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  1. DKnoch

    Stock 2 trigger sticking

    Great info as always, thanks John. I suspect over inserted mags, as I have never experienced this before and it hasn't happened yet with my previous mags in my new (to me) Tanfo. I'll check out those spots and see if I can pinpoint the area
  2. Just traded a gun for a well used stock 2. Gun is great, but the mags have Springer basepads and sometimes when dryfiring the trigger gets stuck back. When I use my mags which are newer and have PD basepads, this has not yet happened. Is this the phenomenon of magazines being over inserted? I have not live fired the gun yet, but this issue has only happened sporadically and only with the mags with Springer basepads. Im probably just going to get more PD basepads, so everything I have is consistent anyway. Or is it maybe a warn trigger return spring? I'll probably go through and swap out springs on both anyway since the year is about over
  3. DKnoch

    650 difficulty with sizing die

    I agree this is a die issue not one with my 650. I doubt it's an alignment issue as suggested because I'm not crushing primers and it's going in all other dies fine. I did actually have that issue a few months ago. I called Dillon to get the alignment tool and instead he helped me fix the problem and the alignment tool was not needed in my case. I probably will get another sizing die, and may just get another Lee die and make sure it's a carbide one. I use Dillon lube currently. Everyone raves about brass juice, I guess I can try a little bit of that to see if it's better or just snake oil
  4. DKnoch

    650 difficulty with sizing die

    So I removed the decapping pin and it was still tough. I put a bit of blue magic and very fine grit sandpaper to the inside of it. Seemed to help some, still not as smooth as I was hoping for
  5. DKnoch

    650 difficulty with sizing die

    Eddie thanks for offer, I'm not going this year though. I may take you up on it if you'll be at Low Country this month? Sorry I haven't been on past few days
  6. DKnoch

    650 difficulty with sizing die

    Interesting, thanks for the info. I'll pull the rod and see if it's better. I'll save the call to Dillon it this doesn't fix it. Of course I don't have an extra rod because im not smart
  7. I have to use excessive pressure pulling the handle on my 650. It all comes from the sizing die..I'm using Lee dies, I'm thinking may not be carbide (I've had them for a while and can't remember). Yes I use case lube (Dillon). I've stripped the die apart and cleaned it before and it was a bit better for a short period of time, but still not as easy as it should be. And breaking the die apart to clean it every 100-200 rounds is a pain. And yes I tumble my brass so it's not exceptionally dirty. I even used to wet tumble, but went back to dry. I know it's the sizing die because if there's not a case in station 1 it's very easy to operate. Do I need to just buy Dillon carbide dies or is there another possible issue at work?
  8. DKnoch

    P226 Cycle Speed

    That's a grip or shot calling issue sounds like, as opposed to a mechanical issue with the gun. I personally can shoot .14 splits with my Stock 2. I'd imagine that's possible and better with a 226 or stock 2 in capable hands
  9. DKnoch

    P226 Cycle Speed

    I used to shoot a 226 enhanced elite in production and I don't see any reason the gun would be slowing you down. What kind of splits are you shooting vs what do you expect?
  10. Listening to Hwansik Kim on Firearms Nation Podcast was great. I especially liked his breakdown of how he grips a gun by isolating grip pressure to hands then using tricep and forearm to increase grip pressure. The way he broke down shooting technique and how he has learned makes me want to take a class from him
  11. DKnoch

    Case Feeder stop

    I never thought of that, thanks
  12. The tacos we make at home are hardshell, then a layer of queso (and anything else you want to add) then a soft shell around it. Seems to help hold it together pretty well
  13. DKnoch

    Ameriglo Hackathorn Rear Sight

  14. DKnoch

    Ameriglo Hackathorn Rear Sight

    Oh sorry I missed the sights in the title of the post. Sorry I haven't used these before. If this is for competition get Dawson's. Those hackathorns have a big ring around the front sight and probably very wide