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  1. I believe there is a 0.140 height now, some say you can almost see the slide in rear notch with that short of front. Have always used 0.150 height, have been great.
  2. Do you like a tighter sight picture? That 0.115 width front is really wide, especially for the narrow notch on these rear sights. As far as height, 0.150 is what I like, let's me have the rear sights couple clicks from bottoming out.
  3. Make sure part of slide catch that contacts slide notch isn't rounded/worn. Put mag 90% way in gun, then slam it in. Round feed properly? If so, you're some how hitting gun with mag and dropping slide early on reloads.
  4. Slide is dropping before magazine is fully seated.
  5. Stock two piece sear sucks, thing should be ditched anyways. Sounds like you replaced it with the one piece sear and everything is ok? Then I wouldn't worry about it. Have you looked at the interruptor, plays factor in trigger break too. You state you have absolutely no over travel and don't need over travel screw now, is this in both DA and SA?
  6. https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/tti-grand-master-connector-kit/
  7. As far as i know, old is longer barrel, so bottom picture is older.
  8. Yep it does happen, especially with the slide to frame rails loose tolerances. My p320 was way worse. Once you have loaded mag in gun, it pushes up on slide, doesn't happen anymore and trigger break is more crisp.
  9. Polymer

    Best Connector??

    My fav ones have been TTI, and sometimes Zev in certain guns. They will feel slightly different in every gun. I prefer light wall before break. Don't like any mushy or rolling break. These do that the best from my experience.
  10. Polymer

    Favorite Trigger

    Me too. Also, I've always had best reliability with these parts. Lots of personal preference. Most of the full kits remove some pretravel, that's biggest difference.
  11. Even if the cost is more than EAA, I would still buy the PD barrel. Knowing that the product is quality, superior customer service, and not having to deal with EAA shitheads, it's a no brainer.
  12. https://patriotdefense.com/patriot-defense-bolo-interrupter-pin/
  13. Getting a regular stock 2 from patriot defense with their work done to it since you don't have the knowledge will both be cheaper and better job on trigger than the xtreme.
  14. Slide off, pull back and forth on striker with finger on striker leg.
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