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  1. do you have 9 major mix for order?

  2. Congrats! There are a few post on this forum with tune ups and troubleshooting with the XL750. if you need any help private message me!
  3. On my XL750 i have the bearing kit and the CNC Clamped toolhead.... with mixed Blazzer, RP, FC i have a plus / minus .004. RP being the swinger. if i load on a single head stamp i'm seeing plus/minus .002. of course i always have random longs or shorts considering its range brass, but that is 1 out of 20 and i usually don't mind finding longs. i just run them through the press individually and they are usually dead on.
  4. Glad to be able to help!
  5. adjust the timing of your shell plate. you can advance or retard the timing by moving the bearing cam on the left side of the press held with two allen bolts forward and back. that should allow you to advance the plate position so the priming stem is alligned before it plunges. if that is not the fix and your timing is on, it can be the the forward/back depth of the primer bar which can be changed by the nut and bolt just above the bar or it can be the height of the primer plunger.
  6. I came to the same conclusion. The Redding Seater is nice for adjustments but i ended up purchasing a Mighty Armory Seating Die. I found that the adjustment on the MA to be more than adequate because i test OAL in bullet setup anyways, and the stem is derlin and can be altered to bullet mold for tighter variance off the ogive.. Your OAL Variances are from used mixed brass and small bullet ogive deformities. A +- .005 variance isn't bad from mixed head stamps(I.E. the +- would be: 1.150 to 1.160 wanting a OAL of 1.155) I tend to hover around a +- .003. Right now my setup is: Dillon sizing and decapping (looking into the MA TNT) Dillon Standard Powder Funnel RCBS LockOut MA Seater Lee FCD carbide
  7. Check to make sure your flare and bell while entering the Redding Bullet seater is not catching. The seater itself has a tight guide, which in turn if you have a wide flare will mark up your brass. You may be mistaking the crimp die as your problem when in fact its the seater.
  8. For the XL750 you need to make a spacer! http://uniquetek.com/store/696296/uploaded/Die-Lock-Nut-Spacer.pdf
  9. Im happy with this! https://www.amazon.com/GRRRIP-Enhancer-Improve-Hands-Lotion/dp/B06Y5P9SYN/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=grrrip&qid=1573873675&sr=8-1
  10. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/279107-alliant sport pistol and-tanfo-stock-2-w-147gr-fps/ I also load BB 135TC at 3.45/ 3.5g OAL 1.140~1.145 crimp .378
  11. Thanks Optimistick thats exactly what i was looking for!
  12. When I seat the die onto the shell plate there isn’t enough threads for the locknut. I tried locking it from the bottom, however I have a cnc clamped tool head on a xl750. When the locknut is on the bottom it slightly contacts the press body and not the tool head before I would call it locked. Anyone figure out a fix or alternative for this?
  13. and another fix! https://www.amazon.com/BN-LINK-Period-Repeat-Intermittent-Interval/dp/B0184CG9K0/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp?keywords=intermittent+switch+%2F+outlet&pd_rd_i=B0184CG9K0&pd_rd_r=6cca0912-1a11-426b-9988-b1cf3383c53e&pd_rd_w=JH5Rv&pd_rd_wg=EmM92&pf_rd_p=a6d018ad-f20b-46c9-8920-433972c7d9b7&pf_rd_r=PV8T2RAATCH34VMBQVF2&qid=1572453373
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