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  1. From my chrono notes last year out of a 5" barrel. 180 gr xtreme over 3.82 of HP38 at 1.13" = 132 power factor 180 gr xtreme over 3.76 of HP38 at 1.13" = 129 power factor I should chrono my Stock II to be sure, but even without doing that I'm sure a 4.75" barrel length will still be within reason and comfortably above the 125 pf floor. Shooting the Stock 2 in 40 minor is great! Think medium velocity bunny farts
  2. Yes it makes weight for IDPA. To ensure it makes weight: Remove right hand safety lever Replace guiderod with PD lightweight guiderod Be careful which grips and magazine basepads you choose
  3. The O-rings work fine with the LOK grips, and the CZ screws work fine with the Tanfo. The grip screw holes must be threaded the same on both guns. The O-rings may help keep the screw set in there instead of using lok-tite. I haven't needed to use lok-tite yet on mine whereas I did when using the standard screws into the Henning/Unica/Scales.
  4. Has anyone tried the LOK textures other than bogie? Wondering how the traction is on their checkered / rough grips compare to full aluminum ones like Henning or Unica. Fully agree on the LOK thins vs Henning checkered. Those bogies really give you something to grip! I've got to give those LOK palm swells a try though.
  5. Very interesting set of posts. Think I'll grab some ligher recoil springs and do some testing. I usually run a 10lb longslide spring in my Lim Pro, and noticed that even when shooting major pf when I jumped up to a 12 lb spring that when I thought I called 2 A's what I almost always ended up with was A/C. Swapping back to a 10 lb spring immediately brought back the 2 A's I called. I wonder what I'll see vs hit when I drop down to an 8 lb spring.
  6. Wow maybe the new Lim Pros are heavier than the older ones, because with what you have done to your Lim Pro you should comfortably be below the 43 oz weight limit.
  7. I've got mine under weight with Henning grips, Henning basepads and most importantly the PD light-weight guide rod. However I also only have a safety on 1 side. Other ways to save weight: Swap the super sight out with a fixed rear Take off the right side safety
  8. Henning aluminum non-fully checkered grips with screws
  9. LOK thin bogie weight with screws
  10. Dahzi if you can find the correct ID and OD of springs here https://springs.mrspring.com/viewitems/compression-springs/compression-springs-3? a few of us metroplex Tanfo guys would be happy to chip in on cost.
  11. Good idea. Yeah I noticed this happening to me as well on some draws. Haven't quite narrowed down the cause yet but I'm thinking it's when I'm drawing from an awkward position. Or at least my body is angled differently from 99% of my normal draws. Good idea on the tape though, as I can also take it off when shooting Limited or ESP.
  12. I’m guessing they didn’t seal them properly. Hopefully it’s just isolated to these. I went ahead and had a local shop re-anodize them.
  13. 500 S&W case adds sufficient weight I've found But yeah I've seen plenty of posts where cleaning the primer tube out with a cloth or whatever helped alleviate primer issues.
  14. I just had this happen last night during a loading session. Didn’t notice till after 17 unprimed rounds made it into the tray. The primers were also dumping out the bottom of the press. It ended up being a buildup of grease and powder preventing the primers from dropping correctly out of the blue tip. Good reminder about watching the height of the primer arm and the correct orientation of the primer stop during reassembly. I’m thinking during the 10000 round cleaning, cleaning the primer tube as well as replacing the blue tip would be a good idea. Hopefully that will help keep primer issues to a minimum.
  15. More after-market products available for large frame here in the US than small frame. Large frames take mecgar mags. Small frames take CZ mags. Good to keep in mind when considering multiple Tanfos of the same caliber if you intend to share mags between them. Some internal parts are interchangeable and some are not between LF and SF. SF guns were made for .40/9mm/and below and LF were made for 9mm/40/45/10mm. I’m sure others will chime in with more details, but that’s a basic overview. I have 3 large frames in .40 and share mags between them. So any new Tanfo will be a LF one for me.
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