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  1. I'm hearing good things about the SRO but I agree with Memphis, they will all fail at some point.
  2. I don't think there is a huge advantage to the 2011 over a limited Tanfo or CZ but I would get the Atlas if money isn't a consideration. If you're price sensitive at all then Tanfo Limited is the way to go. The only disadvantage of the 2011 is tuning and maintaining mags. There really isn't a downside to a Tanfo Limited but I prefer the 2011 platform.
  3. I'd take a look at a Gen 5 but only if it doesn't have the cut out on the front of the grip.
  4. tdp88

    Thickest CZ grips

    I think Patriot Defense are the thickest without modifying the grips.
  5. tdp88

    downside to MOS?

    Didn't know that. Looks like they are doing standard height as well as co-witness.
  6. Brownells usually has OEM mags for $18-20 each if you buy the 10 packs.
  7. tdp88

    downside to MOS?

    The sights would be the only issue but Dawson makes a set but I don't think they are adjustable. If you don't like Dawson I've seen several who grind on the Taran and Vogel sights to get them to fit the MOS. I don't think it takes much to get them to work.
  8. I would agree with the 15.5 PD spring or a 14lb Wolff spring.
  9. With your current set up, what is the failure rate on DA?
  10. I've heard it's a mixed bag on the Apex extractor so I never spent the $60 to find out. In stock configuration I think just about all Gen 3 & 4 will beat up the dot. The Gen 5 extracts much better and I don't think you'd have much of a problem with a Gen 5.
  11. If you want a nice 2011 I say get one. If you can't afford one yet then M&P might hold your interest until you get the money saved.
  12. I haven't heard a lot of good about the the ETS, I think they flex too much and it causes issues. Everyone I know who uses Magpul has no issues. Personally I don't see a big advantage of 23 vs 21 round mags so I would opt for the Magpul and save some money. At $17 you can basically throw the magpul away if you wear out the spring. If you're going .40, I think getting 20 rounds is a little more important. I would at least spend the money to have one 20 rounder but you wouldn't need all of them to have extensions.
  13. I'd go with the MOS just for the sake of changing dots. Unless you have a lot of time with a particular dot that you know you will stay with. I know a lot of dots have the same footprint but I'd still like the option of using any dot I want.
  14. The LimPro is legal in IDPA but man is it ugly compared to the Stock 2/3....
  15. I would look at the DAA magazine pouches, they release a lot smoother than others I have used for single stack. As far as holsters go, I would look at Red Hill Tactical or a Long Shadow. The Red Hill is thicker but both will keep the gun secure, are built really well, and draw smoothly. I also recommend the Boss hanger. It might seem like a lot of money at $50 but it is the best piece of gear I've ever bought. It keeps the gun securely in place and you can adjust how far it is from your body with the spacers, it really helps with consistent draws.
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