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  1. According to the Shooter Specialties site ... the "H" bar is the Massachusetts compliant trigger bar assembly ... http://www.speedshooterspecialties.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=103_90_115&products_id=888 They sell the (latest) "S" bar too .. but not as good a price as MGW.
  2. Yes ... he did the "Practical Shooting after Dark" interview. I'm glad I watched that. A lot of interesting things were discussed (w/o ... regard to any bearing on the election). IMHO it was a opportunity to briefly examine the demeanor/attitude of the candidate as well. I have to say ... the USPSA elections are the only ones where I have received an email announcing an election w/o any mention of the candidates or issues to be decided by the election (and no link to discover that information).
  3. I wonder if we will have a "do it again" re-vote again this time??
  4. The Valentine interview ("Practical Shooting after Dark - Episode 50") brings out some great points ... such as rule changes on the fly / member benefits ... etc ... bunch of stuff. It was very interesting to watch just to see what some of these "issues?" were really about. Makes you think about "what you think" and if they are issues or not. Easy to dust off but becomes kinda mandatory when other channels of information are suppressed or non-existent.
  5. +1 - Struggling to find candidate info ... I stumbled on this interview (on their "Practical Shooting after Dark" channel) and I am glad I did. I didn't think it was going to be too much ... but ... it wasn't long into the interview I started to do the "oh yeah ... now that you mention it" thing ...
  6. Yeah .. start at 3yds ... them move out to 5 ... and so on ... IIRC ... in one of his class reviews I read ... (Stoeger) ... he started everyone out at 5yds.
  7. Yep ... they are great loaded down for Production ... and when you want to shoot major ... just shoot limited 10!!
  8. If you are just looking for a draw/split time the distance is academic ... Do the dot drill ... start at 3/5 yds if you like. https://www.benstoeger.com/livefire-drill-the-dots
  9. Just wanted to note ... If you actually had to buy your brass (new) from Starline ... they sell 38 super and 38 super comp both for less than they sell 40 s&w ... AND .. they sell 38 special (a competition biggie ... not!!) for less than all of the above??!? I don't even pick up my 40 brass anymore ... and feel bad when someone does ... and then chases me down to make sure I get it (of course ... when that happens ... I take it w/ a smile and make sure they know I appreciate it). Knowing what I know now ... if I were just starting ... I would buy 9mm ...mail order ... in bulk ... shoot it and let it lie (seems to be getting very inexpensive). Go shoot ... go home and watch TV .. no reloading ... no picking up brass.
  10. Well ... if I have been hacked ... and I don't receive the ("gold ICORE") pin ... (or the free "taco bell on match day" coupon book) they promised ... in the mail ... in <60 days ... I will just complain to my credit card company and they will put 25 big ones back into my account!!
  11. It was a PayPal (domain) link ... set up for an individual (has personal information). An "invoice" for one year renewal and allows you to pay w/ a credit card ... or PayPal if you have an account etc.
  12. OK ... I see there is no entry of class (at registration) ... You only select an ICORE division to participate. Master, C or Unclassified ... no matter. AND ... It doesn't say it is an ICORE Revolver Championship ... just a Revolver Championship ... so it appears it is just an open revolver match that happens to be using ICORE rules. No requirement to be an ICORE member. OK .. Got it! Thanks ...
  13. Nah nah nah ... I just got an "online" registration renewal email ... (w/ a link to pay online).
  14. I'm a member ... Was just curious ... as I thought they let anyone shoot last year ... didn't see that addressed on the registration page.
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