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  1. Try it without the gun. You have a lot more speed in you.
  2. I have my casefeeder set up for 40 do I need to buy all this or just the casefeed adapter to go to 9mm. CF Arm Bushing, Sm Pistol, Green - #13412 CF Body Bushing, Sm - #13513 CF Adapter 9mm, 32ACP, Green - #13450
  3. I want to make a mount like I did for my 550 but don't have the 650 yet.
  4. Can someone tell me the hole pattern for a Dillon 650?
  5. I would just buy some WWB and call it a day!
  6. Looking for a practice range near Mansfield Tx and USPSA matches?
  7. Just looking for what base pads I can use with the CZ 18 round mags.
  8. Can't use the TF with 18 round CZ mags right?
  9. How well do these base pads stay on? Hard to tell what holds them on? CZ 18 rnd ( SP01) magazine #11152 with short pad #10187
  10. Is Solo 1000 even made anymore?
  11. What holster are you guys using with your phoenix trinity grips?
  12. I was looking at staying at Vero Beach? I'm bringing the wife with do any locals have any input if this is a good area to stay?
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