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  1. Did a final sight adjustment today. Had a 1/3 size steel target at 50 yards. Sight picture, trigger squeeze, very loud noise, and a center hit. Thats all folks. Very happy with the new Python.
  2. Well initial range report, the good the bad and the ugly. There is no ugly. Having said that, I'm not a big fan of the rear sight. The windage adjustment does not have any clicks. You loosen a set screw and adjust the sight. When you are happy, you turn the set screw back down with a touch of thread locker. This adjustment results in too much trial and error. When shooting full house 357 magnums from a bench this results in a lot of felt recoil. Hopefully I can attach a picture of the initial results. 15 yards, Remington 125 JHP, 1400 fps. OUCH!!!!!! When I get the final windage adjustment where I want it and the set screw re-locktited down I will be a happy camper.
  3. Other than the shot show, has anyone seen a real live DWX in a store?
  4. I don't think so to any great extent. It might keep them from going up like a rocket though.
  5. Not an expert by any means, but one thing is they took 13 parts out of the fire control system. This made the new gun more of a shooter than a safe queen. The originals would after time get out of time and require work. I have the 4.25 inch. It has a removable red ramp front sight. The DA is not as good as the old Python in one sense, but it doesn't stack. The SA on mine could be lighter, but I bet it will get better. I have no issues with fit and finish. i have a beautiful safe queen, this baby will be a shooter
  6. Picked up my new Production Colt Python today. Looks good, trigger pull is nice. Range report to follow. I was first on a list of 20 waiting to buy.
  7. I hear you. Trying to keep your rule set in tune with manufacturers is not really possible though. Someone will I'll always be making a better mousetrap and people will buy it. Then the harping will begin to change the rules so their gun can be legal. I guess one possible solution is to basically give up and make the rules so expansive that hard decisions don't have to be made. Now where have I seen that in practice?
  8. Well you are actually a pretty good detective I was crafting rules for a proposed new Division. One of my goals was to provide a seamless crossover from IDPA to USPSA. I wanted to show that you didn't need a mega bucks gun to participate. IDPA used 43 ounces and that worked out well in addition to a slightly bigger box. Our Production rules, at that time, were very similar to IDPA and this would provide crossover for two Divisions. I also took selected rules from the Single Stack Society and blended all three sports together. I tried to allow for individual cosmetic work that didn't give the perception that you needed a full house race gun to compete. Perception can often become reality. Also I was attempting to maintain a reasonable loyality to the original 1911 concept without being so strict as to stifle progress. i didn't think that creating a division that was Limited 8 or Limited 10 minor Single Stack would accomplish anything. Now to get to the bottom line, I wanted more participation from the 1911 gun companies. At that time there were around 17 or 18 making 1911's. I wanted to see more advertising in Front Sight. I wanted to see sponsored teams such as Team Springfield, Team Taurus, Team Smith and Wesson etc. This would hopefully put more 1911 prizes on the table. Perhaps a contingency program for winning with a particular gun. Unfortunately this didn't happen because, IMO, the leadership at that time didn't care and didn't reach out to try to make it happen. You are probably sorry you asked by now, but that pretty well sums it up.
  9. I guess I'm missing something. What does Production and Single Stack weights have to do with each other.?
  10. There was a reason the 43 ounce weight was implemented. It's been stated here over and over by the person who wrote the rule.
  11. Short answer yes. A weight attached to a light rail would work nicely. Actually when you boil it down, any safe modification that would increase weight.
  12. A friend was asking about external weights in CO. After some discussion he asked a question I thought was valid. Some guns are light and cannot be increased in weight easily. Considering the direction CO has gone in recent times, is there any valid reason to continue with the external weight prohibition? Your thoughts.
  13. I actually read of a WW 2 pilot who after having to bail out shot down a zero with a 1911. The zero pilot came close as the American pilot floated down and got a 230 hardball through the canopy. Wonder if that counted toward becoming an ace?
  14. My only small complaint is mine had a really stiff trigger. My friend who bought one the same week has a great trigger on his. Luck of the draw I guess. I changed a couple of springs and now it is not bad. Good luck.
  15. I have a Kimber micro 9 esy and love it.
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