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  1. PD is great, I'm about to pull the pin on another Stock 2 with them and at some point I'd love to have one set up for CO. Pretty cool to have a vendor who's active on here and willing to offer advice on getting these things running.
  2. Same primers as before? I couldn't get mine reliable with anything lighter then the 14lb PD hammer spring. If your going to get a new BOLO anyway, I'd take more off of the underside and see if it allows the hammer to go back further in DA. Odd that this would just start showing up after several years...
  3. I installed the extended custom mag release on my Stock II. Shot it for probably 3k rounds without issue, until the Alabama State match. Something changed with my grip, and I was dropping mags left and right. I took a dremel to the the mag button, and rounded off the squared edge, and took a good bit a material off. Still larger then the factory mag catch, and some 5k rounds later it has never happened again.
  4. Based on where you live, unless there is no heat in production or SS, I'd just keep shooting production until you get to A class or higher.
  5. First, I'd look around on Practiscore and search some past matches in your area that you plan on attending. Then I'd look at the participation in the various divisions that you are considering shooting in. I love production at heart, but I'm honestly thinking about switching next year to CO, or maybe limited. Not a whole lot of people shooting production, at least at the clubs I'm able to attend in my area. I enjoy the sport more when the field I'm competing in is fairly deep with participants.
  6. If you have a GSSF coupon then the 34 is the way to go, especially if you can get a Gen 5. That gun will take you as far as you want to go in the sport. A lot of the top production GM's in my area made the switch back to glocks from metal guns.
  7. I'd look into having your barrel reamed, I had the same problem and had to load way short. Now I can load 125 blues to 1.150 all day, way worth the 50ish dollars to get the barrel done. I was stuck in the 1.05ish OAL without.
  8. Dryfire helps for me a lot with SHO / WHO, especially with getting a good index, and obviously the gun handling aspect. I've been hitting SHO / WHO in every life-fire session as well, and at least for ME this has helped a lot with learning what I can get away with (sight picture) and still hit alphas at different distances. I also let the pistol cant, as it feels more natural and makes it easier for me to pick up the front sight.
  9. I have the same problem on many of may K9 mags. it only happens on an empty mag, if there is a dummy or live round in the magazine it's fine. Also, my mags won't drop free when it does this. I'm following this closely as this has been bugging me for some time, I hope we find a solution, I have to buy like 6 mags to get 4 good ones I trust.
  10. The hammer pin doesn't need to be driven out with a punch. Just remove the sear cage, push the hammer pin pin out, and the hammer pin will push right out.
  11. Also check out Gunbot.net for various online sources and current prices..
  12. Thanks bud, I shall grind away!
  13. I've recently started using the tanfo custom mag catch, as I just can't reliably release the mag without it, (unless I run thin grips which I also dislike). However it's too big and lately I've been inadvertently dropping a mag, particularly after a reload if my grip is just a little off. I know the aftermarket mag catches are good to go under the new production rules, but is it okay to modify an aftermarket catch? I'm going to grind away some of the excess material if so. I wish someone would make an adjustable paddle like on the Shadow 2.
  14. @chaserracer I ordered a set of Palm Swells yesterday. If they don't work out for me and you still happen to have the custom LOk's I'll hit you up, appreciate the offer though. I need to off load a bunch of grips myself ha!
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. I might give the LOK palm swell grips a go.
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