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  1. Just looked at mine. It is at the 1 o clock position also. Probably intentionally.
  2. Well I received my new rangefinder late Monday and had a chance to play with it today. Sig Kilo 3000 10 power worked beyond my wildest dreams. Disclaimer, you still need a reflective target. I was able to range a water tank at 2109 yards. I also ranged a white tree at 1999 yards. This has the BDX technology built in which is giving me a reason to buy a new Sig scope to test it out. Really looking forward to testing this out.
  3. Can they point to a rule that allows such a modification? If they can then they are good to go.
  4. This was the first extended outing with it . Zeroed out to 400 then stretched it out today. I really like the 300 PRC as it fits nicely between the 6 5 and the 338.
  5. Had another good day at the range today. Got to shoot a little while helping with a long range class. Four consecutive hits on a 10 inch plate at 1000 yards. 300 PRC built by Advanced Weapons Technology. Hornady 225 gran match ammo. Very happy
  6. It would make my life a lot easier and re-institute a bit more freestyle. It used to be it was up to you to solve the problem. Now we say you can solve the problem if your actions are the way we want it solved.
  7. Thats what I would say, but I'm only batting 50 percent so who knows.
  8. Sure. Shooter 1. On an unloaded gun start with all mags stored under table, after the start signal retrieved a mag and stored it in his empty holster. That was illegal according to DNROI. Shooter 2. Same scenario, but stored one or more mags in a front pocket. DNROI says this is legal, regardless of Division equipment rules, as long as they are not used. Somewhat of a catch 22 as you need more than one mag to finish, but can't use those you put in your front pocket.
  9. Well I just received an answer to my e mail. I was right on the putting a mag in the holster call. i was wrong on the magazine in the pocket call. I will adjust my thinking on that situation in the future. i did point out that there is considerable confusion among the RM and RMI group about this situation. Hopefully that will be cleaned up shortly. My apologizes to the shooter involved, but that is of little consequence now. Gary
  10. I did RM Area 6 once I believe. I have no memory of a hard cover stick call, but I will say that at one time target sticks were considered as hard cover, so who knows. That particular issue was cleaned up with a clear rule but I can't remember exactly when. A Range Master has to believe in his or her positions that they take. I answer to the DNROI ultimately. While I will always listen to opposing points of view, study the situation and revaluate a call, at some point I Ihave to take a stand. I can't ask for a show of hands from the squad for an answer, so I default to the DNROI for guidance. There is no malice involved.
  11. First point I haven't been Area 5 Director for over a decade or more. I have never called target sticks hard cover. When and what match did I do as you claimed? Finally, (I hope) I make calls based on my best understanding of the rules. My attempt to get clarification on this should be evidence of that. If we disagree on a call we simply disagree and I am always open to be corrected, I cast no aspersions on the person who disagrees with me. I recently took a position that you can't use 10.6 to force a shooter to help reset the stage. After consultations with DNROI he said that a strict reading of the rule would probably allow a DQ. He went on to say that it may not survive an arbitration and would be a "dick move" if it was done. I was wrong legally, but IMO not morally.
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