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  1. Lee doesn't really offer the Bulge Buster for 9mm because 9mm isn't a straight case. https://leeprecision.com/case-conditioning-tools/lee-bulge-buster-kit/
  2. Sure ... go to the SpeedBeez link (previously posted) and they allow you to select left or right. https://www.speedbeez.com/product/speed-beez-outside-waist-band-sw-627-5-inch-tactical-revolver-holster-except-v-comp-trr8-uspsa-legal-speed-rig/ If you want a left from the Dillon link I guess you just have to call.
  3. Yep ... I have both ... AND ... the center of the roller handle (at rest) is 16 1/4 inches above the bench top.
  4. OK OK ... should we go straight for the EPP (24") thing or a "gentle" (softer) roller??
  5. I need just "ONE" more rule change to push me over the edge!!
  6. Oh boy ... sigh ... OK ... who has been practicing shooting stages w/ their rimfire revolver (not steel challenge). Just curious how the brass has been falling right out of those cylinders ... and those speed loaders are working ... (or do they make moon clips for 617s now??).
  7. Well ... some of what I said was in jest .. but ... I have a 5 inch 627 and I love shooting it ... AND ... it gets real frustrating when so often ... all you see at matches are the silly setups that go out of their way to over compensate for 6 round guns. The 6 target ... triple tap ... limited shot arrays ... stuff like that. At my last match one of the stages had you starting in a box in front of two targets (about 5 feet away) ... you had to put three rounds on each ... Then you ran about 10 yards and stood in another box and had to put three rounds on two targets. From the second position you "could have" put a pair on some targets in the next shooting area ... BUT ... you had to be "in that shooting area" to engage any of those targets (per stage description). The whole match they pretty much locked you down (by stage design) to keep the extra shots (in your 8 shot revolver) from being anything more than insurance for a "fail to fire", That's what I see at ICORE ... Am I an exception?? Not the case in USPSA ... 8 shot is the way to go there (IMHO) ...
  8. Eggzactly!! When you read the question it was like something smacked you in the back of the head and made you think ... "Hmmm ... why am I feeling they might NOT be talking about 5 shot J frames."
  9. OK then ... Thanks!! I certainly misunderstood that one ... If there is no scoring benefit then yes ... uh ... no comment.
  10. I'm pretty sure they asked in the "survey" an opinion on allowing "Major scoring" ...
  11. I think it just said "less than 3 inch barrel" or such for the snubby ... I'm ready ... I think a 627 w/ the 2.625 barrel would be perfect for this category (or 686 ... 66 ... no real advantage for an 8 shot in ICORE these days). How fast are those speed loaders for the rimfire revolvers?? Since it seems such a rare occurrence to see a stage where there is an advantage to have an 8 shot revolver (except for saving a reload because of a mis-fire) ... the major scoring would be a game changer for the 625s ... Anyone w/ a small caliber gun would have to kick up to longer 357 cases to make major and those are a pita w/ moonclips. Lets see ... my favorite stage these days ... 6 targets ... triple tap each ... shots limited ... and a boost for major scoring (perhaps 18 possible bonus points as well) ... Wow ... what's new?? IMHO ... 8's are great for USPSA; Steel Challenge; Weekday Steel Matches ... not for ICORE it seems.
  12. It's tough having only 6 shots (major or otherwise) in USPSA … > snip < The 8 shots work fine at USPSA (great practice … don't have to pick up brass); Steel Challenge and the weekday steel matches. > snip <
  13. I noticed my 5 inch (40) Core starting to eject brass "limply" at about 3500 rounds (they just about fell out of the gun at my feet). The ejector appeared undamaged so I removed it and cleaned out a whole bunch of carbon/sludge crap trapped in the slot. The cleaning fixed the problem and it returned to tossing brass far and hard.
  14. Eggzackly!! AND I think USPSA has already helped revolver a great deal. Personally ... I would have "never" bought an 8 shot revolver if USPSA had not changed the rules (Jan 2014 IIRC). I would still be shooting ICORE w/ a model 10 and jet loaders. IMHO it (the 8 shot and everything that goes with it) would not have been worth the trouble/expense just to shoot in ICORE.
  15. I will stand by my comment ... because ... IMHO ... I am seeing some real "outside the box" suggestions/comments in this thread that I have never seen or thought about before. Refinement; justification etc etc ... can come later. I appreciate your post as well ... great info ... stats ... Thanks ...
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