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  1. Red loctite where? Make sure you degrease dovetail and sight before loctite. Does rear sight press in dovetail tightly, it should. Red loctite the sight in the dovetail and set screw.
  2. Do you have enough extractor tension? May need to tune extractor and or change to extra strength extractor spring. Do you know how to check tension and tune extractor?
  3. Try Henning screws. They are wider where they contact inside of grip hole, allowing less movement of grip.
  4. Grips moving around as in screw is loosening up or grips fit too loose?
  5. Rear is more robust it seems. Front is fiber optic, although it may still be too wide
  6. Just tore mine apart, polishing, waiting on few more parts. I'll know more once i get everything together and shoot. Who knows, i could of gotten lucky but the quality control on this one is better than the couple stock 2 pistols i have. Checkering is done well. Better sights. Slide to frame fitment is great. Barrel to slide fitment/lock up is very tight. Inside of frame has minimal tooling marks/imperfections.
  7. Thanks for reporting back. It really helps others in diagnosing and fixing problems if they experience anything similar.
  8. Recoil spring length is an issue if spring is too long, as in using a long slide spring for a stock 2. You have a long slide gun so there shouldn't be an issue. When are you getting the failure to feed, how often per mag, is your ejector bent since you had mag over insertion issues?
  9. Chamfer bottom edge of breach face as pictured. Doesn't need much chamfer. Make sure chamfer is polished, and that rib with all the gold brass color rubbing on it is polished too.
  10. Make sure rounds plunk, feed in mag. Polish the rib on slide that rubs on rounds as slide moves. Chamfer the edge that is at front end of that rib.
  11. What's overlooked are the extractor spring and firing pin spring. Replace every single spring possible. If needed: mag release spring, trigger bar plunger spring to stock spring. Extra power extractor spring Recoil spring Patriot defense hammer spring, firing pin spring, sear spring, trigger return spring
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