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  1. Polymer

    Unica grips

    Off topic but how do these compare to the henning grips you had previous in thickness/contour?
  2. Polymer

    Hollow firing pin?

    It is the henning, what generation of it, i don't know.
  3. Polymer

    The Lim Pro's have landed

    I never knew this
  4. Polymer

    Where are the 6# Recoil Springs ??

    Dknoch, Rib running from center of slide from breech face and face of hammer, both need to be polished up well. They make contact and cause tons of friction, slows down slide, even worse if you use heavier hammer spring.
  5. Send it to Patriot Defense, problem solved!
  6. That's awful. Not like it'll really help but did you call EAA to see what they will say.
  7. Polymer

    Large frame Stock 2 - older vs newer

    Seems strange because your newer gun has the longer barrel?
  8. Polymer

    Glock MOS sights

    10-8 Performance is the only other company besides Dawson I know. FYI, it's a U notch instead of traditional notches. Comes in 2 notch widths. http://www.10-8performance.com/glock-mos-rear-sight-standard-height/
  9. Polymer

    10mm mag/slide stop issues

    I have removed/grinded some of the material off slide stop where it contacts the slide in order to have it harder to accidentally hit slide stop during shooting and to make slide auto forward easier on slide lock reloads. I had same issue as you and ever since this was done it has never happened again.
  10. Polymer

    White dot front sight Shadow 1?

    Have you tried using a lighter color fiber, like yellow or light green, then take a black sharpie and black out the slides of the rod. I will do this during the summer sun when shooting outside.
  11. Compressing interuptor to increase height/length?
  12. I figured that was it. Couple others mentioned it. I didn't want the DA/hammer to drop too soon if I filed that down. Will check it out.
  13. Oh I got several interruptors alright haha. All of them have the same issue, the one currently in gun now only does it very occasionally.