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  1. V2plus25

    New Limited Pro... what's the specs?

    That is totally awesome!! I have way too many Mecgar mags to start all over with CZ ones. Get rid of your CZs and come over to Team Tanfo ?
  2. Just adjust the speed you operate the handle on the last 1/4 of the upstroke
  3. I just saw that! That's pretty cool although the zip tie will do the same thing..... or adjusting the index speed on the autodrive. Still not a bad idea. DAA says they're out of stock already. Hope they'll have more soon.
  4. V2plus25

    Mark 7 software update

    During the update I did not unplug anything. Everything remained plugged in and turned on. The top screen appears whenever I just have the tablet ON but the autodrive OFF. The bottom screen appears when I have the tablet ON and the autodrive ON (actually there's ~5 second delay before the screens switch) Below is the list of files that are on my SD card. However this is for the 1050 PRO upgrade... yours might be different. Check out this Mark 7 Support page to get the exact software update ZIP file you need for your autodrive. Plus they have detailed installation instructions.
  5. Only if you're trying to come in under a certain weight as in setting up for IDPA. If weight isn't a factor then Henning all the way!
  6. Agreed. With dies but no bullet feeder I've seen them in the classifieds for $1200.
  7. V2plus25

    Mark 7 software update

    Sounds like your firmware is up to date. Try booting to the main screen and just selecting Software Update. Are you doing it off wifi or updating from a SD card? I did mine from the SD card. Attached is a picture of how my cables are plugged in. Perhaps also unplug and plug all the cables back in if you haven't done so already to ensure you're getting a good connection. For some reason it sounds like your tablet isn't able to see the main computer. Also check to ensure your micro-USB cable is set up like mine if you have the 2 cable setup (i.e. the shorter one plugged into the tablet). On the 2 pictures of the warning screen, the first one shows up when I just power up the tablet. The second one appears with the Accept/Deny buttons 5 seconds or so after I power up the autodrive. If you're not getting that 2nd screen, that makes me think your tablet isn't seeing the autodrive.
  8. V2plus25

    Mark 7 software update

    The update instructions are confusing. I had your exact same problem. What I did to fix it was boot without the SD card in. Then once the main menu showed up I inserted the SD card and pressed the firmware update first. As soon as it rebooted I pressed the software update. Then voila when I went to the Reloader option the usual Accept/Deny buttons were there again.
  9. Ah that makes sense. Didn't seem right the Xtremes were that high. The Dawson set screw does suck and I don't like that I have to cut the fiber in order to get to the screw. And I did had to red lok-tite it in. But I do like the way the fiber rod retracts into the sight keeping the ballooning of the fiber end to a minimum. The .140 had my rear sight about half way down whereas the .150 had it up far enough to where the adjustable screw kept moving every time I shot. Dunno... maybe the Xtremes are better.
  10. Agree although the Lim Pros by default come with a 1 piece sear. I would say Dawson front sight instead of Xtreme only because it seems the Xtremes are super tall at 5.5 and 6mm. I'd go with a .140 or lower Dawson in order to keep the rear adjustable sight down.
  11. Me too! 1000 rounds last night without any issues..... well once I remembered to add primers
  12. I'm just surprised that the spring pocket is too short on both of my Lim Pros. Crazy. Thanks for the spring suggestions. I'll try some different ones and see before clipping coils.
  13. Don't think so because I never saw any blue or red residue on the motor axle. I think it was just a super tight fit that took a heat gun along with much hammering to remove.
  14. Hah yeah that’s the very first thing I thought as well. But no it’s on there correctly. And when I put the stock hammer back in it works fine. Very weird indeed. Does clipping a coil screw up the PD hammer spring?
  15. No the stock hammer spring works fine and allows the Titan to go all the way down.