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  1. The hammer pin doesn't need to be driven out with a punch. Just remove the sear cage, push the hammer pin pin out, and the hammer pin will push right out.
  2. Also check out Gunbot.net for various online sources and current prices..
  3. Thanks bud, I shall grind away!
  4. I've recently started using the tanfo custom mag catch, as I just can't reliably release the mag without it, (unless I run thin grips which I also dislike). However it's too big and lately I've been inadvertently dropping a mag, particularly after a reload if my grip is just a little off. I know the aftermarket mag catches are good to go under the new production rules, but is it okay to modify an aftermarket catch? I'm going to grind away some of the excess material if so. I wish someone would make an adjustable paddle like on the Shadow 2.
  5. @chaserracer I ordered a set of Palm Swells yesterday. If they don't work out for me and you still happen to have the custom LOk's I'll hit you up, appreciate the offer though. I need to off load a bunch of grips myself ha!
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I might give the LOK palm swell grips a go.
  7. Started C class in production, took about 6 months to make B class, where I'm currently at. Sitting at 72% hopeful to make A class this year. I dry fire 25 to 30 mins a day four to five days per week. I try to live fire once a week, but many times it ends up being once every two weeks 400 - 500 rounds per session. If you don't already have it, Ben's books are great, I also do a lot of dry fire work from Anderson's Refinement and Repetition. Since your new, I'd check out Shoot Fast Podcast, Practical shooting after dark, That shooting show, and Make Ready Podcast. Tons of good information between those podcasts for free.
  8. Anyone know the difference between the Unica Custom size LF grips, and the full size LF grips? I think I own every set of grip options minus the Hennings, and I keep going back to the stock wood grips. I'd like something thick, with a bit more texture. I'd hate to drop another $100 bucks on a set of grips that collect dust. https://patriotdefense.com/unica-tanfoglio-unica-grip-custom-size-lf/
  9. Atlanta 3 gun hosts some pretty fun 3 gun matches at South River Gun club. Lots of friendly folks will help you do well on your first match.
  10. Good point, I honestly didn't look that far ahead.
  11. Anyone try the Holosun 507C? I'm toying with the idea of picking up another Stock 2 and having it milled.
  12. Made B Class. New goal is A by December. Things are starting to "click", and I'm more motivated than ever.
  13. First goal knocked out. Made B Class production last week. My last two classifier scores were just shy of A class. My current practice schedule is between 40 mins - 1 hour of dry fire 6 days per week, and 1 day of live fire per week. Next goal is A class by December.
  14. I had the same problem. Sent my barrel to Patriot, and now I can load out to 1.150 if I choose. It's totally worth the price
  15. I just ordered Refinement and Repetition myself. Came across his podcast, and his methods / styles really sink in for me. Looking forward to getting his other books and putting them to use.
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