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  1. Xtreme is waste of money. You can get cheaper and better trigger with regular tanfo guns after polishing and parts. The tanfo bible thread is a must read. S2 is more expensive because of popularity, hard chrome, and cone barrel. Only you can really decide which is best.....do you like nose heavy gun, lighter gun, cone barrel, longer radius, etc
  2. What recoil spring weight are you using?
  3. Good points. You like it over Stock 2? Have you done timed back to back drills with both?
  4. Yes i know but the limited master and stock master both released same time by IFG. I'm sure both are stroked then.
  5. I know the stock master is stroked. I don't know if both those are.
  6. Someone correct me if I'm wrong... Both have cone barrel. Master has slide cuts, rail. The frame should be heavier on the master because of the rail.
  7. I have everything 2016 and after, they all have block lettering.
  8. Seriously though, seems like you have zero experience with fitting parts. You will waste time and money since you will go through at least a couple bolos to get fit right and will end up spending more money than if you were to buy titan hammer from the beginning. If you are set on using bolo, get titan hammer.
  9. Yes but will need to fit bolo more.
  10. What exact parts are installed? Heavier trigger spring could be causing issues.
  11. Is the unica mag release actually longer or does it only extend more rearward?
  12. Each gun will be different in my experience, how much fitting will be required.
  13. It'll be fine with that little hole. Ideally, you'll need to use the metal disc to put under Dawson front sight screw (which is included) so screw doesn't stick down towards barrel. Or, if using xtreme front sight, their screw is wider that it won't go through that little hole you mentioned.
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