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  1. Rear is more robust it seems. Front is fiber optic, although it may still be too wide
  2. Just tore mine apart, polishing, waiting on few more parts. I'll know more once i get everything together and shoot. Who knows, i could of gotten lucky but the quality control on this one is better than the couple stock 2 pistols i have. Checkering is done well. Better sights. Slide to frame fitment is great. Barrel to slide fitment/lock up is very tight. Inside of frame has minimal tooling marks/imperfections.
  3. Thanks for reporting back. It really helps others in diagnosing and fixing problems if they experience anything similar.
  4. Recoil spring length is an issue if spring is too long, as in using a long slide spring for a stock 2. You have a long slide gun so there shouldn't be an issue. When are you getting the failure to feed, how often per mag, is your ejector bent since you had mag over insertion issues?
  5. Chamfer bottom edge of breach face as pictured. Doesn't need much chamfer. Make sure chamfer is polished, and that rib with all the gold brass color rubbing on it is polished too.
  6. Make sure rounds plunk, feed in mag. Polish the rib on slide that rubs on rounds as slide moves. Chamfer the edge that is at front end of that rib.
  7. What's overlooked are the extractor spring and firing pin spring. Replace every single spring possible. If needed: mag release spring, trigger bar plunger spring to stock spring. Extra power extractor spring Recoil spring Patriot defense hammer spring, firing pin spring, sear spring, trigger return spring
  8. You've ordered and spent time and money on all these parts and duplicates of some but never titan hammer? Is there something you don't like about the titan?
  9. Send it to patriot defense if you feel so. It sucks because you already bought all the unica parts but I would really think about titan hammer, sear, bolo. They have been tested and are the ideal setup. There haven't been enough history/experience with unica parts. From another recent thread, getting gun to run with unica parts have been really all over the place. Once you get gun to run, you'll be thrilled. I've been in the same situation as you because tanfo quality control is horrible.
  10. Disco should last you easily through tons of dry fire and tens of thousands of rounds. Most tanfo parts are surface hardened. There should have been zero fitting needed using the stock disco. I'm really curious why after first round of polishing trigger would not reset in single action. With all the slop/pretravel in SA using factory disco, reset should never be an issue. Bolo is fully hardened. If I were you, I would just buy titan hammer and sear Lol. The tolerances of these guns and unica hammer have been nightmare to get right
  11. Is the factory disco the same as one that came with unica hammer? Trigger over travel screw completely out so that's not a variable to mess with? Post a clean pic of the trigger bar face where it contacts the disco. Bolo is made to match up with single piece sear and titan hammer. If you get bolo, it's going to be even a bigger mess trying to match it with unica parts.
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