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  1. The PM9 comes in around $1,300 so you could get it refinished however you like with the money left over.
  2. Henning's are definitely thicker than the thin LOK grips, the LOK grips are almost totally flat and the Henning grip have a slight swell that makes them fill out the palm. I have small hands and the Henning grips are perfect for me. The LOK thin are too thin and the palm swells are a little too much for me, I really like the palm swell on a Shadow 2. With a little pro grip and a solid grip the Henning's wont move around at all.
  3. I lost about 2-3 PF after but I think it's worth it to be able to run any ammo.
  4. I had to load at 1.06 with the 125 RN Blue Bullets. They ran fine at that length in the Tanfo but would nose dive in some guns. I ended up sending both barrels to Patriot Defense to have them reamed. That being said, the Blue Bullets don't lead at all and the barrel was pretty clean even with only cleaning every 2k.
  5. I'm with Memphis on getting the standard Tanfo instead of the Extreme, unless you just really want the different finish. I don't think you would go wrong with .40 and I think the Stock 2 will fit the limited Tanfo holsters.
  6. Both of my Stock 2's would eject about three feet in front of me with several different types of ammo. I thought it was strange but never had any real issues with the ejection.
  7. 125 fps seems like a lot. Did you have one chamber reamed and leave one factory?
  8. The Henning grips would probably be the most similar in size to a 2011.
  9. He’s talking about the 320 Legion. Its $900, shoots as soft as the metal guns, and has a great trigger. It’s probably gonna take a big piece of the CZ and Tanfo markets. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Anybody know what’s up with the Tanfo’s jumping up $300? Just looked at Patriot Defense and the Pro Shop and the Stock 2 is now more than the Shadow 2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I don't like pulling the trigger on transition drills because it congests the drill and pulling the trigger doesn't help you with transitioning to the next target. With a standard transition drill it's important to get your eyes on the target and to make sure the gun stops where you're looking without excess travel. I find the more steps we add to a drill the less we focus on the purpose of the drill.
  12. The boss hanger is by far the best gear upgrade I have ever made. I don't care about the actual holster much but how it attaches to the belt makes a huge difference.
  13. tdp88

    SRO Dot Size

    I've only shot a DPP a few times but my SRO 2.5 seems bigger. It might just be that it is brighter.
  14. Don't get too hung up on the holster, as long as it doesn't get hung up on your draw most will be fine.
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