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  1. I've been a moderator on a few sites that have gone through this exact situation. I've been a members on many more that had to do something. Forums that charge fees die. It eventually happens to all of them. Banner ads are the only solution I have ever seen work. There are hundreds if not thousands of people here that lurk....then comment here and there....then contribute. Forums are a community. Without new members, communities die. Period.
  2. I did all the work other than the barrel threading and comp clocking. Those were done by a local smith close to me that works on rifles only.
  3. Here is my swap. Did exactly what you wanted to. Just take a new 6 inch barrel and have a competent smith thread on your comp with 5 thou clearance. Then you'll need to mess around with springs. You'll need to spring down to run minor and up to run major.
  4. I have to use a punch on my stock sight. So I'd call "easily slide in by hand" too loose.
  5. That is a nice piece. Congrats and enjoy shooting that beauty!
  6. I have found.....before you rip that slide apart......that high velocity ammo pretty much eliminates 22lr issues in conversion kits. CCI Mini Mags are awesome for this.
  7. I actually prefer the new mirror lenses from Walleva in my Oakleys.
  8. The floating bolt head truly is a ground breaking improvement that just doesnt get the love is has earned.
  9. Frigpig

    Bul Armory?

    I finally had a chance to feel one up (not shoot it) and I was pleasantly surprised.
  10. Frigpig

    Thumb Rest

    Everytime I shoot a pistol now without one it feels bizzare at best and almost impossible at worse.......
  11. Those do look nice. Very similar pattern to the steel frames 2011 of late.
  12. Eight year necropost almost to the day........impressive. ?
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