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Grips ....revisited...WHICH ONE?


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78218468_GT38super.thumb.jpg.55dc26ce434a26eff8b5e7236c07c846.jpg about grips (I can't find it)
We had a discussion about grips a long time ago....I can't find that thread.
So here is the scenario....
Shot a USPSA match today with my Gold Team 38 SC (first time out with it in a LONG time)
It has the factory grips on it, I added skateboard tape on the inserts.
I have small midget sized hands (which would make you think I would love the original factory grips) but it is too small.
My opinion of the perfect grips...the P-Match, those little diamonds just feel right and are really grippy.

More info....on my Glock's I go with Talon's skateboard tape grips.

So I am looking for something ...aggressive that will allow me to really lock-into the gun.



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13 hours ago, DKnoch said:

Lok Bogies (thin, palm swell or the thicker ones). I use the thin bogies, they are a bit thicker than henning grips and have more aggressive texture.

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Really? I'm certain the Henning is bit thicker than the lok thin, although only by tenth of an inch, according to website and I've owned both. 

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Like many of us, I've tried just about every grip that's available.  I really like everything about the Henning Full Checkered, they feel great, look good (if that matters) however If I'm being totally honest with myself I shoot the best with LOK Palm swells so I now have palm swell bogies on all my Tanfos.  


Hennings -  are just a touch too thin for me, the physical texture is fairly grippy just not enough room for my support hand.  I really wanted these grips to work, by far the best machined grips that I've tried and just have a high quality feel about them.   


EGD- Way too thin and they get pretty slick if you sweat, even with pro grip


Scale 2.0 -  I like these grips, and have used them for a while.  Two things I don't like, they get thin, and smooth at the top where I feel i'm loosing out on some traction.  Also, the front edge of the grip (closest to the trigger) is too smooth.  When it's hot and my hands get sweaty it was hard to really lock onto the grip.  Wasn't a huge deal if I kept up with the pro grip.


LOK thin grips - Very grippy texture, again just a little too thin for my hands.  They felt somewhat similar to the Hennings as far as thickness goes, and just didn't have enough real estate for my support hand.    


LOK Palm swell - just about perfect for my hands. I have the Bogies and find the texture spot on.   I did have to add on the Custom Extended magazine catch to be able to reach it with any consistency, however the paddle on that thing is just TOO big.  A few mins with a dremel fixed that to where I won't drop a mag if my grip is messed up after a reload or draw.  


A lot of this will depend on hand size.  I wear a Large glove and have average sized hands.  I think my grip experiment is over, although I kind of want to try the LOK factory thickness tanfo grips.  



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I waited for lok palm swell bogies to come out for small frame for a very long time and ordered the moment they did.


Have Xtreme grips, too thin for my hands to get an optimal support hand grip. Otherwise feel nice.


henning checkered grips feel nice I tried Stoegers on a course once but no small frame options.


lok bogies palm swells fill out the hands, grips great and never feel like they are greasy or slippery and great support hand real estate.


I have long larger hands. 2 sets of lol and no intentions to change. In fact I got the second set in anticipation for the 2nd gun acquisition.


I too would probably try the factory size lol grips though out of sheer curiosity knowing how good the palm swell bogies are.


Almost all serious shooters at my club have lok palm swell bogies on their tanfo or cz

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I have to say, I’ve had quite the journey when it comes to grips.


Stock wood grips:

I have no problem with their diameter...I could stand to use more surface area for support hand, but these grips are serviceable. The issue; too thick at the top, preventing easy access to the mag release.


LOK thin Bogies:

I bought these based on recommendations here. Texture wise, these can’t be beat! Additionally, they have just the right thickness at the top to enable easy access to the mag release.However, they are too thin for my palms...I ended up accidentally actuating the mag real ease depending on whether I fub my draw causing self induced malfunctions.


LOK palm swell:

Tried these after the thin bogies. Much better real estate, however, the geometry is just wrong...I can still occasionally bump the mag release accidentally.


Patriotdefense Palm Swell:

This is the ticket! Every one of my Tanfos wears this. The geometry is perfect. Plenty of real estate for support hand and right form factor to reach mag release without issues. They are also 50% of the price of the LOK grips.


This is all of course very subjective...I mean, Ben Stoeger rocks factory wood grips right? And it hasn’t held him back.


Below are a series of photos comparing the factory wood & LOK Palm swell to the Patriot defense Carbon X palm swells.





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On 10/15/2019 at 9:25 AM, Polymer said:

Really? I'm certain the Henning is bit thicker than the lok thin, although only by tenth of an inch, according to website and I've owned both. 

Henning's are definitely thicker than the thin LOK grips, the LOK grips are almost totally flat and the Henning grip have a slight swell that makes them fill out the palm.  I have small hands and the Henning grips are perfect for me.  The LOK thin are too thin and the palm swells are a little too much for me, I really like the palm swell on a Shadow 2. With a little pro grip and a solid grip the Henning's wont move around at all. 

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My Limited came from Patriot with the EGD already installed. The wood grips are still in the box and probably always will be.


I love the look of the EGD grips, but they were too small and didn't feel right. As I've had good luck with LOK for other pistols, I ordered a set of palm swells checkered with the shadow line. Perfect for me and look nice too. The checkering is aggresive enough that the pistol stays put in my hand even when I make runs on the gang of six. They needed a small amount of fitting, but after about 10 minutes of minor sanding at the top, they snapped in. 

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On 10/14/2019 at 12:49 AM, xxl7evenlxx said:

I want to second these.


The big open pockets let lots of meaty flesh flow into the grip which helps lock them down. They're flat which gives a nice reference surface for your index. They're wide at the bottom to provide lots of surface area for your support hand, but they're narrow up top to let your index finger reach the trigger unimpeded.

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On 11/29/2019 at 7:02 PM, Popeye212 said:

Will that grip on the left fit the Witness Pro?  It's a one off run and not sure about the frame.  It will be here Tuesday.


I called Patriot and the answer was no the screw holes are set differently

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