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  1. I've only had them for a few weeks, but so far i'm a big fan of the Hunters HD Gold. As a bonus it's kinda cool not to have to keep changing lenses based on lighting conditions / environment. Not the most stylish glasses out there, but the performance is the best I've tried for my eyes.
  2. I was referring more to the overall quality control of the two. I had a Shadow 2 when I first started shooting production and really all they need is a recoil spring, and maybe a main spring and they're good to go without all the polishing. I have three stock 2's, and the variances in machining between the three is pretty remarkable.
  3. Like many of us, I've tried just about every grip that's available. I really like everything about the Henning Full Checkered, they feel great, look good (if that matters) however If I'm being totally honest with myself I shoot the best with LOK Palm swells so I now have palm swell bogies on all my Tanfos. Hennings - are just a touch too thin for me, the physical texture is fairly grippy just not enough room for my support hand. I really wanted these grips to work, by far the best machined grips that I've tried and just have a high quality feel about them. EGD- Way too thin and they get pretty slick if you sweat, even with pro grip Scale 2.0 - I like these grips, and have used them for a while. Two things I don't like, they get thin, and smooth at the top where I feel i'm loosing out on some traction. Also, the front edge of the grip (closest to the trigger) is too smooth. When it's hot and my hands get sweaty it was hard to really lock onto the grip. Wasn't a huge deal if I kept up with the pro grip. LOK thin grips - Very grippy texture, again just a little too thin for my hands. They felt somewhat similar to the Hennings as far as thickness goes, and just didn't have enough real estate for my support hand. LOK Palm swell - just about perfect for my hands. I have the Bogies and find the texture spot on. I did have to add on the Custom Extended magazine catch to be able to reach it with any consistency, however the paddle on that thing is just TOO big. A few mins with a dremel fixed that to where I won't drop a mag if my grip is messed up after a reload or draw. A lot of this will depend on hand size. I wear a Large glove and have average sized hands. I think my grip experiment is over, although I kind of want to try the LOK factory thickness tanfo grips.
  4. I too use the Hundo and case guage all of my ammo. 400 that won't gauge out of 5k seems way high, I'd be looking for a solution to that. I'd suspect the crimp is not fully removing the flair, or the cases are not being fully sized. I'll maybe get 2 or 3 out of 1k that won't gauge.
  5. I'm willing to bet this is a visualization problem as much as a "shooting" problem. You need to REALLY burn every detail of the stage into your mind before you shoot. It's very hard to try and "think" about where all the targets are, while trying to "think" about fundamentals of shooting. Your brain can't do both at the same time, or at least not very effectively. In fact, after reading your post over again, it seems like a lot of your problems are mental. If you can do the stuff in practice, you should be able to do it at a match more or less. I'd put in some practice time REALLY shooting at the speed of your sights. No faster, no slower.
  6. That's the Limited Custom which is readily available, and made in the ugliest possible color lol. Hopefully the limited Xtreme does make it's way to the US. I'd like to dabble in limited, and don't really want to go the 2011 path.
  7. Just an update, I received my Hunters RX Velocity glasses last week and had the chance to put them through a few practice sessions. Pretty much amazing, I had been shooting with contacts and a pair of Oakley's. They worked fine most of the time, however it always seemed like my contacts would dry out and get blurry on me during a match so I decided to go the RX glasses route. Hunters customer service can't be beat. I had these things made, and wore them for a week or so before dropping a penny!
  8. wonder what the msrp will be. looks like the Domina will be available as well.
  9. Depends on the type of target you want to make. Personally I just purchase USPSA targets, pretty much the cheapest part of shooting, however if you want to make some here you go... https://greatoutdoordinary.com/2018/05/04/how-to-make-cheap-uspsa-targets/
  10. From everything i'm hearing the SRO seems to be the ticket. From other forums / podcasts i'm hearing people in the 10 plus thousand round range that haven't experienced any issues yet.
  11. I had an interesting personal observation. I typically have to work until midnight or later the night before most of our club matches, so it's pretty normal for me to only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep before a match. When I attend majors, I always get a hotel the night before, and make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep. No surprise that I always perform MUCH better at the big matches when I do this. My mental focus, and ability to visualize a state is vastly improved and so is my overall performance. Sleep does matter!
  12. Welcome! I started in 3 gun, then got hooked on USPSA and never looked back. Congrats on the retirement, 14 years, 23 days to go for me, but who's counting..
  13. So this is just an EAA thing, and not an increase in cost from manufacturer? I love Tanfo's, but I think this will only hurt sales. There is no arguing that the fit and finish of the Shadow 2 is noticeably better then the stock 2 for example, and in my opinion justifies the higher price tag.
  14. This may be a contributing factor. All of the chambers have been reamed, however two of them were done by one company, and my third stock 2 was done by a different company. All of the barrels allow my ammo to plunk and spin freely.
  15. I only fired 10 rounds through each gun. I don't think it's a ammo quality control issue, because the deviation in each gun was within 20 fps. Next time I go drag my chrono out, I'll try a larger sample
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