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  1. Nice. Similar to the cgw reach reduction kit for cz.
  2. All of my mecgar have stiffer/stronger springs, I prefer that
  3. Use the patriot defense firing pin spring. The one that came with the wolff recoil spring is terrible. On some guns, extra power extractor spring is too long for the shallow spring pocket so it can cause issues, enhanced by a lighter recoil spring.
  4. It won't close as in too weak to push slide into battery? Longer spring doesn't impact closing of slide, it's more of an issue of binding and slide unable to fully cycle back.
  5. Advantage vs disadvantage, you can decide that part yourself. Small frame: Tad smaller frame CZ75 mags More barrel lug engagement Large frame: Most aftermarket parts, grips and US made parts are for large frame Larger ejection port on slide
  6. Let's see photo of the slides, from side and bottom.
  7. Really? I'm certain the Henning is bit thicker than the lok thin, although only by tenth of an inch, according to website and I've owned both.
  8. With no slide on, will hammer stay in full cock and half cock if manually cocking hammer back with thumb?
  9. Good! Thanks for reporting back and letting people know the resolution.
  10. How is your bell/flare? If still slightly there after seating bullet and removing the flare, it'll cause a lot of friction.
  11. From reading your thread, I really think you need to somehow try and polish/get that coating off the rib. There is tons of friction there. The chamfer looks good on the rib edge. Try this, oil the rib, then try to feed rounds through. If no issues, this will tell you for sure that rib needs polishing.
  12. Been in the market for a while now. Check stoeger pro shop and patriot defense. Comes in both small and large frame. Two mags.
  13. Still a couple places selling for upper 900s but doubt it's going to last.
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