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  1. V2plus25

    Any love for the new Stock 1 ?

    I held one last week in 9mm. At first I thought the finger grooves on the front strap would bother me, but I ended up not even noticing them when I gripped the gun firmly. Seems like a viable option for IDPA. With the full size dust cover adding extra weight the only problem I see with it in IDPA is having to be extra conscious on all the other parts in order to come in at or under 43oz. I like Henning grips and mag basepads on my Lim Pro, and I'm sure that combination would make the new Stock I go over the weight limit. Of course a PD light weight guide rod would counteract some of the added weight. All in all it felt like any other Tanfo... Tanfastic
  2. V2plus25

    Unica Grips - Profile?

    Wish they had more color options. So far it looks like gold, green or purple.
  3. V2plus25

    Why Unica Hammer

    Yeah I've had good luck going that route as well. Why mess with a gun that consistently lights off rounds. Just wondering what the appeal of this new hammer is.
  4. V2plus25

    Why Unica Hammer

    So do I need a Unica hammer on my Tanfos that are already running just fine with stock and Titan hammers? What's the advantage of the Unica over the others. Does it hit harder than all others? Look cooler? Tougher metal? Just wondering.
  5. Yeah from having 1 old and 1 new one myself that definitely looks like a newer frame. The longer beaver tail on the older style frame is the easiest way to tell.
  6. V2plus25

    Mag release plunger

    Ugh yeah true. What a shame
  7. V2plus25

    Mag release plunger

    Hah or Amazon is always your friend
  8. Try lubing up the 2 toolhead alignment pins. That made mine run a lot smoother and quieter.
  9. V2plus25

    Double feeds on Lim Pro reload

    Hah good luck finding extra power mag springs. I also had the same thought only to find out Wolff only makes +10% and +15% mag springs for the old non-Mecgar mags. BSPS does sell replacement large-frame mecgar mag springs. Sorry to hear about the double-feeds. Get a 1050 and all your problems will go away
  10. V2plus25

    DIY polish and trigger job?

    I just left my TRS and sear spring stock. Sure the trigger isn't as light as it can possibly be, but I liked the feel of the positive trigger reset with the normal power TRS instead of the reduced one.
  11. V2plus25

    DIY polish and trigger job?

    Yeah both sets of videos were helpful. After fitting new parts on several guns I've found my own way that's a blend of everyone that works for me. Oh and for those who are wondering, I finally broke my TRS around 10000 rounds live fire (and easily quadruple that dry fire). Yes I did order all new springs from PD after Thanksgiving and no I didn't respring my Tanfo as I should have in the slow season. Fortunately it broke during a practice session a few days before a major match and not during the match. So hurray that I had all the springs ready to be installed and I'm also glad for a backup Tanfo for major matches.... yes yes I should get to replacing the springs on the backup at some point as well.
  12. V2plus25

    Mr Bullet Feeder Pro

    I wanna say they're steel. If you want to know more specifics Rick the inventor is really easy to contact and has always quickly responded to inquiries.
  13. With the Dawson I like the way the fiber is set a bit inside the front post of the front sight. That helps keep the end of the fiber from being too big of a blob and thereby too distracting. But I absolutely hate the location of the sight set screw. The fiber shouldn't have to be removed in order to access the sight set screw. Oh well, can't have everything I guess.
  14. Yeah a stripped set screw is not fun. I had one as well but fortunately the sight was lose enough I could use a small hammer and punch to completely remove the sight. Try heating the area around the screw with a lighter. Might losen up some of the lok-tite. Otherwise drilling it out might be your only other option.
  15. V2plus25

    1050 Decapping Issue

    Is the Mighty Armory one a sizing die as well? When I looked it appeared it was not. Dillon swears their new sizing die has a spring in it that is supposed to prevent the primer from sticking on the pin. I was also having this problem and chose to go with the Lee sizing/decapping die. 8600 rounds on it so far and no stuck primers. The Dillon decapping pin must have a peculiar shape to it that in my experience tends to have CCI primers stick on it.