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  1. I'm not a teenager but I have used MacBook Pros for the past 5 yrs or so. Whats your MacBook Pro doing?
  2. Patriot Defense now has their Palm Swell made with aircraft grade Aluminum avail for preorder I wanna try something like this:
  3. Hey there, been around for a lil bit but I never really introduced myself. I used to live in Bryan growing up, currently live in Austin. Have only been going to USPSA for a few months but I think you will really enjoy it. Steel Challenge is also a lot of fun and a great way to ease into the shooting sports.
  4. I plan to as soon as I have the funds, was hoping I could get by in the meantime with this adapter Karl Bibb makes to attach a Lee case collator to the Dillon 650..
  5. I've been keeping my eye on the classifieds, its just very sporadic that people get rid of these, and when they do they seem to get snatched up right away. I can't imagine creedmoorsports has a ton of these, they'll prob be sold out fairly quickly.
  6. Am about to kick my Lee Pro 1000 to the curb! No just kidding, it was a pretty decent press to start out on, but I'm super excited about my purchase. And just thought I'd share this in case anyone is interested. Its a new Dillon XL650 for $500 ($499.95): https://www.creedmoorsports.com/product/4858/Dillon depending on what state you are in there is no tax, and with code FREESHIP, you are all set..
  7. Sorry found the info RIGHT after I posted that.
  8. rsn_tx


    In my experiences they used to be way more reliable as far as timing out when the package will get there. Lately everything I've gotten from USPS has been later than what my tracking said, which is annoying.
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