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Found 4 results

  1. about grips (I can't find it) We had a discussion about grips a long time ago....I can't find that thread. So here is the scenario.... Shot a USPSA match today with my Gold Team 38 SC (first time out with it in a LONG time) It has the factory grips on it, I added skateboard tape on the inserts. I have small midget sized hands (which would make you think I would love the original factory grips) but it is too small. My opinion of the perfect grips...the P-Match, those little diamonds just feel right and are really grippy. More info....on my Glock's I go with Talon's skateboard t
  2. Anyone know the difference between the Unica Custom size LF grips, and the full size LF grips? I think I own every set of grip options minus the Hennings, and I keep going back to the stock wood grips. I'd like something thick, with a bit more texture. I'd hate to drop another $100 bucks on a set of grips that collect dust. https://patriotdefense.com/unica-tanfoglio-unica-grip-custom-size-lf/
  3. Here are the results of an experiment. The grips are color shift pearl "plastidip" over the stock wood, and SSI Scale grips. The photos don't NEARLY do them justice.I'll try again tomorrow in more direct (not setting) sunlight. I have used the plastids on the wheels on my Jeep (just the black) and it has held up perfectly for 1 year, including Wisconsin winters (think snow, salt and sand) and car washes with a mechanical "hub scrub". ZERO identifiable wear. This stuff is QUITE grippy. I use the wood stock Tanfo grips for the size (XXL hands) and the SSI Scales on the weak side for ease of acc
  4. Hey! We just finished up the 2015 design of our checkered contour grips for Tanfoglio / EAA Witness large frame models. We have several customers who have already ordered them and they will be shipped out shortly. What I currently made available online are: Tanfoglio Match / Stock / Steel Grip Panels (full-size grips) for models with rounded trigger guards. http://henningshop.com/products/tanfoglio-full-size-grip-panels-large-frame-new Tanfoglio Stock II / Limited Pro / Hunter Grip Panels for models with square trigger gaurds. http://henningshop.com/products/tanfoglio-stock-ii-uspsa-p
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