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  1. What gun do you have? I've never seen a roll pin there you have pictured.
  2. Yes! Didn't really think to go into that detail
  3. Can't go as low on recoil spring on Glock compared to hammer fired guns since the striker spring fights against the recoil spring. With a 4.5 lb striker spring, 11 lb is typically the lowest recoil spring you can use. Ultra reliable with the 11 lb spring from what I've used on a g34.
  4. You can order them like that at Ben Stoeger pro shop or call henning.
  5. No hump. Biggest difference henning vs lok thin, henning profile up top, slight contour, lok is flat. I have not owned the palm swell, but they look widest in center, thickness up top seem between thins and henning. Don't let that comparison pic fool you. It doesn't account for the profile of grip up top. Even though henning is minimally wider, they feel much wider due to the full profile, and not cut out under rear tang.
  6. Can you elaborate? Last loop meaning what? I remember mine looked identical both ends.
  7. Stock striker in all my glocks with TTI kit, which is a 4.5 lb striker spring. Ultra reliable with Winchester. Haven't shot much cci but it was fully reliable when I did. I change out the striker spring every 5k rounds or so to keep it reliable with cci. I do remember having a very worn spring having couple light strikes with cci.
  8. Shadow 1 and shadow 2 use different stops unless modified. Which one are you getting to also fit the tanfo?
  9. Check to see if firing pin block is dragging/have you shot it without firing pin block? You used a 13 lb patriot defense spring and it worked but a 14 lb PD didn't?
  10. Hard to tell from pics. Locking lugs on barrel ok? Does the gun lock and unlock easily when cycling slide? Good lock up with minimal to no movement? If so, should be ok.
  11. Lava grips use to be really s#!tty, thin and flexible. He has changed them for the competition frames. Much firmer now, thicker and slight contour to them similar to the henning.
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