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  1. According to the manual it is 13878 Adapter - Green.
  2. Perfect, that makes it easy to identify the culprit if something gets moved!
  3. Is your brass free of debris? If you lube the cases, which is a good idea IMO, a bit of tumbling media can get stuck to it and jam things up in the casefeed adapter. If that isn't it what was hanging up? Did the casefeed adapter have burrs or something?
  4. In over 20 years of reloading on a Dillon press I have never wanted to add a dial to the powder drop. As a matter of fact I WANT it to take some effort to turn the screw that adjusts the powder drop. If it has a dial on it anyone can easily turn it (think kids, house guests, etc..) but if it takes a tool to turn it they are less likely to say "hey, what's this thingy do?" and turn it. If you are the only one with access to your reloading area maybe the dial isn't a terrible thing. I guess some people change up their loads more than I do but just using a little wrench to adjust the powder drop has never seemed like a hassle to me.
  5. At a local steel match: Make ready. (the shooter makes ready) Are you ready? (the shooter seems to be ready) Stand by. BLART!!!!!! (the RO cuts a loud one) (the shooter draws and begins shooting the stage) After the laughter died down we had to do a reshoot since there had never been a beep.
  6. So you spend time loading the tubes and THEN you can make ammo or you just fill the tube that comes with the 650 and keep topping it off every once in a while. I don't see how one is faster than the other but I do get that you maintain a smoother rhythm while reloading if you use a casefeeder, even one that you have to manually fill. Way back in the dark ages I had a 650 and no case feeder. I found a local supplier that had plastic tubing the same ID and OD as the Dillon plastic case tube. Using those I made some LONG tubes that I manually filled with cases. I don't recall what this little project cost me but it wasn't much. Loading the tubes was a pain and I could only make so many rounds before I had to reload the whole lot of them. In the end I got the Dillon case feeder and have been VERY happy with the addition. Now I just dump lubed cases into the feeder and start reloading.
  7. I hadn't thought about Lewis Grizzard in years. Good stuff.
  8. Yikes, an etymologist, everybody mind your p's and q's!
  9. Ah, shorter cases sound like a must then.
  10. For those of you that may shoot SASS/Cowboy events we are allowing single action revolvers to shoot as well. You need 2 guns and, of course, 2 legal, safe, holsters to compete. Since you won't be able to reload each stage will require Single Action competitors make one hit on designated targets. This will let them compete with each other on the same stages as those shooting double action guns. We have a few signed up in Single Action already but it would be nice to see a good showing so we can make this an annual tradition.
  11. When you say "cases hanging up" I assume you mean they are getting under the star?
  12. Okay, I can agree that NONE of the major gun companies see USPSA a market, but what "Match" is this 5 shot revolver going to "Champion"? I don't get this one. Is it good for Bullseye maybe? On their site Ruger mentions the "Match Champion Series" of guns so maybe there is hope that they will build more competitive revolvers. I spoke with one of their reps at an event and he said that they were planning to make longer barreled 8 shot Redhawks, so there is hope there.
  13. They have a website http://www.pinshoot.com/ and a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thepinshoot/ . There do appear to be some videos of "winners" on the Facebook page. There is also a thread about it on the forums here
  14. Looks like a Sovereign Instruments Texan Loadmaster. At least that's what came up in a search. Like Steve RA said, "just an older Turret Press."
  15. I've had that brass, the FM headstamp, separate on me and leave a ring of brass in the chamber of my 9mm AR15. That's a real stage killer.