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    Taming Lok Bogies

    +1 on lightly sanding them down. A little goes a long way to taking the edge off.
  2. I'd agree that you can go wrong with their stuff other than the trigger return spring. I'd also recommend having them ream the barrel, it takes them from very picky guns to being able to run anything.
  3. I had two done with Derek Guthrie. He works at the Ben Stoeger Pro Shop and also tunes Tanfos. Both guns were crazy smooth, had incredible triggers, and he also opened up the magwells. I know that Patriot Defense is great but I'm not a fan of the really light springs they make because they are more prone to breaking and the extra half pound on the double action just doesn't seem worth the risk.
  4. I load mags up at the beginning of a match and just clean and reload them after they get dropped in the dirt. As far as how many rounds at a level one, it depends on division. The division equipment rules are the same regardless of the level.
  5. I've messed with a lot of different triggers and accessories for Glocks over the years and I've found that most of them aren't really worth the hassle. You're on the right track with your list. I personally think the drop in triggers are a bit of a waste when the TTI kit is great and $40, but I've messed with the pyramid and there's nothing wrong with it. If I were starting fresh with a Production Glock I would go Sights: Dawson Adjustable Guiderod: Jager with 13lb ISMI Trigger: TTI Grandmaster Kit I'm not against anybody spending money on Glocks, I'd have a Gucci G
  6. Edge trigger felt about the same as a Taran connector and springs.
  7. I'm running a Jager with a 13lb ISMI and haven't had any issues.
  8. I also like the TTI kit. Remember that gun handling and that double action pull will be a lot different with the CZ. If it's just for 3-Gun, I doubt you'll have any issues with the trigger. When I switched to Tanfo last year it took about 6 months of regular live and dry fire before I was at the same level as before. All that said, if you want a new gun then just get a new gun.
  9. tdp88

    Gen 5 Pins

    Does anybody else have trouble pushing through the Gen 5 pins? It comes out but it takes a lot more maneuvering and force than any other Glock I've owned. I thought it was just the gun at first but both Gen 5 guns are a pain to push the pin out on compared to the Gen 4s I've had. It's not a big deal but is there some secret to the new Glocks?
  10. I think you're on the right track with the 750 instead of the 550. With the auto index and a case, the 650/750 is about the easiest press to run and maintain. That said, I would absolutely recommend a strong mount, roller handle, and most importantly a case feeder. As someone stated in a previous post, inline fabrication also make an excellent mount and roller handle that some prefer over dillon. After you get the hang of everything a bullet feeder is an excellent addition. Also, I recommend picking up at least 5 or 6 primer tubes because it really makes things run smoother when you're not sto
  11. I don't shoot production with a Glock anymore but when I did I would spray the mags with silicone lubricant before the match. It makes them pretty slick and they fall with no basepad, even with the mag empty and the magwell slightly sideways. It doesn't effect grabbing the mags but it reduces friction.
  12. I think the biggest difference, other than adding weights and reloading, is putting in a 13lb recoil spring.
  13. If you're working on speeding up the draw then don't worry about the trigger pull. Then benchmark is .7 seconds to have the gun on target, I think a good starting goal is 1 second. Use Stoeger's drills and video yourself in slow mo if you can. You'll probably see a lot of delay in your reaction to the buzzer and you're probably wasting time on the grip part of your draw. The entire goal is to have the gun on target with a good grip as fast as possible. Don't get too caught up on what a certain top guy does or doesn't do during their draw, everybody is a little different.
  14. The only thing that makes any real difference between the two is the bigger magwell on the Gen 5. It's not a huge difference but my reloads are faster and I almost never stick a mag on the Gen 5. I guess you would also want the Gen 5 if you're a lefty.
  15. I'm with the other two on this. I used an EGW dovetail mount for months and it never budged. I thought it would be an adjustment switching to MOS because it's lower but it shoots the exact same. I think most people who have issues with the mounts either don't use locktite, buy a cheap mount on Amazon, or just don't like how it looks.
  16. tdp88

    Glock 34 Trigger

    The striker is a 4.5 but I wouldn't change the trigger spring in the Gen 5. It doesn't change the pull and the factory one feels a lot more robust.
  17. tdp88

    SRO on a Gen 5 G34

    I have about 6,000 rounds on the MOS plate with Trijicon screws and it hasn't budged. I think the pro shop has some plates that are supposed to be a bit more sturdy.
  18. Don't waste money on a KKM, I've shot 20,000 plus rounds through a factory barrel and it still looks new. I shoot Blue Bullet 125 gr, 1.125 OAL, 3.7 gr Titegroup and that makes 131 PF out of a 17. For 150 gr Blue Bullets I load to 1.15 OAL and 3.2 gr Titegroup, but between the two I prefer the 125.
  19. I wouldn't go with a 34 and a 17 for different divisions because you'll either have a really hot load for the 34 or you'll be skirting the PF floor in the 17.
  20. Just go for a new 34 if you get blue label pricing.
  21. Where are you seeing that the Gen 4 is discontinued?
  22. I have the 2.5 MOA SRO and it looks bigger than the Venom 3 MOA I had before. I played with a 5 MOA SRO and honestly I don't think there's any difference shooting the two outdoors. I've also shot some open guns with up to 12 MOA dots and I didn't feel like they were any faster or slower inside of 30 yards. I'd go with whichever you get a better deal on if you're putting it on a handgun.
  23. A guy just won limited at the OK sectional shooting a 9 round 45. He’s now my hero. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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