel is different. The Federal is narrower and so it can seat longer and still chamber. The profile of the Berry's makes the seating depth REALLY picky and some loads in a batch will vary measure from 1.050 to1.060. 1.060 do not go into full battery even if the pass the case gauge test. Long story to get to my question.... Lot of shooters seem to be using Hollow Point bullets even though they are a bit more expensive. I use flat point because they make nice holes, same for HP. I've been looking on line at the photos of the Berry's FP and side by side comparison of the HP and the HP appear to have slightly more rounded profile compared to the straight slant to the FP. Midway has 147gr Berry's HP available, box of (1,000). I've spent a LOT of time getting my recipe perfected for my 147gr loads, don't want to start over. I'm assuming 147gr is 147gr when it comes to load and velocity whether its FP or HP so my same recipe should work correct? Any other shooters using the HPs and know if they run better in the CZs? It seems just a little bit if difference in bullet profile can make a big difference in how it chambers and wondering if that applies with the HPs
  10. kamick: It's the RTS2R in 8moa. Ordered directly from C-More so was able to the get the 8moa at the time. I wanted a larger dot for quicker acquisition for Run-n-Gun. Bad news is about third time at the range the optic would shut of after most shots. Two trips to the range and shut off 14 and 18 times during the range time. Sent back to C-More (my time, my dime) they replace the circuit board and seems OK now. Did have to re-zero once I got it back. The viewable window is larger for the RTS
  11. ddc: Exactly the kind of info that helps, thank you very much for your insite!!! HesedTech: My MBF, case expanded, powder funnel just arrived his afternoon (Friday), I'll try and switch out this weekend. Latest update: The wife's project lists ++ haven't allowed me to get back in the shop to reload so had to declare time. Before dinner purged the CBC casings out of the press and reloaded with the Blazer rounds I was able to recover from the last couple range visits. Didn't change any settings and once again, as fast as I could pump the handle was dropping rounds into the blue bin. After dinner sat in front of the TV and gauged all the rounds and every one passed just fine. It's not OCD to sort head stamp if it makes this much difference in loading.
  12. Thanks HesedTech good info You have my curiosity with the Mr Bullet case expanded funnel. I'm still using the stock Dillon and I do have to occasionally align and hold a bullet as it goes into the seating die. Using the Dillon powder check in #3 station and the Hornady bullet feeder die in #4, out of stations to do separate seat and crimp, using the Hornady Match Grade seating die which I've been happy with so far. Yes to water wash before decap. Those casings are part of the accumulating batches of brass I don't load so were from quite a while ago. Different system for wash and rinse now. Now I rinse with RO/DI water (almost distilled) using Armor All wash n wax and finish off after couple more rinses with RO/DI water again. Dry brass in dehydrator and no spot problems.
  13. Resizing die is set-up so hand tighten until firm contact with shell plate, lower ram and give die a bit more than another 1/4 turn down. Recapping pin has a full 1/4" of pin exposed. Shell plate is set up so hand tighten bolt until plate is tight to ram plate and then back off bolt slightly until plate indexes freely. Does CBC crimp primers as I'm not aware that they do. Had plenty of bell with the Blazer, little to none with the CBC. Berry's plated, .356 147gr FP All the setting were the same, just different brass.
  14. Sounds good ddc. I don't think you're OCD as I do the exact same thing with my head stamps. In the past I only loaded the Federal brass as that was part of my recycling program. Buy Federal Am Eagle 147gr flat points and recycle them as empty brass. Range brass was separated and have supplies of Win, RP, Blazer and CBC. The rest is all mixed including stuff with the mill stamp. Started off with (12) quarts of Federal brass and that's what I use for Run -n-Gun but end up walking away from almost (100) cases per week which take a toll on the brass supply. Getting low on Federal and having to start using the other flavors. I did notice sizing and seating the CBC took more effort but surprised that the exact same setting that worked perfect with the Blazer did not work at all with the CBC. Think I'll try running some Win and see what it does On a related side note... I just made arrangements to pick up 10# of range brass from my gun club @ $1.50 per pound which I've never done before. We'll see what kind of head stamps we find out of that mess.
  15. Been working on load development for the new CZ and last weekend loaded (250) rounds of 9mm using Blazer brass. So far I've been using mixed brass doing small batches until I get the load I want but mixed brass has been major PIA running through the press. Tried loading it up with the same sorted brass and the Blazer ran flawless. As quick as I could crank the arm rounds dropped in the bin. Ran a bit over one hundred of each powder weight till I ran out of Blazer and then hit the range Monday. Every round passed the plunk test and cycled perfect. Tonight I loaded the brass bin with CBC brass and didn't change anything. Attached below is a photo of what every round coming off the press looked like. Noticed I wasn't getting as much bell on the case mouth, readjusted the powder drop and bell a bit but still getting messed up cases. WTF??
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