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  1. So I loaded up multiple batches of different loads with the CCi magnum (550) primers and Power Pistol. Ended up with 6.3 grains giving my between 1040 and 1050fps depending on temp. CZ TSO has no issue lighting them, ran about (150) test loads so far. Just loaded another (150) to take to the range and get a bit more serious with.
  2. Thanks Mike, that's good to know. Been sitting out on the deck working on both guns, the Shadow2 with the RSO and the TSO with the C-More. Cleaned the diode on the C-More, fresh battery and no change with the dot. At it's max brightness the C-More is almost equal to the RSO at it's lowest brightness and the C-More is still not round. This is what was having me less than impressed with the C-More given it's already been back to the manufacturer once already. If everyone else is happy with the slide-ride not worth trying to get around getting the gun with that installed.
  3. If there isn't an option to order a different optic guess would have to put up with the C-More for a while. Hate to pay for the mount and optic and then first thing pay for a different mount and different optic. When I first received my Shadow2 with the milled CO package I went with the C-More RTS as that was what was recommended. Within two weeks had to send the optic back to C-More as it kept shutting off. Would fire several round or so and the red dot would turn off and would have to reboot the optic. Did this over and over so obviously that's a no-go. They put a new main board in the optic and sent it back. I currently have the RTS mounted on the CZ TSO 40 I just picked up with CZC frame mount. Going through the zero process and bench resting gun, have it pretty close to dead on. Problem I'm noticing is the dot looks like a lunar eclipse. Top right fourth of the dot is missing from about the 11:30 to 3:00 location with jagged crown shape at the bottom of the crescent. Not positive if it's the diode or possible to clean the diode and check before sending back to C-More. Another reason I'm a bit suspicious about the C-More. Just got back from the range tweaking the zero and confirming the latest adjustment to the load. Load velocity and zero looked great for the first two groups of five. First shot of the third group was 4" high, other four looked fine. First shot of the fourth group was 3" low, 2nd shot 3" high, next three closer to back to zero. First shot of fifth group was 5" high. Using Caldwell bench rest with bag rest for the stock, same set up I can get single hole groups with the Shadow2 9mm. I did double check the lock and felt tight. Was feeling pretty good about the zero and load for the first ten but those are some wild flyers to be tossing out at only 30'. Between the funky dot and the flyers suspicious about the RTS. Did check my chrono log so see if any wild velocity swings corresponding with the flyers but SD looked good. Slightly off original scope of conversation, sorta related but definitely frustrating.
  4. I'm curious. What kind of mags are you running that at 141.25mm you are managing to load 24 rounds of 9mm and get them to feed reliably? I have TT mag extensions at max length and I can only get 20 rounds in a mag for my CZ mags. Not arguing, just curious, am I shorting myself some how?
  5. 24 rounds for CO? Sorry but mag length limitations still have it at 20 rounds based on mm max length of the mag. I may need to go back and check the revisions made last March to CO division but I don't remember mag length extension being one of them. Am I missing something?
  6. Been running CO for several years now and have gone through several brands of red dots on different guns. Had a C-More on my Shadow2 initially and had multiple issues and ended up switching to the Trijicon SRO. Love that optic. Been noticing that several of the Open gunners I shoot with have switched over to SRO on their Open guns also. Playing with the idea of transitioning to Open and love my CZs so looking at the Checkmate. Problem I'm dealing with at the moment is they come standard with the C-More and that thing is monstrous large. Why? Lot of time to stand around while others are running and get to compare rigs and chat and seeing more SROs than the big @$$ C-More rig that comes standard with the Checkmate. Wondering about opinions regarding the C-More optics that CZ-Custom pushes and other optic options available. Price from CZ-Custom has the big @$$ C-More and haven't seen any other options available. Any other opinions?
