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  1. yes, it's disconcerting to say the least particularly as the individual in question is well experienced and knowledgeable. It seems as though these occurrences are not rare

  2. Guessing you’re speaking of the Bruce Gray picture? I haven’t experienced it or known anyone who has, but I’ve heard people talk about primers detonating Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. When I was in your situation I had a Lee 40 bullet feeder die with tubes. The tubes for 40 bullets held 9 cases fine. I drilled a hole in bottom of each tube and stuck a nail in there to hold the cases in place. I’d fill three and the Dillon tube before starting to load. It helped but the case feeder makes life much better
  4. I’ve had good luck with Remington’s SPP when I’ve used them (not much). I mostly use Winchester and don’t have issues with them
  5. When I shot a 226, I used Henning and Springer CZ basepads (production). They fit the Mecgar 18 round mags fine. Other brand or capacity mags did not work with those basepads though. That or get the 20 round mags for the 226 tacops, those work fine in my experience Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Is it worth it to save a bit of money on this one, or just get the MBF? Does Karl’s BF come with necessary parts or do you have to get a separate die, drop tube, etc? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. This would be interesting. I shot with a guy at SC Sectional that had a full size polymer Tanfo (newer ones) for carry optics. He said he liked it, but I didn’t inquire too much about it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Just polish it until it's reliable and has a good enough trigger. Also recoil spring, hammer spring, and basepads. I use a 10# recoil and 14.5 lb hammer spring if I remember correctly, but others go lighter on recoil springs
  9. Is it worth getting a 40 slide to try this? Seems like a lot of people (comparatively) run their Stock 2 in 40 minor
  10. Do you still have the black EGD grip pannels ? If so what are you asking for them ?

  11. Thanks for the answers. Has anyone seen the need for the lightweight Lok grips for weight in production? I'm leaning towards the orange/black palm swell bogies I think. I don't think I'd like grips any slimmer than my Henning's. PD Palm swells work but are more thick than I prefer
  12. How do the thin Lok grips compare to Henning full checkered grips in thickness and texture? Are the Lok palm swells similar to Patriot Defense palm swell grips?
  13. Just reading your process for cleaning brass is exhausting. Clean the brass, dry it, lube it, then load it and be done with it
  14. Hello, depending on price and color I would most likely be interested !

    thank you, Jack 

  15. Any reason to not consider a 650? A 650 with a casefeeder is great. When I decided to upgrade to a Dillon it was between a 550 or 650. I went 650 for Auto index. Only thing to do is pull lever and set bullet. Whatever one you get, I recommend Dillon dies. I had issues with Lee and Hornady sizing dies taking excessive amounts of force to size (yes I lube cases). Switched to Dillon dies and they size easier and I'm getting less rejects when gauging
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