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  1. I'd say anything over 115 for reloading should be fine.
  2. The 34 will have a little less recoil and would be better for reloads, which are minimal in CO. If you're just wanting to have fun then just shoot the 19 and get a 34 holster incase you ever upgrade.
  3. It's highly unlikely that you would see any difference in the accuracy of a Gen 5 vs your Gen 3.
  4. I can't get 23 reloadable with my TTI but honestly, I don't think 23 vs 22 will ever come into play at a match. I would definitely sacrifice one round on my reload for reliability.
  5. tdp88

    Glock 17 FTF Issue

    I didn't realize it was a 115 gr bullet. It's almost certainly too much recoil spring with that load.
  6. tdp88

    Glock 17 FTF Issue

    Looks like it's probably too light of a recoil spring. I use a 13lb on my Gen 5 34 and don't have any issues but I hear that a lot of people have malfunctions with anything less than 15lb on the Gen 5's.
  7. I'm a visual learner, so it really helps me seeing video of the drills. They talk through a lot of common mistakes and give demos of the correct and the wrong way to do drills. They are also able to go more in depth of the purposes of specific drills and show you what it should look like. The match talk through videos are also extremely helpful. It's one thing to watch a match video of a top guy but to have them break it down in slow motion from various camera views while talking about what they were seeing and what they did right or wrong is invaluable in my opinion. I've also watched a lot o
  8. Patriot Defense did both of mine and turn around was less than 24 hours.
  9. If you like Ben and his style of instructing, I would highly recommend joining training group. He and Kim have a ton of videos that go very detailed into movement and transitions. I personally think it's very helpful to see them running the drills from multiple views and listening to them talk through what they see and what adjustments they make during practice. Joining really helped me learn how to practice better and break down my own shooting.
  10. tdp88

    To MOS or Not ?

    I'd vote MOS but if you're going Trijicon it probably won't lower the resale value. I'm running an SRO with the stock mounting plate and haven't had any issues with around 5,000 rounds through the gun.
  11. tdp88

    Taming Lok Bogies

    +1 on lightly sanding them down. A little goes a long way to taking the edge off.
  12. I'd agree that you can go wrong with their stuff other than the trigger return spring. I'd also recommend having them ream the barrel, it takes them from very picky guns to being able to run anything.
  13. I had two done with Derek Guthrie. He works at the Ben Stoeger Pro Shop and also tunes Tanfos. Both guns were crazy smooth, had incredible triggers, and he also opened up the magwells. I know that Patriot Defense is great but I'm not a fan of the really light springs they make because they are more prone to breaking and the extra half pound on the double action just doesn't seem worth the risk.
  14. I load mags up at the beginning of a match and just clean and reload them after they get dropped in the dirt. As far as how many rounds at a level one, it depends on division. The division equipment rules are the same regardless of the level.
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