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  1. DKnoch

    Safety on for emergency reload

    I've never heard of an administrative reload. I've heard of a tactical reload, but have no idea what it is. A reload is a reload right? Hit button while grabbing new mag quickly, insert said mag into gun, reacquire sight picture. Adding additional steps will take more time. I've never shot idpa or tactical classes, so that may explain my ignorance on terminology
  2. DKnoch

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    I know I'm more accurate generally on weak hand only vs strong hand only. I'm also slower and more deliberate weak hand shooting. That may be the OP's case as well. As Jack said, HF wise you'll probably be better shooting with normally vs switching it up. You'll get there with practice
  3. DKnoch

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    No, dryfire more and learn to shoot with your right hand while not moving the sights. Practice trigger control and grip gun harder will generally improve accuracy. Also pay attention to where sights lift from when the shot breaks to know where the bullet will have hit the target. I'm not cross dominant, but if it bothers you that much, try that magic dot on your shooting glasses
  4. DKnoch

    Faster reloading?

    Magpul mags for a Glock? I don't own a Glock so I can't speak on that. I would think any mag with a good basepad on it would be fine
  5. DKnoch

    Faster reloading?

    I guess that could be advantageous if you're close to 180 when reloading. Though I would probably just be sure you're not going to break it during walkthrough. The RO with the tablet should be watching the shooter also. And ideally helping cover any spots the Timer RO can't see.
  6. DKnoch

    Faster reloading?

    My best reloads come when I get my hand to the mag in the pouch very quickly. Then other factors for consistency include getting index finger running along magazine and looking at a specific part of inside of magwell
  7. DKnoch

    Mag release plunger

    Got some, and found a mini bench grinder/polisher at harbor freight
  8. DKnoch

    Mag release plunger

    I'll just hang my head in shame. Thankfully I'm not on a bomb squad or we'd all be dead. I actually watched parts 1 and 2 fully while waiting for my stock 2 to get shipped. But of course as I was doing the work I was watching and going at same time. Thanks for the videos, awesome resource! About to go find some better polishing compound or maybe those rubber silicone bits now. Been stuck inside all day with heavy rain
  9. DKnoch

    Stock 2 Safety's

    I cut mine earlier so the post wouldn't protrude past right side of frame. Only issue is theres a few little spots on frame where right safety was. I may replace ambi to cover up or try to buff marks out, but at least I can use my gun without having to order a new safety now. Thanks for help all
  10. DKnoch

    Stock 2 Safety's

    Can I just cut the post off that protruded for the ambi part and use that as a single sided safety then? Seems like that would probably work from what you are saying about single sided safeties
  11. DKnoch

    Stock 2 Safety's

    I screwed up factory safety and had to cut it off. I learned a lesson about using the correct punch though. Anyway need a new safety now and was looking at single sided (not the extended) safety. I don't need the safety shooting production. Few questions about it, is that single sided safety production legal? I'm assuming so with new rules? Also anyone know how it secures to the gun? I'm assuming I'll need same type of roll pin that was in my cut off ambi safety?
  12. DKnoch

    Mag release plunger

    Ok thanks! I thought I was going crazy, vacuumed and couldn't find it inside of it either. I was watching Memphis mechanics videos and paused it before I released pulling the plunger was going to make mag release come out too. Oh well I'll learn as I go
  13. DKnoch

    Mag release plunger

    Dredging up an old post. I had the plunger shoot out, but found it. There's a spring still in my mag release, but is there a second spring that's supposed to be in behind the plunger? Or is there just 1 spring inside of the mag release?
  14. DKnoch

    P229 Legion SAO Introduced

    What is the target market for this gun aside from collecting or a range toy? I guess a carry gun? I'm sure it'll be a fine gun, I just am not seeing the practicality of it
  15. If I fully wrap my right hand around my 320 X5 grip it covers lot of grip. So I don't wrap my right hand fingers across the front as far as possible, to give left hand more room on grip and use my left hand to squeeze harder. Works well enough, I can shoot .13 or .14 splits with a striker fired production gun (not my match speed splits by any means). If it's a big enough problem, maybe try a Tanfo instead of a CZ. Or sig p320 has large grip modules, but I've never used one