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  1. I'd like to test some of those targets for gunshot residue
  2. If the RM orders a re-shoot, as part of their scoring duties, your options are re-shoot or take a zero.
  3. You can't arb a scoring issue. It stops with the RM.
  4. My 300 PRC is waiting on a scope
  5. If you make the call it will be n you to justify your call in any arbitration.
  6. Picked up my 320 Legion today. Replaced the steel guide rod with a tungsten rod and weighed it in Production configuration, 43 ounces which is within the 4 ounce allowance. I have another slide that has been lightened 6/10 of an ounce and with a Romeo 1 installed , tungsten guide rod and a 21 round mag it weighed 42.8 ounces. Shooting will follow.
  7. None are so blind as those who will not see. I'm done.
  8. Yes, I'm sorry. Been back and forth on this I'm half lost. Thanks, I'll edit.
  9. No the penalty is a move to open If your in Production and you load 11 on an unloaded start your moved to Open. If you load 11 in your mag after the start signal in Production your moved to Open. If you claim Major in SS and you load more than 8 rounds in the mag your moved to Open.
  10. If you claim major, and have not been bumped to minor, and load more than 8 in your mag you will be moved to open.
  11. Not sure I understand your comment. Are you saying I'm wrong?
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