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  1. You can use a bullet comparator like this one https://www.dillonprecision.com/hornady-formerly-stoney-point-bullet-comparator_8_8_24083.html to measure off of the ogive. This is a much more reliable measurement than overall length.
  2. I appreciate your response but I had to work to get us our very own revolver match announcements sub forum and we need to use it.
  3. Please use the Match Announcements sub-forum to post Match Announcements. Even if it is an ICORE match it belongs there. Thanks, Larry Drake The Moderating Team
  4. What did your primers look like?
  5. I had a couple of neodymium magnets stuck to the safe door and just added them to my casefeeder after seeing this post. I couldn't find any steel cases to test this but it snagged a steel pin that I dropped down the tube with no problems. Good idea.
  6. Unless there is some significant advantage I like sticking with OEM gear for the simple fact that it makes troubleshooting/tech support situations simpler.
  7. After lubing your cases with the Dillon Lube you need to wait 10 - 15 minutes. This video shows the process as recommended by the company.
  8. Check out page 6 of the AT500 manual http://www.dillonprecision.com/docs/AT500v3p3.pdf and you'll see info on the universal shell plate. It sounds like what I see in your picture.
  9. That is the best bullet feeder
  10. So you would maybe prime the tube with a few bullets and then just drop them by hand into the tube with your left hand while running the press with your right? I could see that being a bit of an expediant.
  11. So, and I am not asking this to be a troll or to make fun in any way, how does it save any time to manually fill those tubes with bullets instead of just putting the bullet on the case as you load?
  12. Google the exact words that you put in the title of this thread.
  13. MOD NOTE: Cut the political talk or the thread will have to be closed.
  14. LOL "Another said “OPEN is SUPPOSED to be the top division. I want to win HIGH OVERALL!”
  15. I'm not so sure I would admit to this on the internet...