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  1. V2plus25

    My IFG Stock 1 CO is finished

    Ah that makes sense
  2. V2plus25

    My IFG Stock 1 CO is finished

    Then why is the new Lim Pro whenever it comes out a sf? Does Tanfo just hate us US shooters with our large frame mags? Just kidding Tanfo.... I don't care what size frame Lim Pro you send to us. Just send us more Lim Pros! Stainless or whatever that finish was on the old ones of course
  3. V2plus25

    Finally a better comp! Pics!

    uber awesome!
  4. V2plus25

    Jammed up a Tanfo

    Wow those open barrel lugs are beat up! Does the lower lug of the barrel pass cleanly through the frame where the slide lock lever attaches? With the standard guide rod and minor pf ammo I actually had a few burrs develop that prevented the lower lug of the barrel from passing freely back and forth through the frame. Henning's conefit guiderod and some filing/polishing of the offending area has helped prevent that. But yeah like everyone else is saying, there's got to be a burr in there somewhere preventing total lockup and causing that damage to both of your barrel lugs. Yikes!
  5. V2plus25

    Any love for the new Stock 1 ?

    There are 2 guys at our club who shoot the ifg stock 1. I'll check and see if they have small or large frames. I want to say the stock I is a large frame and the only sf one is the new Lim Pro. But I'll find out for sure.
  6. V2plus25

    mark 7 autodrive pro 1050

    Sounds good. Looks like I'll have to pick up a bullet sense as soon as they get off backorder.
  7. V2plus25

    mark 7 autodrive pro 1050

    What other sensors do you have? The optical deprimer one? I hear as long as you keep it clean it works like a charm. I need either the deprimer one or the swagesense to catch that 1/5000 primer that pulls back into the pocket.
  8. V2plus25

    Jammed up a Tanfo

    Ah yes mine was a straight barrel. Well best of luck and hope it's fixed!
  9. V2plus25

    EAA/Tanfoglio Chop Shop - NO SELLING OR TRADING

    That looks sexy as hell! For 9mm and 38 SC I'm assuming or can one be had in .40? Yes yes I know .40 open.....
  10. I have to agree with Sarge. Both of mine have held their setting through 10,000s of rounds without varying. Sometimes I'll load major vs minor in .40 and it's nice to know that I can go directly to the setting and it'll be dead on every time. My last 19,000 rounds have all been minor though, and once I set it it has not moved even slightly. Very much worth it in my opinion even with the added expense and pain to install.
  11. V2plus25

    Jammed up a Tanfo

    I had a similar problem where mine was stuck 1/4" out of battery with a loose piece of brass in there. After cutting the slide release and then beating on the barrel with 2 hammers I was able to get it apart. Apparently I had tried to stuff 2 bullets down the barrel at once during a practice session which caused had a bulge in the barrel about halfway down. Dropped in a new barrel and she's been running like a top ever since. Perhaps your barrel was slightly bulged/worn and with the last 3 firings finally expanded enough to not allow the slide to cycle?
  12. Stoeger shoots one in .40 If he has one then it should be easy to get your hands on one right? My guess is they're still new enough that unless you've got in stock alerts set for a bunch of different websites it could be a few months yet before we can get our hands on one. It does look pretty awesome. I would love to have one as well especially since I already shoot .40
  13. I forgot to mention if you do have powder spillage between the drop die and the next station (which I assume is your bullet seating station), there's always the zip tie fix. Do a search on here for a more in depth overview, but basically putting a zip tie between those 2 stations provides a bit more resistance to the piece of brass as it moves between stations and reduces brass movement. With the amount of powder you and I are putting in the cases this shouldn't be a problem unless you're indexing the press fairly fast. 9mm major powder loads most likely have more of an issue
  14. It could have something to do with how much pressure it takes to retract the Dillon funnel vs the Mr. Bullet Feeder funnel out of the case mouth on the upstroke (none vs a bit). I'll gladly have a small bit of resistance to overcome on the upstroke if it ensures I get a solid bullet seating at the next station. It's still less resistance than that felt on the 550 (and I assume the 650) since on those the powder funnel also sizes the ID of the case.
  15. V2plus25

    Tanfo Mag Pouch

    @Richie, so after taking a closer look at how I put it all together, here's what I did. I used the dremel to shave off the round protrusions that lock into the belt clip. The tek-lok clip that goes onto the back of the pouch has 9 holes in it. I just used it as a guide and drilled 2 holes into the back of the pouch. I then took the 2 screws and rubber washers from the original mount (or perhaps the tek-lok clip) and screwed the tek-lok clip directly to the back of the pouch. I didn't use the hole that mates to the rotation disc because it ended up being bigger than the head of the screw meant to hold the clip to the pouch. Yes there are 2 allen screw heads that protrude into the pouch, but the leaf spring that pushes the mag to the front of the pouch keeps the magazine from rubbing the screw heads. And of course per IDPA rules I had to cover up the finger grip on the front of the pouch with black gorilla tape. It's worked really well for over 2 years now for both live and dry fire. I can also post pictures of the clip attached to the mag pouch if needed.