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  1. DKnoch

    Ameriglo Hackathorn Rear Sight

  2. DKnoch

    Ameriglo Hackathorn Rear Sight

    Oh sorry I missed the sights in the title of the post. Sorry I haven't used these before. If this is for competition get Dawson's. Those hackathorns have a big ring around the front sight and probably very wide
  3. DKnoch

    Ameriglo Hackathorn Rear Sight

    Which one? Link shows over 900 sights
  4. Agreed, seems odd at first but does make sense. I just started this recently and last match there were a few times I reloaded after 4 rounds because it worked with my best stage plan. Plan to shoot each target from most advantageous area then worry about movement between, then reloads. Then put it all together, refining details every time. At least that's how I do it
  5. DKnoch

    Dry fire on SA

    Never even thought of that. Zip tie isn't bad as long you keep the tied part facing upwards. I don't do this much anyway, I just keep trigger depressed for SA usually
  6. I don't have first hand experience, but I've heard if you have shellplate bearing kit, you have to raise the ejector wire. You can probably bend it yourself
  7. DKnoch

    stock 2 and 124 blue bullet issues

    Yeah keep taking it down until it works with your load. I wouldn't worry about getting the barrel reamed unless you have some sort of issues beyond this. I wouldn't think it's necessary unless shooting factory ammo or wanting to load something hotter than most of us load for minor PF (
  8. DKnoch

    stock 2 and 124 blue bullet issues

    1.10 is my OAL. Works with Truncated cone and round nose. I was having feeding issues with 125 round nose blue bullets in my stock 2 but truncated ones have worked very well. I've just stuck with them, although I'm sure either would work. Truncated bullets seem to make a cleaner hole in paper too
  9. DKnoch

    stock 2 and 124 blue bullet issues

    Loaded too long, I had same issues switching from a Sig X5. Change to 125 truncated nose and shorten OAL to fit your chamber
  10. DKnoch

    Dry fire on SA

    I've run a zip tie through the hole in the hammer and tied it under the beaver tail. I only did it a couple times, now I just shoot double action and don't let the slack out of the trigger all the way for single action
  11. DKnoch

    Leaving a position faster and sooner

    This is the answer. I improved exits from using Ben Stoegers dryfire book. Load weight onto the leg you're exiting towards, when you engage last target on easier array. You can even start leaning if it's easy enough of a target you're exiting on
  12. DKnoch

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    I'm not splitting the difference. Point your finger in front of your face, in the middle. Your dominant eye takes over focus even though it's in the middle of your face. With me, if I hold my gun out and close my right eye, it shifts my focal plane a bit (opposite of you due to having different dominant eye). That being said, it doesn't matter, as long as your dominant eye is seeing the sights, target, or whatever is needed to make the necessary shot, it is fine
  13. DKnoch

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    I'm right handed and right eye, so maybe I can't understand the struggle. But it seems if you learn how to shoot with both eyes open (to where you no longer see doubles of sights) that eye dominance wouldn't be much if any of a factor, since both eyes are open anyways. It's not like I cheat my gun towards my right eye, I draw it and hold it centered with my face. My personal belief is eye dominance is more of a perceived problem than an actual problem. But again, that may be my biased speaking from my own experiences
  14. DKnoch

    PD Palm Swell Grips

    After live fire today for first time with PD Palm Swells on, the gun is much easier to get a solid weak hand grip on. Didn't even need progrip today, so I'm very happy with their grips. Gun was also setting off high primers that I tossed in practice box. Got my RHT holster in too this week. Had to alter it next to mag release so it wouldn't engage it. But now it works great too
  15. DKnoch

    Music in earmuff

    Interesting, does it distract you when trying to commit a stage plan to memory? Do you have Bluetooth plugs? If so which ones?