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  1. Do your best you can do. My problem came with not being able to stay abreast with the ever changing rule set. Without stability the path is open to making bad calls. What happened to me was totally my fault, no one else's. Good luck.
  2. I doubt that many, if any, have notice my absence at USPSA matches. There is a reason. At one of Sarge's matches I made a bad call that affected a shooter. That convinced me that it was time to retire. I have bowed out of all forms of NROI duties after several decades. Now before I get a series of "well bye" or "don't let the door hit you in the A$$" I write this to simply explain my absence. No pity party required or expected. Thats pretty well sums it up. Gary
  3. Chuck what laser are you using, and how is it performing?
  4. Boy The Rolling Stones sure had it right, "what a drag it is getting old". Of course the alternative is not good either.
  5. Probably nothing. In my case I had a high end Sig scope left over from a gun sale. I thought the cartridge was interesting and decided to build a bolt gun around it. So far I'm very pleased with it. If ammo situation ever gets better and I get better weather I'll be able to stretch it out more. Your 6 Creed looks like it is doing what it's supposed to do.
  6. One results in a total capacity change. The other does not.
  7. Joe it's a shame you don't understand why, since I've explained my thought process on numerous occasions.
  8. Give USPSA a Christmas present, assign Virginia Count to the trash bin of history.
  9. I'm about 7 weeks into a calf muscle. About 90 percent healed. Only taking Naproxen twice a day and wearing a brace if I'm outside. Not too bad now. Good luck. Gary
  10. A wise man once told me you'll seldom go wrong by saying no.
  11. Got to the range today. Gun worked flawlessly no issues. First five shot group of handloads measured .468 at 100 yards. Had no issues hitting small plates (4 inch) at 400 yards. Color me me a happy camper.
  12. Got my 6 ARC project gun back today. Looks great. I'll try to post some pictures.
  13. I've been watching those. Pretty nice. I hope to get mine finished shortly.
  14. It did work, however I think this set up will be better. I'll keep you posted.
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