  7. In my humble opinion from someone that's been there, there seems to be a progression. Aging eyes helps push shooters out of limited and production into CO. My eyes and iron sights don't play as well as they use to. Love my red dots!!! Switched to CO several years ago but have to admit, I'm seriously looking into the transition all the way to Open. CO is the cost effective transition into using optics and seeing the difference it makes, changing rules allowing longer mags, heavier guns make it more attractive. Started with a M&P Pro Core with Viper red dot to try CO and discovered LOVE it! The M&P, not so much. Currently running CZ Shadow2 with RSO after couple different optics. Love this gun and optics now. Also have a CZ TSO 40 with frame mount C-More as a fun gun but that's seriously making me play with the idea of running full Open. Summing it up, things evolve. Use to be I saw more rich old farts were running Open cause they could afford it and eyes didn't like the open sights, at least on local and state level. Now, CO is the cost effective mid point jump to get more people interested in running optics with out spending $4k or $?? For those that love the sport and decide to stay with it and can afford it, Open is sort of an end goal. Just my opinion.
  8. I don't know if it makes a difference or not regarding the primmer shape but I think the guy I was talking with was shooting a Baretta M9, brand new so out getting use to it.
  9. Regarding the Beretta's and primer shape, yesterday made a quick trip to the range to test some first time loads for a new CZ TSO I picked up. Got to chatting with the only only other shooter at the range and he was talking about his Beretta he was shooting. This brought up this post and discussion about the odd shape of the fired primers and his experience. We picked up a couple of his brass off the concrete and sure enough, a very similar although not as pronounced bulged shape on the primer. Kudos to the guys that called out the Beretta's, looks like you're right!
  10. This has my curiosity regarding the Baretta. Can't think of any of my friends that shoot that Baretta to check but interesting. Know what you mean about Glocks, they are known for the "Glock bulge" and they are the only pistol that I am aware of that has a rectangular firing pin. Very unique primer dimple.
  11. Crimped 9mm primers????? Three different brands, exact same circle dome, looks like same gun from range brass. Same brands from normal gun, normal looking primers, ten power magnification, no, they are NOT crimped.
  12. I always sort my brass for head stamp and been doing it for years. When I get enough of a particular brand I run batches of that brass. As part of the sorting/inspection process run into a lot of different issues that will cause a case to go in the scrap jar. Tonight while sorting I ran in to some brass with odd shaped primers. I've run into similar in the past and ignored it. Tonight got curious and decided to ask. The primers look like they have an area around where the firing pin strike would be that looks like a raised mound. In looking closely at the four examples I found they look like they came from the same gun, three CBC, one RMI brand but I would say same gun. To my thinking, in order for the primer to have this shape the chamber face would need to have a depressed pit around the firing pin to make this kind of shape. Wondering what would case this damage to a fire arm, is this a correct assessment or other? Including an image for review, any input from the group?
  13. I thought it was rather bizarre that when I tried to order the slide racker from CZ Custom besides being out of stock and on back order it states it does NOT include the set screw. Two weeks, still on back order. At my last match last Thursday had the opportunity to try out another shooters Checkmate. He had his racker mounted on the right side which I found strange for a right hand shooter. After mounting the frame mount and optic on the new TSO I understood why he mounted it on the right. Guess he just gets use to making that work. Makes me wonder how tight the fit is in the dovetail as CZC has this disclaimer with the product: "FITS IN REAR SIGHT DOVETAIL GUNSMITH INSTALLATION IS RECOMMENDED" I have a lot of tools but don't have the sight pusher for pressing sights in and out of the dovetail.
  14. George16: Question about your slide racker on the TSO. With the racker mounted on the left side do you have to take you optic mount off the gun each time you dismantle for cleaning?
  15. Did do a search of the web and surprised the most recent response was seven years old most much older. Similar story, bought the Magnum Sm Pistol primers by mistake and they've sat in my cabinet since. Just picked up a CZ TSO (Tactical Sport Orange) in 40 and already have plenty of components to start loading the 180g but low on my standard Sm Pistol primers. If I can use the magnum in the 40s would like to save my standard primers for my 9mm. When I did the research to confirm if it was OK to use the CCI Sm Pistol Magnum primers in .40 all the answers were, yes, no problem, definatly not! and maybe, should be OK. Not much help. Lets try again. CCI small pistol magnum Power Pistol powder 180g Berry's flat tops
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