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  1. Have you swapped the mag springs with mags that you know work well? I'd do that, and do the same with a known working follower. That will narrow it down if it's the mag tube, or a spring / follower issue. By chance, is the mag catch reversed for a lefty?
  2. Seems like a lot of folks have jumped on the SP train. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find the 8lb jugs in stock.
  3. Anyone throw a set of calipers on these yet? Curious on the actual thickness compared to the Henning grips, if they are just a touch thicker I'd be down for a few sets.
  4. Pro grip is my favorite. I'd advise against the spray bottle, seems to stop working properly rather quickly. Tyler Turner mentions a homemade version on practical shooting after dark that I want to give a try. It can somewhat pricey, especially if you also use it for dry fire.
  5. Only thing I'll add, is I notice I do the same thing if I let my shoulders get too tense. I also do a lot of target transitions in dry fire without pulling the trigger, paying very close attention to where the sight stops on targets.
  6. Aside from the obvious dry fire, I think it's a good time to come up with a game plan for next season. I'm taking this time to give my shooting an honest assessment, going over old match video and deciding what areas I need to place most of my focus on that will gain me largest match improvement. Next up I'm creating my goals for next year, and planning my finances, and practice time to meet those goals. This includes getting my match and practice guns freshened up with new springs, and loading as much ammo as possible. I'm also planning what majors I want to shoot next year, and getting the time off from work lined up. Other then that, time to really ramp up the dry fire!
  7. Ben's 15min video is pretty "outdated" his dry fire reloaded has a lot of different drills and ideals outlined in it. I work from it mostly, but still do Anderson's 12 drills in refinement and repetition. For me, I find it most productive to do maybe 3 or 4 drills for 4 or 5 mins each drill. I find myself "rushing" or loosing focus when I try to stretch it out much past that.
  8. I have both, palm swell and Scale 2.0s. I really like the scale grips, however they fall short of the palm swells. The front edge of the Scale grips are not checkered, and provide very little grip in that area. Also, they are smooth up top where they thin out, again providing little grip surface. The palm swells are extremely grippy (I have the Bogie texture), and overall work better for me.
  9. I'm not buying anymore grips...I'm not buying anymore grips....I'm not buying anymore grips.... Okay, I'm actually really curious about these. If they are just slightly thicker then the Henning's I'll probably bite.
  10. I want to see the inside of this lower. Is the mag catch reversible?
  11. I can see myself scooping one of these up if I ever sway from production. Matt Hopkins posted a video on Facebook of it in .40 with a henning spring / base pad combo. Not sure what the capacity will be with the factory mags and base pads.
  12. I've only had them for a few weeks, but so far i'm a big fan of the Hunters HD Gold. As a bonus it's kinda cool not to have to keep changing lenses based on lighting conditions / environment. Not the most stylish glasses out there, but the performance is the best I've tried for my eyes.
  13. I was referring more to the overall quality control of the two. I had a Shadow 2 when I first started shooting production and really all they need is a recoil spring, and maybe a main spring and they're good to go without all the polishing. I have three stock 2's, and the variances in machining between the three is pretty remarkable.
  14. Like many of us, I've tried just about every grip that's available. I really like everything about the Henning Full Checkered, they feel great, look good (if that matters) however If I'm being totally honest with myself I shoot the best with LOK Palm swells so I now have palm swell bogies on all my Tanfos. Hennings - are just a touch too thin for me, the physical texture is fairly grippy just not enough room for my support hand. I really wanted these grips to work, by far the best machined grips that I've tried and just have a high quality feel about them. EGD- Way too thin and they get pretty slick if you sweat, even with pro grip Scale 2.0 - I like these grips, and have used them for a while. Two things I don't like, they get thin, and smooth at the top where I feel i'm loosing out on some traction. Also, the front edge of the grip (closest to the trigger) is too smooth. When it's hot and my hands get sweaty it was hard to really lock onto the grip. Wasn't a huge deal if I kept up with the pro grip. LOK thin grips - Very grippy texture, again just a little too thin for my hands. They felt somewhat similar to the Hennings as far as thickness goes, and just didn't have enough real estate for my support hand. LOK Palm swell - just about perfect for my hands. I have the Bogies and find the texture spot on. I did have to add on the Custom Extended magazine catch to be able to reach it with any consistency, however the paddle on that thing is just TOO big. A few mins with a dremel fixed that to where I won't drop a mag if my grip is messed up after a reload or draw. A lot of this will depend on hand size. I wear a Large glove and have average sized hands. I think my grip experiment is over, although I kind of want to try the LOK factory thickness tanfo grips.
  15. I too use the Hundo and case guage all of my ammo. 400 that won't gauge out of 5k seems way high, I'd be looking for a solution to that. I'd suspect the crimp is not fully removing the flair, or the cases are not being fully sized. I'll maybe get 2 or 3 out of 1k that won't gauge.
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