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  1. Sounds like you'll have to loosen set screws, drift rear rear sight and then adjust windage
  2. The second version, the pin is more gradually thickened from front to back, avoiding breakage.
  3. Cock hammer back, push firing pin in with a punch, the fp block should stop it. Now holding the hammer back and pull trigger just enough for sear to clear hammer hooks, push firing pin in with a punch, it should easily slide forward.
  4. It still doesn't travel as far back in DA as with factory Interruptor.
  5. I guess. I have no personal experience with the unica.
  6. Possibly. I have not had experience with unica firing pin but that's what was said here on Enos.
  7. Patriot firing pin should be longest and heaviest. The xtreme is same as factory, and reports on here is the unica is same as xtreme but with a coating.
  8. Was able to shoot few matches with stock master. Incredible gun, but it didn't magically improve my scores like everyone wants. As mentioned, it is more soft/flat shooting because of all the weight out front but i did not like that during transitions. It doesn't naturally sit as deep in the web of my hand with weight out front. I don't see a need for a heavier gun for 9 minor. I weighed the slides and it surprised me they were nearly identical in weight.
  9. I think the bigger question is why Stock 2 over the stock 3, lim pro, stock master?!
  10. Shorter hammer strut looks like one that comes with unica hammer.
  11. I agree with cz-usa being worlds better. EAA staff and customer service is horrible. I would rather buy another gun or move to cz rather than deal with them.
  12. Bolo should last life of gun. That metal is drastically harder than trigger bar. Is bolo fitted correctly or the area where it contacts bolo wing worn?
  13. I haven't fully came to conclusion yet. I LOVE the stock 2 so it's really hard to convince me. Stock master does shoot more flat but it feels nose heavy to me, especially on transitions. Maybe I'm just use to the stock 2. I'm giving it some more time since haven't had much live fire due to the covid-19. I don't have experience with stock 3 so i don't know if stock master feels similar.
  14. It's light weight, my experience is the same as most, frequent light strikes. No better than factory. The patriot pin is most reliable for me.
  15. Red loctite where? Make sure you degrease dovetail and sight before loctite. Does rear sight press in dovetail tightly, it should. Red loctite the sight in the dovetail and set screw.
  16. Do you have enough extractor tension? May need to tune extractor and or change to extra strength extractor spring. Do you know how to check tension and tune extractor?
  17. Try Henning screws. They are wider where they contact inside of grip hole, allowing less movement of grip.
  18. Grips moving around as in screw is loosening up or grips fit too loose?
  19. Rear is more robust it seems. Front is fiber optic, although it may still be too wide
  20. Just tore mine apart, polishing, waiting on few more parts. I'll know more once i get everything together and shoot. Who knows, i could of gotten lucky but the quality control on this one is better than the couple stock 2 pistols i have. Checkering is done well. Better sights. Slide to frame fitment is great. Barrel to slide fitment/lock up is very tight. Inside of frame has minimal tooling marks/imperfections.
  21. Thanks for reporting back. It really helps others in diagnosing and fixing problems if they experience anything similar.
  22. Recoil spring length is an issue if spring is too long, as in using a long slide spring for a stock 2. You have a long slide gun so there shouldn't be an issue. When are you getting the failure to feed, how often per mag, is your ejector bent since you had mag over insertion issues?
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