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  1. Just polish it until it's reliable and has a good enough trigger. Also recoil spring, hammer spring, and basepads. I use a 10# recoil and 14.5 lb hammer spring if I remember correctly, but others go lighter on recoil springs
  2. Is it worth getting a 40 slide to try this? Seems like a lot of people (comparatively) run their Stock 2 in 40 minor
  3. Do you still have the black EGD grip pannels ? If so what are you asking for them ?

  4. Thanks for the answers. Has anyone seen the need for the lightweight Lok grips for weight in production? I'm leaning towards the orange/black palm swell bogies I think. I don't think I'd like grips any slimmer than my Henning's. PD Palm swells work but are more thick than I prefer
  5. How do the thin Lok grips compare to Henning full checkered grips in thickness and texture? Are the Lok palm swells similar to Patriot Defense palm swell grips?
  6. Just reading your process for cleaning brass is exhausting. Clean the brass, dry it, lube it, then load it and be done with it
  7. Hello, depending on price and color I would most likely be interested !

    thank you, Jack 

  8. Any reason to not consider a 650? A 650 with a casefeeder is great. When I decided to upgrade to a Dillon it was between a 550 or 650. I went 650 for Auto index. Only thing to do is pull lever and set bullet. Whatever one you get, I recommend Dillon dies. I had issues with Lee and Hornady sizing dies taking excessive amounts of force to size (yes I lube cases). Switched to Dillon dies and they size easier and I'm getting less rejects when gauging
  9. Henning full checkered are my favorite. I have a pair of Grauffel grips that are the thinnest I'd part with though if you want to try the thinnest grips available for Tanfos
  10. I used blue magic and did the slide racking. I don't think I pushed each direction hard though while doing it. Definitely smoothed up when I did it though. I didn't get chamber reamed, my ammo is shorter than that. I cannot recall oal off the top of my head though
  11. Interesting, I polished up parts in lower, and a bit on the upper. Maybe I need to go more on the upper than
  12. According to your profile picture, looks like production guns (stock 2's?). I had 8# recoil springs in both my stock 2's and was getting failure to feeds. With 10# springs still get some ftf's but not near as bad as with 8#. 6# sounds too light
  13. Progrip is necessary. I prefer a grip with some checkering or grit to it as well. Also keep a towel in the range bag to wipe hands if they get sweaty
  14. Blake drill is more better. Train them transitions > split them triggers
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