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  1. The newer ones are stroked? Can any of you tell difference because of it?
  2. Limited custom and stock master are different guns for different divisions
  3. Main reason in my opinion to get the small frame is if you want to use or already have cz75 mags.
  4. Long time ago only large frame was imported to the states. Most parts in the states are catered towards large frame.
  5. Titan hammer typically the go to one. Heavier, different geometry, shorter hammer hooks. Hits harder because of weight, less creep in single action.
  6. Yes, does make quite a difference. It will make tanfo very close to cz.
  7. You removed material off the wrong area. Look at the post above this to see instructions and diagram. As stated on instructions, extremely sensitive on how much material is removed. Go super slow, minimal removed and recheck function. Remove like 1 to 2 thousandths and recheck. Also... Back out over travel screw in trigger all the way when fitting parts.
  8. Xtreme sear will fit normal sear cage. All sear cages will be the same except coating/polish. No need to get new one. Bolo fitting varies drastically among guns since tolerances and build quality vary so drastically on tanfo guns. Some guns don't even need fitting for bolo to work. The patriot defense r5 and r7 are very good also as alternatives.
  9. Do you think the wing on interruptor being on other side vs older bolo impacts trigger characteristics much?
  10. Xtreme has different finish, xtreme double action trigger installed with trigger work done. I think that's it, I've never personally owned one. Regular model with trigger job will blow the xtreme away. S2 has cone barrel, hard chrome. S3 about quarter inch longer, about 3 oz heavier or so, all weight in the front, less durable finish. I'm sure there are other details I'm forgetting at the moment.
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