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  1. All LOK grips are fully checkered. You just chose 1 of 3 checkering options upon ordering them. Henning has smooth grips, mostly checkered and fully checkered ones. Hopefully when he makes more of them he'll make the fully checkered ones.
  2. Great comparison! Thanks for posting that. And after having Henning, Unica, LOK thin and Scales 2.0 myself, I've also settled on the LOK Palm Swells for now. Although if Henning does another run of his fully checkered ones I might give them a shot.
  3. I like the Henning checkered ones but wish he would make another run of his fully checkered ones. The lack of checkering on the upper portion of the left panel bothers me. I switched to the LOK palm swells in the interim. The checking all over the panels is quite satisfactory, but like others I've also noticed a bit of flexing/moving of the panels as I shoot. Do the PD palm swells flex or move like the LOKs do?
  4. Yep SSP you just have to drop the hammer slowly after load and make ready and have time first shot be DA.
  5. I can't speak for the IFG ones, but both my older and newer version of EAA's Lim Pros didn't need any shaving to fit the box.
  6. You are correct. There should be no more burring. I should have said to file down any burrs on the frame which was what happened on mine.
  7. Yes it will stop the burring. The conefit guiderod spreads out the recoil impulse to more areas of the frame than the regular guiderod does. You’ll probably want to file down the existing burrs of course.
  8. Agree! Over 25000 rounds on the same decapping pin in the Lee die and no problems.
  9. Or felt wheels, dremel and Flitz. No sandpaper for the most part.
  10. I didn’t remove the ratchet until adding the autodrive. When manually pulling the handle it never bothered me.
  11. When I talked to Dillon about it a few years ago, they indicated that silver primers like CCIs seemed to be the worst drawback offenders with their decapping pins. Dillon's newer sizing/depriming dies have a spring that supposedly helps keep the drawbacks to a minimum. But so far my Lee die has been working like a champ and I'm not inclined to change it until problems start.
  12. I even had primer drawback issues loading on my 550B years ago. My solution was to buy a Lee sizing/depriming die and the primer drawback issues all but disappeared immediately. In fact out of the 22,500 rounds I loaded last year, I only had 5 or 6 that all got caught at the swaging station. As @pmiya indicated, on the 1050 any primer that does get drawn back should be caught at the swaging station if that is set up correctly. You'll feel the handle bounce at the bottom of the stroke instead of going all the way down to the bottom and stopping. If you have an autodrive like the Mark 7, the SwageSense will do this for you. The 1050 is a wonderful machine, and once you get the feel of it while loading you'll wonder how you ever loaded on anything else before. Take the time to set it up correctly and it'll run and run and run.
  13. Does a rail add more weight up front than a full-length dust cover like the Limited Custom has? This stock III/limited custom mix sure does look interesting, but honestly I'd be more into a chrome version of the Limited Custom.... in .40 of course.
  14. From my chrono notes last year out of a 5" barrel. 180 gr xtreme over 3.82 of HP38 at 1.13" = 132 power factor 180 gr xtreme over 3.76 of HP38 at 1.13" = 129 power factor I should chrono my Stock II to be sure, but even without doing that I'm sure a 4.75" barrel length will still be within reason and comfortably above the 125 pf floor. Shooting the Stock 2 in 40 minor is great! Think medium velocity bunny farts
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