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  1. I am always willing to admit when I am wrong. Perhaps an e-mail to DNROI will enlighten all of us. I can only go by my understanding of the rules and 40 years of experience. I have wanted to 10.6 slackers myself. However, I was told in no uncertain terms that I could not. Now I admit that things are changing almost everyday, so this might be one of the changes I missed.
  2. Perhaps NROI can answer your concerns.
  3. It certainly is reasonable to ask, but refusal is not a matter for the rulebook. Peer pressure or perhaps refusal of participation are the only answers. One can twist vague, non-specific rules into meaning almost anything. Until the rulebook specifically addresses this issue, non-rulebook measures are all that is left. Feel free to disagree.
  4. This type of squad problems are best handled by the squad. The squads actions are a perfect example of this. As to penalizing a shooter for not working, it is not supported by the rulebook.
  5. Finished Don Fraley's (AWT) long range rifle class. 10 inch circle, 3 consecutive hits at 1000 yards.
  6. Someone should point out to the RO/MD that they will be part of any injury law suit and will have to explain why they didn't enforce safety rules.
  7. They actually told us why. They wanted to reduce capacity to keep any particular gun from dominating the sport. I believe it was CZ that topped the capacity race by a few rounds. How they arrived at 15 I don't know, and honestly am not all that interested. That is why we march to the beat of a dofferent tune. I still have not seen any tidal wave of momentum for 15 rounds. The division is whatever the BOD says it is, but that 15 number might be reconsidered for USPSA.
  8. I've asked this before and never received an answer, what is magical about 15 rounds? 16 makes more sense to me, but I still like 10.
  9. So if I stand around with my arm or hand resting on my gun prior to the beginning of the COF what happens?
  10. At my home club, unfortunately, 90 percent of those who go out in the heat, cold, rain, etc. to set up stages do not have a firm ( or even soft) understanding of the rules. Information is often left off of the WSB, and stages often violate the rules. We even wrote the range command on the timer, but to no avail. While all of this is bad, we do have a small cadre of shooters who are very rule proficient. Mix these factors together, shake well and pour out several glasses of heartburn. Because I have a fair understanding of the rules I often get dragged into trying to mediate these situations. Shooting used to be fun, but not anymore. It has turned into more of a blood sport. Maybe it is just 40 years of burnout.
  11. Every squib that I have delt with has been different. Some just barely start in the chamber, and some almost made it out of the barrel. Those are relatively easy to handle. The bad ones are those in the middle. Send the shooter to a safety table table and let them work on it is about all you can do. A substitute gun may be the only short term solution.
  12. An RO acting in their official capacity can do things to insure safety. Having the RO insert a zip tie, rod, etc. removes the sweeping issue from the shooter.
  13. Only if you protest it before you shoot.
  14. The question has been asked a couple of times with no answer, what would you do? Fair question, deserves an answer.
  15. Lawyer to defendant "so MR. Smith explain to the jury why you felt having someone walk on a treadmill while discharging a deadly weapon, resulting in the death of MR. Jones was a good idea."
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