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  1. My current club only goes to 200m but my membership application is pending at another club that goes to 1,000y. Will know for sure in February. I also have an Omega 300 can that would fit a 308 but not the 338 but not a deal breaker. 338 @ 1,000 would be interesting. Have a new Vortex Golden Eagle, rings and level on the way in anticipation of playing long but that's a different topic.
  2. I have an opportunity to buy an Elite Precision rifle with the ACC chassis by MBT at a very good price in any caliber I want directly from the manufacturer. I already have an RPR in 6.5 that I load so I'm debating between 308 and Lapua 338. We all know 308 is cheap and the 338 is expensive to shoot but since I'm reloading shouldn't be as bad. Once the brass is out of the way at about $2 each, each round should be in the $1.50 +/- range. Anyone else loading Lapua 338 have any info to share?
  3. As I posted earlier, I don't think melting plastic has anything to do with the Hornaday hoppers falling off and more about how they are mounted. Friction fit with no mechanical fastener. Regarding the Dram Worx hoppers, I've been using mine for a few load sessions and like it. For the Thanksgiving relative gathering yesterday I was able to run away and hide in my shop and get some reloads done. While the Brother-in-Law and his wife were in the kitchen I managed to crank out 300+ 223 loads with the new hopper. Pulled charged cases of the line multiple times during the process and weighed the charge and they all came out at the weight they were supposed to. Impressed! Just ordered another one, going to try the one with the powder alarm.
  4. One of the other upgrades that was part of the "Grand Slam" was the primmer stop switch. This was the other upgrade as part of the package that I really wanted. In the photo I'm set up for case prep and have the Dillon RT 1500 case trimmer setup so my skylight won't fit. The primmer stop replace the normal primmer block and slides to the left and locks in place to deactivate the primmer advancement arm. Very cool, works great.
  5. Part of the "Grand Slam" upgrade kit from Snowshooze on eBay is the casing rod with a roller bearing and the part I REALLY like, the casing feed shutoff. The top portion of the casing block slides back and locks in place to stop feeding casings. When I'm doing change over or setup I LOVE this option. I use to have to manually remove each case that dropped when checking powder weights for ladder loads. Very worthwhile upgrade.
  6. One of the early upgrades I install and VERY glad I did was the replacement for the live primmer ski jump. For those not familiar, here's what the live primmer catcher looks like.
  7. Yondering: Looks like you have the 550, I have the 650. I purchased my bushing from Snowshooze on eBay as part of the shell plate set which includes a new spring, low mass detente ball and the lubricated bronze bushing. As mentioned earlier n the post I took the low mas ball and spring out and put the original back in. I didn't thing I was getting as positive of an index stop with the low mass. Picture of the bushing on the plate below.
  8. Yondering: How does the diameter of the bronze washer match up to the diameter of the shell plate bolt? Picked up a similar bronze washer through Snowshooze with some of his other stuff and washer is a perfect match to the bolt head. Doubt he's making his own so he could possibly be getting them from the same place. Ming: Thanks for the links, this is the kind of info I was hoping we could share!
  9. Some of us are familiar with several of the upgrades / options mentioned, others are not. For those that can, photos of some of the modifications would be helpful. One example, the live primer accessories is a very small plastic bottle that screws under the press and catches the primers rather than have them decorate the floor. I'll try and get some photos of my add-ons but might take couple days considering my schedule. m700: I'm familiar with the modification you mentioned, others might not have any idea. Pictures would help.
  10. I think owning a Dillon press is like owning a Harley. Lots of opinions and attitudes and they are vending machines for upgrades and accessories. Done both. While cruising the YouTube videos for set-up information I've run across multiple videos that included some upgrades and accessories, some really great, some not so sure. I thought it would make a worthwhile topic to share some of the best improvements/upgrades/accessories loaders have either found or come up with for them selves. Seems most of the upgrades available are one man shops but from what I've experienced so far, pretty reputable with good service. I have no stake in any of these endouvers but I also own a small eCommerce based company and can relate to what it takes and can appreciate a good job. I like to support the entrepreneurs and small shops when possible so willing to give a shout out to some of the better ones I've found. Let's hear what others have found and opinions. Inline Fabrication: https://inlinefabrication.com/ I've bought a bunch of stuff from Dan and his service and products have been excellent. Lots to check out and worthwhile. Highly recommend. Dillon Upgrades: https://dillonupgrades.com/ Have his live primmer catcher and love it. The piece of masking tape on the ski-jump was a PIA. Haven't tried his spent primmer catcher YET but probably will. 3D printed stuff but really nice work. Snowshooze on eBay. No site I know of, just have to search for Snowshooze. He has several upgrades that are excellent. I bought the "Grand Slam" kt as I was interested in all the stuff he had. The two product he has than I have not seen anywhere else are his primmer stop switch and case feed stop switch. LOVE THEM! When I'm working on ladder loads I'll load twenty to thirty rounds and then have to shut down and go through all the powder weight test for the next load. LOVE being able to shut off the cases and primmers while I work on my set-up. The rest of the products were were very good, high quality, the only one I'm not sure about is the low mass detente ball and spring. Seemed like it wasn't as positive of an index as the steel ball so I switched back. Dram Worx: https://dramworx.com/products/dillon/ Pyrex powder hoppers. Have one on order, haven't received it yet but received a shipping confirmation within an hour of placing the order. One man operation, we'll find out if the glass helps with static in the powder hopper. I know there are more but these are the ones I can think of off hand. Would love to hear from others about what they've found or your own tricks. Time to share.
  11. Laxman: Curious what a variable speed control strapped to the powder hopper is going to do to improve accuracy? Are you thinking grounding wire?
  12. "Several people have mentioned that the Hornady plastic melts so bad they have fallen out and spilled powder everywhere." I don't know about plastic melting and causing it to fall out but I also have the Hornady LnL which is currently packed in a box. What I found with the Hornady hopper is there is no mechanical fastener to anchor the hopper to the meter body. The body has ridges and the plastic is just forced into the body opening. I've had the hopper worked it's way up during a reload session and the hopper fall off the body and yah.... MAJOR f@@@!ng mess. I had to wrap duct tape around the hopper and body to hold it in place. And yah, plastic discolored so bad became dark, almost semi opaque. (slightly off topic) I like the idea of the Pyrex hopper and the glass eliminating or at least reducing the static which plastic is notorious for. Thanks for the comment Greg, already order one, that's the kind of info I'm looking for. Beats dryer wipes! Was contemplating running a grounding wire to the press and dropper body like Knowledge2you did but curious if anyone else has done this and if it worked. Knowledge2you also mentioned using the Accutek (?) micrometer on the powderbar. Also curious if this really makes a difference. I try and keep my hopper 2/3 full and keep topping it off to keep as constant as possible of a level. I keep the same rhythm for every stroke which is approximately 1-1/2 seconds down stroke, hold one second at bottom, 1-1/2 second upstroke and press and hold forward 1 second. Try and maintain exact same timing every stroke. Others?
  13. Greg: Found Ward Lance at Dram Worx and just ordered the Pyrex hopper. Like the idea for multiple reasons. Good recommendation!
  14. The variances I've seen have been with the large powder bar loading 223. For 9mm I think they tend to be within .1 but then om only loading 4.2g of Power Pistol under 147g Acme coated FP. ddc: what scale are you using that measures 100ths?
  15. The .5 was with AR-Comp which is cut extruded powder. Switched over to H335 in the progressive for 223, use Power Pistol for the 9mm.
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