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  1. Do you think the wing on interruptor being on other side vs older bolo impacts trigger characteristics much?
  2. Xtreme has different finish, xtreme double action trigger installed with trigger work done. I think that's it, I've never personally owned one. Regular model with trigger job will blow the xtreme away. S2 has cone barrel, hard chrome. S3 about quarter inch longer, about 3 oz heavier or so, all weight in the front, less durable finish. I'm sure there are other details I'm forgetting at the moment.
  3. Function and quality are the same to me. I can't tell difference.
  4. How many trigger pulls for you to break the PD trigger return spring?
  5. I've had good experience with patriot defense work, customer service, and parts. Good to know about your guys' experience about the trigger return spring.
  6. Don't cut the magazine spring. You can up to a 10 lb spring if you think it's sluggish. Make sure slide rails and frame rails are smooth/polished/lapped. Make sure rib in center of slide that makes contact with ammo is polished and edge at breech face is chamfered. Make sure hammer face is polished.
  7. Sounds like you checked extractor tension, may want to try extra power extractor spring and or adjust extractor tension by filing on extractor nub. There's a thread on that. May need to trim a coil or so off if extra power extractor spring if it binds, some guns have shallow spring pocket. Check to see if sear cage is loose, some guns are notorious for that. I wouldn't cut the ejector...I believe the tip has to be at a specific angle or there will be erratic ejection.
  8. Xtreme is waste of money. You can get cheaper and better trigger with regular tanfo guns after polishing and parts. The tanfo bible thread is a must read. S2 is more expensive because of popularity, hard chrome, and cone barrel. Only you can really decide which is best.....do you like nose heavy gun, lighter gun, cone barrel, longer radius, etc
  9. What recoil spring weight are you using?
  10. Good points. You like it over Stock 2? Have you done timed back to back drills with both?
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