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  1. Your sear completely clearing hammer hooks in double action? Over travel screw move any?
  2. Are you hitting mag release by accident under recoil? Need new mag release spring? The mag release fully hooking on to notch in mag? Mag release is firm and does not wobble when loaded mag inserted?
  3. If possible where you are located, i would just buy a new trigger bar spring plunger assembly. Don't waste your time on that one. Here in the states they are very cheap, $10 https://patriotdefense.com/tanfoglio-witness-trigger-bar-spring-3-7-3-8-3-9-3-10/
  4. Polymer

    HK45 v7 to v1

    Was this a difficult task changing variants?
  5. I achieved this by tti connector and spring kit, but use factory trigger return spring.
  6. The newer design has fixed that issue
  7. Polymer

    HK45 v7 to v1

    Get on hkpro forum, they would know all about this
  8. Polymer

    Light strikes

    Make sure there is enough over travel. Take safety plunger out and see if there are light strikes still. A lot of those modified trigger bars, parts, etc to take out maximum pre and over travel mess up the timing of plunger and striker clearing each other
  9. Use patriot defense firing pin spring and patriot defense firing pin.
  10. Check plunger and where plunger contacts trigger bar. With everything out and only trigger bar in, pull trigger, it should be smooth. Then push trigger bar down, keep it down, pull trigger, it should be smooth.
  11. https://cajungunworks.com/product/30600-floating-trigger-pin/
  12. Round not getting picked up....See if it does it on same mag loaded to 10 rounds vs loaded to 17 rounds. This will tell you if it's spring issue or not.
  13. With slide off, look at the nub. You'll see the area that has too much material and not able to rotate under short arm of sear. Look at the posted video. It's more time consuming because you'll have to take out sear every time but I like to fit by taking off material from sear.
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